Jessica on Top

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Another shortish story, written a couple of weeks ago…

This was also published elsewhere by me.


Jessica smiled down at her husband as she rode his aching cock.

“Do you want to cum inside me?” She teased.

Graeme looked up at her through half-closed eyes, the absolute bliss of feeling his wife’s tight pussy engulfing his prick written all over his face.

“Please… Yes, Mistress,” he begged.

She slowed down and stopped moving, but continued to gently squeeze his cock with her cunt muscles.

“Do you think you can cum in five…?”

“Yes Mistress, please let me cum inside your gorgeous pussy.”

Jessica slowly lifted herself up until Graeme’s cock was almost all the way out and then slowly dropped down onto him until he was fully inside her again.

“Feels so good doesn’t it…? Come on, let it out… I know you’re desperate to cum and I know how much you want me to sit on your face afterwards and let it drip into your mouth. You’re such a dirty little cumslut aren’t you baby?”

Graeme groaned loudly as Jessica continued to slowly rise and fall on his cock a further four times. She knew exactly what she was doing; he was close, but he needed more to push over the edge than she was giving him.

“…five,” smiled Jessica.

She lifted herself fully off of her husband’s throbbing cock and moved up towards his head, straddling his face and using her fingers to open her pussy. A sliver of pussy juice slowly dripped out of her and landed on his chin, Jessica chuckled as her husband stared longingly at his wife’s empty slit.

After a few seconds Jessica moved closer and dropped fully onto Graeme’s face, no sooner had she settled on him than she felt his expert tongue start to work away beneath her. She gripped the top of the solid, wooden headboard and started grinding her pussy against his tongue – she loved to cum this way, riding her slave’s face just like she rode his cock; for her own pleasure.

Graeme’s tongued flicked insistently at Jessica’s clit and he felt her starting to tense up. He pressed a little harder and sped up just a little, hardening the tip of his tongue to make his licking more effective. Jessica’s legs started to shake and he knew she was right on the edge of exploding; she pushed down harder and ground her pussy against his nose, mouth and chin until she felt her stomach tighten and she bucked clean off his face. She steadied herself Escort Bayan and pushed her smooth pussy back into place, allowing Graeme to gently lick her through the rest of her orgasm.

Once she was finished Jessica slowly pulled back and bent forward to kiss her husband on the lips, her pussy hanging just above Graeme’s still hard cock. She smiled as she tasted her juices on his lips and tongue and it reminded her that it had been too long since she had been with another woman.

“I know you really wanted to lick your cum out of my pussy, but maybe this will make you feel better?”

Jessica pulled away and turned around, presenting her ass towards Graeme’s head and moving back until she was right up against him. She reached back with one hand and pulled her right cheek to one side, giving her husband a perfect view of her tight, pink asshole.

“You love that don’t you? Breathe in that gorgeous scent and tell me how much you want to worship my ass with your tongue.”

Graeme breathed deeply and felt his cock twitch as the warm, musky scent filled his nose and mouth.

“Please Mistress, please let me worship your gorgeous ass, it smells so good…”

Jessica used her fingertip to tease her asshole and then thrust it back towards Graeme’s eager mouth.

“Suck it and make it wet.”

Graeme’s tongue swirled around his wife’s outstretched finger, tasting her but making sure to leave her finger wet as instructed. After a few moments she pulled it away again and placed the tip against her ass, pushing it slowly inside as Graeme watched entranced. She got it in to the second knuckle before she pulled it out again and had him suck it a second time.

Graeme’s tongue swirled around his wife’s musky finger, tasting her ass greedily until he felt the digit slip out of his mouth for the second time.

“Now you can taste me properly…” she sighed as she pressed her ass back towards her husband and felt his tongue slide between her cheeks and flick against her tight little hole.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” moaned Jessica as she reached for Graeme’s cock and slid it between her lips.

Now it was Graeme’s turn to moan as he felt his wife’s mouth engulf his cock, the combination of the taste of her ass and the pleasure she was giving him was intense and he had to be careful to keep himself in check; he certainly did not want to accidentally cum without permission.

Despite Bayan Escort that, Graeme still managed to force a good inch of his eager tongue into his wife’s ass while she sucked him and he was slightly disappointed when after a couple of minutes she pulled away and released his cock from her mouth.

Now she sat up, facing away from him, her legs straddling his body. Graeme had more than an inkling of what would come next and he tensed up just a little.

Jessica chuckled softly as she reached down between his legs and took his heavy balls in her right palm. She began squeezing them and running them through her fingers, weighing and tenderizing them before she really went to town.

“These feel lovely and full. How long is it since I allowed you to cum slave?”

Graeme had to think for a second, but eventually summoned the answer, “29 days Mistress.”

Jessica smiled, it wasn’t as long as she’d hoped – but no matter, it was long enough.

She began to gently stroke his cock with her left hand while her right let go of his balls and sank down lower; where a solitary finger pressing between his cheeks and up against his tight asshole. She didn’t push it inside, instead she pressed the tip against his pucker and massaged it, watching as his cock pulsed and hardened as she did so.

Smiling at the effect her finger was having on his cock, Jessica pushed it a little deeper and heard Graeme sigh loudly behind her. She pushed harder, forcing her finger even deeper and at the same time maintaining her slow, light stroking… she didn’t want to make him cum hard, in fact she didn’t want him to cum at all… yet.

“You were so looking forward to licking your cum out of my delicious pussy weren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,” moaned Graeme.

“Hmm, well… I think it’s time we started your punishment.”

Graeme knew what was coming next and gritted his teeth, awaiting the first blow. He didn’t have to wait long; Jessica’s finger withdraw from his asshole and a few seconds later he felt her slap her hand down between his legs, a direct hit on both balls.

Jessica loved slapping her slave’s balls and Graeme liked it too, but he knew it was going to get a lot harder than that. Meanwhile her left hand kept up its lazy stroking motion, keeping him hard, but never giving him the necessary momentum to push him over the edge.

Her hand slapped down again and again, each time a little Escort harder than the last. By the twentieth slap Graeme was in subspace, the pain now turning to pleasure as the endorphins rushed through his body.

“I want to watch you cum.”

Graeme tried to buck his hips, to get some movement going beyond the idle rhythm Jessica was maintaining with her left hand, but with her on top of him it was difficult.

“Come on slave, I want to see you cum for me.”

Jessica’s hand continued to slap at her husbands balls, and by now each hit was pure pleasure for Graeme. His balls ached like never before but he was gradually getting closer and his need to cum was growing quickly.

“Come on, just let it go… pump all that lovely cum out for me,” taunted Jessica, gripping his cock tighter and building up speed.

Graeme felt his balls tighten, but it took another five slaps to the balls for him to reach the point of no return.

“I’m cumming Mistress!” He wailed, as she pummelled his balls a further three times before wrapping her fingers around his ballsack and squeezing firmly.

As he started to cum Jessica’s hand pumped relentlessly and she smiled as she saw the first arc of cum leap from the tip of Graeme’s cock. She pumped and squeezed harder with both hands as Graeme’s load continued to spurt from his throbbing prick.

Satisfied that she had squeezed out every ounce of cum from her slave’s well punished balls, Jessica moved forward and started to rub her pussy in the pool of hot, creamy cum that had landed on his stomach, smearing it all over her pussy and inner thighs. Graeme was going to love what came next.

Jessica lifted herself up and turned around, descending quickly onto her husband’s face.

“Clean this mess up,” she ordered, looking down at him as he started to lick away at her cum-smeared pussy.

“You love that don’t you…” Jessica laughed. “Well, guess what, Cassie is coming over tomorrow, she asked if she could ‘borrow’ your mouth again. I told her she could, providing she brought you a ‘present’… and you know what that means don’t you? Todd will be going to work happy tomorrow morning – hahaha. I wonder what he’d think if he knew you were sucking his cum out of his wife’s hot pussy?”

Jessica paused a moment to watch her husband clean up the last of his own creamy load.

“You never know, maybe he’d get a kick out of it?”

Jessica used a finger to slide some cum drips from Graeme’s cheek to the corner of his mouth.

“And when you’ve made her cum, then it will be my turn to play with her… I’m going to tie her down and fuck her ass with my strap-on, and if you’re very good I might let you watch.”

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