Kara Calls Bill for Rod

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Kara Arranges a Special Visit For Rod

Rod gets a toy

So by now, after reading my two earlier stories, The Leather Couch, and Lingerie For Rod, you probably have a fairly good idea of what my boyfriend likes. He has some intense, unusual, desires at times. I get really turned on sometimes, just listening to him during sex. He really knows how to express himself in a way that makes me wetter. His way of describing what he wants is just too, too much. I can’t imagine describing it, sometimes. He is capable of saying almost anything, and surprising me with his imagination and lust. I love it. This is no polite man. He is one hot nasty guy. I would say he has plenty of kinky ideas just waiting to be expressed and fulfilled. So do I, since I find myself totally encouraging and urging him on every time he starts to talk about going in a direction different than that most “nice boys” go in.

He is so romantic. Candles, perfume, musk oil, flowers, dark restaurants of all types. Mostly, however, Rod loves to buy lingerie for me. He has two large dresser drawers always full of brand new lingerie, and every time I am in his bedroom, he is able to produce new things to dress me up like his private little whore. It’s like I only wear each thing once, since the next time I am in his bedroom, different things appear freshly wrapped and ready for me to try on. I really like the thrill I get out of seeing the newest nasty thing, and sometimes I wonder if he wouldn’t like to wear all of my lingerie himself, and look like a woman. He is not gay, that is for sure, but he really gets hot and worked up at the feel and look of slutty lingerie. You know how men can get…Just panting and manhandling my body anticipating fucking himself out. He can practically come just showing me the things he has bought me, before he dresses me up in the delicious things. Usually, he takes his time dressing me before the heavy breathing starts. Sometimes he can’t quite finish dressing me before he wants to fuck me, but I kind of know he really wants to see me all dolled up and slutty before he abandons himself to his obscene lusts and desires.

Some of his favorite types of feminine clothing seem to be the items with little satin ties, and openings. Oh, you know the type. The bras with split open front cups tied shut with the tiniest little yellow satin bows…..the ones my nipples strain against, and show their stiffness poking through. Rod has a really hard time keeping my pink or red nipples out of his mouth at those times. It seems he has to suck them up right after he lavishes lipstick on them, as soon as he has dressed me up in those bras….

Yes, Rod dresses me. He not only dresses me, he shaves my pussy, perfumes me, and oils me up. You know, like I described last time. I once told him he dresses me like a hot little hooker Barbie doll. Remember when you would play with Barbies? (You ladies out there). Remember how much fun it was making Barbie look sexy? To make her look hot, with her skimpy lingerie, stiletto shoes, and bras? Well, Rod has a grown up full size, living, breathing, Barbie to play with . And he plays very nicely with his toys.

I love just being his toy to be made up into a slut. He puts eyeshadow on me, applies lipstick (on more than my lips), slips me into garterbelts, fastens the long, sheer stockings to them, slips on the (tight) stiletto heeled white patent leather shoes, (only for the bed, Rod says…he does not want any dirt on the bottom of them..),and has a great time handling and playing with all the sexual clothing he has purchased. Eventually, after finishing the whole process, he starts to toy with me, and spends a great deal of time playing with the lingerie in the process. And by the time we have finished fucking, he has usually been ravaged as well. He works himself up to the point that I have to really work him in some ways in order to get him off. By that time, however, there is ALWAYS some lingerie remaining on me. Usually, most all of it, since he loves to fuck me through the lingerie.

Early on, we would have long phone calls when we could not be together at night, since we work different hours. He would tell me how he would fuck me through my panties, with the lace being shoved into my pussy as he fucked me. I asked him “Wouldn’t that be a bit uncomfortable?” He told me it may be uncomfortable for me, since the panties would be stretched and plunging into me, but he would love the feel of fucking me through them, and would not care about me at that point. He found out that really got me hot. You see, I have a streak of kinkiness that is sort of hard to describe

Rod loves the feel of the satin, silk, or lace I am wearing, against my flesh, and against his cock and nipples. He will slip his dick into the side of my panties, and reach down and feel himself up through the material. He tells me he likes the satin the best for the way it feels, and the lacy stuff with satin ties for the way it looks. He is not too big on leather or hardware, but his tastes seem to evolve, so there may be some black leather in my future.

Anyway, Rod loves to fuck a whore in lace, and I love being a whore. Bostancı Escort He is SO good at making me feel nasty and decadent. Totally nasty, and powerful, sometimes.. Sometimes he will switch from being the man fucking me wildly to become the man begging for me to fuck his ass, in a matter of minutes. He is just starting to think about the toys to tease, pain, or pleasure him, but I have some of my own ideas. (I already ordered some nipple toys and a leather strap on cock for me to use on him.)

When he is fucking me hard, and his dick is well into my wet slit, I can always be made to pant harder and faster and thrash around more when he grabs my wrists together and holds them over my head and fucks me. He knows that, and loves to see me go up a notch when he starts that stuff. He found out quickly I get hot when my man starts to abuse me a bit. I deserve it, I guess, and want it bad.

In fact, he love it when I abuse him. He loves me to pinch his nipples as hard as I can. He is always saying,

“Harder. Harder, bitch. Bite me baby. I love it that way. Hurt me. Pinch those nipples. Make me your boytoy. Do me, baby. Do it to me. Hurt me. Suck me up, baby. Suck my tits up, bitch. Make me your slut. I want to be your whore. Bite me up. Twist them off…”

See? That is the fuck machine I have to play with. All during this, his cock it stiff and useful for any purpose I can imagine. I have fucked him with all kinds of things besides my pussy. He loves me to rub about anything against his dick to see what it will do to him. He wants me to get really creative, and once, he had me get a peach from the kitchen, core it, and use that on his cock, up and down, and before he came, I started to eat the peach and then I decided to feed it to him while I rode his cock atop him. I shoved it into his face, and I made the juice dribble all over him while telling him things like,

“Eat it, baby. Taste your cock. Lick it good baby. Eat the hole out with your tongue, and if you are good, I will let you do the same to my pretty little ass hole. Stick your tongue in there. Are the juices running out good, you whore? Are the juices sweeter than my asshole?…Ummmm…Let me suck it for a bit…Um…Good…Sweet. Sweeter than your ass…Your ass is dark, musky. Do you put oil there before I get here, Rod? You better. You better get ready for me. Your ass is dark…. Too dark..I think I will have to shove some chocolate in there and maybe I will want to lick it out. What would you think of that, Rod? What kind of chocolate, Rod?..”

I can be as nasty as him, as you can see.

My blonde little ponytail is always available for him to pull, and when he wraps his fist into my hair and pulls my head as he is fucking my pussy and hurts me that way, it makes me crazy hot. How can I explain this? I guess I love to be abused. We were discussing various things we would like to do to each other one night on the phone, and when he began talking about satin ropes, my pretty little pussy began to get wetter and wetter thinking about his stiff cock dancing over me as I was made to do whatever he wished. The thought of that cock. Boy.

“Ummm…, please. Give it to me. Let me touch it. I love the smooth, firm flesh that you rape me with…”

“Suck it, Kara”

“Ummmm.um uummm…, ”

Feeling it glide between my lips, the hot, musky scent, the feel of the hot hot cock getting bigger inside my mouth. I love it.


Suck, wet noises fill the bedroom as I let myself totally suck on his dick. He really loves hearing those noises. They tell him I love it. I want it. I can’t get it all in…..

“Suck me, baby, Suck it Kara”

“Umm..umm. uh…uhh… uh. uhhh… ummm. ummmmmm. ummuummm…”

You know that feeling, right ladies? You want it so bad in your pussy, but you want to suck it all in and swallow his cum…You control his dick, his cock is the center of the world right now. Nothing else matters. Just drooling all over his cock, working it hard, and my wetted fist around it with tons of my hot dripping saliva running down the length of it, my soaking fisted hand plunging up and down, gripping it just tight enough to move the skin up and down on the shaft, loosening my grip at times, playing with his tight little hole with the other, the wetness dripping and lubing his asshole, my finger running circles around it, teasing him, making him buck and beg, plunging into his asshole and feeling him up the way he probes my hot pussy. Feeling the softness inside him, the heat, the nastiness of it all, working deep into him, knowing he can take quite a bit, but teasing him with just a little girl finger. Knowing from his noises how close he is to coming. Controlling it all, bringing him closer to gushing sweet hot salty cum into my mouth.

Sorry. Just had to mention that cock. Writing this down makes me think of, guess what? Cocks.

Any will do, I guess. Big or small, young or old. So long as they are stiff and hot. And ready to be used up. They all seem to fill me, baby. Ah, well. (Remind me to tell how I know how big a boycock should be. There is a kind of the limit Ümraniye Escort on small size for me. I’d say about 5 inches is about right for starters. Nice little mouthful, and boy, you should see the young eyes light up from that angle)..but I regress.

As I was saying, Rod and the ropes…, yes..where was I?”

Oh yes, I reached down and felt my clitty gently as he tested the waters mentioning satin ropes to see what I thought about being tied up. It was clear I would find it a very suitable punishment for not letting him fuck me any way he wished. I was totally agreeable, and mentioned it such a way to encourage his decadent probing. So the seed was planted in him. So to speak.

To back up a bit, let me mention here my gay friend Bill. Bill is a very gentle guy I have known for years, and he and I have traveled to Hawaii a few times together, simply as traveling companions. There was never anything sexual between us, except I would enjoy seeing him pick up men in Hawaii, and would discreetly leave the hotel room, or go into the other room if we had a suite while he fucked his new boyfriend in the bedroom. I listened to the bed creaking, to the moans and wet noises, and even though I was not at all interested in joining two gay men in bed, I got very horny listening to it all. I never thought too much about it. Just part of the fun of having a gay friend. I will admit, however, at times I felt a bit left out, and wished I could be between them on the bed. But that never happened.

Bill would encourage me to go pick up a boy on the beach and bring him back to the room…

“Maybe I could play with him, too,” he said once. “Bring me a really young one”, he joked, “or somebody who thinks they are totally straight, you know…a hot one. I am sure most any boy would want you in bed, and then, if I opened the door, well, who knows what might happen?”

…Well, I probably could have, but at the time, I was a bit too shy to do that. I never did fuck anybody with Bill around, and as a matter of fact, I did not fuck too many different men at all. I was a nice girl who did not do those things. I was always thinking about a reputation, and so I spent most of the time just sunning myself on the beach.

So that’s a short background about my friend. How does this fit into the story? Well, Rod had mentioned earlier that he did not think he would leave a stiff cock untouched if one happened to show up at the right time while he was fucking me. He said he never thought he wanted to feel one in his mouth, but it became clear that the more he talked to me, and thought about it, the more he loved the idea of just one more thing to fuck and suck besides me.

Seems, after talking to him a bit, and encouraging him, Rod was curious about the feel of a hot man cock in his mouth, and he would gladly fill his mouth with one if it happened to be nearby and available while he was fucking me. Since I was telling him how great it would be to see him do it, he became very interested in the whole idea of it, as long as I was there for a reason. Rod did not want to have sex with a man alone, he wanted that cock to be stiff and ready next to the lacy slut he was already fucking. He must have been a bit drunk, actually, when he described to me how he would suck it up and lick it all over. He said he wanted to feel his lips wrap around it and to feel the heat and stiffness of dick, and to suck it and suck it and fist it really good.

He got into imagining and describing it, as he enjoyed doing, and said the bucking and moans of the guy would definitely turn him on, so much so that he more he sucked, the louder and more violent the moans would get, the more he would have a cock shoved in and out of his mouth, and he would probably even start messing with the manhole if the guy did not buck around too much…Rod was really into describing his sucking off a guy for the first time, and it did not sound like he was too shy about it. It seemed he would enjoy fucking a guy as much as he enjoyed fucking me, as long as there were no restrictions on what he could do to make himself hot. He mentioned that I would have to be sucking and moaning doing things at the same time, so he did not feel too “gay”. I assured him, there was no way I would be missing any chance to suck something at that point.

“Yea, Kara, baby. I think I could suck of a guy as well as you. Maybe we could have a contest, and let the guy say who he liked best.”

(Now he was open to men besides my friend, you notice)

“Wait……No fair…Bill likes men best, probably because of what you guys know about how to pleasure a cock, and never wanted me to suck him off anyway…”

“Well, we could tie him up and force his dick in between your pretty little lipsticked lips, if that is what it took. I know he would love the feel of your hot soft tongue working him over. I am sure you can suck a dick as well as any man. Except, I guess, a man knows what feels good from actual experience, but a woman has to figure it out by listening to the noises the guy makes, and how much bucking and mouthfucking he gives her……hmmmm…”.

Rod Kartal Escort was so horny at this point, I was realizing I could get him to do most anything, if I just got him started thinking about it.

“We’ll see…”, I said. I tried to change the subject, since Bill was not there, and at this point, I was sopping wet, and just could not keep up with Rod’s fantasy.

As I listened to him talk about this I found it a bit of a shock at first, but the more I though about it, the better I liked the idea of it. I had mentioned I could call my friend to “service” him when he was ready for it. I was being nasty. I just wanted to demean him, and see how he felt about being fucked in ass by a slick oiled cock and how he might like the idea of an athletic man reaming him while he licked me up. “How do you think you would like being taken in the ass, baby? Would you be interested if I called Bill one night and had him show up at your door late at night, after I tell him what you want?…Would you let him in? (So to speak.)”

Well, as you probably know already, Rod was ready for it. He let himself go totally when I fucked his pretty little ass with a nice little dong, and he thrashed around wildly admitting he wanted a stiff hot dick to suck. Apparently just fucking his nasty little slut was only the beginning for Rod. He also wanted to feel it up his tight hairy little butt. His ass felt so good in my hands, and the times I would ream him with the littleboy dildo were always hot and heavy for me. It was such a feeling of nasty control, and I knew there was much more to do..

Eventually, Bill did come by. A bit later.

Before that, however, I wanted to try a few things myself. Rod had a habit of taking charge immediately when I would show up, and I found myself unable to resist any ideas he ever had.

Once, he took me to dinner after work. Rod treated me to a great Italian meal, and after gong back to the company garage to drop me off at my car; he started kissing me from across the driver’s seat. It was, of course, awkward, but the next thing I know I am getting into the back seat, fucking him sitting on his lap, and he had his finger massaging me in my pretty little asshole, feeling his own dick in me. He had my number. I can’t resist it when he starts to trace patterns nearing my pink little ass. I love it there. He said it was the first time he fucked in his back seat of this car, and it was very uncomfortable. We managed, however, with me thrashing and moaning, feeling filled up in both holes. I love my ass being fingered. Somehow, the nastiness really turns me on. But those of you who also love it know exactly what I mean. It is always something the first time with a guy, when they find out I will let them do me there. They really start breathing hard when they find I am not only not resisting their advances toward that zone, I am actually begging for it there by my motions to accommodate their entry. I love having a man’s finger explore me there, and bend open for him. I am just a slut, I guess. I rub up against their hands like a cat in heat.

So Rod knew I could be a slutty little whore, who could not say no once I felt his tongue deep in my throat. He could always get me going when he would trace around the inside of my lips between my lips and teeth with his tongue. He could do anything at that point.

At other times, I wanted him to be rough with me. That always would be good. He could suck my nipples while I was riding his cock atop him, and he would suck so hard, and pull them with his lips holding them hard. He would pull and suck them so hard it hurt, and I was going crazy. My head would thrash form side to side, feeling his dick deep in me and feeling the pain and abuse I deserved. Then he would then wrap his hands around my throat and fuck me harder as I was completely at his mercy. I deserved to be fucked this way; I was such a nasty little slut. I deserved to be hurt. Fucked and slapped. He could then grab my satiny ponytail and pull my hair with one hand while he slapped the side of my ass with the other. I would let him know how hard he could slap me, and the sounds of the slaps would only make me wetter and fuck harder.

So you see, I love it rough. So does he. His nipples are as sensitive as any woman’s. I can always bring him off by sucking them…He will go completely nasty when I do that. “Suck me, baby. Suck me up. I love it. Harder. I love being your slut,” he will say. He really loves to feel like the nasty little whore himself at times. We can go back and forth because he switches to the other side so easily and frequently. It is not as if I am stuck with a sissy boy. It is not as if I have to dominate a man wearing my lingerie all the time. Only occasionally will he feel the desire to slip on a pair of my panties while fucking me. Only once in a while have I sucked his nipples through one of my bras…I mentioned before how he sometimes will play with my lipstick, and apply it to the tip of his dick, or his own nipples, as well as his lips. Kissing him and tasting my own lipstick is really erotic. He can do nothing that he finds erotic that I don’t love. The nastier the better, as far as I am concerned. It gives me a feeling of control over him, knowing all the secrets I do about his fetishes. I share them, and I encourage them. The satin ropes are another big part of his bedroom. I will have something to say about them eventually, too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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