Jerking Together Leads To…

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We meet on Craigslist. I come over to your house. The plan is to watch some porn, jerk off and compare our cocks. You already know you’re way bigger than me, but you want to see my reaction when you pull it out – and find out how “straight” I really am.

We sit on your couch, and you pull up some straight porn. We’re both rubbing our crotches, both a little nervous so you break the ice by asking, “want to see my cock?” I say sure, so you stand up and pull down your pants. Your huge semi flops out and all I can say is “holy shit” as I stare at it.

“Your turn,” you say, so I nervously stand up and pull my pants down, knowing I don’t measure up to the monster you just showed. “Not bad,” you say, but the huge grin on your face says otherwise.

We both sit down and start to jerk off, watching the porn in front of us. But you notice that I keep glancing at your dick. “Want to touch it?” “Sure,” I say. Stroking another guy’s dick isn’t that bad, I think. So I start stroking it, and as it gets harder and bigger in my hand, my little cock gets hard too.

“What do you think?” You ask. “It’s definitely a lot bigger than mine,” I say, laughing. “Haha, yeah it is,” you say. I keep stroking you, one hand on your cock one on mine, watching the porn. “So… you ever sucked a cock before?”

I’m a little surprised but don’t stop stroking you. “Nah, I haven’t. This is actually my first time ever touching one other than mine.”

You smile. “Hold on, I’ll be right back.” You get up, big cock swinging, and disappear into the other room. I’m left sitting bursa escort on the couch, stroking my cock idly as I wonder what you could be doing.

Finally you come back with a towel and place it in the middle of the floor. “Come sit right here,” you say. I look at you doubtingly. “It’s ok, I won’t bite. Come sit.” I reluctantly get up and go sit on the towel, finding myself eye to eye with your massive dick.

“I’m gunna teach you how to suck cock.”

I open my mouth to protest but the huge meat pointing at me must have me dickmatized, because all I hear myself say is, “uhhhh……. ok…” and that’s your cue to put your hand on top of my head and start guiding your cock to my lips. When the tip touches and you start pushing your way in, I hesitate for a second. Is this going too far? I’m not gay… But I’m too horny to turn back, so I open my mouth and take your fat cock inside.

“That’s it,” you growl, as you start sliding it in and out, “Take that cock.” My eyes start to water as you get deeper and deeper into my throat, and I can’t help gagging even though you only have half your cock in my mouth.

You stop for a second, not sure if you’re hurting me. To give me a breather, you slide your cock out of my mouth and start stroking in front of me, slapping your dick on my forehead and nose and rubbing the tip all around my lips.

I’m so caught up in the lust that I grab your dick and start bobbing up and down on it myself. I don’t care if I choke – I’m on a mission to fit as much as I can down my throat and make you cum. I find bursa escort bayan myself getting excited to take your thick load all over my face. I’ve been transformed into your slut and you know it.

“Attaboy slut, suck that fuckin dick,” you grunt at me. “You like sucking big dicks don’t you?” Mmhmmm, I moan, never slowing down. “You’re gunna be my personal cocksucker from now on, huh? I’m gunna make you suck my cock every week. You want that?”

Mhmmm, I moan again. “No slut, I want to hear you say it,” you say, pulling your dick out of my mouth to my dismay. “Are you going to come over here and suck my cock every week like a good little bitch?”

I don’t even hesitate. “Yes,” I say, reaching for your cock but you pull it away. “Yes what?”

I look up at you from my knees and say louder, “Yes sir.” You’re surprised for a second then laugh. “Good, slut, but I want you to tell me what you want.”

“I want to suck your cock every week, sir.”

“Good girl. You want to finish sucking my cock?” “Yes.” “You want to me to bust my nut all over your face?” “Yes,” I say sheepishly, looking down because I know it’s true. “Say please.” “Please cum on my face!” Finally, you put your dick back in reach and I dive on it. “Mmmm, good girl.”

I’m bobbing on your dick like there’s no tomorrow. Getting called a little bitch and a good girl should have been a turn off, but instead it put me in a cum frenzy. I get close to being balls deep a few times but can’t quite get it. I guess I’ll need more practice.

Finally, you pull your cock out escort bursa of my throat and start stroking, so close that you bump into my nose and forehead. All of a sudden I feel spurt after spurt of thick warm goo splashing all over my face. It just keeps coming until I’m completely drenched – it’s in my hair, in my eyes, up my nose, covering my lips. Some definitely got on my shirt too.

When you’re done, you rub the tip of your cock on my chin, just to make sure I got every last drop. “See, this is why we needed the towel. Stand up.”

My eyes are glazed shut so I shakily stand and step off of the towel. I can feel your nut starting to drip down. I can hear you pick up the towel, but I keep waiting for you to give it to me. Finally, I ask, “Hey uh, can I get that towel?”

“Yeah one second, I’m just cleaning my dick off. You slobbered all over it, it’s really messy.” I stand there, blind & covered in cum, until you’re finished, then you pass the towel and I start to wipe myself off. In the meantime you flick my still hard cock playfully. “This thing is cute,” you say, grabbing it and giving it a few strokes, “It barely even fills up my hand. No wonder you’re curious about big ones.”

“Yeah…” I say, wiping the last of your cum from my eyes & putting my clothes back on, “Yours definitely made me realize how small I actually am.”

“Eh, it’s not a big deal man, it’s the motion in the ocean, right? Anyways, I’ll see you back here next week. Get home safe.” You say, leading me out the door. I start to speak but the door closes behind me. I guess I’m going to have to come next week. As I walk to my car, I notice a couple neighbors looking at me funny as I rub my cum crusted eyes. It isn’t until I get back home that I realize that I missed a huge rope of jizz in my hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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