Johnny’s Family Harem Ch. 01

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The name is Johnny Harper and I’m just your run of the mill mid western small town kid. I had a pleasant but fairly uneventful childhood with parents who were neither saints nor evil incarnate though I had long known that my mother was a bit loose in her vows but not wanting to disturb the peace in an otherwise steady family I had kept my observations to myself. I had just turned twenty one in April and had graduated from my two year community college and was now seeking the rest of my four year degree. To that end I had left my home in St. Louis, Missouri and had been accepted into Georgia Tech.

I was staying with my Aunt Suzy and her husband Russell who was stationed at Fort Benning and spent a lot of time on deployments. They lived off base in a nice 3 bedroom ranch style house. Suzy loved the ocean and was a sun worshiper. She had a deep all over tan and the blonde of her hair was bleached by the sun until it was almost white and seemed to glow with an almost unnatural radiance. Those same rays had tanned her skin to the darkness of burnished mahogany. Her eyes were the clear blue of an iceberg and she worked out regularly to keep her body well toned so that which would have been chubby on a less dedicated woman was instead hard lean muscle covered by some of the wildest curves a man had ever seen, She never failed to attract stares as she wore cutoffs and tank tops or mini skirts and midriff baring crop tops. She stands only five foot four inches but she is one of the hottest pieces of pure animal seduction and raw sex that God ever created.

She was a decade older than me but it didn’t matter. If I hadn’t been related I would have been all over her. As events would soon unfold that didn’t turn out to be that large of a determent. For now though I would sit and watch her body tease and taunt me all day until I went to bed at night and then I would masturbate myself until my cock was red and raw and my room stank of cum but still I couldn’t find any relief for the malaise of lust that held me trapped in it’s grip.

Russell was on his third week into a six month deployment. It was friday and I had an off day that granted me a three day weekend and I planned to use it doing absolutely nothing. Hours and hours of eating junk food, playing Red Dead Redemption and falling into food comas.

I stepped into the kitchen wearing just my pajama pants and felt myself start to harden as soon as I took in the sight before me. Suzy was standing at the stove cooking breakfast in a small baby doll teddy and a short silk robe. The robe hung loose and had ridden up in back so that her ass was on full display with only a tiny thong running between those proud globes. I froze in the doorway just silently admiring them for a long moment and then Suzi spun around as if she had been aware of me the entire time and knew exactly how long she intended to tease me. The front view however was just as amazing. The bodice of the flimsy sleepwear could hardly contain her generous D cup sized breasts and the nipples strained against the decolletage with the very real threat of an immediate wardrobe malfunction.

“Oh Johnny! There you are! Three whole days! You’ve got three days to enjoy yourself! Want to spend the weekend at the beach? ” She said. Her eyes silently begged me to say yes even as she fought to stand still. Suzi was practically exploding with excitement as she told me of the plans she had made for us including a hotel suite and a whirlwind of activities. My head hurt just thinking of how exhausting this weekend was going to be but I knew from the moment I looked in those eyes that there was no request that I could deny her. I sighed inwardly and smiled.

“Sure, Aunt Suzy. Just let me grab a shower and pack a bag and let’s get going.” I replied as I sat down to the delicious looking breakfast of scrambled eggs, buttered toast and sausage with a large Orange Juice on the side. Quickly devouring it though I hardly tasted the delicious food between texting my friends about the change in plans and stealing glances at the delightfully erotic image of suburban domesticity Suzy was presenting. How Russell managed to stay away from that much honey for months at the time I have no idea.

A few minutes later I was showered, shaved and dressed. I went beach bum casual, jeans and sandals with a short sleeve denim shirt that I didn’t bother to button. I ran tearing out of the front door and locked it behind me before moving to her little convertible. I caught my breath as I saw her sitting behind the steering wheel, her eyes dancing with excitement.

“Move over! I want to drive!” I called as my leather soles slapped against the gravel of the drive. I was treated to a wonderful show as instead of getting out and walking around the car, she decided to climb over the center console. The short cover she was wearing rode up, revealing her ass exposed bare and gleaming darkly with only the thin strap of her thong bikini bottoms covering her şişli escort most delicious charms. The suit was a bright neon green which seemed to be even brighter against the polished bronze of her deeply tanned skin. It was stretched tight across her lips and I could make out the suggestion of them before she scrambled into the passenger seat with a giddy laugh that fired my blood. I could feel my pulse racing as I slid behind the wheel and I had to fight down the trembling in my muscles and, with a calm that I didn’t feel, I started the car and smoothly slipped the little car into gear and we roared out of the yard.

We sped away and I spared a glance over at Aunt Suzy as we sped along far above the speed limit. Her eyes were wide and bright and her breath was coming fast shallow gasps as her tongue darted out like a snake, tasting the excitement upon the air. I depressed the accelerator pad and the car leaped forward like a thoroughbred race horse. She could contain herself no longer and reached out, grabbing my thigh in a tight grip. My cock, which was already half hard, began to swell and stretched out under her hand as it hardened and extended to its full length. Absently she started to stroke it as we drew closer to our destination. My body was shaking like a wet dog by the time we arrived at the beach. When I pulled into the parking lot and turned off the engine she turned and leaned in close and kissed me briefly on the cheek and whispered in my ear.

“You surely can handle a stick well, almost as well as I can.” She giggled and leaped from the car, quickly grabbing her basket and blanket from the rear seat and took off down the beach. I grabbed up the rest of our stuff and took off across the sand after her.

When I managed to catch up with her, she was out of breath. She had simply tossed her bag down and flipped out the blanket across the sand. As I drew close, she dropped to the banket and lay on her back, propped on her elbows. Her breasts were high and proud as they pushed up at me in the tiny bikini, the soft tautness of her belly leading down to the tiny bikini bottoms and then down those long legs. She had one knee raised and laid to the side causing the bikini to draw tight across her outer lips and outline them in stark relief. I swallowed hard and stared at the image before me. It was getting difficult to think of her as anything but the sexiest slut I had ever seen. I could feel my breath coming in hard, fast pants. I could feel my pulse racing through my veins. I knew there was a goofy smile spread across my face.

“Do you have shorts under those jeans or did you come to the beach to sit around in your pants? She asked her voice low and breathy and as seductive as silk sliding across skin.

“I have a set of speedos on if you must know. ” I said, shifting from one foot to the other.

“Well don’t just stand there big boy. Shuck those denims and let’s see the package.” She said in that same voice that caused the hairs to raise on my arms and my cock to harden in my pants. I felt my hands shake as I unfastened the jeans and dropped them to the sand and turned to face her with my arousal more than obvious as it strained against the tightly constraining swim trunks. She was smiling as she looked at me.

“Well, they said you had grown up but I had no idea that you had grown up so big.” She quipped as the bent knee swung back and forth. She was so different today. She was always a bit flirty but ever since breakfast this morning she had been playing with me like a sexy cat with a mouse.

“Come lay with me.” She purred, patting the blanket beside her. I felt as clumsy as a newborn calf as I lowered myself onto that blanket and felt her hand push against my chest. I jerked a bit as it felt like a branding iron had been touched to me.

“You’re going to burn if we don’t get some suntan oil on you.” She said and squirted a big glob of the oil onto my chest. Her hand started sliding over my chest and across my arms. She slid up and down my arms. Squirting yet more oil onto my belly she started to rub it in with circular motion that was growing wider with every pass until it was just grazing at the waistband. I was far more than aroused, I was trembling on the verge of exploding like a teenage kid on his first date. Hell I wasn’t far from a teenage kid on my first date in the hand of this obviously very experienced and very beautiful woman.

“Do you like the feel of my hand on you? Does it give you any ideas Johnny?” She whispered in my ear as her hand slipped up onto my shorts and she started stroking my cock as she abandoned all pretense of rubbing in suntan oil.

“Does that feel good?” She asked. Her eyes gleaming with a dancing light that sparked with something in me and suddenly I couldn’t contain myself. With a loud grunt my cock started erupting and suddenly the shorts were filled with sperm and I slumped back against the blanket.

“Poor baby” she teased and started mecidiyeköy escort back stroking the now limp shaft. She fished it out of the shorts and squeezed it, her fingers massaging it as she leaned forward and kissed my left nipple, suckling it and tonguing it. I could feel the limp member starting to rise once more as she played with it with all the excitement of a child with a new toy on Christmas morning. Her lips moved up and fell heavily on mine, her tongue plunging deep into my mouth. I could feel my control slipping as she milked me with an energetic expertise. I pushed her way far enough to warn her.

“I’m about to make another mess over both of us if you keep that up, honey.” I said. She smiled and lowered her head to where my cock jutted from the shorts and clamped her lips over its head. Her fingers stroked me with a renewed earnestness. I could feel another, stronger orgasm building as my body drew taut and my hands flew to the back of her head and I held her in place as I erupted and spewed stream after stream into her mouth but she swallowed eagerly. I fell back heavily once more as she lapped at my cock and balls, cleaning me throughly.

She looked up at me and with a final slurp rolled away and to her feet.

“I don’t know about you but this beach is starting to get too crowded for me.” She said as she motioned meaningfully to some new arrivals that were coming up the beach.

“Change out of those speedos and slip on your jeans and let’s get out of here.” She said as she started rounding up our belongings. I did as she told me, my mind still reeling from the events of the day. I followed her back to the car, my mind racing with thoughts of soft kisses and hot skin. Her breath still lingering on my neck. When we reached that little candy apple red convertible of hers she slid into the passenger seat and let me once again have the wheel. I backed us out and turned it once more for hom. Her hand fell naturally to my thigh, stroking my leg and my hardening cock with a casual aplomb. Flying down the road I let my foot lean into the accelerator as her hand continued to work me even more deftly than I did the high powered little machine.

“You’re doing fine Johnny, just hold it together a little longer. ” She breathed in my ear as we sped along the highway. I knew we were taking a huge chance of getting pulled over by a patrolman but her hand was well on its way to controlling my mind and body. With an act of God we managed to make it back to her house. Slinging gravel I whipped into the driveway and slammed to a stop. The little convertible rocking as much as I was when Suzy leaped over the passenger door and ran for the house. I jumped out and followed her with a single minded urgency. The door was ajar when I reached it and I stepped inside. The door slammed closed behind me as I felt her soft arms grab me from behind, her hands sliding up to caress my bare chest and tweak my nipples as she laid her head against my back. Her lips planted soft kisses along my spine and shoulders.

“Go get a shower and we will discuss where we go from here when we finish. ” She said in a sultry voice.

She turned and sprinted up the stairs, her bare ass flashing at me. I turned and moved up the stairs to get to my room. Jumping in the shower I washed off the sand and the cum and toweled dry as I thought about the touch of Suzy’s soft hand on my shaft, her warm, wet mouth sucking at the head of my cock. I couldn’t help myself, I stretched out across my bed and laid there slowly stroking my cock. The memories of Suzy flooding into my mind. Was she just teasing the kid or was she serious about us having sex? My mind started running wild with all the things I wanted to do with that sexy body of her’s and it wasn’t long before the sweet tension of an impending climax was racing along my spine. I was starting to moan her name when I heard the door open and my eyes flew open as well. Backlit by the light in the hall Suzy stood in my doorway wearing nothing but a towel and a smile. Her damp hair shimmering with a halo in the light streaming around her. Her legs set apart in an almost exaggerated super hero pose. The light streaming between her legs revealed everything to the hem of the towel which was clutched around her but was hiding very little.

“So are you ready to continue our little game from earlier?” She asked in a soft but demanding tone that was seductive as hell. Silk sliding over sex and it caused the fires of lust to race through my veins. She then chuckled in a voice that was honey soaked gin and coated in lust and sin.

“I see you’ve started without me. Do you mind if I join or is this a solo flight?” She teased. I passed the teasing. She had kindled a fire within me deliberately and now it was time to pay the piper.

“Drop the towel.” I said. My words are clipped and my voice filled with need. She giggled like a schoolgirl and let it drop to the floor without any further fanfare. istanbul escort She opened her mouth to speak but I stopped her with a wave of my hand.

” Enough damn talk, Sally. You started this now get over here and fuck me or get out and close the door.” I told her. She bowed her head a bit and stepped obediently to the bed. I reached up and pulled her down with me on the mattress. She fell across me and I slapped her ass with a hard spank.

“That’s for all the fucking teasing.” I told her.

I pulled her up my body and then rolled us both so she was underneath me. My lips found hers in a crushing kiss. My tongue demanded entrance to her mouth as my hands claimed her breasts, The temptress of mere minutes before was gone, replaced by a submissive lover who surrendered to my urgency of my need. We were both breathless when I broke the kiss and staring into her eyes I kissed my way down her body. Slow sensual kisses that left her marked with my nips I kissed along her jaw and under her ear. The hollow of her neck absorbed me for long moments as I felt her body starting to tremble slightly under mine. Breathy moans escaped her as I found her breast and covered them with kisses until they were coated in my saliva. My tongue swirled around her belly button and then I looked into her eyes so she could see my burning desire as my tongue lapped in and out for a few seconds before I continued the progression. My lips landed above the knees as I spun around and started laying kisses on the inside of her thighs. Ever so slowly I drew closer to her beautiful pussy with the outer lips open and rtembling and the inner ones swollen and the core of her drooling fuck juices.

The room was filled with the intoxicating aroma of excited pussy and I was high on the scent. Without preamble I drove my tongue into her gaping hole and and lapped up the juices like a man dying of thirst lapping at a babbling brook. My arms curled around her thighs holding her legs open to me as she pulled my hair and pushed her cunt into my face so that we were sealed together, My fingers found her clit and I started playing with that tiny bundle of nerves feeling her body writhing in pleasure. Switching out I slid two fingers into her gaping fuck tunnel and sucked on her clit nipping at it gently as she exploded in a series of orgasm that threatened to throw me off the bed with the violence and force that her body bucked and bridged itsel underneath me.

“I’m going to fuck you now. Is that what you want, dear aunt Suzie?” I said as I slid back up her body and felt the head of my cock bumping against her gaping pussy. She smiled and nodded. I pushed my cock into her body but not into her pussy.

“I need to hear you say it Suzy. Tell me what you want.” I grow;ed at her.

“Fuck me, Johnny. Your slutty aunt needs that big fucking cock buried deep in her fucking cunt.” She moaned. Her upper body thrashing as if she were in pain.

“You’ve got it slut. I drove into her with everything I had and she was soaking wet so that I slid into place with little resistance as our pelvic bones smashed together and my balls slapped against her ass. There was no slow build up or love making involved, That would come later. We were seized by an animalistic need to fuck until we were exhausted and we went right to it. Her legs and arms wrapped around me as my cock hammered in and out with ever increasing speed. Her pussy was like a velvet fist as it milked me, pulling me deeper and squeezing me as I slid back out.

Her second orgasm grasped me in a vice as she moaned through it. I felt my balls tightening and I knew I was about to explode deep within her and suddenly a panic filled me. I started struggling, trying to pull out. Her legs just held me that much tighter

“I’m about to come, Sally.” I grunted

“Do it you big bastard. Shoot that baby batter deep in my womb. Flood me with your cum,” She screamed in my ear and I picked up speed as I abandoned all attempts at control and just lurched into her until I erupted, I groaned as the cpck juice shpt up the underside and filled her pussy with my cream. My world went black around the edges and I fell onto her and lay still for a long moment as I struggled to calm my breathing and racing heart.

“Wow” Was all I could say as I rolled off her and pulled her tight against my side with my arm cradling her neck and my fingers absently toying with her nipple.

“I know right? Once I saw that monster of yours I knew that this was going to be something special but it was almost a religious experience.” She reached down and gently stroked my exhausted cock as we talked.

“Want to get something to eat so we can build our strength back?” I asked. I was suddenly starving now that my other needs had been met.

“Sure but let’s call for delivery. I don’t feel like going into town and I have somehow found a need to take another shower.” Suzy said as she walked towards the door. She turned and smiled at me.

“That was wonderful Johnny. You’re a fantastic lover.” She went across the hall to her room to jump in that shower. I slid on a pair of basketball shorts and decided I’d go ahead and call in the pizza before I took my own shower in the one downstairs.

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