Julie Gets Sucked Ch. 01

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Chapter 01 – Beginning the new job

While there are probably similar stories, written by others, this original work of fiction has not been copied from anyone else. Don’t get obsessed with any possible errors in grammar, just go with the idea of the story and enjoy.

Where it begins . . .

At age 19, Julie Smith was broke, and about to be homeless. She had been trying to find a job but there just wasn’t any work in that part of the country. She was getting pretty discouraged. She must have submitted 50 job applications and no one took notice. She was about to throw in the towel when she saw a small ad in the paper.

“Looking for young, petite, single women to work for a company in the service industry. Must be open to a different work environment and be follow directions implicitly and without question. Must relocate to the corporate headquarters. Pay and promotions depends on how much you are willing to ‘fit in’. Must supply photo and references.”

Julie was a little puzzled at the wording of the job ad but she was desperate enough to ignore some of the red flags. She applied right away.

A week later, she got a FedEx package with an acceptance letter and a one-way airline ticket to the airport closest to the corporate headquarters of Forever Yours. Julie was met at the small airport by a limo driver holding a sign with her name on it. The limo’s blacked out windows prevented her from seeing anything on the route between the airport and corporate headquarters.

When the limo stopped, Julie stepped out to find herself at the front door of Forever Yours. After signing in at the front desk, she was ushered into the hiring office. She spent the next couple of hours filling out all the required forms for employment and housing. She was supplied an employee handbook that outlined conduct and the corporate apparel. Once the usual stuff was taken care of, she was escorted to the office of her department supervisor.

John Davis, her department supervisor, spent the next hour going over who she would be working for, what she would be doing, and the rules of the office. She was told she would be advising clients about the use and benefits of the company’s products and for the time being, her desk would be right outside Mr. Davis’ office. Some of the company’s products dealt with intimate products for women. In order for Julie to be familiar enough for her to advise clients, she would have to try out the products herself. Julie was about to object when Mr. Davis sternly reminded her of the company’s strict policy about following directions to the letter.

After getting Julie settled in at her desk and providing her with one of the company’s catalogs to peruse, Mr. Davis brought her one of the more popular items it try. It was specific for women and was like an energy drink, but with some additional benefits. Not only did it boost a woman’s energy level, but it heightened her sex drive. One of the synthetic hormones in the drink, caused breasts to swell and firm up by at least one cup size. At the same time as making the breast firmer, the surface skin was softer and more sensitive. In a number of women, they began to lactate, to the delight of boyfriends and husbands alike who enjoyed sucking them. The company provided it free to the women of the office. Julie took a few sips, liked it, then downed the whole glass is short order. She figured, if it gave her a little extra up top, she could use some enhancements. Mr. Davis was happy to provide her with another, as Julie skimmed the pages of the catalog.

At the end of the workday, Mr. Davis walked Julie to her living quarters in a connected building. He showed her how to work everything and strongly recommended she further familiarize herself with the company and its products via the closed-circuit TV in her quarters. When her boss left, Julie began to check out everything in her quarters. First things first, she was hungry and she started to check out what was in the cupboards and refrigerator to eat. The company had provided her with a wide variety of food choices. When she opened the refrigerator, she found it was well stocked with the drink she had been provided at work. She had one with her meal and another while she sat back and watched the company’s videos.

That evening, she slept comfortably.

When she awoke, she felt better than she had ever felt. Over the next few days, she noticed some changes. Her skin seemed to be softer, her breasts seemed to be fuller & firmer, and she had lots of energy. By the end of the week she noticed her breasts were a full size larger. Her current bras were too small to fit comfortably and she would have to go without on Monday morning. She hoped her boss wouldn’t notice the lack of a bra when she arrived for work on Monday.

On Monday morning, she dressed in a cotton button-down blouse and a mid-length skirt, with comfortable panties underneath. When she arrived at her desk, there was one of those delicious drinks waiting for her on her desk. brazzers porno Soon after sitting down at her desk, Mr. Davis called her into his office.

As she stood in front of his desk, John got up from his chair and told her he had some additional products she would be trying out. On the couch lay a device, attached to a belt, with tubes sticking out of it and suction cups on the end of the tubes. A garment was laying nest to the device as well.

The device was something that strapped to the waist. It had a power pack, a small collection bottle, and long tubes coming off the power pack that connected to suction cups that were about 3 inches in diameter. Where the tube connected with the suction cup, there was a short section that was about an inch long and a larger diameter than the tube. Mr. Davis explained that the suction cups attached to the tip of the breast, with the nipple fitting into the larger diameter part of the tube. Mr. Davis explained how it worked and all the benefits of the device, which include making the nipples longer, fatter, and more sensitive.

As Mr. Davis went on about the benefits of the device, Julie was thinking she was not quite sure it was something she would use. When Mr. Davis finished with his explanation, he told Julie to remove her blouse and bra so she could try it out. With her hesitation to do so, especially in front of her male boss, Mr. Davis again reminded her of the company’s rule about following orders without question. After taking a moment to reflect on her previous unemployment, Julie started undoing the buttons on her blouse. When the last one was undone and she took it off, Mr. Davis took it from her, folded it and placed it on a nearby filing cabinet. Julie’s 35 C cup breasts were now in full view of Mr. Davis.

John noticed her nipples were stiffening some and wasn’t sure if was from arousal or the cool air they were now exposed to. What Julie didn’t know was that her nipple firmness was more due to arousal, in large part to the drink she’d been consuming for the past week.

John picked up the garment, a sort of bustier that supported, but left the breasts fully exposed and fitted Julie with it. He next buckled the device to her waist, led the tubes through a couple of straps so they came up just below her breasts. He picked up a small tube of jell, lightly coated the inside of the suction cups before fitting them over Julie’s nipples. Reaching down to the device at her waist, he turned a dial and turned the device on.

With that, he immediately dismissed her to go back to work. As soon as Julie sat down, the device finished its power-up sequence and started working. As she began to do her daily tasks, she felt a pulsating suction gently tug her nipples into the enlarged section at the tip of the suction cups. The device kept it up all day long. By the end of the day, her nipples had grown a quarter inch in length and looked fatter than before. There was also some fluid drawn out of her nipples, into the tubes.

At the end of her workday, she was allowed to take the suction device off but told to keep the bustier on the rest of the evening and wear it to work the next morning. When she went to retrieve her blouse from Mr. Davis’ office she found he had thrown it away. She resolved herself to wearing the new garment instead.

Her evening was spent with dinner, sipping on the company drinks, and watching the company videos. She slept soundly that night. Upon waking, her breasts felt even fuller than previous days and there was more leakage from her nipples. Showering, she washed off her nipples, ate breakfast, put on her new work garment, and headed off to work.

John was already at his desk when Julie arrived and he called her into his office to make sure she was again fitted with the suction device. When it was firmly secured to her breasts, she was sent back to her desk. The day went by unremarkably, except that toward the end of the day, she noticed her nipples were now almost ¾ inch long and fat enough to fill the larger tube at the end of the suction cups. Her nipples were now steadily leaking a milky fluid.

A half hour before quitting time, john called her into his office to check progress on the suction device. John had Julie stand in front of his chair, as he turned off the device and pulled the suction cups free of her breasts. Using his hands, he checked the firmness of her breasts. His fingers gently rolled her nipples, as he remarked at how nice they looked and felt. Julie was taken by surprise when he suddenly leaned forward and put one of her nipples into his mouth and began sucking. She was about to pull away from him but the wonderful sensation of having her nipples sucked by a man, soon overtook her and she just closed her eyes and let it happen.

As John sucked, he was rewarded with a steady flow of breast milk from Julie’s long nipple. When he had sucked it dry, he went to the other one and did the same. Julie was half way to an orgasm clip4sale porno when John finished sucking the milk from both of Julie’s breasts. As soon as John finished sucking her breasts of all her milk, he dismissed her for the day. As good as it felt to have her nipples licked and sucked, Julie was a little disappointed he’d left her unfulfilled.

He weekend was uneventful except for the fullness in her breasts returned. She knew that by Monday morning, she would be needing to have Mr. Davis empty them like he did on Friday afternoon. She did not get very much sleep on Sunday night. Every time she shifted her position, her sensitive nipples would brush across the sheet and cause them to leak small droplets of milk.

By the time she reached her desk on Monday morning, her breasts were so full of milk, they were to the point of painful. She went straight to Mr. Davis’ office to plead with him to take her nipples into his mouth and drink from them until they had been drained enough to bring her relief.

John smiled at how the once reserved young woman of just a week ago, was standing in front of him, pleading with him to suck her breasts. He was more than happy to oblige her but first he needed her to try on another product. Julie was in such desperate need to have her milk emptied, she readily agreed.

John told her to open the little box on the corner of his desk. Inside, there were a pair of split-crotch panties with a difference she’d never seen before. On the inside of them, at the top of the spit opening, there was a little nub attached to a miniature device. Julie quickly slipped off the panties she had on and, at John’s direction, put them in the trash. Slipping on the new ones, she found the little nub on the inside, fit snugly into the top of her slit, right up against her clit.

While she was removing her old panties and putting on the new ones, John made sure she kept her skirt up so he could see her hair covered pussy as she changed. As she swapped panties, he told her she would have to shave all of the hair off so that it was perfectly smooth. She needed to have her milk emptied ASAP and there was not time to argue about this additional request.

With the new panties in place, he had Julie stand in front of his chair. Her heavily laden breasts were in front of him and her fat, ¾ inch long nipples were begging to be sucked. The word “Please” had barely left Julie’s lips when John leaned forward and began feasting on the sweet milk streaming from her breast.

Julie was beginning to feel some relief as her right breast began to empty. As John sucked, Julie closed her eyes and reveled in not only having the satisfaction of relief from the fullness in her breast, but the wonderful feeling of having her nipple sucked. Before John had half emptied her right breast, Julie pulled her nipple from his mouth and quickly replaced it with the left one. The left breast was too swollen and painful to wait until John had completely drained her right breast. As her left breast was being emptied, she ran her fingers through his hair to encourage him to keep going and to acknowledge that what he was doing felt so good.

When her left breast was only partially emptied, John quit sucking on her nipple, much to Julie’s disappointment. He told her he other things to attend to and didn’t have time to finish draining her of milk. With that, he sent her back to her desk. Reluctantly, Julie tried to busy herself with her normal duties.

About a half hour later, she became aware of a tingling sensation in her pussy, more precisely in her clit. The sensation was un-mistakable. The little nub that was crafted into the panties, now in direct contact with her clit, was causing her clit to react. It wasn’t enough to completely grab her full attention but enough to know her clit was being stimulated. This went on for quite some time before there was a surge in the stimulation that made her stop what she was doing and grab the desk. Just as suddenly as it hit her, it was gone. All the rest of the day, the slight stimulation and the surges would happen at unpredictable times, putting Julie on her way to an orgasm before leaving her part of the way there.

Julie’s behavior did not go unnoticed by her boss, Mr. Davis. He would watch her working away on something, start to lose focus on what she was doing, then completely stop and grab the desk to brace herself. It was all perfectly timed to his turning on a small remote control, then rotating an intensity dial on the remote control.

As mentioned before, this went on all morning and all afternoon. By close to the end of the workday, Julie was in a pretty worked up state. Her partially drained breasts from early morning, had swelled to a painful fullness. Her pussy was in a highly aroused state from the stimulation on her clit. About half an hour before quitting time, Mr. Davis called her into his office to check on her progress. As soon as she stood before him, her hands cupped colette porno her breasts in a silent request for him to again suck her fat nipples and this time drain ALL the milk from them.

The additive drinks not only caused her breasts to produce a generous supply of milk, but her nipples had permanently changed to being swelled and ¾ inch in length. Such changes in her nipples had been part of the formulation of the drink, to allow the person sucking on them to easily keep them in their mouth.

As John began to drain her right breast, the sensations in her clit came alive again. With her eyes closed and her head slightly thrown back, she began to moan softly. By the time John had drained her other breast, she was wiggling back and forth,, on her way to a delicious orgasm.

When John finished drinking all her milk, he licked his lips and indicated he wanted to see how the panties were working out for her. Getting up from his chair, he told her to lean over his desk, with her forearms squarely on the desktop, then spread her legs. When she had done as he commanded, he came up behind her, lifted her skirt up onto her back, exposing her firm ass, covered by the split crotch panties. Using first one finger, then two, he began working her soaked pussy. Under normal circumstances, this would constitute sexual harassment but Julie was in such sexual need, she soon was enjoying having his fingers in her drenched pussy.

John could tell she was getting into it when he stopped moving his fingers in her pussy, leaving them buried deep in her. He heard her whimper in disappointment that he stopped. To find out how disappointed she was, he asked her point blank to tell him if she wanted him to continue. Her first reply was weak and he asked her to say it louder. When she gave him a definite positive response that she did, he yanked his fingers out of her pussy. This time he asked her if she wanted him to fuck her. As before, her answer was weak, and he kept asking her to repeat her response until she was almost shouting at him to fuck her.

She was in mid-sentence when she felt the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy, then swiftly bury all 8 inches into her. The speed at which he entered her took her breath away. She was given little time to contemplate this intrusion into her womb for John was soon thrusting vigorously into her. With a free hand, John grabbed the remote to the clit stimulator in her panties and turned it up full.

Julie soon found herself shoving back to meet John’s cock, trying to drive his cock as deep into her womb as possible. John’s office was filled with the sounds of animalistic sex and bodies slapping together. The scent of sex was heavy in the air.

John was wanting to make the assault of her pussy last for quite a while but her body’s response to being fucked was too much of a stimulation for him. Julie was fast approaching an unstoppable large climax and when it hit her, the walls of her pussy clamped down on John’s cock and made it hard to slide in and out of her, despite the excessive lubrication of her juices. It was more than he could control and his cock began to unload shot after shot of sticky cum, deep into her womb.

It was more than a few minutes before Julie’s convulsing pussy released John’s cock enough to allow him to pull out. When he did, it was with a squishy sound, followed by a stream of their combined cum. Reaching between her legs, his fingers scooped up a large amount of this cum and placed it to her lips, telling her to lick his fingers clean. She was too exhausted to object, as she sucked them clean. When she had cleaned his fingers, he had her take her own fingers and scoop up all the cum leaking from her pussy, and lick it off. When she had done that, John had her turn around, kneel down and suck the cum remnants from his cock. As all this was happening, there was still a buzzing in her clit, even though John had turned off the remote after he had flooded her pussy with cum.

Before she left to go back to her quarters, John handed her a shaving kit and reminded her that he wanted her pussy shaved completely bald when she arrived for work the next morning.

That night, she went to bed early but slept in fits. She had worn to bed the panties that had the clit stimulator and frequently during the night it would start working her clit into an engorged state before shutting off. It would get her worked up and started down the path of an orgasm, only to shut off and leave her wanting. Combining this with her milk swelled breasts, she was in an extreme state of sexual need by the time she arrived at work.

Stopping by Mr. Davis’ office first thing, Julie was handed a new set of the split crotch panties with the stimulator to put on. Having her put them on in his office, gave him the opportunity to check to see had shaved all the hair from below, like he had requested. Julie didn’t hesitate at his commands, her swollen breasts needed attention ASAP and Mr. Davis was not going to attend to her need until she had changed panties and displayed her bald pussy for him. When she was sure he was satisfied with the looks of her pussy, she stepped in front of him, like previous times, to have him take her long fat nipples into his mouth so he could suck all the sweat milk from them.

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