Journey to Love or Lust?

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Connie and Bob met on the internet in the summer of 1998…was just a chance meeting they shared a few jokes and one liners and had a good laugh. Never thinking much of what they shared they said goodnight. Was a little while later they met again in another chatroom, Connie remembered the laughs they shared and started making jokes to Bob again, in which he responded in his witty way, she laughed so much at the things he said to her. She realized how much fun she had with him and remembered how nice it was to smile. She also realized that he had her attention more than she was comfortable with at the time.

She was 33, blonde shoulder length hair, big blue eyes, ample bust line to match the big eyes, and standing only 5’2 was rather cute. Connie was 4 years out of a very bitter divorce that had left her feeling empty inside. She had made a choice to give herself time to heal and had not let a man into her life from the time of her divorce until now. She had made friends with a lot of people on the internet both male and female, but not one male had sparked her interest in life again the way Bob did. She started looking forward to when he would log on so she could talk to him again and share little things about their lives and share a lot of laughs.

Bob was 41, long blonde hair, blue eyes that sparkle when he smiles, standing 6’3 he was a very handsome man. He was not into “sleeping around” and wasn’t in a steady relationship so he enjoyed spending his time in chatrooms having fun and making people smile and laugh.

Bob and Connie started talking more and more in depth to each other about their lives, their past, their futures, hopes and dreams. They started spending more and more time with each other talking and sharing and learning about each other. Never talking about sex, just life in general.

They soon learned it was more than a fleeting attraction for each other.

Connie gave Bob her phone number one night and he took the opportunity to call and for the first time they heard each others voices. They spent a long time on the phone getting to know each other even more.

Bob was making Connie feel things inside of herself that she thought were dead.

She found that she could care for another person again.

The next time Bob phoned Connie the conversation turned to one of a sexual nature. With his voice and words Bob caused very familiar feelings to stir inside of her…. feelings that she hadn’t felt in such a very long time.

Then he said a sentence to her that she would never forget….he said to her…”i would sell my soul to be with you right now”…those words would burn in her memory forever.

Bob suggested that Connie drive to Toronto to meet him. She would be driving to a strange place she had never been before, going on blind faith and trust by the words he had spoken and typed to her, meeting a man she had never physically met before, but she never thought that she would be going to meet a man that she may end up spending the rest of her life with. Laying her inhibitions aside, she agreed to spend the weekend with him.

Connie let her thoughts wander to the thought of if they would share intimacy, the thought of them possibly sharing such a wonderful experience together made her get tingles inside her womanhood that she hadn’t felt in such a very long time, thinking of his voice, his words, the way he made her feel like a woman again, made her long to be held again and share her feelings with him, the thought made her get that familiar dampness in her panties as she drove.

The Toronto skyline came into view and she knew that the time had come to meet the man that made her feel alive again. She pulled into where they had agreed to meet and she waited for him to arrive….so many feelings, so many thoughts, the waiting and the planning, the wondering, the emotions of it all were almost more than she could handle … fear of rejection, thinking of everything she had shared with him, what he had shared with her, and it was all about to go from internet chat to a reality any moment.

Bob had a friend drop him off at the meeting place…as the car pulled in, Connie got her first look at the real Bob, he thanked his friend for the ride and got out of the car and headed towards her….big smile on his face…looking even more handsome than Connie had imagined he would look. He was tall, thin, long blonde hair, and very sexy.

After talking and laughing … Bob leaned over and gave Connie a kiss on the lips and a hug and said how happy he was that they were getting to meet. She was so happy to be there, to see where he lived, to see the things that he had acquired during travels, and getting to know the real Bob.

Bob ordered a pizza for dinner and they went together to pick it up, getting there a few minutes early … they sat in the car talking some more…it was then that Bob moved over in the seat next to Connie….looked deeply at her, and gave her the most wonderful passionate kiss she had ever received. He cradled her face in his hands as his tongue slid warmly between vivid porno her lips tasting her kiss. Connie felt some very strong twinges deep down in her belly and she knew from that kiss that Bob was the man she had seen in her dreams, a man that had her remembering from one kiss, the passion that she possessed but had buried so long ago….he was awakening a sleeping demon deep inside her.

After dinner and drinks the long drive and long day, they agreed that it was time to go to bed. This was the moment Connie had been thinking about all evening…what would it be like to sleep next to him? would they share another one of those hot tingly kisses? would he touch her in a passionate way? did he like her? was he really happy that she was there? all these questions in her mind, all the emotions was now coming to a peak as they headed towards the bedroom.

Connie decided to change into a sleeping tee unsure of what Bob’s desires were. Bob was already lying in bed, covered with a sheet, and not being shy at all, was sleeping in his favorite outfit….the nude. Connie felt a sense of relief that he had chosen to go to bed that way, it told her that he was comfortable being around her. She sat on the bed next to him covering herself with the sheet and lighting a cigarette. They enjoyed talking some more while they each puffed away…for Connie, her mind was as clouded as the smoke that mingled in the air above them….so many thoughts so many anticipations all the emotions coming together. She crushed out her cigarette, moved down in the bed and laid her head on her pillow and looked over at him admiring his good looks one more time.

He moved down and looked into her eyes and moved his face closer to share a kiss….a kiss that said…i want you. The kiss was laced with passions and desires….tongues dancing together tasting each others lips….building emotions that were screaming to be taken higher. He slowly slid his hand up under her tee shirt to her breast …taking her breast in his hand and grasping her nipple between his finger and thumb and slowly rolling it…4 years of pent up passions slowly began to roll from deep within her….she felt as though this was the first time she had been touched by a man…it was the first time all over again, only better than she had been able to vision in her dreams….he then slowly lifted her tee shirt from her body and over her head….smiling at her as he unwrapped the gift before him.

His warm breath and soft kisses met her breast as she let out a gasp of breath, it had been so long since she had felt the kiss of a man on her nipple she was reawakening to what it felt like to be a woman. His soft kisses teased her nipple his tongue flicking over it as it hardened sent shivers down her spine…she wanted more…she wanted him to take her to paradise and the road was opening before her … as his tongue danced across her nipple the room around them becoming warmer each passing second … his hand slid down her belly slowly teasing her senses as he moved closer to places that hadn’t been touched in so long…each inch his fingers passed felt a mile to her senses…his lips moving from her nipple to her neck as his fingers slowly slid closer to her womanhood that was eagerly awaiting him to touch her there….his warm kisses on her neck were driving her crazy just as his fingers found her moist love-nest awaiting to feel his touch…his fingers sliding over the damp fur…his lips moving from her neck to her lips….he gave her a warm wet kiss as his fingers found her soaking wet pussy waiting for him there.

His fingers parting her wet lips … she looked into his eyes to see his inner-depths and saw his desires for her … she felt a bolt of electricity shooting through her the first time he touched her clit…the passions she had bottled for so long…the desires she had let die inside her…all came back with a vengeance with the first stroke he gently applied to her clit…a heavy gasp for breath…she closed her eyes and let her mind dance with his fingers as he teased her clit … she could feel him looking at her face watching her reactions to each new place he touched…going back time and time again to the places that gave her the most pleasure … it didn’t take long for her to have a very intense orgasm…the first of what would be many in that night of passion.

Bob gave Connie enough time to recover somewhat from such an intense orgasm, kissing her deeply bringing her desires back to a peak…his fingers still slowly caressing her swollen clit, he moved his fingers down towards the opening to her womanhood slowly making circles around the entrance teasing her … making her want to beg him to take her now. Every nerve in her body was on fire as he touched the places that had been abandoned for so long…feeling the flood of passion that was waiting after that mind blowing orgasm…she felt herself opening up to his finger he was sliding inside of her…so tight from not being touched in so very long…his finger touching places that made her squirm with delight…he slid the woodman casting porno second finger inside of her stretching her tightness even more…she felt another orgasm building as he pumped his fingers in and out of her….watching her face he knew she was getting closer and closer to going over the edge once more… he pumped his fingers in and out of her deeper and faster until he had her hips bucking to meet his next thrust…she drew a deep breath and again let her body release the passions that had built to a fire that had to be released flooding his hand and fingers with her wet juices.

He let her collapse in his arms to regain some strength she was going to need for what he had planned next…the kisses they shared were deeper and stronger than any of the kisses they had shared before. They laid pressed together touching and kissing…Connie let her hand slide down Bob’s belly feeling his warm skin against hers and admiring how sexy he really was…her hand moving closer and closer to his rock hard cock. She had no idea how wonderfully endowed Bob was…but as her fingers slid below his belly and found his hard cock swollen and standing at attention she gasped to find the largest cock she had ever held in her hand.

The look on Bob’s face told her that he was truly enjoying the shocked look on her face as she found out that he had been blessed at birth. She wrapped her hands around his manhood and slowly began stroking it and admiring its size…she couldn’t help but wonder just how good that hard cock would feel sliding deep inside of her wetness and stretching herself over the biggest cock she had ever had. She wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly stroked the entire length of his shaft coming back up to the head of it and rolled her thumb over the tip to feel that he was leaking drops of precum already she slid her thumb through the slipperiness spreading it over the tip teasing him with thoughts of what’s yet to “cum”

Bob moved his hand back between her legs feeling the wetness and warmth that was waiting for him…letting a finger slip back in as Connie continued to stroke his hard cock. Bob then moved Connie’s hand from his cock and took his finger away from her soaking wet pussy….he moved himself away from her to position himself between her legs but it wasn’t to enter her with his cock…he smiled at her as he parted her trembling legs to get a good view of her soaking wetness that he created. Admiring it for a moment he spread her lips apart with his fingers to tease her swollen clit just a little more….her back arching she met his fingers with a wild desire to have him take her now…but Bob wasn’t ready to give in…he parted her legs even farther and brought his face closer to her womanhood to soak in the sweet aroma of her love-nest. he had her swollen clit exposed by holding her lips apart with his fingers…..he then took everything to a whole new world when he tasted her juices for the very first time…his tongue gently teasing her clit making her legs tremble…her body scream with each stroke of his tongue across her…feeling his warm breath cascade over her.. his tongue teasing every sense she had….every nerve in her body he had standing on the tip of his tongue….making small circles around her clit…then pressing his tongue hard against it and wiggling it tasting her juices and feeling her body tense with every movement he didn’t slow down his assault on that tiny swollen love bud…

He continued as she grabbed his long hair and brought him in closer trying to consume him with her passions she could hold back no longer…her orgasm causing her to buck on his tongue wildly flooding his chin with the passion as she exploded in a mind blowing orgasm….gasping for breath she still held his head in her hands feeling his warm breath caressing her skin…he didn’t stop…he placed his hands under her ass to bring her hips up off the bed….his tongue then dived deep inside her depths parting her with his tongue she felt waves of desires flooding over her as his tongue danced magically inside of her bringing her to yet another orgasm as his tongue was deep inside her dancing with her senses…he had it all orchestrated beautifully on the tip of his tongue as she took a deep breath and released her love on his tongue.

Bob didn’t give her a chance to recover at all this time….his rock hard cock could wait no longer to be inside of her tight wet pussy….he had taken her over the edge time and again and his desires could no longer be denied ….he placed his body between her parted legs…his hard cock he placed just at the entrance to her beckoning love canal.. slowly making little circles with the head he teased her till she wanted to scream for him to take her now….she moved her hips up to meet his huge cock just as it was ready to slide into her wet and wanting love canal….she had never felt a desire this strong before….

4 long years had left her so tight and his big cock was going to be stretching her more than she had ever been stretched before. she wrapped türkçe alt yazı porno her legs around his ass as he slowly drove his cock into her…she felt herself stretching to the max as he filled her up with his hardness…sinking deeper and deeper she felt her whole body enveloping his mass…its length touching every sense in her body….awakening the woman inside her again….she moaned loudly as she took the full length of him inside of her…she felt him touch the very back walls of her stretched canal….each time sending shock waves through her as he gently moved himself in and out of her…her hips moving to meet his every move….

She looked down between their sweat soaked bodies to see his cock sliding in and out of her then she looked up to see the look of pleasure on his face then she closed her eyes to drift away again in this heaven they were sharing…he pumped in and out of her faster and deeper then would slow to a teasing pace then pick it back up with a vengeance.. to keep her senses jumping…changing the pace changing the depth in which he would go….never letting her know what the next stroke would be…she had never felt her body be taken in this way, she had never felt herself stretched so far…she had never wanted anyone as badly as she wanted him…after not being touched in such a long time this felt like the first time for her all over again….only better than she had ever dreamed it could feel….

Bob’s hard cock delving deep inside of her wetness….tantalizing her body mind and soul with each stroke…taking her farther inside herself than she had ever been taken before…time melted between them…the hours of lovemaking were the sweetest hours she had ever known.. she felt his body stiffening above her…his breathing changing rapidly…her own body meeting his as they both rose to give each other the moment of glory they were wanting to share together…Bob was driving deep and fast into her…she was bucking her hips to meet each stroke…she raised her hips to let him get as deep in as he could wrapping her legs tightly around him…..her hands digging into his ass cheeks to drive him deeper…he brought his hands beneath her back and wrapped his fingers on her shoulders to tighten their bond that much more…and with a deep thrust he spilled his seed into her as she exploded her passions on his cock…their juices mingling together deep inside the wells of her quivering love canal as she milked the last of seed from him. Gasping for breath he collapsed on her still leaving his cock buried deep inside so she could feel the way his cock spasmed out the last of his spent energy. They laid together sharing the moment embraced in each others arms…the heat of passion had left their skin soaking wet.

Connie wanted to go outside on the balcony to enjoy the breeze and let her body cool, and have a smoke…..she waited till she thought Bob was sleeping and slowly peeled herself from his embrace. She stood from the bed and pulled her tee over her body and went outside… to her surprise Bob wasn’t sleeping, he joined her for a smoke and to enjoy the air. They shared a few words…light conversation about the weather, but Connie couldn’t take her eyes away from him, she found him to be incredibly sexy and still reeling from the assault he had just unleashed on her senses….she found him irresistible.

Finished with their cigarette and small talk, they went back into the bedroom together…the room still very warm she slipped her tee off as he did the same with his shorts. Lying next to each other, skin to skin lips to lips, they kissed each other goodnight, both still enjoying the afterglow of the pleasures they had just given each other. Soft touches, tender kisses sharing the special moment in silence. Bob rolled onto his stomach to settle in to sleep…Connie tenderly rubbing her fingers on his back a soft moment…Bob jokingly said “if you keep that up you may start something you might find hard to finish” Connie paid no attention for she thought that after all they had just done that there was no way Bob could possibly have it in him to go again. Enjoying touching his body, she made no effort to stop what she was doing.

Bob rolled on his side to face her, taking her face in his hands he kissed her again with passion…she knew then that she had misjudged him when she felt his hard cock press against her thigh. The kissing went from tenderness to tonsil boxing kisses as he parted her legs with his body…his fingers checking to make sure there was enough wetness left to slide himself into her again. he positioned himself once again between her legs and showing no mercy this time slid himself all the way inside of her and began pumping in and out deep and hard.

She was taken away by the way he could master her body and mind with such ease…she closed her eyes and drifted away in the pleasures he was again giving her.. Bob was on fire this time….he was driving into her deep and hard striking the back walls of her canal making her body scream each time he touched her there and bringing himself all the way back out of her he would drive in again making her mind swirl in pleasure each time. She wrapped her legs around him and raised her hips to meet him each time truly enjoying what he was doing to her….she had never shared in this degree of lovemaking before..

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