Kay and Steve: the Early Days

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Kay became a secretary right out of high school. Her typing skills are incredible and she is an excellent listener. She is probably one of the few secretarial types around that still knows shorthand.

When Kay first started working, she worked for an independent contractor. When he retired, she went to work for the AB&L Company, the company her former boss did most of his work for. Her new boss, Chuck, was a pretty straight laced guy with a nice family made up of his wife and two young children.

Kay was also married, had one child at the time and led a very conservative life. She was a home grown gal brought up in a traditional, midwestern family. Kay wouldn’t consider herself to be a Barbie Doll type, but at 5’5″, short brown hair and green eyes, she is fit and works to keep her weight in check.

A couple of years after Kay started working for AB&L, Chuck started having a friend come by from time to time to have coffee at a little cafe across the street. Chuck’s friend Steve was about 5’7″, okay looking, though certainly not a head turner, and a very fit runner. He was always pleasant to Kay and treated her with respect. Unbeknownst to Kay, Steve was also doing some independent contractor work for AB&L much the same way her former boss had.

About a year after Kay started working for Chuck, he got transferred to a different department at AB&L. Who would become Chuck’s replacement? None other than Steve! And Kay became Steve’s secretary.

Kay immediately found Steve to be a very likeable person. He was kind and considerate and made conversation easy. For her part, Kay was a very good listener and a compassionate person in her own right. Those characteristics came in handy very quickly when Kay figured out, and Steve later confirmed, that Steve was involved with another woman outside of his marriage. Kay became Steve’s confidant and listened as he talked about his relationship with Janet. There was only one problem. Kay was falling in love with Steve and she was jealous of how he apparently felt for Janet.

For the next several months Kay and Steve would talk often, both of them revealing things about themselves that they didn’t share with others. The conversation was easy and very open and honest. It also turned to sexual topics from time to time. Steve enjoyed the fact that Kay was not the least bit judgemental about his relationship or other things such as his interest in erotic pictures and literature. In fact, not only was Kay not judgemental about such things, she found herself being aroused by their discussions about them.

Then one early evening it happened. Kay was staying late to work on payroll. She was at a computer that was reserved just for running payroll. It sat on a countertop in a storage area adjacent to Steve’s office. While Kay sat at the computer working, Steve came out of his office and stood behind her. He began massaging her shoulders and told her how much he appreciated her listening ear. Steve said, “I couldn’t have gotten through the last several months without you.”

As Steve continued to massage Kay’s shoulders, she completely relaxed and prayed that he wouldn’t stop. Somewhat to her surprise, but also to her relief and pleasure, Steve’s hands came over the top of her shoulders, down her upper chest and cupped her breasts. Mixed feelings of warmth and excitement cascaded through her body. Steve then leaned over and placed his lips on hers and he kissed her deeply and passionately.

There was an uncomfortable silence when their lips parted and neither one of them knew exactly what to say, but they both sensed that they had crossed a line that they would never go back to.

As the days and weeks passed, Kay and Steve became more and more intimate in their contact. They both arrived at work early in the morning and took the short elevator ride to the coffee room in the basement of the two story building. In that short trip, they would engage in a passionate kiss and move their hands over each other’s bodies.

Some evenings, they would make up seperate alibis with their families, meet in the parking lot at the office and get in one of their vehicles and Trabzon Escort drive out into the country. They would kiss and fondle each other and eventually got to the point where they would pleasure each other with their hands.

At one point, Kay’s family got a conversion van with curtains. When that happened, Kay and Steve found they could go almost anywhere and, with the curtains closed, play in the back end of the van.

Kay found herself learning a great deal from Steve about her own sexuality. He encouraged her to masturbate and explore. When she bagan her relationship with her friend Kelly, she felt guilty about it at first. She had been raised to believe that intimacy between people of the same sex was wrong. Not only did Steve suggest that it was okay, he actually encouraged it (especially if she would share the details which got him very aroused).

Eventually, Kay and Steve got to the point where they would go to each other’s homes when they were certain that no one else would be there. They would make passionate love that would take them both into areas of pleasure they had never experienced before.

Steve has a tendency to “push the envelope” where their sexuality is concerned. He likes to have Kay take her clothes off in the car when they are out in the country. He likes Kay to go into public buildings wearing no underwear when they are out of town and no one knows who they are. He also encourages Kay to make love with him in places where there is some limited risk.

One of Kay and Steve’s favorite times was after a party they had both attended. Kay and Steve are in a service club that neither of their spouses belong to. The club occasionally has social functions and Kay and Steve always sit together. No one thinks anything of it because they are friends and have worked together.

After one of those parties, Kay and Steve went back to their office. It was around midnight and the building was all locked up. The janitor had gone home at least two hours earlier. Kay and Steve’s offices were up on the second floor of the two story building along with several other offices. They entered the back door of the building and climbed the stairs. At the top of the stairs was another door into the office area.

Once the door at the top of the stairs closed behind them, Kay and Steve embraced and started kissing. As they walked down the hallway toward their offices, they helped each other out of their clothes until they were both totally naked as they stood outside the entrance to their office area.

Steve said, “Let’s go for a little naked walk.” Kay was a little nervous, but they began wandering the whole upstairs area stark naked. In and out of various offices they went, getting close to the windows, most of which were covered by sheer curtains. The office building was on a corner with a traffic light and the light from the streetlights and other businesses provided Kay and Steve with enough light to see each other.

Steve could see that Kay’s nipples were very hard and he lightly touched them sending shivers through her body.

As they went from office to office, Steve would occasionally stop and turn to Kay to kiss her or lick and suck her nipples. At one point they went to a window at the end of the hall that had no curtains and faced the parking lot. Steve encouraged Kay to stand right in front of the window and he cupped her 36c breasts in his hands and held them up as if to say, “Look world. See what I have? The most beautiful breasts any man could hope to hold in his hands. Aren’t you jealous?”

Kay was glad there was no one in the parking lot at that hour, but the risk of being seen made her very wet.

Kay needed to go to the bathroom, so she headed into the ladies restroom and was surprised when Steve followed. He just laughed and said, “Who is here to object?” It dawned on Kay that they really were alone and had no risk of being caught. Steve wandered out of the bathroom while Kay peed. When she came out of the bathroom, she saw Steve walking back toward her in all of his naked glory and she smiled. This really was fun, she thought to herself.

When Trabzon Escort Bayan Steve approached her he immediately dropped to his knees and spread her legs so she was standing in the hallway with her legs wide open. He began licking all around the insides of her thighs from just above her knee almost up to her pussy and back down again. He loved to trace a figure eight with his tongue on the insides of her thighs.

Kay was dripping wet. The three glasses of wine she consumed at the party now caused her inhibitions to be at an all time low and she was completely lost in the wonderful feelings between her legs. She was aching to have Steve’s tongue on her clit. But he just kept tracing figure eights on her thighs, teasing her to the point where it almost drove her crazy.

Kay reached down and spread her pussy lips and begged, “Please Steve. Lick my cunt.” Steve replied, “Not yet. We have to take our time.” “I don’t want to take our time,” Kay whined. “I want you now!”

Finally, after several minutes of teasing, Steve let his tongue drift toward Kay’s pussy lips. He licked up and down on the sides of her pussy and there was just enough light for him to see that her pussy was soaking wet. After several licks up and down the sides of Kay’s pussy lips, Steve finally put the tip of his tongue right on Kay’s clit. Her knees almost buckled as waves of pleasure cascaded through her body. She let out a very loud, “Oh my God, that feels good,” and then caught herself remembering that she was in the Company building.

Steve said, “It’s okay, babe. No one can hear us. Let it out.” At that, he returned his tongue to her pussy and the orgasm that had been building hit her causing her body to spasm and a short scream to escape from her mouth. Steve’s mouth and chin were covered with Kay’s juices as her orgasm resulted in the release of a warm lubricating flow from her pussy.

It took Kay several minutes to slow her breathing and calm down. She looked Steve in the eyes and said, “Fuck me, babe. I want to feel your cock inside me.”

Steve said, “I have an idea. Follow me.”

Steve took Kay by the hand and walked toward the front of the building. They went into the Chief Financial Officer’s office which was in the corner of the building right by the intersection of two streets. It was very nicely furnished with a dark mahogony desk and cradenza. The executive chair had a high back and black leather covering. As seems typical of most accounting types, the CFO had cleared the desk of any paperwork for the weekend. The janitor had waxed the surface so that the soft light coming in from the street intersection outside reflected off the surface.

Steve pulled Kay over toward the chair and turned her back to the desk. He then told her to sit up on the desk facing the chair. Steve sat down in the chair and rolled it toward the desk and spread Kay’s legs. Kay’s pussy was now right in front of him and he had a perfect view of her glistening lips and the little knob of her clit.

Steve had Kay move herself right to the edge of the desk. He had her angle herself slightly so she could put one foot up on the surface of the desk and the other on the arm of the chair. This allowed Kay to spread her legs as wide as she could and still keep her pussy right near the edge of the desk.

Once again, Steve started licking and kissing well away from Kay’s pussy. This time he started way down at Kay’s ankle and flicked the tip of his wet tongue up the inside of her leg. When Steve’s tongue reached the side of Kay’s knee, she flinched because it tickled. But Steve’s caresses of her legs were exciting her and causing her pussy to continue to soak itself. Kay couldn’t remember when she had been so wet.

Steve continued to use his tongue on the inside of Kay’s thigh and once again she was begging for him to lick her. “Please, Steve. My clit is throbbing. Please lick me now.” Steve calmly replied, “Not yet Babe. You have to be patient. Your orgasm will be much more intense if you wait.” Steve prided himself in giving Kay incredible pleasure.

By the time Steve’s mouth reached Kay’s pussy, Escort Trabzon some of Kay’s juices were actually dripping on the mat beneath the desk and chair. Steve decided that Kay had waitied long enough and began to lick all around her pussy. Kay’s hips were moving in an effort to get her clit lined up with the tip of Steve’s tongue. She kept moaning, “Oh my God, it feels so good. I want to come. Please make me come.”

Fortunately,the CFO’s desk was very sturdy. When Steve’s tongue finally landed on Kay’s clit, her hips started bucking wildly as she almost instantly erupted in a monstrous orgasm. She screamed, “Yes, yes, fuck yes. That feels so good. It’s so intense.” The juices from Kay’s pussy were now flowing steadily from between her lips and dripping directly beneath the desk.

Kay started begging, “Fuck me Steve. I want to feel you inside of me. Please, put it in me now!”

Steve stood up and his cock was as hard as he could ever remember it being. He and Kay had now been in the office area completely naked for well over half an hour and he had been hard the whole time.

The CFO’s desk was a standard 30″ off the floor and this was the perfect height for Steve to enter Kay with her pussy right at the edge of the desk. Kay was so wet, that it took no effort at all to slide his hard cock into her. The warm wet walls of Kay’s pussy surrounded his cock as he started to slowly slide it in and out. It took every ounce of will power to go slow and make himself last. He knew that if he did so, both he and Kay would enjoy the sensations even more.

As Steve buried his cock in Kay’s pussy, she wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him toward her. It felt to Kay like Steve’s cock was pushing against her stomach. She had never felt him so deep inside of her.

Now it was Steve’s turn to want to hurry. The sensation of Kay’s pussy around his cock felt wonderful and as he slid in and out, he could feel his own orgasm beginning to build. “Yes, fuck me Steve. Fuck me. Oh God it feels so good to have you inside me,” Kay kept yelling.

As the head of Steve’s cock moved in and out of Kay’s pussy, the nerve endings felt like they were about to explode. Steve increased the intensity of his movements and drove his cock into Kay’s pussy like a piston. The sound of Steve’s skin slapping against the insides of Kay’s thighs only added to the eroticism of the moment. Steve could not hold back any longer and his cock began to spasm as it shot repeated squirts of cum deep into Kay’s pussy.

For her part, Kay could feel Steve’s pulsing cock and sensed the warm liquid shooting up into her. Steve continued his stroking for several seconds after his cock stopped releasing its contents.

As he pulled out, Kay pushed him back onto the chair. She scooted off the desk and said, “Oh my God, I’m dripping all over.” Steve said, “Don’t worry about it we can clean it up.” Kay then got on her knees and proceeded to take Steve’s cock in her hands. She licked her tongue up and down the still hard shaft tasting her own juices mixed with Steve’s. As she took the head of Steve’s cock in her mouth he jerked his hips and said, “Careful, Babe. The head is really sensetive right now.” Kay just smiled and carefully took the whole length of Steve’s cock into her mouth. She then used her tongue and lips to completely clean off his cock.

After they had calmed down, Kay said, “We had better clean up this mess.” There was actually a small puddle on the floor where Kay’s pussy juices and then some of Steve’s cum had dripped beneath the edge of the desk. Surprisingly, none of their juices had gotten on the desk itself, but Kay had left the imprint of her rear on the surface of the desk from her perspiration.

Still naked, Kay and Steve walked to the women’s rest room and got some paper towel to clean up the mess. Kay also used some toilet paper to stop the flow from her pussy. After they had wiped off the desk top and cleaned up the small puddle, no one would be able to tell that someone had been having THAT kind of fun in the offices that night.

After they gathered up there clothes and helped each other get dressed, Kay and Steve hugged and kissed. Steve looked right into Kay’s eyes and said, “I can’t begin to tell you how much I love you. Thank you for this wonderful evening.” Kay simply replied with a passionate French kiss which didn’t require any words to communicate how she felt.

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