Kait’s Story

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Alessandra Jane

Kait was late in coming home, but she figured he wouldn’t mind, because of the surprise she had brought him. Even so, she quickened her pace, moving her long legs at a fast walk, causing her amazing ass to shake. She was 5’4,” and weighed about a buck thirty, which perfectly highlighted everything that was meant to be feminine. She had long shapely legs for her height that ended at an amazing ass that always seemed to be begging to be squeezed, or in her case slapped. She had hips that tapered up to a flat stomach and a very full cleavage caused by pressing her D cup breasts together. She had a strong jaw, that always hinted towards a look of defiance, and beautiful full lips; beautiful eyes that reflected her mood, and brown hair with streaks of blonde highlights that just covered her nipples when she was topless. Kait was wearing tight black jeans, and a half shirt that tied just above her belly button, and showed off her wonderful tits. The surprise, Alicia, was wearing a short skirt, that barely covered her ass, and showed off the long legs that come with standing at 5’8,” and a bikini top that barely contained her C-cup breasts. Her natural blonde hair rose and fell off her shoulders as she walked, struggling to keep up with Kait in her unusually high heels. Since she wasn’t used to walking in heels quite this extreme, her moderate sized lips formed a look of concentration across her mouth, that looked more like a pout when considered with her big brown doe eyes.

The moment Kait opened the door; Ben was on her, pushing her body hard against the wall, and pressing his lips forcibly against her. He was shirtless, and in a pair of jeans, which excellently showed off the body that Kait often fantasized about when she wasn’t with him. She could almost smell the testosterone coming off of him, and knew that his anticipation for her was almost too much to bear.

His hands cupped her amazing ass, as he lifted her from the ground, and she succumbed to his kiss, allowing his expert tongue to explore her mouth, before a gentle touch on his shoulder broke his concentration, and he noticed Alicia for the first time. A wry smile crossed his lips, as he whispered into Kait’s ear. She giggled as he ended the whisper with a light kiss, and nodded, “That’s right, babe, she’s all ours…”

Alicia took Ben in admiringly. He was 6’3,” weighed about 200 pounds, and had the look of a boxer. His abs seemed to punctuate with every breath that swelled his chest, and she noticed that his passionate hazel eyes seemed to be constantly surveying and analyzing. His curly brown hair sat Beylikdüzü escort tossed carelessly on his head, but it looked as though nothing about him was an accent. Smiling, Alicia dropped to her knees, and started working on Kait’s pants while Ben went back to kissing her deep. He wrapped his fingers around her slender throat, right as her thong landed in the pile of jeans around her ankle, and Alicia’s soft lips grazed across her rapidly swelling clit. A small moan escaped her lips as Alicia gently started licking her soaked pussy lips, grinding her mouth into Kait’s crotch gradually harder until her tongue began slipping inside her, exploring her tight hole in a way a cock never could. Alicia turned her tongue upwards to lick Kait’s g-spot, making her knees weak, and slowly start drooping unable to hold her own weight up against her pleasure, but was quickly brought back to reality, but a quick slap against her soft cheek by Ben.

For the first time, she noticed that her tits had been removed from her shirt, and her nipples were hard and wet from Ben’s spit, gazing at him, drunk with lust, she felt his hands press downward against her shoulder, and quietly responded dropping onto her knees. Alicia scrambled around to lay on her back, while Kait sat her weight on her face, grinding her teased pussy into Alicia’s mouth. A small moan escaped Alicia’s mouth, as she reached her hand down to tease her own pussy as Kait used her as the little fuck-toy she had signed on as.

Kait pulled Ben’s hard cock from his pants, and smiled a wicked smile, before slowly licking it from the base to the head, flicking the head of his dick lightly with her tongue, she heard a small moan escape his mouth, and felt a small victory over, before he wrapped her hair into his hands and pulled her mouth deep onto him. She felt her throat convulse lightly on the head of his dick as she quietly gagged, but slipped her tongue out and grazed it against his balls. His head fell backward as he let out a loud moan, and she slowly removed him from her throat, using her hand to keep the pressure on his thick shaft.

Alicia heard the moan from Ben, and feeling her pussy instantly get wetter grabbed onto to Kait’s ass, and pulled her tight against her mouth until a wave of orgasm finally overtook Kait, and her extra juices flooded Alicia’s mouth. Alicia scooted from underneath her, and kissed Kait softly, but deeply, letting Kait taste all of her own juices, before taking her turn on Ben’s dick. Kait saw her beautiful mouth take all 8 inches of him before moving around behind Ben for his second Beylikdüzü escort surprise of the night. As his dick bottomed out against Alicia’s throat, he felt Kait’s tongue press against his asshole, and nearly lost it straight down Alicia’s throat.

Feeling his cock thicken in her mouth, Alicia wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock, and pulled her mouth away, she waited for him to subside, before bending over, and hiking her skirt around her hips, showing off her amazing ass, shaved pussy, and lack of underwear. He moved up, and pressed his hard dick against her tight pussy, sliding in slowly but forcibly. Holding on to her hips, and pulling her relentlessly down his shaft. The control he exhibited teetered her on the brink of orgasm, and she lost control, when she felt her head ripped back by her hair, and the stinging slap of a palm against her ass, feeling Kait’s hot breath on her neck, as she whispered, “Take it good, baby! I want you to warm that nice dick up for me.”

Kait moved back in front of Alicia, on her forearms, and pressed her sweet ass and pussy back to Alicia’s face, who responded by sliding her tongue deep into Kait’s ass, and a thumb into her pussy, so she could rub Kait’s g-spot and clit at the same time. Kait’s moans hit Ben, and he felt a new surge of attraction and arousal hit him as he pulled out of Alicia’s pussy, and moved straight for Kait’s. Kait gasped at the not entirely expected penetration and moved her ass back welcomingly, trying to fit him all inside her. Thrusting into her a couple times, Ben pulled out and rolled Kait onto her back, entering her again missionary style, while leaning forward, and sucking and kissing Alicia’s clit.

Fucking Kait hard, he could hear her breathing change to shallower gasps as she approached her second orgasm, causing him to fuck her even harder, stifling his moans against Alicia’s sweet pussy. Kait started screaming that she was going to cum, right before her body convulsed, tightening her pussy hard around Ben’s dick. Ben pulled his cock from her pussy, and both women saw the sweet nectar of Kait’s pussy practically dripping from it. They both moved for it, and each got a side of his dick. They moved their mouths up and down his shaft in unison, their tongues flicking each others at the tip. Ben rolled back his head an groaned in a large measure of ecstasy, and both women knew that he was getting close to cumming all over them, so they stopped, and let him regain himself.

Once Ben had resumed his regular control over himself, Alicia laid down on her back, spreading her Escort Beylikdüzü legs invitingly, while slowly rubbing her clit, and moaning softly. Kait straddled her, pressed her full perky tits into Alicia’s open waiting mouth, letting her tongue glide over her nipples. With the two women clearly and audibly enjoying themselves, Ben slowly stroked his cock, taking the scene in, before moving in between Alicia’s thighs and rubbing the head of his cock up and down her swollen pink lips. Kait, with a quick repositioning of her body, absorbed Alicia’s moans into her mouth, and moaned back, while she let her tongue wander into Alicia’s mouth. With a flex of his hips, Ben split Alicia’s soaked pussy again, and her moans began to increase in volume. Grabbing Alicia’s hips, he pulled both women closer to him, while he found himself entirely inside of Alicia, and started rolling his hips, so that he could rub his cock against her g-spot, while his pelvis grinded against her clit. Ben knew what this position had done to the women that made up his past, and in no time, Alicia’s moans became veritable screams of pleasure, as she rapidly approached her first climax after what seemed like an eternity of teases. Kait pulled Alicia’s head to the side, and whispered in her hair, “Cum for us, you little slut. Show us how badly you want that cock, and how much you like it now!” Then, with Alicia’s slender neckline exposed, Kait pressed her teeth into her soft flesh in a biting kiss, sending Alicia over the edge.

Alicia’s orgasm seemed to last indefinitely as wave after wave of pleasure fell over her, and overloaded her sensors. When she finally opened her eyes, after feeling had returned to her extremities, and she had basked in her afterglow long enough to remember where she was, she saw Kait on her knees, sucking Ben’s cock like she hadn’t seen it in years, and got up to join her. With two hot mouths, two amazing tongues, and four soft, sensual lips, it wasn’t long before Ben was approaching the brink of his orgasm, and he pressed his cock straight into Alicia’s mouth, and shoved it down into her throat, while Kait moved her tongue to his balls. Squeezing Alicia’s hair into his hands, Ben went rigid, choking out a moan mixed with a scream as he pumped load after load of his salty seed into Alicia’s waiting mouth. As he pulled his cock from her mouth, Alicia gave a hearty gulp, smiled and winked as she made all of his cum disappear.

Kait looked disdainfully at the sex toy she had brought over, and reprimanding Alicia with her eyes, reminded her of the agreement they had made to share Ben’s load. With a grin of release coupled with passion, he gently cupped Kait’s jaw into his hands and stared into her beautiful eyes. “Baby, there will be plenty more where that came from. I have a feeling this is going to be the best birthday I’ve had…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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