Katherine Ch. 15-16

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The following material is sexually explicit erotica.

If you are offended by hard-core pornography close this file.

Chapter 15

The Group Shot

But then a couple of days before the afternoon and evening we had all set aside for the photographic session Katherine brought our personal activities to a sudden end. ‘Just stay away between now and the shoot please darling. And make sure you get plenty of rest. I want you in peak condition, if you know what I mean.’ she said in an unusually serious tone of voice.

She laughed when I suggested that continuing training would be a greater benefit, but as she was obviously determined, I reluctantly agreed, deciding to spend the time doing even more work on the by then nearly finished painting of her.

I had taken my original idea for the pose from the famous Goya painting of ‘The Naked Maja’, but using a photo-realistic technique and altering the angle of the figure so Katherine’s adorable pussy was the viewer’s centre of focus. And knew that just because of that if it had been for public display it would be immediately classified as being nothing more than soft porn. But I suppose in my mind, apart from being an attempt to capture both her loveliness and her strong sexuality, it was also an effective reversal of Katherine’s normal role. Instead of seeing other people’s naked bodies through her lens, it was her turn to be seen by others, even if that was only a limited, and very select few.

Blocking the bottom right hand corner was a dark, blurry shape that was still obviously the back of a man’s head, and other than that, and part of one other very small object, the back-ground drapes and the lounge she was sitting on, there was just Katherine, virtually life-size.

She was semi reclining, a position that allowed me to paint the full, upcurving shape of her breasts, with one leg thrust straight out in front of her, its foot breaking through the frame of the picture. The other leg was bent at the knee, and tilted to one side so her pussy was completely exposed. Her eyes were open, looking straight down at the viewer, and as well as the invitingly expectant look I had managed to give them, her mouth was slightly open in a small but still seductively suggestive smile.

Because of my own particular fixation I had of course paid special attention to her hands. One arm followed the line of her outstretched leg, the hand lifted and the fingers in the act of beckoning the viewer forward to her. The other was draped along the side of the lounge, the hand and fingers curled, just as they would be if she was already holding and caressing a fully engorged penis.

I had known from the outset that one of my biggest problems would be capturing the colour of her hair and it had taken several re-workings to get it right. At first each time I tried to highlight its distinctive coppery auburn colour I lost too much of its depth of tone, but I finally cracked it and was genuinely pleased with the result. And that was particularly true of the way I thought I had been able to capture the less lustrous, but to me even more erotically stimulating, triangular mat of pubic hair.

When painting her pussy I had deliberately created some confusion or conflict in a careful viewer’s mind, making the outer lips darkly swollen, poutingly open, glistening with a moist slickness. And above, just peeping from the hood, the pale pink tip of her clitoris. Had she already been made love to, and needed still more? Or was she so excited by the prospect that she’d been unable to control her body’s reactions?

For background colour I had taken one of the darker tones I had used in painting her hair, subtly mirroring its shades and highlights in the fall of the folds. And the other, smaller object was just my idea of an in-joke. On the floor, tucked away behind one corner of the lounge, was just part of the strap and lens cover of a camera.

Bringing the painting close to completion successfully filled the days and nights we were spending apart, but although things were fine while I was concentrating on the work, whenever I stepped back to check, and saw her lying there, waiting for me, my enforced chasteness was tested to the limit. Many, many times I felt my cock stiffening as I stood looking at her, thinking about her, remembering the things she had done with me. And on several occasions the need grew so strong I was sorely tempted to reduce the aching pressure by simply masturbating right there in front of her.

But I somehow managed to restrain myself, both then, and later, in bed, using thoughts of the times we would soon have together as an incentive to suppress the urgency of what I was feeling.

Then the day of the shoot arrived and although I wasn’t needed until mid-afternoon and there was still work to do on the painting, I found it impossible to concentrate. So, rather than risk spoiling something I had already done, I gave up and simply mooched around, doing odd mindless chores in the flat.

All I could vivid porno think of was what was going to actually happen later. And I admit that in spite of the feelings I’d been coping with about Katherine, the idea of seeing both Kerrie, and much more importantly, Belinda, or as I knew I had to force myself to think of her, Lizzie, naked, was all too frequently the centre of those thoughts.

I’d had a late lunch and was tidying the kitchen when Katherine rang. ‘Have you started yet?’ I asked.

‘Sort of, the girls are both here, they’re just getting to know each other at the moment, while I finish setting up. There’s another girl helping me, Debbie, she’ll be doing the technical stuff Lizzie did last time, but staying strictly behind the cameras. How are you?’

‘Fine darling, I’ve been missing you badly though, so I’ll be glad when this is all over.’ I said with feeling.

‘I know what you mean, maybe enforced abstinence wasn’t such a good idea after all. Never mind, just a few more hours now, and I know it’s all going to be well worth it.’

‘I certainly hope so. What time do you want me there?’

‘Give us another hour or so please, there are some preliminary shots I want to do, and by then I think the girls should be in the mood for something a bit more serious.’

We had a few more brief words and then hung up, then I made myself some tea and sat flipping through a magazine before heading for the shower and starting to get ready for the main event.

Katherine had given me a key so I could let myself in without disturbing whatever was going on in the studio and I made my way through to there as quietly as possible. However, my caution was quite unnecessary because when I went in I found the four women standing together, chatting as they sipped glasses of wine.

‘Ah, the man!’ Katherine said when she saw me. ‘Come and join us Craig, have a glass of wine, meet my sister, and the invaluable Debbie.’

Kerrie and Lizzie were wearing long robes, Kerrie’s obviously made from something like hand painted silk, while Lizzie’s was simply printed cotton. But although Kerrie was undoubtedly as attractive in the flesh as she had been in the photographs I had seen of her, even in the less attractive gown, it was Lizzie who my eyes kept returning to.

Although by comparison with many top class dancers, who in my view end up looking more like stick insects, Kerrie was obviously a woman. But, perhaps because I knew her sexual proclivities, to me there seemed to be a brittleness about her attractiveness, a sense that much of it would wash off in the shower. And for whatever other reasons Katherine had selected Debbie, it certainly wasn’t for her looks. She was tall and the sort of person who manages to convey a sense of ungainliness, even without moving. With a face best described as plain. Someone who all her best friends would describe with faint praise, as having a beautiful personality.

So, with the light cotton robe clinging to various parts of the body beneath, and subtle make-up bringing out the features on her youthfully lovely face, of the three of them, it was Lizzie who won the attractiveness stakes, hands down.

‘Should I get changed now?’ I asked.

‘No, have this, and let’s get to know each other first.’ Katherine replied, handing me a glass of wine.

I took a sip, and although there was something odd about the flavour I made no comment and did my best to join in the conversation that soon restarted. But I couldn’t easily get past the unease I felt in that peculiar situation. There we were, chatting as though we had met at some cocktail party, when behind us was all the paraphernalia that reminded us we would soon all be rolling around stark naked.

Debbie too seemed to be having some difficulties, but perhaps for completely different reasons, constantly glancing anxiously around at the equipment, as though she expected to find it had suddenly developed a variety of faults.

But by the time I had finished the wine, and the top-up Katherine gave us all, I was feeling less tense and when she took my hand and led me away to change, I started to look forward to whatever was to follow,

‘It’s gone very well so far, even better than I hoped.’ she said once we were out of ear-shot of the others. ‘Kerrie tended to come on a bit too strong at first, I think she thought she was going to immediately have her way with Lizzie. But she calmed down after a bit. Lizzie looks great, doesn’t she.’

‘She certainly does, it’s amazing what a touch of make-up can do. Well I think Debbie might need more than just a touch.’ I added with a grin.

‘Yes she missed out in the beauty stakes, but -‘

‘I know, she has a beautiful personality.’ I interrupted.

She laughed. ‘But she actually does Craig, but more importantly, she’s a whiz with the techie stuff. After a few more years experience she’ll be quite brilliant. But now, let’s get you organised my darling.’ she said as she pulled the curtain woodman casting porno closed behind us.

‘Have you been a good boy, kept your hands off yourself?’ she asked, giving me a mischievous grin.

‘With difficulty, yes.’

‘Well I’ll just have to make it up to you somehow, won’t I.’ she replied as she started to unbutton my shirt. ‘Unlike last time we did this I’m not going to work through the night, I’ll leave all that until tomorrow. So once we’ve finished and the girls have gone, we’ll have all the time we need.’

That prospect alone was more than enough to rouse my interest, having her fingers trailing down over my chest once she had opened my shirt, provided extra stimulus, and I felt my cock responding. So when she then dropped to her knees and started unzipping my trousers I felt it almost instantly thickening, and by the time we had got everything off it was starting to look the way she wanted it to.

‘Ah yes! That’s what I like to see.’ she whispered, smiling up at me. ‘A good healthy response from dear Mr Reliable.’ she added as she reached up to stroke it.

The cool touch of her fingers did the rest, and within a matter of seconds she could see that if she continued she would soon give me a full erection. ‘Not just yet darling.’ she said softly as she dropped her hands. ‘We don’t want to waste all that energy too quickly. Just slip these on please, then you can put a robe on.’ she added, handing me a pair of silk boxer shorts before leaving to rejoin the others.

I heard her quickly organising them and when I went out I found both Lizzie and Kerrie waiting for me. They had removed their robes and although they weren’t naked they might just as well have been, wearing only a matching pair of totally transparent slip-like things, Kerrie’s knee-length, Lizzie’s much shorter.

As I took off my robe both pairs of eyes dropped to my crotch and whilst Kerrie’s face remained almost impassive, I saw a look of distinct interest appear on Lizzie’s. That both calmed my understandable nervousness and gave me a much needed ego boost as I went across to join them.

Katherine took a series of shots of us dressed like that and although I could make little sense of their supposed context I did exactly as she asked. And, as from time to time Lizzie’s fluttering fingers added to what the feel of the silk brushing against me was doing, I quickly developed and then maintained a reasonably healthy erection.

Once that set was finished Katherine moved us across to a bed she had set up on the far side of the studio and while she and Debbie made slight alterations to the lighting, asked the girls to strip.

Although the slips had really hidden nothing of their bodies, I found that just seeing them naked added to what I was already feeling, especially when I looked at Lizzie.

Kerrie was taller, her body made leaner by the rigours of her constant training. And although if there had been no others to compare them with I would have found her breasts tempting, on the small side, but beautifully shaped, with small, rosy-pink nipples, having Lizzie’s alongside meant there was no choice to be made.

When I had seen her the previous time, in her leotard, I’d known her body would be quite lovely. Having had a better chance to see more of it during the preceding poses fully justified that opinion. But seeing her naked literally made my mouth water. She had a figure that would tempt even the most devoutly celibate.

Perhaps in anticipation of my capacity to maintain and erection proving unreliable, the three of them had obviously planned and rehearsed most of the poses Katherine wanted. And although not exactly to numbers, and Katherine made minor adjustments as we progressed, they moved from one to another with assured confidence.

Although I knew that what I was watching was supposedly no more than play-acting, there was no mistaking the under-current of sexuality flowing between the two of them, especially that coming from Kerrie. She took every opportunity the various poses gave her to truly caress Lizzie’s lithe body, and, from time to time to whisper softly to her. Whatever she was doing and saying obviously began to affect the younger girl, her stiffened nipples and slightly flushed face attesting to her gradual arousal.

Of course Katherine made no attempt to stop the subtle but all too obvious seduction that was going on, whatever happened between the two of them was their choice, and in the meantime Lizzie’s response would just improve the realistic-ness of the final photographs.

Although in one part of my brain I wished it had been my hands and tongue that were doing what Kerrie’s were, in another the vicarious excitement was having a quite predictable effect. Adding something extra to all that were the decorative masks Katherine had given us to wear. They were quite small, covering just the upper half of our faces, sufficient to conceal our identities without being visually, or türkçe alt yazılı porno physically intrusive. But in fact, even in reality I found they managed to add a hint of mystery to the girls, making what I was watching just that much more erotically stimulating.

So although my role in those early shots was merely to stand in the background, showing off the bulge in the silk shorts, it wasn’t long before my full and straining erection was making that ostentatiously large.

While Katherine was giving us numerous words of encouragement, taking shots and directing traffic, so to speak, Debbie was moving almost ghost-like from one piece of equipment to another, adjusting cameras and lights with a quiet efficiency. So although I lost count of how many pictures Katherine took we got through that part of her programme remarkably quickly.

‘OK, time for phase two now girls. Re-load all the cameras please Debbie, and Craig, you can slip your shorts off now.’ she suddenly called out.

Even though I had already been standing around with an all too obvious erection for some time, and the shorts had actually done absolutely nothing to conceal it, I still found the act of taking them off slightly embarrassing. But I did so, then wasn’t quite sure just what to do, just standing there with this quivering thing sticking up in front of me made me feel slightly ridiculous.

But Katherine’s voice quickly took that away. ‘Ah yes, the other star of the show finally makes his appearance! OK girls, you already know what to do, and I’ll show you what I want Craig.’ she added as she came and stood beside me.

‘You look fantastic darling!’ she whispered as her fingers slipped lightly up and down the length of the shaft. ‘I just wish we were finished already.’ she added, giving it a gentle squeeze before moving me around to the side of the bed.

Having given me a quick outline of the various poses she wanted, while continuing the light but very effective stroking, she returned to her cameras. From then on she just called out occasional instruction, most of the time leaving it up to the three of us to work out the details for ourselves. And given the somewhat weird circumstances, and especially the fact that none of us were professional models, we did that very well.

But the thing that really amazed me was my physical capacity.

Even allowing for the fact that Lizzie took every opportunity the various poses allowed her to give my cock or balls a few gentle caresses, I was surprised to find that I retained a full erection the whole time. Normally, though there was of course no ‘normal’ situation to compare with what was happening to me right then, there would have been times when it should have lost most, if not all of its stiffness. But although there were times when I could feel the quivering tension had risen even higher, all through the time it took to do what Katherine had asked us, it remained rock-hard.

When we had done all but the final, hopefully most dramatic few shots, I heard Katherine telling Debbie to get all the cameras re-loaded again. ‘And just double-check the digital video please. ‘I’ll need that to capture the last few frames.’ she added.

Unlike the previous period of time Katherine took a lot of care in getting us into precisely the right position for that series of photographs. Kerrie had to lie across the bed, her head extending beyond it so that Lizzie could position herself so her pussy was within reach of Kerrie’s tongue. And because she could be like that for some time, Katherine placed a cushioned stool beside the bed to support her neck, making sure it was completely out of camera shot. Then, once the two were comfortably set, I moved in to stand alongside Lizzie.

The context of those few critical photographs was that Lizzie was torn between the pleasures the girl on the bed was giving her, and seeing the effect of what she was doing for me as she stroked my cock. And adding just that extra touch of overt lasciviousness to the foreground was the way Kerrie had spread her legs wide apart, and was busily fingering her own fully exposed pussy.

I knew what was expected of me, and after all the time I had spent holding down my reactions to Lizzie’s intermittent caresses, as well as everything else that was going on around me, had no doubt I’d be able to perform for them. My balls were already tightly swollen from the semen that had been accumulating all that time, and when I glanced down I saw that just the feel of Lizzie’s slender fingers curling around the already over-heated shaft had made several drops of pre-cum starting oozing from it.

Katherine didn’t miss that either and I heard the whirring, clicking sound of various cameras immediately operating. But all that faded into an unimportant background when Lizzie, or Belinda, as I suddenly saw her again, looked up into my eyes, gave me a tender, understanding smile, and began stroking her hand back and forth.

Although I was somehow able to retain just enough physical control to hold the position Katherine needed me in, in every other sense I was lost to them all. The pressure I had until then been successfully holding down, suddenly rose with overwhelming force, forcing a deep, guttural grunt from me each time Belinda’s hand pushed down the powerfully throbbing length.

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