Just Going to the Car Wash

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Its after 2 am. I’ve been thinking about what took place at the car wash today. After having my car washed, I drove over to vacuum out my car. I saw this thick blonde gathering all of her fast food wrappers. She was magnificent, her bleached blonde hair, her body was nicely proportionate. If you can imagine a shorter Pamela Anderson. I couldn’t help myself, I had to be close to her. Waiting for that other person to leave. My little clitty went berserk, twitching and was vibrating! I unconsciously licking my lips. Making sure I was next. After getting out of my car to follow suit like everyone else. I’m not sure if it was her air freshener or her? She smelled like fresh oranges.

As I’m supposedly cleaning out my car, trying to steal a glance at any opportunity. I see her thong slightly peaking over her tight grey sweatpants. She comes over to me and says, excuse me. Are you going to be using this hose? It took me a second to figure out what she said. No no, I replied. Go ahead. As she’s using the vacuum hose? At a perfect angle, as she bent over to vacuum the floor. I had a perfect view to see right up her loose hanging shirt. It took everything I had not to lose my load right there. I turned to concentrate on the task at hand.

As she was about to leave, she asked. Hey, want to get some coffee later on? I tried not to seem or act too eager. I acted like I was thinking if I had anything going on later.. I said., sure what time? She said, how about 4ish. The coffee place Escort Bayan Gaziantep next door to the old antique store. See you then, she was gone!

Oh, damn! I didn’t get her name. I looked down at my watch. It said, 10:02 am. What could I do until then? Tried to keep myself busy with odd jobs of cleaning and organizing things that I’d been putting off. Ok, I’ve done a couple of things. It’s been at least 75 minutes. I look down at my watch, it’s only been 25 minutes since the last time I looked at it.

The time finally came for me to meet this mysterious woman. Arriving early, I wanted to see the lay of the land. Didn’t want to sit right at the door, don’t want to seem overly eager. So I sat in the middle of the room, that’s safe right?

As I see her walk in the door, I couldn’t believe that she could get any hotter. But, she did! As she approached me, I stood up like a true gentleman. I introduced myself, I’m Dave. She responded by saying how rude she was by leaving earlier and not at least giving her name. My name is Stacy, she said in a soft throaty voice. I just about passed out from her sexiness. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Stacy.

We sat and exchanged pleasantries. We had a couple of the same interests. Stacy told me, she’s a blunt person. She says what’s on her mind without any hesitation or thought. I said, I appreciate that. It’s no fun trying to guess what the other person is trying to say.

Stacy got a serious look on her face and said matter of fact. How’d you like to be my bitch? Out of shock and a knee jerk response? Excuse me? Stacy’s demeanor changed, you heard me. I want you to be my sissy bitch. She continued to say, I saw how you were looking at me today at the car wash. You had a look not every guy gives me.

My response? A look of trying to be coy and not show my hand.

Stacy continues I saw you staring at my ass and my big tits. It wasn’t a look of wanting sex. But of, I need her to dominate me! Was that you’re thinking, Dave? I couldn’t argue, she was right!

Here’s what’s happening, Stacy began to explain again. Here’s my situation to me and where you fit in. There’s a handful of guys I see on a regular basis. I can do most of everything, but there are times I need some assistance. And that’s where you enter. This is a probationary period and no guarantee. I need to see if your worthy. I’ll first have you do simple tasks at first. If and when you have earned my trust? I will have you do more! This could only be for a single event? Or possibly more, it’ll depend on you and how well you perform the duties. What do you say, Dave?

How can I refuse a woman who looks like a short and stocky Pamela Anderson? I responded, yes I understand!

Suddenly, Stacy grabs my phone, and enters her cell number. As she’s doing that, In a matter of fact voice. She explained, any time day or night you will receive a text message from me. I want to make it very clear! You do not attempt to call, nor text me at any time, and for any reason. Whenever you do receive a text? You’ll stop what you’re doing instantly and carry out my instruction to the letter! Is that understood?

I felt the only proper response was and should be is, Yes Ma’am.

Stacy cooed, you’re a quick learner! That will serve you well! If I decide to keep you around. Without a word, she gets up and leaves the coffee shop.

In shock, what just happened here? What did I just agree too? And was she really serious? Did Stacy really put her cell number in my phone? As I look in my contacts? Yep, there she is. All in caps, STACY. And with an exclamation point at the end. STACY!

Laying here in bed, I couldn’t get out of my mind how incredibly hot and forceful she was. Made my clitty throb just thinking about the possibilities. My mind ran wild!

Wonder when I hear from her again, and what she’ll have me do? For the next week, I kept looking at my phone to see if Stacy had contacted me. No luck, ofcourse! As the next week slowly and painfully dragged on? There was not a single notification! Thinking to myself, guess she changed her mind. Oh well, at least I got to talk to a smoking hot girl.

It wasn’t until a month later, which felt like a lifetime. I hear a single ding from my phone. Picking it up, I see the name STACY! My heart instantly feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest. It’s racing a million miles an hour!

I open the text, all it says is. I don’t like to wait, I’m here at the coffee shop. And I won’t wait here for very long, Better hurry!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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