Jogging Male Coed Pays with Ass

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College coeds, a black sports boy Quinton (pronounced Queenton), and his hispanic roommate Jose were enjoying college life with a lot of eye opening experiences were talking in their dorm, they were room mates.

Jose said, “What is your next competition?”

Quinton said, “800 meters.”

“Are you ready for it?” Jose was genuinely interested.

“I think so, but I am looking for more light weight running shorts.” Quinton looked like he was thinking.

“No offence but if those shorts were any thinner or lighter they would be lingerie,” said Jose.

“Your right I like light, loose shorts, but my underwear is the heaviest part.”

“I have an idea,” Jose grinned.

“What?” Quinton prepared himself for a tease.

“It would go right along with what you like to wear, and it may help you win the race.”

“What? Come on, tell me.” Quinton’s interest was piqued.

Jose got a more serious look, “Panties, lacey fishnet panties! They would be light weight and breathable. They also make sheath panties for men, but you would have to order those off the internet.”

Quinton’s jaw dropped gaping open. “Hey that’s a great idea! I am going out to get some right now.”

Jose said, “I will see you in a little while then, I need to call some friends.”

Quinton went to a department store, found the ladies section and asked for assistance, after all he knew nothing about this kind of stuff. The young sales woman looked at him for a second with raised eyebrows and said, “I know just what you need.”

She took him to the ladies underwear, and found some packaged lace panties judging his waistline and asking what his pants size. He could see the white lace and gauze looking texture. He took a package of six, paid for them and left.

Getting back to the dorm, Quinton went to his room to try some on.

He heard Jose come in while he was trying some on in his room.

Jose said, “Come on out Quinton.”

Not knowing friends came in with Jose, silent because they had booze to their lips drinking, Quinton came out and said, “I got some, what do you think?” Quinton turned around to show his lacy white fishnet panties.

Jose giggled, “Those panties ought to give you plenty of air.”

“What do you mean?” Quinton demanded.

“You have a built in hole in the back,” Jose said as his friends started to laugh.

Quinton’s black face turned reddish with embarrassment.

Quinton discovered his panties had a backdoor opening, perfectly round to allow access to his asshole. He asked, “What, do I have them on backwards?” He was naïve and did not know what such a hole was for.

Jose said, “Watch this.” He held Quinton’s ass toward him and blew in the hole and up his ass crack. He got too close though and his lips touched Quinton’s ass. “Feel that? Plenty of ventilation.”

Quinton’s sensitive ass skin felt the cool air blow on his ass and it made him shiver and made his cock get hard.

Seeing the hard cock, Jose said, “Oh you like that, eh?”

Jose’s friends laughed, and gave Quinton a drink.

Jose said, “Just leave those on so you can get used to them, and party with us for a while.” As they partied, once in a while one of them would stick a finger in the panty hole and feel his butt crack. Quinton would respond by squeezing their butt cheek, slipping once and squeezing a cock by mistake.

Later Quinton went to his room for a little while.

Jose’s friends put on some porn and passed around a flesh-light modified with a latex finger at the end to capture the cum. The modification was their idea and they enjoyed it. It didn’t take too long with the porn playing to fill latex finger with cum. A couple of them came twice in it.

Soon Quinton came out again and took another bottle and started drinking again. The room was partially lit with the porn playing. One of the porn scenes showed a robot tit squirting into a mouth. Jose said, “Here is a robot tit, see how this one tastes.”

Jose handed him the latex finger, closed off at one end, vent hole cut at the top, and the tit opening cut in the long end.

In good faith, Quinton took the latex finger, which looked like a small cock, and inserted it in his mouth as instructed. He sucked it all into his mouth at one time.

All of Jose’s friends watched wide eyed. They said, “Swish it around and swallow it.”

Quinton was already drunk and did like they said. He had already swallowed it when he realized it tasted like cum. Unwittingly it was his first time to swallow cum, first time to taste cum.

“That was good wasn’t it?” Jose’s voyeur friends wanted to know.

Quinton nodded, “yes” reflexively, while still pondering the taste.

“That was special mystery sauce, hot sauce, it is really good on hamburgers and steaks.”

One of them teasingly said, “You look nice in those panties.”

Another from behind slid his cock into the opening and up along Quinton’s ass crack, “feels good!.”

Quinton was goosed and jumped a little, but they all laughed and lit a marijuana joint.

They stood side Büyükesat Escort by side watching the porn and passing a joint. Each one in jest was holding the other’s ass cheek. Quinton smoked the joint when it was his turn. He felt the guy next to him stick his finger in the open hole of his backdoor panties. Soon it was exploring his crack and coming over his asshole. He thought nothing of it, because it was just skin on skin. He was just touching Quinton’s asshole, but held it there nonchalantly. Little by little though, it felt like the finger was pushing against it. Soon Quinton realized the finger was starting to go in. By this time the finger was up to the second knuckle and starting to stroke in and out in small motions. No harm done, so Quinton let it continue.

Getting fingered in the ass gave him a feeling of closeness. It was his first time having someone fingering his ass, first time finger fucked.

Someone turned on a black light and Quinton’s white panties shown brightly contrasting his dark skin, and showing his hardening cock.

One of Jose’s friends grabbed and rubbed Quinton’s cock saying, “Those panties make it soft and smooth. Hey let me ask you this, have you ever tasted your own pre-cum?” As he asked this, he pulled the band of the panties out to free Quinton’s cockhead and captured a large drop of pre-cum with the tip of his finger and brought it to Quinton’s mouth. This was his first time tasting pre-cum.

Soon Jose’s friend pulled his pants down enough to reveal his own male sheath panties and offered to let Quinton feel how smooth his sheath panties feel in comparison.

Quinton tentatively he felt from the sides of the sheath and gradually toward the front against his cock, and down to his balls.

“Take your time,” Jose’s friend said.

Jose’s friend captured some of his own pre-cum and brought it to Quinton’s mouth.

By this time Quinton had forgotten who was touching whose dickhead. He tasted the new treat. It was good.

Quinton was drunk and stoned enjoying himself. The porn was still playing in the back ground. Jose’s friends started tempting Quinton into tasting their cum. Saying it that way was more gentle than demanding him to suck their cocks. Quinton turned it down at first, but as the porn played in the back ground, he found himself thinking of it and visualizing sucking their cocks.

Quinton felt of the guys sheath covered cock. The boys talked about how slick the silk sheath was and that it would slide right down one’s throat. The friend with the sheath panties goes into the other room. When he comes back in, he had the panty sheath cut off. Quinton didn’t notice the very tip of the sheath was also cut off. “Here,” the guy said, “tilt your head back and swallow this down your throat so you will see what I meant by it being so slick. I will keep it from going all the way down by holding this seam I left uncut.”

Quinton swallowed it down into his throat. It was slick and squishy. As he sucked on it he could tell a syrupy substance started going down his throat. When it stopped, he started pulling the sheath out of his mouth and some substance smeared on his tongue that tasted like the precum he had had, but maybe thicker. It was juicy and tasted good.

Quinton liked his new friends. They were sexy.

As a group they decided they were hungry and elected to go to a bar and grill restaurant together. They all piled into three cars and went to a local Hispanic bar and grill.

It was a cozy place and Quinton liked it immediately. They chose a couple tables at the back corner of the dimly lit room and listened to the salsa music. On the walls video played of old Spanish Western movies, pop culture young Latina singers, and Mexican Soap Opera. It was a lively place with relics on the wall, tequila, and Mexican Beer at the bar. The waitress, Patty and waiter Billy, were dressed sexily and flirted heavily.

Jose demonstrated that for a dollar, the exhibitionist waitress Patty, would show her thong panties and tease you. But for another dollar she would let you feel her pussy mound. Jose paid extra so Quinton could get a feel. This was a thrill for Quinton. He had never been exposed to such activity. He was young though, just barely old enough to be in a place like this. He kept his hand cupping her mound well over his dollar’s worth, feeling every part of her pussy crack, and feeling her clit and pussy lips through her thin brightly colored panties.

Jose urged Quinton to give her a five dollar bill. When he did, she cocked a leg on the table forcing her skirt up, pulled her panties aside and spread her pussy showing clit, pussy lips, and inside her vagina and down to her asshole. Quinton got his eyes full.

Then before Quinton could figure out what to do next, one of the guys pulled his cock through his cut out pocket and gave her a twenty dollar bill. She took it and bent over him covering his privacy with her hair, and sucked him off. When done she raised up, held her mouth open and turned for everyone to see the cum on her tongue, Elvankent Escort and then she swallowed.

They were all laughing, drinking and having fun. Unbelievably someone lit a joint and passed it around. They even passed it to the male waiter that came around.

Joking and playing around, the guys convinced Quinton to give the waiter Billy a dollar. Then the guys each chipped in some more dollars for Quinton to give the waiter. With this wad of money the waiter felt of Quinton’s cock stroking it to make it harder. He took Quinton’s hand and pulled it up and down his own cock getting Quinton to cup his balls and feel his shaft. This was the first time Quinton ever gave a hand job to another man. The material in the front felt very thin and it was almost like handling a nude cock.

Then Billy gave Quinton a mixed drink in a shot glass, “Here down this, it is called a cum shot.” With money the guys had tipped in advance, the waiter had jacked off in the shot glass, and sprayed throat lube over it, then filled the shot glass with a strong whiskey.

Quinton sat facing the waiters crotch when the waiter loosened the Velcro hatch at the top of his pants. The seams of the pants in the front were fake, and the whole front area of his pants flap folded out and down all the way to his crotch exposing his cock and balls while his belt kept the rest of the pants in place.

With a sexy dance move the waiter twisted his crotch across Quinton’s face, with a combination of erotic moves such that Quinton’s face spiraled up and down his crotch from his hairy crotch to the tip of his cock. Quinton’s lips were painted across the tip of the man’s cock, and once again Quinton tasted pre-cum.

Such a sexy dance hypnotized Quinton into feeling the pubic hair of the balls tickle his face and lips, and then the cock head danced temptingly around his nose, eyes, and lips causing a reflex action to open his mouth which let the cock head in. Soon Billy’s cock was sliding back and forth across his tongue with a slick oily taste. The head of the cock kept seeking the opening of his throat finally letting the tip of the cock start in.

Surprisingly Quinton felt his throat was slick and adapting to the head of the cock. Almost without realizing it Quinton discovered the cock was just soft enough and was sliding into his throat. This was his first time to deepthroat a cock.

The waiter started stroking Quinton’s throat inside and out, feeling the bulge with his hand as his cock went in and out. He was stroking his own cock giving himself a handjob through the skin of Quinton’s throat.

“Stick out your tongue cocksucker,” the waiter said.

Quinton stuck his tongue out and with his hand Billy brought his balls up for Quinton to lick. “Lick my balls with lust,” he said.

With cock deep in his throat, Quinton stuck his tongue out and licked the balls. It was his first time licking balls.

The waiter shot ropes of cum directly down Quinton’s throat. He gave himself an orgasm and cumshot in Quinton’s throat. Squeezing out the last drops of his cum shot, through Quinton’s throat, he pulled out of the throat and said, “Suck it dry. You will dream of my cock milk with desire.”

Quinton sucked the cock dry, noticing how much he liked the taste of dick skin.

The waiter pulled the flap of his pants back up and Velcro-ed it into place, his pants once again looking normal. Using his jacket over his shoulders for cover, he then unfastened Quinton’s pants, stripped and pulled them down. Now he saw the panties that Quinton was wearing, but pulled out his cock and sucked it off, and within minutes was swallowing the cum. “Come with me.” Billy brought Quinton down a side hall to an office room with a sofa. Pulling out his cock in front of Quinton’s face, “Here make it hard again cock sucker.”

When the cock got hard again the waiter Billy said, “come over here and bend over the arm of this sofa, I want to see those awesome panties again.” Reaching around from behind, he unfastened Quinton’s pants and started pulling them down bending Quinton over the arm of the sofa. Now to his surprise he saw the hole for the back door of Quinton’s panties. So instead of taking the panties down, he greased up Quinton’s hole and his own cock, and slid the cockhead through the access hole of the panties.

Billy said, “You are going to be my wife tonight, my hotwife. Only a hot wife wears panties like those. How do you like being a loving wife?” He reached under Quinton’s chest and felt of his man boobs, cupping them and squeezing.

Having been finger trained, his asshole was more open to sodomy with a new and slick visitor. The waiter pushed slowly but firmly until his cockhead started to enter. Little by little he pressed on until the flange disappeared. Then the slickened shaft started going in a little at a time until eventually his pubic hair was against the black ass. He pumped in and out, slowly at first but then picking up the pace, spiraling it in, also massaging the prostate gland. Quinton’s asshole seemed Beşevler Escort to squeeze and pulse on his cock as if trying to expel it and then trying to suck it in. Soon the natural stroking and pumping of Quinton’s butthole was enough to make him cum. It was Quinton’s first time anal.

The next morning Quinton woke up in his bed and couldn’t remember how he got home. He tasted cum in his mouth, and smelled it on his breath. He got up to go pee and had to steady himself to get up. His butt was squishy as he walked.

Once he took a shower and had a light breakfast, he decided to go for a jog. Fortunately most Universities have jogging trails, and this was no exception. He could train on the track or on the jogging trail. He liked the jogging trail for interaction with other people.

The trail was winding through a variety of landscape including a wooded section. His head was just beginning to clear of the hangover he had.

It was afternoon and the college joggers had already returned to their studies. The neighborhood joggers were not home from work yet. As Quinton went through the wooded section he was suddenly taken from behind in a surprise ambush attack by a group of Hispanic males. They covered his eyes, tackling and pushing him off into the brush and down a hill out of sight of the path. He was blindfolded, and his hands were drawn to the sides and then pulled out and tied to a long cut off branch. His shorts were pulled down, and his knees were tied spread apart. His shorts were tied around his ankles, and his tee shirt was cut off, stuffed in his mouth, and tied in place.

Whoever it was seemed to like his tight black ass and his panties. It seemed like a group of them was playing with his ass and then they cut off his panties. He was laid over a log such that his ass was in the air, and he was helpless, and non-consenting.

Soon he felt a substance being applied to his asshole, and fingers entering in and out rather smoothly. He could not tell how many of them there were, maybe eight to ten of them, maybe more. Each one of them had turns sodomizing him and cumming in his asshole. He felt many jets of cum, and many pulsing humping cocks up his black butt. They vigorously barebacked his greasy anus, twisting its shape from round to oval and back.

This group of men must have finished and they departed, leaving Quinton squirming in his bondage, with BDSM rope ties.

It was not long before another group came along. They also spoke Spanish but Quinton could not tell what they were saying. These seemed more interested in blow jobs, so Quinton’s gag was temporarily removed and replaced with a cock. Every time he tried to holler he was slapped either in the face or on the bottom. He was spanked and whipped. After taking several cum shots they discovered he could deepthroat, so the rest of them deep throated him, while the others got hard again and fucked him in the ass. When they were finished throat fucking him, they replaced the gag and left. It was his first time getting face fucked by a gang.

Things got quiet and he tried to think how to get out of this. Soon he felt a wet sensation on his ass. He thought, “Oh no there is another group.” He realized after a minute that he was being licked in the ass, taking an ass licking. Whoever it was let their tongue slither all the way up and down his ass crack, and took particular pleasure in licking all the dripped cum off his balls. Soon the tongue was digging and pressing into his asshole like a treasure had just been found. All this tickled, and Quinton started giggling and laughing. The leaves rustled as the ass licker came around to his face, and started licking around his lips and nose. It smelled of butthole, asscum, and dogbreath all at the same time. Quentin couldn’t imagine anyone like that.

A female coed jogging on the trail had come off the trail to pee in the woods. She thought she had heard some giggling and laughing, but then saw a slinking dog trotting off down a trail. Pulling her panties and shorts up, she saw some movement, and looked closer to see what it was and saw Quinton. There was no one else around and it looked like he had been tied up and left there naked in the woods. She came closer and looked at his naked ass shiny with wetness, and firm looking. She looked all around and saw no one.

Coming around to his face, she asked, “Are you ok?”

Of course he couldn’t answer because he was gagged and tied up.

“Do you want me to untie you?” This was a dumb question because he certainly would not be tied up like this voluntarily, but you never know.

Quinton was impossibly embarrassed and nodded his head to be untied.

She untied him enough that he could finish the rest, releasing his own bonds while she got away from this spot. It was scary to come across something like this.

A modern patrol robot police officer, Robert, with artificial intelligence was on the public trail patrolling, because jogging paths had become known for danger instead of eclectic, in spite of being near a university. Robert had a body cam as well as eye cams to take video and high definition pictures. The officer using pattern recognition and reading facial expressions and mannerisms saw a variety of people including coeds. He greeted them, and encouraged them, complimenting their jogging style, and their training methods. He derived all this with his artificial intelligence. He was dressed and uniformed like any human officer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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