Jumping Her Puddle

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It was a rather long flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, but since it was a red-eye everyone on board took it upon themselves to get some sleep. The plane landed at six in the morning and I transferred over to the terminal where the express jets congregated. All I needed now was a puddle-jumper flight to connect me south to my final destination.

I was in the military, and since it was a weekend trip I wore my service dress blue uniform throughout the flight. By the time I arrived at the gate, the airline was already boarding passengers. I knew I was supposed to be among the last ones to board since my ticket was for the front of the plane; seat 1A to be exact. There wasn’t a line to board, so I handed over my ticket and walked down the corridor to the plane.

A stunningly attractive blonde stood by the hatch of the jet and when she saw my uniformed figure approaching, her eyes beamed. I smiled as I stepped into the plane and heard her audibly exhale as I walked past her. The airplane was an Embraer 145 regional jet. It had little more than twenty rows, and the aisles had one seat, the A seat, on the port side, and two seats, D and F, on the starboard side. All of the overhead bins were on the starboard side, so I reached across the aisle and placed my carryon bag into the bin, topping it with my cover. I removed my navy blue blazer and folded it, setting it next to my carry on. My uniform now looked like a male flight attendant’s, and on the flight before this one, I was confused for one as I waited for the lavatory.

I took my seat in 1A. Seats 1A and 2A did not have an accompanying D and F seat across the aisle since the jet was designed to have a galley in those rows. I specifically chose the single seat because I viewed myself as a solitary person, and also because I only had that one carryon bag, so I could be the first off the airplane when it landed. I sat down and fastened my seatbelt, and like every other flight, I started to nod off.

The departure time finally came around and the overhead announcement was made by the blonde flight attendant. It was soft, but slightly high-pitched and squeaky. She looked like an all-American Midwestern gal, probably no older than twenty-five. Her blonde hair was shiny and well-maintained, curling at the tips as it rested on her shoulders. Her hazel eyes, although peering throughout the cabin of the plane, frequently made contact with mine as my attention was drawn to her pre-flight announcements. She had a sweet heart-shaped face and a gorgeous perfect smile, accented by thin lips tinted a light rosy color. Her navy blue jacket was still on since the door was open to the thirty-degree Philadelphia weather outside, but I could see her knees ever so slightly tremble under the thin black pantyhose as the breeze snuck up her skirt. Her sexy scratchy voice instructed the passengers to take their seats and buckle up.

The maintenance inspector from the Philadelphia International Airport poked his head through the door and told her that the plane was good to go. She smiled and secured the hatch after him. She turned around and spoke to the pilot and co-pilot before closing the cockpit door behind her. She removed her jacket and hung it up in the staff cabinet behind the cockpit door. The flight attendant’s blouse was crisp and white, but no more transparent than tissue paper. The outline of her white polyester bra screamed through the fabric as her nipples protruded from the brisk air. I could make out goose bumps on her arms as the gusts of cold air subsided in the cockpit entrance area.

The bonging alarms for the “Fasten seatbelts” and “Turn off Electronic Devices” lights appeared on everyone’s overhead, and that cued the sexy blonde flight attendant to begin taxi instructions. The flight was fairly empty; only about a dozen or so people filled the 59 available seats, and most of them were already nodding off again since they too were transferring over from an earlier red-eye flight. Nevertheless, the flight attendant was required to give the instructions.

She picked up the intercom phone and began. “Thank you for flying Express Airlines; I am your flight attendant, Nicole. The main doors have been closed, so please stow all carryon baggage in the overhead compartments or completely under the seat in front of you.” Nicole stepped into the galley of the Embraer jet and pressed the play button of the pre-recorded flight instructions. The stock announcement sounded in the speakers as Nicole grabbed the props from the storage cabinets in the galley.

I’ve heard these pre-flight announcements hundreds of times before. I could probably recite it or lip-sync it as they play, so as usual I started to doze off again. There was slight difficulty however, since Nicole’s tight ass was literally inches from my face as she stood to display the props. I opened my eye and spied the luscious curve of her buttock outlining her pinstriped blue skirt. As the announcement continued to play, she lifted czech amateurs porno the prop up to show the inattentive passengers. First was the seatbelt. As her arms rose, I could spy the bare flesh of her armpit through the opening of her sleeve. When her arms moved around to demonstrate the proper use of the buckle, it waved her sweet succulent scent towards my nostrils.

My uniform pants didn’t leave much room for a bulge, and the pheromones that escaped her body toyed with my senses. She placed the seatbelt back in the storage cabinet and grabbed the oxygen mask. Nicole lifted her arm again to place the strap behind her head, and I caught another quick glance through her blouse, this time seeing the shoulder strap of her bra and a healthy portion of her upper chest. She breathed in through the mask and her perky breasts rose. I could tell her nipples were still hard from being exposed to the icy weather by the hatch.

The plane started to move backwards as it was pushed by the truck. The sudden change in motion caused Nicole to slightly lose balance and her butt grazed my shoulder. I looked up in surprise, although the smirk concealed a look of content. She smiled apologetically, and with her fingertips, touched the part of my shoulder where she bumped. The plane started to move forward on its own power. By then, the taxi announcements were over and Nicole had replaced all of the airplane props back into the galley cabinets. She walked down the aisle to make sure all the seats were upright and the tray tables were secured. Everyone was asleep already. It didn’t take much after the monotonous droning of the recording, and the even-lower droning of the co-pilot muttering on and on about the flight information.

The jet taxied over to runway 9-L and waited in line. “Ladies and gentlemen,” the pilot announced to a deaf crowd, “we are now third in line for take-off. Nicole, take your seat please.” The blonde returned to the front and she stood in the cockpit entryway. I stared her firm toned legs down and she suddenly knelt slightly, bulging her ass towards me as she opened the stowed away flight attendant’s seat.

Nicole turned around and sat. She was facing me, no more than three feet away. I quickly eyed her figure from head to foot and noticed that she, too, was checking me out. She was another girl who fell for the uniform, it appeared, because her eyes couldn’t be pried from me with a crowbar. Normally, I noticed, girls who wore skirts had a tendency to cross their legs to maintain ladylike innocence. Nicole sat directly in front of me with her legs parted slightly. More or less, it was a subconscious invitation. She fastened her seatbelt, but her hand never left the buckle. I looked down through squinting eyes, because I pretended to be sleeping, and I noticed her fingers slightly pulsating over her lap. I heard a faint giggle as she must have seen my eyebrow rise upon noticing her rubbing herself nonchalantly. My eyes opened and I stared into hers. They were hungry.

The jet accelerated down the runway, and since she faced backwards, she had no brace to hold her from leaning forward. Her face grew closer to mine and she smiled. I heard a purr escape the back of her throat, and she gave me a seductive wink. When the jet leveled off at the right altitude, she reached over to the intercom phone and made an announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen, the use of portable electronic devices is now authorized. Cellular phones and two-way pagers must remain off throughout the duration of the flight. Since this is short flight of only twenty minutes, beverage service will be by request only. Please sit back and relax and enjoy your flight.” She hung up the phone, peered down the aisle and noticed everyone still snoring peacefully.

Nicole stood up and proceeded down the aisle and made sure, and when she returned, she stopped at the galley directly next to me. She bent forward to whisper to me. As I felt her presence, I quickly turned my head and found myself peering down her blouse at her cleavage. I caught myself and politely looked up at her eyes. “Hey, sailor,” she purred. Nicole must have noticed the bulge in my uniform pants. “Apparently you weren’t listening to me when I gave my flight instructions.” She reached for my seatbelt and lifted the buckle. As the seatbelt slid away, there was less restriction on the bulge in my pants. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to tell you again.” Her hand cupped into mine and she lifted me from my seat, pulling me into the galley with her.

Her agile hand yanked on the Velcro strap that held the galley curtain open and she tugged the curtain closed. “I’m sorry, miss. I paid full attention to you.” I noticed the youth of her age, and recalled the nervousness of her voice when she gave her announcements. “How many flights have you been on? You must be new.”

Nicole smiled. “This is my first week as an attendant. It gets rather repetitive doing this puddle-jump all czech bitch porno the time. If I’m supposed to have fun on the job, I better improve my technique.” Having just recovered from a five-hour red-eye flight, I guess it could be said that I had the equivalent of morning-wood by the time I got to this connecting flight. As soon as Nicole attracted my attention with her seductive cooing, the morning-wood never went away. If there was such thing as a female equivalent to morning-wood, Nicole must have had it, because the only thing on her mind was my cock.

Her hands clutched the back of my head and she crushed her lips to mine, drawing from me as she purred. I graciously offered my tongue and she stroked it firmly with the tip of hers. Her mouth and breath were sweet, and I traced her gums with the tip of my tongue as my lips latched onto hers, drawing from her with forceful suction. I could feel her foot slip out of her shoe and slide up my calf as her arms wrapped around me to push me firmly against her. I could see her tissue-thin blouse vibrating rigorously as her heart raced in anticipation. Eager hands pressed against my lower back as the protuberance in my pants applied firm friction against her crotch.

One of my fingers tugged on the upper button of her blouse and I hooked the fabric to open it. I could see the roundness of her breasts pushing against her pinned bra, spilling over the fabric as my weight was forced onto her. My hands reached up and held them, squeezing them with a rhythmic massage that made her moan under her breath. Her heart skipped every time I applied a firm grip to her tits, and her breathing grew labored.

Nicole’s hands tugged on my brass belt buckle and she frantically unzipped my pants, spreading it open. My cock sprouted freely through my boxers and she took it in her hands. I jumped with a tingle because her palm was still slightly cold, yet she held it as the warmth of my penis penetrated into her skin. It was as firm as a steel rod and pulsing with anticipation.

I removed my mouth from hers and she pressed her head against the cabinet doors behind her to catch her breath. “So, you don’t think I was listening to your announcements, huh?” I smirked. “I’ll prove to you what I know.” I opened the cabinet with the airline props in it and I pulled out the demo seatbelt. As I tucked the belt strap between my thumb and finger, my hands grabbed her wrists and forced them in front of her. I looped the belt strap around her wrists twice-around and buckled it, binding her palms together. With a tug of the free end, I tightened it some more. Nicole gasped as she found her hands bound together, and then giggled in delight when I threw her arms over my shoulders. She was forced to hold onto me now, and she loved it.

My hands grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it up to her waist. Her black nylon pantyhose were sopping wet at her crotch. I used my middle finger to press the cloth against her clit and rub in a slow circular motion. Nicole’s clit was already engorged and the warmth of the friction riled her up some more. I noticed her breath growing intensely quicker, almost as if she was panting. The nylon was soaked in my hand. I could have guessed she came while the plane was taxiing on the runway as she diddled herself in the seat. I looped a finger into the waistband of her pantyhose and tugged. Her thighs flexed as the cool dry air made contact with her hot moist crotch.

Nicole was a moaner. Every little thing caused her to rumble in excitement, so I quickly clutched her mouth as I tugged on her pantyhose. I could feel a squeal try to escape her pinched lips as she rolled her eyes back and groaned. My eyes spotted the yellow plastic oxygen mask in the cabinet and I quickly slipped it around her face to muffle her cries of passion. She looked at me puzzled at first, but quickly understood my intention when I suddenly lifted her tight body up from the deck and slid her exposed pussy down the length of my rod.

Her moan was effectively muffled under the mask. She wrapped her legs tightly around the groove of my hip bones and leaned back against the cabinets. Her bound wrists clutched the back of my neck and squeezed intensely as I forced my body weight against her in the galley. Nicole’s hips rolled instinctively, and the grip of her thighs against my waist made her pussy very tight.

The weight of her body was the perfect force against my cock as gravity forced it deeper and deeper into her. I could feel her abs flex and tighten over and over again. Nicole was panting for breath since the oxygen mask constricted her, but it riled her up so much that she creamed forcefully. Her thighs and calves vibrated and tensed and I could feel her tight body trembling between me and the bulkhead.

The excitement of her body, her heart pumping hot blood through her along with all her hormones, and the warmth of my body heat made Nicole sweat profusely in her passion. czech casting porno Her tissue-thin blouse was as clear as a window, and the tinge of her warmed flesh shined through it. That riled me up. She looked virtually naked from the waist up aside from the bra that held her tits up. I wrapped my arm under her butt to support her as my hand reached up to unclasp her front-fastened bra. Her tits exploded from their prison and jiggled before me, her nipples rubbing against the friction of my freshly starched dress shirt. The nipple flicks made her orgasm again, and like a switch, the order for continuous multiple orgasm was flipped inside her.

Nicole’s grip was like a vise as she clutched me with every orgasm she had. If I had hair longer than the military buzz cut, she probably would have ripped it out. I pressed my hips firmly against her pelvis and pinned it tightly against the bulkhead. My thrusting stopped and I paused. The stillness of my body allowed me to feel everything. I leaned my body forcefully against her, crushing her to the bulkhead. The arduous panting of her breath could be heard over the whirring of the engines as the yellow plastic sucked and exploded from her face. The scent of her hair and the sweat of her labor teased my nose with renewed appetite. I could feel the rapidity of her pulse increase more as my tongue tingled a sweet spot under her ear. She tightened her hips around my waist and I could feel the hammering of her heartbeat palpitate throughout her tight body as I pressed it against mine. I lifted the oxygen mask from her face and Nicole quickly gasped for unrestricted breath. The gush of fresh air made her violently cum again and she bit her lip to keep herself from screaming.

I leaned toward her ear and whispered. “Nikki, I’m going to cum soon.”

With her eyes pinched, she took another heavy breath. “Okay… put me down then,” she instructed.

I lifted her up off of my cock and I looked down to see it soaked in her juices. Her feet were on the floor again and her legs trembled as it was difficult to stand up. Her wrists were still around my neck, and I helped her lift her arms. The buckle was lifted and I removed the straps from her wrists. Once free, she grabbed my shirt and spun me around, pressing my back against the cabinets.

Nicole fell to her knees and slid them between my feet, which spread my legs open slightly. Her hands tugged against my pants a little more to free my balls. The first thing she did was take her soft moist tongue and curve it in a taco shape, and slide it up from the base of my shaft and up to the tip, succulently licking her own juices off. She licked her lips and let out a soft “Mmm” under her breath.

Her tongue was talented. It wrapped around my base from the side like a stripe on a candy cane, and with a slight tilt in her head, she sopped the side of my dick clean, replacing the moist juices of her cum with the warm dampness of her saliva. The tip of her tongue treated every crevasse of my cock behind the head as she cleaned my cock of all of her juices. Satisfied with her mop-up work, she opened her mouth wide and slowly but surely, slid the entire length of my barrel into her mouth.

I could feel her lips pursed against the base of my shaft, and actually teasing part of my groin. The tip of my cock tickled the back of her throat eliciting her gag reflex, but she ignored it, paying special attention to the meat in her mouth. The taco shape of her tongue returned, and with slow undulating motions, she bobbed her head up and down my shaft. Her tongue and lips milked my cock as her nimble fingers reached up to tenderly massage my balls. Her middle finger slid behind my scrotum and massaged the mound of my prostate. Nicole’s talent wouldn’t keep me holding off long for sure.

She made another slow undulation along my shaft and tightly sucked it like milkshake through a straw. That wasn’t too far off since my offering was going to be good and thick anyways. She could feel my balls jump, and she traced her fingers up the muscles that pump my seed and quickly pinched the base of my cock. With pleasured reception, she opened wide and cupped the tip of my cock in the valley of her taco-shaped tongue. I didn’t need to tell her; she already knew. I pinched my eyes shut and erupted, gasping as the thickness of my cum rushed up my cock to explode out the end.

A thick wad sprayed to the back of her throat, and she moaned as she tasted it. The flavor shot more pleasure through her body and she, too, had an orgasm in reaction. Her hand desperately pumped my cock to flush more of my fluid out. Her tongue was covered in my seed. The volume filled her gullet quickly, and soon she found some of it dribbling out the side of her lips. It slowly trickled down to her chin as she looked up into my eyes with a gracious smile. She took a deep swallow and almost choked as the wad massaged her throat going down. Her nimble tongue cleaned my dick off, and she made a few quick jerks to empty my remaining contents into her mouth. Nicole’s finger traced the cum on her chin and she licked it clean.

The pilot announced that we were close to landing, and we made haste to dress ourselves up again. She giggled with a naughty grin. “It was a pleasure to have initiated you into the Mile High Club.”

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