Kamping with Kane

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It was a rare weekend off. Thursday to Monday. Someone, maybe my rep, had booked me into this resort park, rented the motorhome, and hired a driver to drop me off there. It was a beautiful place in the wilds of northeast Alabama, on this beautiful lake. There weren’t too many people around in the campground, which was good because I was sick of people.

Eighteen months of travelling here, there and everywhere, listening to my fans fawning over me and passing on little suggestions for their stories, made me want to puke. I needed this break from everyone, before I exploded. All I really wanted was a dirty weekend, either with my laptop or with a hot body, I didn’t really didn’t care which. I’d spent Friday wandering the paths and trails around the campground, finding two spots to lake watch, people watch and just empty my overloaded brain.

I’d eaten a little dinner Friday evening, listening to the campers nearby settle down for the night. I was feeling edgy, restless, just the way I was before a story took me away, so I went for a walk to one of my spots. I’d been sitting there for a while, listening, puffing on my pipe, when I heard someone coming close. I’d just taken a hit and was holding it, waiting for whoever it was to just walk on by, when that someone sat beside me. Startled, I let out my hit in a rush.

“Hi. Can I have some?” he asked, his voice like honeyed whiskey to my ears.

“You a ranger?”


“I guess.” I handed over the half-filled pipe, feeling his fingers brush mine. In the flick of the lighter, I caught a glimpse of his face. Strong, handsome, sharp cheekbones, strong jaw, full mouth half hidden by a thick moustache. “What brings you here?”

“I came for a break. Work’s kicking my ass.” He said, letting the smoke stream out.

“Same here. What do you do?”

“A little of this, a little of that…”

“Ahh, a jack of all trades, master of none?”

“Oh, I’ve mastered a few things along the way. Here” He passed my pipe back. I took another hit, held it. “What do you do that you need to come to a place like this?”

“I travel extensively. Worldwide.” I watched him nod, taking another turn with my pipe. In the brightening moonlight, I could just make out his broad shoulders and overall huge form.

My brain switched right into sex mode, figuring him to be just my size. We continued chatting about non important things while we finished that pipeful and a refill. He’d gotten comfortable enough with me to rest his hand on my thigh after passing the pipe back.

“I don’t know what it is about this place but I feel like I’m in another world altogether.” He said, stroking his fingers back and forth on my thigh, rising higher each trip.

“How?” I asked, refilling the pipe for the third time, lighting it, inhaling.

“A place like this almost brings history to the surface. I can almost see, and sometimes, hear the ghosts of this area. So much living was crammed into this area that it still echoes.”

His hand rested for a Tokat Escort moment, high on my thigh, barely brushing the hem of my shorts with his pinky finger, branding heat through me. He was leaning onto me, shoulder to hip, overshadowing me. I gave him a nudge, shifting him slightly, like shoving a boulder and feeling it rock forward and then immediately back onto me, making me laugh.

“C’mon, dude…”


“Space, Just a little space.”

“And what if I want to be closer?”

“Closer? If you get any closer you’ll be on top of me.” I laughed.

“Maybe that’s the objective.” He leaned in, pressed his lips to mine, slid an arm around my waist and pulled me against him fully. He tasted like spearmint and sweetness. His mouth was a drug, immediately making me a junkie for it. I’m a sucker for a great kisser, and he’s one of the best I’d kissed.

His lips and tongue were making me want him, but his fingers were driving me nuts, trailing just under the hem of my shorts, and barely brushing my trimmed bush. I felt him lay me back on the ground, covering me with his hot body, making out like a couple of horny teenagers. I felt his hard on pressing into my thigh, shifted just enough to have it press into my heated crotch. I felt, and heard his growl as he dry humped me, there on the dirt.

“This isn’t going to work.” He mumbled against my throat, still nipping and grinding into me.

“Nope. My camper’s right over there.”

“Let’s go.” He rose to his feet, pulling me gently to mine, into his arms, into another steamy make out session. He was just big enough that his hands could cup my ass cheeks and that his fingers could slide under the edge of my shorts finding my wetness. I think it was a pleased growl I heard, when he slipped a finger into me, making me gasp.

“I can’t climb this hill with you in my arms.” He growled, setting my feet finally on the ground. Feeling the want in him, gave me such a warm, fuzzy feeling, NOT! I was so hot and bothered, so turned on; I was almost at that point where all I want is to be fucked, and hard. I turned to climb up the sharp drop off, stepped up onto the first foot hold, felt his hands on my hips, helping me, or so I thought.

The second foot hold, he slid a finger deep inside me, poised to move up but frozen with pleasure as his finger was joined by another, stroking in and out of me. I cast a glance over my shoulder, seeing him looming behind me, feeling him finger fucking me, feeling the head of his cock rub through my soaking lips.

I had to reach back then, giving his cock a stroke, from head to base and back, getting an image in my brain, getting even hotter knowing he’s gonna stretch me, over fill me in a way I haven’t been in such a long ass time.

“I think you need to stay right there for a bit. Or we’ll never get to my camper. Heaven knows, I really want your cock but I want to fuck you in my bed.”

“And anywhere else inside those walls I choose.” Firmness was in his voice. I let him think Tokat Escort Bayan it, knowing, no, believing I’d hold onto the “upper hand”. We’ll get into that later. I quickly climbed up the rest of the hill, feeling the barest of brushes, along the inside of my thigh, along the meat of my calf.

At the crest, I turned to face him, catching golden orange glimpses of his face. Something was ringing in my head, some recognition. On the tip of my tongue. He closed the distance between us, catching me in his arms, dancing along the gravel path. He literally swept me off my feet. “Which one?”

“The first one on the right.”

Another fifty feet and we’d be at my door. He waltzed me up the path, spun me in a tight circle, and dipped me deeply, holding me tight against him. I gazed up into the dark pools of his eyes, getting lost in there. His mouth took mine, a slow, savoring kiss, a kiss that fanned the flames, making me burn hotter, making me ache to be fucked.

He stood, wrapped my arms over his shoulders and molded my body to his, pressing his hard on into my lower belly, making me groan into his mouth. I could feel his smile in his kiss. I swiped my hand over the alarm plate, heard the door unlock, open.

“That’s convenient.” He said, watching. He snatched me off my feet, wrapping my legs around his waist, carrying me up the steps and into my rented home on wheels. “Does it close on its own?”

“No, the button is right there.” I nodded to the panel just behind him. He reached back, pressed one and the door closed. He had me wedged against the fridge, his huge hands molding my body, stroking from my shoulders to my knees, waking a deep need in me.

I was losing my senses in his passionate onslaught; my body squirmed and ground harder and harder against him. He slid a hand from my ass to my tit, squeezing gently, firmly, finding my nipple with his thumb. A quick, sharp tweak and I felt a freshening wetness in my crotch.

“Bed’s down there.” I growled out, feeling him bang against me, bringing that first wave of orgasm closer. I felt his hand reach into my shorts, grabbing the cloth and ripping it out.

“I hope these weren’t your favorite pair.” He said, leaning back slightly. The yellow light I’d left on over the stove lit his face clearly.

“They weren’t, Kane. Bed.” I nudged him, entwining my legs in his, almost crawling on him. I grinned up at him as I slid down him; put my feet on the floor. “C’mon, it doesn’t change what I want. And if you weren’t sure, I want you to fuck me. And I’m pretty sure; you want to fuck me back. Right?”

“Oh yeah, I want to fuck you. Right here, in fact.” With a grin he lunged for me. I skipped out of range, closer to the bed, letting my shorts fall to the floor. His longer legs had him at my side in an extra step. His hands slid my shirt up, catching my bra as well, and slid them both over my head.

“Beautiful. You have amazing boobs. Natural.” His fingertips brushed my nipple, instantly hardening it, making him smile. Escort Tokat I was in the doorway to my bedroom, reaching for the button of his shorts, unzipping them, pushing them to the floor as his hands cupped and kneaded my tits. He rolled my nipples with his thumbs, sending delicious waves rolling through my loins. “Mmm, I think you like this.”

“I do. Do more. Do me.” I backed up the last step to my bed, taking in the sight of his naked body. Broad, solid chest, dusted with light fur tapering down to an almost flat belly. A purple iron spike bobbed proudly out of a trimmed nest of blond fur, thick, muscled thighs rubbing and nudging my legs apart. Huge, thick fingers squeezed and kneaded, pinched and tweaked, gently caressed and firmly molded.

Overwhelmed by all the sensory input, my body took over, moving sinuously with his caresses, rubbing wetly against his thigh while he molded my ass. “I want you inside me, Kane.”

His answer was to give me a gentle shove, knocking me back onto the bed. He grabbed my knees, lifting my hips to stroke his cock along and through my wet lips, making my quim quiver in anticipation. The friction he was creating just added to my soggy hole, added to the almost desperate ache to be filled by that monster cock.

“I’m going to tease you some more, make you even wetter.” He purred, rubbing his fingers alongside his cock, electrifying my cunt. “Can you keep still?”

“No, I want you in me.” I growled, lightly raking my nails down his belly, reaching for his hips. He grinned, stroked through my lips again, setting off explosions. With a snarl, I grabbed his hip and with a sneaky finger, slid him inside, feeling my hole begin to stretch.

His eyes darkened, his breathing changed, became faster, feeling my cunt clamping onto the head of his cock, feeling the first wave of orgasm flooding over him. I looked up at him, with my eyebrow cocked, almost triumphantly. He leaned me back onto the bed, leaning over me, positioned for the perfect thrust, but just his head, popping in and out.

“You’re not ready for the whole of my cock yet, darlin’. You’ll be limp when I’m done with you. That’s a promise I’ll keep. You’re so tight still, come for me.” He slid a hand between us, using his thumb to rub my clit in time with his head, driving me higher, riding that crest, feeling him sink into me, filling, stretching me, and throwing me into writhing, primal female.

He had to pin me down to try to contain my body moving, attacking his. His hands grew harder, his nips became firm bites that made me growl and bite back, pull his hair.

“You fight like a girl…mmmm, yeah…right there…feel that? Mmm, yeah, you do…”

“Oh, yes I do. Mmm, you’re so deep…” I groaned, squirming against him, feeling his skin, hot against mine, his legs solid and strong, entwined in mine. He stretched my arms over my head, pinning my wrists to the mattress, thrusting harder and faster.

Our mouths met, kissing, biting, snarling and laughing, moaning. I arched up against his chest as I started bucking hard, meeting his every thrust, moaning deeper, louder, lustier. Dirtier. He laughed. He groaned, growled. He fucked us both to oblivion and beyond, leaving me limp, well used and utterly refreshed, like always.

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