Jess the Giantess

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Warning: includes scat

Jessica Cunningham was a sweet girl and though she tried to be optimistic she lived a hard life. At age four she’d lost her parents. At twelve she was adopted but a year later she got sick. It was months before she was diagnosed. After a few years she went into remission.

Finally she could start high school. She’d kept up with her studies through the years. Jesse was very intelligent. But she wasn’t the best at making friends. She was shy and quiet. Most kids ignored her. Until of course they found about her little problem: horrendously bad gas. Then they made fun of her.

Jess had thought high school would be a chance to start over. She’d even gained a boyfriend. She managed to keep her gas out of school. It was rough though. Some times she’d have to escape to the bathroom to blast out a few major stink bombs.

Unfortunately in her junior year things went down hill. She was starting to feel tired and disoriented in class and each day it was growing worse. One day she just couldn’t think straight and let a dynamite level fart loose in class. Everyone lost it, gagging, pointing, fainting, a few even lost their lunch. Unfortunately her boyfriend had been sitting right behind her. Needless to say he dumped her that afternoon.

A few days later Jess wasn’t feeling any better so her parents took her to the doctor. Jess was diagnosed with an incurable brain disease. According to the doctor she had six months. Luckily for Jess her parents weren’t ones to give up. And they had the money to search high and low for a cure. Jess may not have been there biological child but they loved her as much as any patents would though they’d adopted her later in life.

At last they found a something. But it certainly wasn’t something the FDA would approve of. The experimental drug was illegal in the U.S. but they would do anything to save their daughter. Soon enough the cure started to take effect.


“Oh! I can’t believe our little Jess is eighteen.” said her mother. She was a pretty blonde with blue eyes and pale skin.

“Yep” he nodded as he made his daughter’s favorite breakfast, “Those bastards said she wouldn’t make it this long. But look where we are now! Our girl’s never felt better” her father had brown hair and brown eyes light skin and round friendly face.

The bean and cheese omelette sizzled in the pan. They knew it would add to Jess gas but it was her favorite and her birthday so they were more than happy to endure.

Meanwhile upstairs Jess was just waking up. Today was the day! She practically leapt out of her large bed. She looked around stretching and then examining her body to see if she felt different: older taller anything. She always did the same thing, trying to tell if she could see the changes another year in her life brought.

Today she definitely fealt taller she decided. It was probably just her imagination but she couldn’t help but feel huge today. Her dizziness and headaches were gone. And she’d made it to eighteen. The pills were sivas escort working! There were a few side effects; gas, slight incontinence and something called gigantimorphisis, but what did that compare to living!

Jess went to wash up then put her clothes on. A tight fit. Maybe she really was taller. Her underwear were tight, her form fitting black “B-Day Girl” t-shirt became a belly shirt and her dark blue jeans that reached her ankles now reached her shins. Her sneakers were too tight so she had to go with flip flops. Weird. Could something grow that much in one night?

Whatever. Jess shrugged it off. She was excited about today and nothing was going to stop her from enjoying it. She sat down before her vanity and looked in the mirror as she braided her thick kinky hair. She noticed that the warm honey brown color was returning to her skin. Just a few weeks ago she was still ashen almost gray. Once her hair was done she pulled all the little cork screw braids all over her head into a pony tail and tied it with a red ribbon. A bit juvenile maybe but her mother had given it to her on her first birthday she’d spent with her new family. It was tradition for her to wear it.

At last Jesse raced downstairs. She greeted her parents with a cheerful good morning. They greeted her with a gasp.

“Jess honey,” her mother looked her up and down, “What happened?”

“I’m not sure. I think I had a growth spirt.”

Her father whitle, “Some growth spirt.” he grabbed her pills and handed her two and a glass of water. She took her medicine that sat down at the kitchen island bar. Standing Jess was now five inches taller than her mother when yesterday she’d been and inch shorter.

“Maybe it’s nothing.” said her mother said. “Do you feel all right, hon?”

Jess nodded. “I feel great.” she insisted and she did. Her father set her plate before. “Mm!” Jess dug in and ate heartily going for seconds, thirds and fourths.

After that the day was filled with Jess’s favorite things. They went to the movies loading up on popcorn and greasy pizza. They went to the arcade where Jess won a load of tickets playing sheet ball and gorged on cheesy spicy nachos. They went to the fair and played games, road the rides and Jesse filled up on chilli dogs. Finally they headed to Jess’s favorite restaurant for dinner.

In the car Jess leaned to the side and let loose a few juicy farts. Bbbbrrrrruuurrttttttttt! Bllluurrppt! Ppphhhaaantttttt! Her parents didn’t complain. They just opened the windows. They were used to their girl’s gas. Besides she’d been letting them rip all day. She tried to keep it to the car. Not that she wanted her parents to suffer she just didn’t want everyone else to smell her as well. Her parents she could trust not to shame her.

Bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrr uuuuppppppttttttttt!

Whew! That was a bad one. Jess apologized when her mom started to gag.

“It’s alright hon. Just do what you have to do.” she knew it was painful for her daughter to hold them çorum escort in and she could stand the smell with the windows open.

At last they arrived. Jess order a cabbage salad, rice beans and roast pork with a side of cheesy broccoli and a large soda. It didn’t help that most of Jess’s favorite foods were gas inducing, but there sweet daughter asked for so little and lived a tough life so when the chance rose to indulge her Jess’s parents always did. It usually arose at meal time. Jess liked to eat. A lot!

Jess ate until she was full which was about three platefuls later. As dessert was arriving Jess felt a gurgle in her intestines. Uh-oh. She didn’t want to fart here. She held on as long as she could but finally had to excuse her self to the bathroom.

She practically raced inside dropping her pants as soon as the door shut. BBBBLLLLUUUURRRPPPPHH!



Oh no! She pooped! And it wasn’t stopping there. A rancid fart roared out of her ass followed by another explosion of shit. They were chunky and thick but not quite solid turds and no matter how hard she tried Jesse couldn’t stop. She grunted and quickly made her way to tbe toilet as sloppy shit continued to fire out her at a rapid pace.

The toilet bowl helped echoed the noise her farts and huge dump produced. “Uuuh! Ugh!”





“UUUUHHH! OH MAN!! UUGH!” she was demolishing that toilet! And she wasn’t even half done!

Sweat formed on her brow, and neck and between her large tits. Her booty was a round perfectly formed shit machine pumping out pounds of vile smelling waist into the bowl. And boy did it stink. It was worse than a normal shit. This was vomit inducing building clearing garbage dump shit.

Jess panted and put her feet up on the stall door and her hands up on the walls of the stall bracing her self as the eruption continued. “UH! FUCK! UUUUH!” Her ass was on fire and so was she. Jess grabbed her shirt and yanked it and her bra up freeing her breasts. She let it hang around her neck as she blasted vile fart after fart. It was so loud and powerful Jess was sure the entire restaurant could hear and smell it. She wouldn’t be surprised if the place was shaking from the power sound like a car shook when a powerful stereo played inside it at full blast.





Bbbbbllllluuuu urrrrrrpppptttt!



At last things calmed down. Jess sighed in relief. It was over. She’d taken a few monster dumps like that before. Her bad gas was usually a prelude to a pretty vile toilet wrecker. Once Jess had collected herself, she wiped, fixed her clothes and assessed the damage.

“Pretty gross.” the toilet was ruined. denizli escort She tried flushing but it wasn’t having it.

Just then there was a knock on the door, “Jess honey? Are you ok?” thank goodness it was her mother!

“I’m alright now. But it’s pretty bad in here.”

Jess’s mom knew what that meant. “Alright honey. Just come on out.”

Jess did as she was told carefully making her way around the mess on the floor. Jess told her mom where the mess was and discreetly her mom told the manager that the bathroom needed to be cleaned.

Once dessert was through Jess’s parents tipped the waiter and manager well and told him to give an extra $50 to whoever had to clean the bathroom. They apologized for the inconvenience but didn’t make Jess. She couldn’t help it. That was what Jess loved about her parents. They always took care of things and never made her feel bad about her issues.

At home Jess found she wasn’t quite done. She farted up a storm as she and her parents watched T.V. Then before bed she dropped another monster dump. Thank goodness it wasn’t as big as the one at the restaurant and the toilet dutifully took the mess away.

Jess went to sleep perfectly happy. Despite her issue in the bathroom it had been a great day. Even that wasn’t so bad. Aside from the slight embarrassment and the smell Jess always felt good after a big dump: relieved, relaxed, lighter. She yawned and let loose one last bubbly fart under the covers before drifting off to sleep.


That night Jess had a strange dream. First she was felt this odd sensation. Prickles were everywhere all over her skin, in and outside her body. Then she felt hot. She was drenched in sweat as something pulled at her. First left than right then both at the same time then everywhere at once. She felt like she was being yanked in a hundred different directions! It didn’t hurt exactly but she felt the heat and this intense pressure. Her clothes felt like they were strangling her. Finally she ripped them off and she could breath easy again.

Then another dream came. She was up in the air, as high as some trees. What a view. She could see so far. Was she flying? No. It felt like she was walking on the ground.


Before she could figure it out though she woke up. Something wasn’t right though. She wasn’t in her bed. She was laying on something big and soft through, like a giant pillow that reached from her head to her butt.

Jess looked around. She was in her room. But it was smaller. What? She got up off the pillow and looked down. What?! It was her bed. How could that be? Her whole room had shrunk! Or …or she had grown. What was happening?

Jess got up and her head hit the ceiling “Ouch!” she was so big and tall she had to hunch so her head would hit the fifteen foot high ceiling again. What was going on!?

“Mom! Dad!” she called her voice reached far at this size. Her parents heard her from downstairs as if she were in stereo. Jess reached for the door almost ripping it off it’s hinges in the process of opening it. She had to duck down and crawl out. She hunched down and catefully made her way down the stairs. It was hard not trip as she couldn’t fit her whole foot on the steps.


“Oh my God, Jess!” she said looking up at her little girl. She was now over twice her size!

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