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I had known Jess for years, and I’d only seen her face in pictures. I met her on the internet and we became friends over an extremely great distance. We finally decided to meet after half a decade of wishing it was possible. She decided she wanted to meet me when she was 18, and I bought the plane tickets as her birthday present. I wasn’t flying to her, she wasn’t flying to me; we had decided to meet one another on neutral territory in California. I was anxious the entire flight, and I hoped I wouldn’t screw any chances with Jess up. I got off the plane and nearly ran straight to buy ticket home, but I was stopped by the vision of a dream I’d often had of Jess’s legs wrapped around my waist and her body writhing under mine. I went to the agreed meeting point inside LAX. I stood at Gate 13 for what seemed like hours. I watched each person walk past, hoping to recognize someone.

Then I saw her. 5’3, long glossy black hair hung down around her head, parting at her gentle shoulders to frame her beautiful oval shaped face. She smiled when she saw me and locked onto me with her silvery eyes. Her slim body was covered almost entirely in black. A tight black leather dress which had a small hollow around her midriff that was made of dozen or so interlocking chains, thigh high black leather boots that lucky for me added a few inches of height, and a black velvet coat that hung just lower than her ass and matched her hair perfectly. “Jeremy?” she whispered. I nodded and Jess squealed delight and jumped up and threw her arms around me.

A few people glanced at us, but I think most just figured we were reunited from separate vacations. “Good to finally meet you.” I grinned I started to ask if she had gotten her bags, but she locked her lips to mine and began to suck on my tongue. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around her, picking her up to keep from straining myself to bend over as we kissed. When she finally released my lips, I had forgotten my question of her luggage, and whispered if she was read to go to the hotel, I had already made reservations.

We continued to make out in the taxi, sucking each others mouths as our hands explored one another. I started to slide my hand under her dress and I felt the zipper on my jeans being pulled down, then the driver cleared his throat loudly enough to make a frog jealous. He looked the rearview Sivas Escort mirror at us and made it obvious from his pissed off expression that this sorta thing wasn’t allowed in his cab. Jess scowled at him and started to say something, but we were already there.

She calmed down by the time we reached our room, asking me little questions about what I was doing, how work was going, if I was seeing anyone. Chit chat went on until she asked if I had done anything with my writing, and I told her I’d starting writing adult literature on the internet. She asked if I minded her reading any of my stories, and not one to deny a creature of beauty anything she desired, I used the computer in the hotel room to log into and point her to the page of my stories. “I’m gonna go get a bottle of wine.” I told her and left for the kitchen. I could’ve just ordered it through room service, but didn’t want to sit there and watch her read my sexual fantasies like a sappy teenager watching his girlfriend read his poetry book. When I got back to the room with the wine, Jess was still reading, leaning forward in her seat and I thought I heard her let loose a tiny moan. “Jess?” I said. “I’m back.”

She spun around in the chair, and I saw that her dress was pulled up around her waist and she was rubbing her fingers along her obviously soaked slit. She spread her legs wider and said “Oh, Jeremy, my cunt’s so wet.” Well, it was obviously my fault, so I put the wine bottle on the bed as I walked over to her chair. Kneeling down wordlessly, I started kissing along her thighs. I passed the naked pixie tattoo on the inside of her left thigh and moved her hand away to begin licking all around her slit before pushing my tongue inside her bare pussy and sucking on her juices. I heard her breath catch, and I could feel her body shaking with it’s own lustful need. I moved from her lips to her clit and started to suck and lick it as I pushed one then two fingers inside of her pussy, twisting them as they sunk inside of her.

Jess groaned and pushed her hips at my mouth then entangled one of her hands in my hair, her other hand pressing my face closer into her cunt. I continued to pump my fingers in and out of her cunt, sucking fiercely on her clit, squeezing the nub between my lips and gently nibbling the tip. I heard her growl and she dug her nails Sivas Escort Bayan into me, letting her head fall back and close her eyes. Her chest rising and falling rapidly with pleasure, as the top half of her dress fell and revealed her hardened nipples. I moved my free hand to her breasts, kneading one and pinching the nipple as my hand pumped her pussy harder and my tongue swirled around the end of her clit that wasn’t clasped between my eagerly sucking lips. Jess moaned my name aloud and swiftly brushed a hand through her own hair, pulling at it roughly as she rolled her hips, moving her clit rhythmically against my tongue and lips. I watched writhing around and moaned through a mouthful of her pussy and squeezed a third finger up inside her tight snatch and began pumping them all faster.

Jess shrieked as her tightness enveloped my fingers and arched her back, nearly toppling her chair backward and she grasped my shoulders. I felt her inner walls tense and heat pool in her loins, getting ready to burst from her cunt. I twisted my fingers as they pumped in and out of her cunt, and pinched your nipples slightly harder. I opened my mouth wide, covering most of her pussy and sucking on her juices as my tongue stayed focused on her clit. Her body jolted as my searing lips coated her wet pussy and her hard budded nipples were tingling under my fingers assault. She shrieked again and her knees rose and locked around my neck, pressing my face against her wet begging, hot sex. My fingers stretched her inner walls with each thrust and my tongue continued lapping at her clit, whirling around it and stroking it.

Jess arched her back, and tossed her head back again releasing a scream. She dugs her nails into me again as her body started to shudder and her juices burst from her cunt, while her body rocked with the force of her orgasm. I quickly removed my hand from her lips, and replaced it with my mouth, eagerly lapping up her juices, sucking them from her pussy as I rubbed her clit harder and harder with my soaked hand. She cried out my name and clenched her eyes as her legs tightened around my head and her cunt exploded with honey again. She moaned loudly and shook with tears of pleasure trickling down her cheeks. I kept my mouth pressed to her pussy until her legs relaxed and she started to slid from the chair.

I Escort Sivas caught her halfway down and cradled her against me. She hung in my arms limply and started kiss me, tasting her juices and sucking them from my tongue. I kissed back, letting her suck the left over juice from my mouth as I held her still limp body to me. She relinquished my mouth and hugged me tighter. My face over her shoulder and I looked down her back to see more tattoos, one of a pixie holding a disembodied eye on her right shoulder, and a giant tribal spider across her lower back.

Jess may have had her release, but I was still the owner of a throbbing erection. I held her small frame tightly as I stood up, then laid her down on the bed. I quickly disrobed as she watched, trailing fingers over her sweat drenched body. She sat up for a moment to remove her crumpled dress, showing me her last tattoo of a gothed-out dominatrix pixie on her right hip. I crawled into the bed, settling myself between her thighs, my cock inches from her still gooey cunt. She kissed me gently on the lips before whispering “Fuck me” in my ear.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I lurched myself forward, spearing her with my dick. Her greasy pussy opened for me, swallowing my whole length on the first stroke. She nearly cried out as I split her open with a moan. Her legs quickly locked around my back and her arms around my neck. Her cunt was gripping at my cock even as I was sliding out of her. Jess whimpered as my head came out of her, then moaned as I thrust back in. I fucked her like this, ramming in and pulling out slowly from her juicy love hole, for what seemed like hours.

“Oh… Oh God.. Jeremy… Oohhh.” Jess moaned and I felt her inner walls spasm around me. I fucked her faster, in and out, pounding her tiny body hard as I could. “Fuck! Yes, YES! Harder!! I’m Cummin baby!!” Jess started squealing as her cunt once again flooded with honey. I groaned as her pussy squeezed harder on my cock and I began to shoot my load inside her. Jess orgasmed again as my cock spurted inside of her, and her pussy somehow got tighter around me, milking my cock until my balls felt like they were going to get sucked through my dick into her.

I rolled over and pulled out of her, and she quickly draped herself over my chest, looking my dreamily in the eye. “You’re incredible” I told her before leaning and kisses her on the cheek.

She smiled and nodded. “You’re not so bad yourself.” she said and pulled herself closer to me. “I’m sleepy now babe.” she muttered. I put my hand on the back of her head and stroek it gently until we both had fallen asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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