Judy: The Baby Sitter

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[This is a work of fiction. With the exception of the Fab 4, all characters, locations, and events in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]


“Hey,” I yelled, what is all the ruckus in there kids?” I walked into the living room to separate Billie, age two, and Sally, age four. They were squabbling again over something. “Bed time,” I hollered again, “time to pick up your toys and put them away.” They did a fair to middling job of that before I ushered them into the bath. It was a job getting them both stripped down, bathed, and into their PJs, but, eventually, it was done.

I carried Billie and led Sally by the hand up the stairs to their bedroom and tucked them into their double decked bunk beds. I began to read them their bedtime story and in less than five minutes, two worn out little ruffians had drifted off into never-never land. “Whew,” I thought, “now the rest of the night is mine until Hank and Betty come home.

My name is Judy, but my friends call me, Hey-Jude! (The Beetles would be proud!) I am a senior in the local high school. I had turned eighteen in February, lost my virginity to my boyfriend (and discovered-S E X and that I LIKED it) in April on prom night (another and separate interesting story) and will graduate in two weeks. I have been baby sitting for spending money since I was eight. Wow! Ten years of it, hard to believe!

The Smithsons, Hank and Betty, have been one of my several steady clients since I began baby sitting. They have watched me grow up from a dweeby kid to a vivacious high school senior. I was a late bloomer, both physically and emotionally. Puberty came in early eighth grade with a patch of hair under each arm, but only a smattering of pubic hair. Puberty also brought menstrual periods, but little other outward physical changes. Acne was nearly non existent, thank God. Tiny little mounds appeared to masquerade as boobs. Hormones were flowing and I had a healthy and high sex drive, but it remained a mostly secret one. Fulfilling that sex drive was done in private with my fingers or a very slender (and very secret) dildo that, like a tampon, did not destroy my virginity. I was extremely shy, introvertive, and lacking in self confidence.

All this began to change my sophomore year. I joined a number of school organizations, went to contest in several of them, got on the student senate, and of course, continued my baby sitting. The activities greatly boosted my self confidence. But the big change was physical. My boobs began growing the second half of my sophomore year. By the start of my junior year, I had a real chest to be proud of (34D). The rest of me filled out from scrawny to more womanly proportions also. I did, however, catch a lot of teasing about the somewhat sudden appearance of my new chest. Not everyone believed the boobs were all natural.

My self confidence grew by leaps and bounds, as did my feelings of self worth. In other words, my maturation spiked–a bunch! I started dating a next door neighbor boy during the summer between my junior and senior year. He had begun to notice at the pool that summer how I began to look different. We went together for the remainder of high school and it was at our senior prom two weeks ago that I finally gave in to him (and my own lusts and desires) and lost my virginity, and as I have already indicated, found my true love–SEX. There had been some heavy petting up to that time, but no final intimacy before prom night.

Hank and Betty also noticed I was growing up, especially Hank. I have noticed over the last three years that Hank was paying much more attention to me. I would catch him looking at me from time to time, especially at my chest. This past year, he began making remarks and innuendoes about dating and sex, getting slowly more explicit as the year progressed. Hank would find excuses to get close and make some kind of touching or brushing contact with me, but only if Betty was no where around. I liked it, but did not encourage this behavior. But, I guess by not discouraging it either, I was giving implicit encouragement. That was about to change.

Now Hank is a good looking, well, stud, I guess I would have to say. He is late thirties, blond, and built like a somewhat aging body builder. He hasn’t gone to seed, but he is starting down that road. Hank has just a hint of a paunch, but no love handles yet. He does not have jowls, but his face and neck are well fleshed out. His hair is starting to thin. Apparently, he does have a very large cock, or so I assume from the very large bulge that results in his pants every time he looks as me for very long, especially when I am in my bikini in the back yard around the in-ground swimming pool with his two children.

I have two bikinis–one that is conservative, sort of, that I wear around other people, Then there is the second one. This one is an extreme, Wild Weasel that I only wear when I am alone or with very young children such as now when baby-sitting and before any parents return. Tekirdağ Escort The top is just the strings from the bottom and it widens just enough to nearly cover my nipples, but not quite. The bottom is all string too, just wide enough in the crotch to cover about 3/4 of my outer labia. it doesn’t take much wetness to cause the front to sink into my pussy slit to expose 95% of my pussy! The back? Just a narrow string cumming up the crack of my ass to split into two strings cumming up over my shoulders to my tits. I might as well be naked. Depending on my posture, the suit gaps completely away from my body parts! The suit makes me feel sooooo sexy! Only my boyfriend, David, and a few baby sitting charges have ever seen me in this one. Yeah, this one, the one I am wearing at the moment. Anyway, back to Hank.

For some time, he has not tried to hide his big boners. Hank has a look of almost pain on his face at those times. I stifle my giggles and concentrate on the kids. But secretly, so far, I have been thinking about seducing him since I found SEX so intoxicating. I am now looking for new “experiences” (conquests?) anywhere I can find them. I was beginning to set my sights on Hank. And, I really did want to find out just how well he was hung. Even though I have only seen one so far and have nothing for comparison, I think love big cocks!

I was baby-sitting at the Smithsons again and it was a very warm Friday night in May. And I, speaking of bikinis, was still in mine, mostly. As I said, this is the very skimpy and revealing one. The kids and I had been swimming earlier and I had not yet gotten around to changing back into my street clothes yet. I was thinking of doing so when I heard a car drive into the garage. I thought, Oh Oh, shit! I am nearly naked and here comes Hank and Betty, damn. It was a few minutes after midnight. And then, in walks Hank all alone. He stopped dead in his tracks and just stared openly in total amazement, mouth hanging open, eyes bulging. I had a nipple slip that became a full boob slip (you know, a wardrobe malfunction!) as I jerked to a stop at his entrance. We stood there, face-to-face, about ten feet apart, just staring at each other. I think he actually began to drool, just a bit. He got an instant and monstrous bulge in his pants and made no effort to conceal it. His pants tented out so far, his cock must have been hurting!

He stammered, “I , I, I had to dr, dro, drop Betty at her parent’s house, her m, m, ma, mother came down very ill. I came on home to be with the kids for tonight”

“Oh,” I said, rather lamely, I was just going to change into some clothes now that the kids are asleep.” I hadn’t made any attempt to cover my exposed boob, or I should say boobs, because the string strap had slipped free of my other boob as well, There wasn’t much to cover it with anyway.

I recovered first. I slowly turned and started for the bedroom where my clothes were. I could feel his eyes on my swaying and exposed butt as I walked across the kitchen. The bikini, as I have already said, left me 95% naked. And believe me, Hank damn well noticed. He jolted out of his trance an I heard him run after me. He caught me in the kitchen doorway into the central hall. He put his arms around me from behind and locked his hands on my naked tits.

“Whoa there, where are you going so fast,” he hoarsely croaked out?

Of course, I was jerked to an instant stop. It took less than a second for me to decide how I was going to handle this. By accident, my seduction plan for Hank was underway! I relaxed and leaned back against him.

“Nowhere,” I said, giving in to my own lust as well as his. My butt backed into his bulge and Hank began to move it up and down my butt crack. In a flash his hands went into motion to play over my luscious tits and nipples. My nipples exploded erect as Hank caressed and tweaked them.

Hank moaned, very loudly and said, “Oh God, Judy, I have wanted you for a very long time!”

As I said earlier, by my senior year, my self confidence and my desire to express my sex drive, had grown tremendously. And, I was no longer interested in expressing that drive solo. And brother, were my juices ever flowing at the moment, already dripping down onto my inner thighs! Hank backed off slightly, just long enough to pull open the knot of my Wild Weasel and drop it to the floor. I heard his zipper crash down and knew he had that bulge out in the open now.

Hank again crushed his now naked dick into my equally naked butt. This time he guided it downward so that it slipped between my legs along my gash as I spread my legs a bit to accommodate him. God, he is huge! I thought. His arms went back around me, but this time his right hand went to my tits and his left hand went to my now fully naked and dripping pussy. With his cock sliding up and down along my butt crack and gash, with my tits getting full attention, and with fingers on and in my pussy, I was getting worked into a sexual frenzy of pure, unadulterated lust.

Except that damned zipper Tekirdağ Escort Bayan of his was rubbing my butt raw! I said, “Hank, lose the clothes, FAST!” I think he nearly had them off by the time I turned around to face him. Not quite, but close. Jesus, what a one eyed monster that was staring straight at me and dripping! When he was naked, I put my arms on his shoulders and jumped up with my legs around his waist.

Recovering instantly from his surprise, Hank guided his huge erect missile into my cunt hole and I sank down to his balls on that stiff pole with a loud, long sigh of pleasure and contentment! Since we had both been leaking so much sex juices and my cherry had already been popped, the slide down was smooth and effortless. We both just stood motionless (he did) to savor the moment and the feelings. God, waves of desire and electric shocks were flooding upward from my pussy through the rest of my body. We were both moaning continuously by now.

Suddenly, Hank swung me around with my back up against the kitchen wall and started violently and rapidly to thrust in and out of my box. I began digging my fingers into his back, drawing blood. Our coupling motions increased even more in tempo. Hank’s very rapid pistoning in and out of my cunt had me pinned to the wall. He was going at it so hard, the wall was vibrating from his/our thumps against it.

A nearby knickknack on a small display shelf fell to the floor and shattered. The telephone hand set on the wall next to us fell from its seat on the phone and cracked hard onto the counter below. My cervix was taking a pounding as Hank was getting all the way up there! What a beautiful damned cock he had! And he knew how to use it! I was going to be mighty damned sore tomorrow, no doubt about it!

Hank got in more thrusts than I figured he would, he was so psyched up and horny, and then we both exploded into a mutual and very messy orgasm. He must have dumped a ton of cock cream into my pussy and that, mingled with my pussy juice, was overflowing like a river past his cock and smearing us both as the excess dripped onto our legs and the floor.

He collapsed into me against the wall and groaned, “Oh, sweet Jesus, I haven’t had it that good since my honeymoon, eighteen years ago.”

To boost his ego, I replied, “Well, it is the best I have had in my short sexual life, by far! And by the way, you don’t have to worry about cumming in me, I have been on the pill for eight months now. I hate those damned rubbers with a passion!”

We uncoupled and Hank set me down on my feet. He bent and began working over my tits with his mouth and hands. I had a hold of his now half deflated cock and was trying to pump it back up. Suddenly Hank dropped to the floor on his back and pulled me on top of him in a 69. He went to work on my pussy with his mouth and tongue while I went to work on his dick. He sucked and licked me empty and dry of our combined cum juices and then kept working on my clit.

I sucked and licked his big cock dry of our cum and kept working on him until he was back into a full blown erection. Hank had me humping his face and moaning.

After some ten minutes or so of this, Hank said, “Let me up and you lie on your stomach.”

I did and Hank mounted me, pushing my legs apart some with his knee. He ran his cock up and down my butt crack and slit, getting it thoroughly slicked up with my once again leaking pussy juices and placed his cock head at my back door.

“Yes, yes, do it!” I shouted.

Hank slowly worked his way in, stopping every inch or so before pressing on. At last, he was in all the way to his balls. At the end of each stroke, his balls would slap into my pussy with that juicy, splat, splat, splat sound. Hank’s hands were on my waist, pulling me backward into his forward thrust. I almost fainted from pleasure, after the initial pain subsided.

“Fuck my ass, Hank, fuck my ass hard!”

One of my hands had been furiously rubbing up and down my pussy and tweaking my clit while Hank was fucking away in my ass. My middle finger penetrated into my cunt hole and got my G-Spot. With my middle finger on the G-Spot, my thumb on my clit, and Hank fucking my butt, I was losing it, and fast!

I felt his cock swell tight, and then pulse and throb into another orgasm as he pumped more cum into me. He had less than half the amount of cum this time though, and he shuddered through several dry cock spasms before he was done. I convulsed with two or three consecutive orgasms this time, a first for me. It took several minutes for us both to recover.

Hank finally backed out of me and sat down on the floor. I turned around and lay on the floor between his legs facing him while I grabbed his softening dick in my two hands. I began to lick and suck him clean and dry, sticking the tip of my tongue into his pecker hole a couple of times in the process. That got several twitches out of his dick!

Now I said, “How ’bout returning the favor and lick me clean?”

Hank immediately Escort Tekirdağ laid me on my back on the floor and proceeded to lick my pussy lips clean and then my slit. He flipped me over and licked the rest of my crack clean. He spent so much time doing this that he had me breathing hard again, and undulating my hips.

Suddenly, the back door opened and as Hank and I looked up in complete surprise, in walked Betty, Hank’s wife!

“My, My, MY,” she said with a sneer, “and just what have we got going on right here on my kitchen floor? A real fuck-n-suck and me not invited? We can’t have than now, can we? Hmmm?”

Betty gave us another snide look and began to so slowly and teasingly, strip out of her clothes as we watched, open mouthed. As she undressed, Betty said, “Mother is ok, she must have eaten something that disagreed with her digestion. At the hospital, they pumped her stomach and she started to improve. They gave her some medication, a sedative, and put her to bed for overnight observation. She’ll be pretty much out of it until around noon tomorrow.”

All this time, I had been looking Betty over. Her tits, as she slowly revealed them, were small and stood proudly straight out from her chest, capped with perky, very erect nipples. No sag there yet. She was likely a 34A. She is short, five two or three with a tiny waist. Betty is blonde, both on her head and on her pussy, which was bare save for a small, half inch wide landing strip on her mons, ending just above her clit. She looked darn good for mid thirties. I hoped I could look as good by that age. It looked as though I was about to experience another sexual “first!”

By the time Betty finished her explanation, I had completed my observations, and she was naked.

Betty said, “I want some cock, but I want some pussy first!” Betty mounted me in a 69 and commenced to give me a pussy licking, and a very good one. I returned the favor in spades.

I had her humping and moaning first as she panted, “D-d-damn, but y-y-you can s-s-suck pussy, J-Judy!”

At that point, Betty shivered with an orgasm and a cascade of pussy cum. As she came down from her orgasmic high, I shuddered into an orgasm or two of my own.

Hank had wasted no time. While Betty and I were licking pussy, Hank had achieved another raging boner and had mounted his wife from behind as we worked. I could lick pussy and cock at the same time and did so with gusto.

Betty croaked at Hank, “Don’t cum yet, hubby boy, I want you to fuck Judy from behind so I can suck pussy and cock at the same time, like she is doing now.”

So as Betty and I climaxed, Hank withdrew from his wife’s pussy and came around behind me. I felt his big dick slip into my pussy and reveled in the feeling once again. Betty resumed her ministrations to both of us. It took anther few minutes for me to orgasm, which I continued to do every few minutes for the nearly twenty more minutes it took for Hank to spasm into another climax, this one mostly devoid of cock cream. Hank licked his wife clean and then started to clean me up.

But, as Hank finished his clean up job on me, he said,” It is pushing close to four thirty a.m. Why don’t I call your dad and explain about Betty’s mother as to why you are still here so late. I’ll leave out the part about Betty making it home after all and tell him you are sleeping and that it would be a shame to wake you. I can say we will have a late brunch and he can come and pick you up around noon. How does that sound to you?”

“That sounds great to me,” I answered.

Although groggy from being awakened, it was fine with my dad also. The three of us climbed naked into the Smithson’s huge king size bed and actually slept for several hours, we were so exhausted. We awoke for more suck and fuck in multiple combinations of positions.

Betty finally said, “The time is getting on, if we are going to get anything to eat, we had best get moving. Let’s all get in the shower.”

The master bath at the Smithson’s is something to behold. It is as big as a bedroom! The shower stall is a whopping ten foot square tile room with multiple shower heads spaced in a line around all four walls, leaving a gap of two feet on either side of the door. It looks like a locker room shower!

We all three walked in and began to soap each other up. I soaped up Hank’s back and then reached around in front of him and began to soap his cock. His big, one-eyed monster responded quickly, rising to full erection again and throbbing with power and lust. My legs were spread wider by Betty, who kneeled behind me to lap up and down my pussy slit with her tongue. I kept jacking Hank’s sudsy cock. Shortly, I had Hank squirting the shower stall wall with cock cream while Betty had my pussy spasming pussy juice on her face from my orgasm.

I knelt in front of Betty and lapped at her pussy while Hank straddled me to give Betty’s boobs a thorough tongue licking and lashing.

We finally soaped for a last time, rinsed under separate shower heads, and filed out into an equally large area to dry. Instead of dressing, we remained naked and went to the kitchen. Betty quickly cooked up some omelets, toast, and even some American fries from some left over baked potatoes. We were sipping coffee and sort of playing around with tits and cocks when I looked at the clock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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