Kelsey’s World Ch. 25

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“Does Abby let you take her picture?”

Kelsey was sprawled on her bed, face down. Richie was in close, clicking away at his camera’s shutter, capturing close-ups, artistic nudes he was hoping to use for his photography class at school.

“You mean…like this?” he asked. “No.”

“Have you asked her?”


Richie was working an angle he liked, a nearly abstract composition of the curve leading from Kelsey’s lower back up onto her buttock, with just a hint of the upper part of her ass crack.

“She might like it, you know,” Kelsey said. “She likes showin’ off. It’s that dancer in her.”

Richie took a few more shots, with subtly different angles, and then he looked for a new spot on Kelsey’s curvy body to shoot.

“How about bikinis?” Kelsey asked. “I bet she looks totally super cute in one. I could ask Koop. We could do some Jeep shots with two girls, or he could alternate us or something.”

“For the website?” Richie asked. “No, I’m sure she wouldn’t wanna.”

“Richie, that’s not the way you get things to happen. You gotta ask her. You gotta sell it.”

Richie had to admit it was an enticing idea. He straddled Kelsey’s legs on his knees, bending in low to get some shots of the rounded tops of her buttocks, being careful to leave out the little asshole peaking at him.

“I’ll ask her, but…I doubt it.”

Three days later Richie and the two girls were at Koop’s shop. Happy was there, working as usual. Abby was nervous but excited. She used to dream about modeling, as many young girls do, but other than a publicity shoot for a ballet recital years ago, she’d never been given the opportunity.

There was only one Jeep to shoot that day. It was gloomy and chilly outside, so Koop had it inside the shop and had clicked on the furnace to warm the place up for the girls.

“Your shop’s cool,” Abby said, as she looked around at all the projects and interesting old parts. “My dad’s into cars. He’s got a Factory Five Cobra that we built from a kit. We put a 427 side-oiler in it. He’s building a rat rod now, out of a rusty old DeSoto Airflow he found.”

Koop was surprised by the cute eighteen-year-old’s knowledge. “You help him work on them?”

“Yeah. Ever since I was little. I haven’t helped too much on the DeSoto yet. I’ve been busy with school.”

“Abby, that’s so cool!” Kelsey said. “I didn’t know you were into cars!”

“Yeah. I love your Jeep,” Abby said.

“I’ll let you drive it!” Kelsey said.

Abby smiled her adorable smile. She looked relaxed, but Richie looked uncomfortable. It was the first time he’d seen Koop since the two of them took on Erin, Barbara and Kelsey down in Kelsey’s basement. The photo shoot that day had devolved into a wild orgy, the first time Richie and Koop had seen each other like that. They were a solid team by the end of the day, doing all they could to satisfy the three horny women, but it was still awkward seeing each other again, with Koop being Richie’s neighbor and knowing his parents and all.

“Let’s get changed, Honey,” Kelsey said, leading Abby away by the hand.

“You change right here?” Abby asked, looking around at Koop’s front office. The big window gave anyone driving by a clear view inside.

Kelsey was already unbuttoning her shirt, letting her big tits out into the daylight. “Yeah, there’s not many cars. What did you bring for suits? Got a thin one that shows your nips?”

“Yeah, but I always liked the ones with a little padding. I’m so small, you know?”

“We’ll try both. You shouldn’t ever worry about bein’ small, Honey. One thing I learned at Tucker’s — there’s a guy for every girl. Some guys like big tits, some guys like small tits. And anyway, an ass guy is gonna wanna look at yours all day, and all guys are ass guys.”

Abby smiled. She loved Kelsey’s confidence, and her no-nonsense way of looking at the world. The sprightly redhead had quickly become a big roll model for Abby.

“Which one are you wearing first?” Abby asked. “Should we, like, coordinate colors or anything?”

She watched as Kelsey stripped completely naked in front of the big window. There was virtually no person alive who wouldn’t get horny at such a sight, and Abby felt the twinge.

“I don’t think it matters, Honey. We’re just eye candy.”

Kelsey reached into her bag and pulled out a turquoise blue bikini she’d bought that summer. Abby was just starting to disrobe.

“Dump ’em out,” Kelsey said. “Let me see.”

Abby pulled all her little suits out of her bag and put them on Koop’s desk.

“Cute,” Kelsey said. “This striped one’s hot. Is it cut good for your ass?”

“Yeah,” Abby said shyly. She hadn’t worn that one much, for that very reason. Her mother didn’t like it, and Abby had decided it showed way too much back there, but that was before she met Kelsey.

“That’s the one, then,” Kelsey said.

She wiggled into the bottom of hers while Abby took off the little bra she’d worn that day.

“What did I tell you about sincan escort bras, Honey,” Kelsey gently scolded. “Put all of them in your bottom drawer and never open it, okay?”

Abby smiled. Her perfect little nipples were hard and adorable. Kelsey smiled sweetly at her. Abby blushed.

“Fuck, I love blushy girls,” Kelsey said. She was horny, too, and getting more so by the minute. She wanted to jump her new dancer friend and sixty-nine her on Koop’s desk, but she knew the guys were waiting.

“What do you think of the guys?” she asked, watching as Abby put on the black and white striped bikini top. “Koop’s sexy, isn’t he? Happy is too, in his own way.”

“Yeah,” Abby said. “They remind me of my dad’s friends.”

“Nice!” Kelsey said. “That’ll make it easy to get flirty in front of the camera. Just pretend those guys are all watching you and they all wanna fuck you.”

Abby’s face lit up with surprise. She had to admit, she had a real thing for car guys. It was hard not to, with so many hanging around when she went through her awkward adolescence. They always treated her nice, and made her feel special.

Kelsey set up a folding makeup mirror among the scattered bikini’s on Koop’s desk. She wasn’t a big makeup wearer, but the camera liked that kind of thing, and she enjoyed going for a slightly retro pin-up-girl look when she posed with Koop’s Jeeps. As she applied some dark red lipstick she watched Abby wiggle her cute little bubble-butt into her bikini bottom.

“I brought some eye-liner, but you look good already,” Kelsey said. “Wanna try some lipstick? I got a pink one that’d look cute on you.”

Abby smiled. She was starting to feel that wonderful energy that she loved, the same tingly excitement she felt when getting into costume before a dance performance.

“Damn, girl! You got such a wicked ass. I’m totally jealous.”

Abby giggled. She didn’t believe a word of it, coming, as it did, from the girl with the sexiest body she had ever seen, but it made her feel good nonetheless.

Kelsey put some pink lipstick on her, holding the back of Abby’s neck in her warm hand while she did it. They both smiled sweet, sexy smiles as they looked into each others eyes. They were ready.

When they walked out into the shop Richie was taking pictures of a disassembled engine and the well-used tools on the workbench.

“I swept the floor,” Koop said, looking at the four bare feet heading his way across the dirty, grimy floor. “But be careful though. This place isn’t really meant for bare feet.”

It was closing time, so he went to the door, latched it and put up the closed sign. Richie was already sizing up the shoot when Koop came back.

Koop took a few seconds to look over the girls — they were about the same height, petite little five-footers, but not much else was similar. He was pretty used to Kelsey’s big natural tits by then, but the contrast between them and Abby’s cute small ones was striking. Kelsey, as petite as she was, had the voluptuous thing down pat, but Abby was an eyeful in her own way — a cute mix of girl and woman, and as lean and lithe as she was she looked like you could pick her up with one hand. As she and Kelsey chatted with Richie about the shoot, she turned and Koop got his first good look at her ass. Her bikini looked athletic in a way, with it’s widish sides and stretchy fabric, but the cut around back was wildly revealing, almost disappearing between her perfect little cheeks. Koop loved Kelsey’s ass — apart from her tits it was the sexiest thing he’d ever gotten his hands on. He was astonished that Abby’s topped it.

“Hap, you done for the day, Buddy?” he said to Happy. He gave his old friend a tilt of the head along with a ‘Get the hell over here, you don’t want to miss this’ look.

“You girls mind if we watch?” Koop asked. It was the polite thing to say with a new girl there, even though he knew how Kelsey felt.

“We’ll be disappointed if you don’t,” Kelsey said. Abby smiled shyly.

“It’s gonna be different, doing these pictures inside all winter,” Koop said.

“We could do bikini’s in the snow,” Kelsey said. “We could wear big fuzzy boots, and hats and scarves and stuff. They do that in the old Playboy’s sometimes.”

“Yeah, I remember that,” Koop said.

“Yup,” Happy said, wiping off his hands on a rag.

“Sharron told me you quit smokin,” Kelsey said to Happy. “I told you us girls don’t like the taste of that shit.”

“Yup,” Happy said again, that time with a nice smile.

It was Abby’s first good look at him. He was taller than any of her dad’s friends, and older, but he’d fit right in with them. She liked his nice crinkly eyed smile, and the grease smudge on his face.

She glanced again at Koop’s tattooed arms. Her dad had some tattoos, but they were newer, and they didn’t cover his arms the way Koop’s did. Koop’s had that lived-in look that blurred them a little and made them more mysterious.

They were at the point in the proceedings when çankaya escort Koop would try and get things moving. Richie liked to dawdle when he photographed Kelsey. Koop understood, but he had the occasional customer to think about. That evening, though, with the shop closed, the overhead doors down and a stunningly cute new girl to watch, he let the session take its own pace. He had nowhere to be. Why rush?

Getting a picture or two to choose from for the website could have been a ten minute project, but the session turned into an education for Abby. Kelsey taught her all about posing, getting sexier and sexier as the session progressed.

The vehicle the girls were adorning was a 1965 Jeep J2000 pickup truck, catching the shop light nicely with its white paint. The old girl was solid, but the tailgate and bed were dented up. Chrome wheels dressed her up a bit, and she looked purposeful with her shiny, forward leaning grill. The cab was fairly roomy, with an old fashioned bench seat upholstered in faded gray cloth. It was just the right size for a petite girl to sprawl out on. That’s where Abby was at the moment.

“What do you think about that ass, you guys? Isn’t it just killer?” Kelsey said. “She’s a dancer, you know. A ballerina.”

“A ballerina who built a Cobra with a 427 side-oiler?” Koop said. “I think I’m in love!”

Abby looked back over her shoulder at him and smiled. There was a little shyness left in it, but there was a big dollop of sexy shining through. Koop really was in love.

Abby knew her ass was the center of the universe at that moment, and she kind of loved it. The old upholstery fabric felt warm against her belly, and her whole body smoldered with a slow burning heat. The pictures for the website had been taken, but she’d agreed to continue, assured by Richie that the sexier images would be private. She knew Richie was a trustworthy guy, and the session had been super fun up to that point, so she happily continued, anxious to try her hand at being ‘Kelsey sexy’.

“Hump your ass up a little, Honey,” her mentor said. She did, and Kelsey reached in nonchalantly to adjust the gusset covering Abby’s most private openings, pinching the fabric to let some pussy flesh show on each side. Abby’s pussy was Kelsey’s favorite, visually speaking. It was an extraordinary piece of fleshy sculpture, and Kelsey knew she could make that fact known to the camera if she got the bikini fabric adjusted just right.

“God, I just wanna lick you,” Kelsey said when her fingers made Abby squirm.

Abby sighed. The idea didn’t sound bad at all.

Richie swooped in and took some shots.

“Unhook your top, Honey,” Kelsey said. “That’d look hot.”

Abby didn’t protest. She was still lying on her stomach, so it was an easy next step to take.

“Get it right outta there,” Kelsey said, reaching in to take it from her.

Abby watched it go. It was an odd feeling for her. A little bit of security was taken away, but a little ‘I can do this!’ confidence took its place.

“Up on your elbows, Honey, and look back this way,” Kelsey said. “Yeah, that’s it!”

Abby smiled shyly.

“Super cute, Honey. But you know, every shot’s gonna have those same striped bottoms in it,” Kelsey said.

“Want me to change?” Abby asked.

“Just take ’em off, Honey. Let’s do some nudies.”

Abby thought about protesting that call, but Kelsey was already stripping, standing next to Richie.

“I like how you’re layin’ there,” she said when she was naked. “Let me just pull ’em off of you.”

Abby was speechless, so Kelsey reached in and did it, slipping the little garment down Abby’s legs, leaving her nude. Abby reacted by flattening her ass back down on the seat, but even with her legs together her eye popping pussy showed. It was just how she was built.

“You guys don’t mind if we do some nudies, do ya?” Kelsey asked Koop and Happy. “Richie can get some good stuff in your cool shop, right, Richie?”

“Yeah!” he said. Koop and Happy nodded. They weren’t about to say no.

Abby was nervous, but thrilled that her boyfriend was so enthusiastic about it. She’d secretly hoped he’d ask her to pose sexy for him — the only thing she didn’t expect was doing it in front of two men she’d just met.

Koop and Happy were thrilled, too. They were just delighted to be there. Koop shook his head at the skilled way Kelsey was manipulating things. Thinking back on everything they’d been through, he was starting to realize she’d been in complete control every step of the way, since the day he’d met her. The girl was somethin’ else.

Richie was already working Abby’s pose with his camera. She smiled sweetly at him as he crouched in the Jeep’s door opening, clicking off shot after shot.

“You’re inspiring him, Honey,” Kelsey said. “He’s got that look on his face that I love.”

Abby loved it, too. There was nothing she liked more than turning Richie on. She’d never had a lover like him, someone so experienced in the ways eryaman escort of the female orgasm. Whenever she could return the favor it made her feel extra good.

“Let your leg fall of the edge of the seat, Honey,” Kelsey said.

Abby knew that was a big deal. Kelsey was looking over Richie’s shoulder, and Koop and Happy were right behind them, watching intently. Abby knew if she opened up like that there wasn’t much left. In the heat of the moment she decided that was a good thing — just rip the Band-aid off and then you can cruise, the way Kelsey does.

Her leg dropped off the seat to the truck’s floor. Her spectacular pussy was right there!

The word “Jesus!” floated out of Koop’s lungs, so quiet and breathy no one but Happy heard it. Happy said it, too, but he kept his mouth shut and let it ring out inside his head.

“Did I tell ya?” Kelsey said, turning toward the men. “Is that an ass, or what!”

“Can you get that handheld light for me?” Richie asked Kelsey.

“Sure, Honey.”

The naked redhead trotted toward the front of the shop. Koop and Happy were astonished when they heard her unlatch the front door. After that there was silence. They could only assume she ran out into the parking lot to retrieve the light. A minute later she was back, at a full trot with big tits bouncing. The light case was in one hand and her rolled up camping mattress was in the other.

“Careful, Kelsey!” Koop said. “You’ll get hurt if you slip on this oily floor.”

“Sorry,” she said, blushing a little from the excitement.

Richie adjusted the small rectangular light to mach the color temperature of the old-fashioned fluorescent fixtures that were quietly buzzing overhead. He turned the brightness down to a soft glow and put the portable device down in the footwell of the old truck. It eliminated some of the deep shadows and bathed Abby’s young body in softness.

“I’m goin’ in,” Kelsey said. “That okay, Richie?”

“Sure,” he said.

Kelsey went around the other side of the truck and opened the door. Abby knew it was time to show her front to the men. There would be no more secrets. Her whole body felt alive in a way she’d never experienced. She rolled and sat up, glancing quickly at the delighted looking men while Kelsey climbed in. She wondered if the way she was feeling was like a drug rush. Naked modeling was fun!

Kelsey closed the door and leaned back against it. She pulled Abby to her in a nice snuggle. Kelsey’s warmth radiated into the younger girl’s skin. It felt decadent and secure. Richie’s close presence made her feel good, too, working his camera like an old pro.

Kelsey suggested subtle moves. The two bodies gradually morphed into sexier poses inside the cozy cab. Abby was getting lost in the creative process, and in Kelsey’s warmth. The real world had slipped away.

Richie captured all the sexy moments — soft mouths kissing, an extended tongue touching a hard nipple, fingers on a soft pink pussy. The moves continued and the camera’s shutter kept clicking.

“Jesus!” Koop said again, almost as softly as the first time and barely heard. The girls had landed in a sixty-nine on the seat of the old truck, licking each others pussies, swirling their tongues around each others assholes. Their horniness had reached critical mass — there was nothing left to do but release it.

The sound of two sexy girls making each other cum was something new in the greasy old shop. The soft buzz of the florescent lights was all that competed with them as their moans rose in intensity. Koop and Happy almost came in their pants when the moans became orgasmic cries. Both of the girls came huge, their inner fire’s stoked by the sexy situation.

Koop and Happy were watching quite a show. Halfway through the wild exhibition Richie closed the door and shifted to the other side of the truck, so the men got to see both ends of the stunning girls. The sight of Kelsey’s mouth going to town underneath Abby’s spectacular, writhing pussy as the young girl came was almost too much to take, hence the almost cumming in their pants thing.

Kelsey looked at them, upside-down, from her comfortable position under Abby’s still writhing hips. “Fuckin’ hot, huh?” she said, breathless and red-faced in her post orgasmic state. “You guys gonna fuck us now?”

“Jesus, Kelsey!” Koop said, in quiet disbelief.

He didn’t say no, but Kelsey could sense his, and Happy’s, reluctance.

“She’s eighteen, you guys,” Kelsey said. “She’s one of us now. She’s done lots of stuff.”

Kelsey was massaging the amazing pussy with her thumbs, making Abby whimper and squirm.

Koop didn’t know what to think. What Kelsey had said made him wonder if he was involved in some kind of a sexual cult, where innocent young girls are recruited to do things they probably shouldn’t be doing. Abby was certainly an innocent looking girl, but that pussy! Oh my God, that pussy!

Abby was lost in the thick of it. The Slut Club was a fun thing to talk about, and the wild orgy at Kelsey’s house had certainly been a proper indoctrination, but walking into an auto shop, taking off all her clothes and letting herself get fucked by the two mechanics seemed like a supremely slutty thing to do. She’d be a real deal slut. The thought excited the hell out of her.

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