Kevin’s Journey to Findom Ch. 03

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Sex with Mike was raw, rough, and physical. Mike assaulted my body with his thick cock. He used me like a human Fleshlight. After intercourse with him, I was spent. My poor little pussy was hyper-sensitive and swollen. Kevin’s soft tongue and lips were the salve my pussy needed to bring my vagina back to normal. Plus, for Kevin, it was the only time that I allowed him to cum. I would allow him to rub his crotch through his pants and have an orgasm in his underwear as he liked cleaning my freshly fucked pussy. In fact, with as many times as Mike had fucked me in the last few weeks, Kevin was getting to have his little perverted ejaculations more often than ever.

A few weeks ago, I was shopping for a baby shower gift for my cousin. As I walked through the aisles, I saw so many cute things. At one point, I picked up a little card that had these cute little baby socks attached to it. They were so small and cute. As I looked at them, I began to laugh. The little socks were about the size of Kevin erect penis. Wouldn’t it be cute for him to wear a little cock sock? I threw them in the basket.

That evening, Mike came over and rode me like a cheap whore. As normal, once he caught his breath he got up and said he needed to be somewhere and left. As he walked out of my room he looked down at Kevin, who was guarding the door, and told him that I wanted to see him. Kevin entered and immediately assumed his position on his knees. Normally, I would scoot across the bed and hang my legs off and let Kevin do his cleaning duties on my pussy. Instead, I asked him to stand up in front of me. He looked surprised and a bit concerned. I told him to drop his pants and underwear. He obediently did as he was told. I opened my dresser drawer and took out the card with the socks attached. I chose a pink pair and peeled them off the card and handed them to him. I asked him if he thought they were cute, and he said yes. I ask them him if he thought they were small, and he said yes again. I then looked him in the eyes and said that they should fit his tiny cock then. He looked confused. I told him to put the pink sock over his cock.

Kevin reached over and took the sock, then placed it over his now fully erected penis. The tiny sock fit perfectly. I let out a giggle and told him how cute he looked in his little pink cock sock. He did not even look at me, he just looked down at his penis in disbelief. I am sure he was amazed at how such a little sock covered his penis completely. I demanded he look into my eyes. He slowly looked up, shyly. I told him, that from now on he was only going to cum with a baby sock on his penis. From now on, he would cum into a little pink cotton condom. No more cumming directly on my boots. Now his cum would be contained and totally useless, wasted, soaked into the sock. Kevin responded,” yes ma’am.” As he should.

I laid back down on the bed and directed his mouth to my pussy. Kevin’s soft tongue went to work quickly. He deftly cleaned Mike’s mess from my swollen hole, making sure he did not miss a drop. All the while, he stroked his sock covered cock. As he reached the end of his duties, I began to feel him shaking between my thighs. Kevin was about to blow his load. I was beginning to understand how much he got off on being humiliated, so I looked down at him and began taunting him. I asked him if he was embarrassed that his cock was so small a baby sock covered it. He said he was. I also asked him if he enjoyed eating the cum of another man, a real man that got to fuck a hot woman. He said he did. I then asked him if he was a virgin. He admitted he was. Kevin’s head trembled harder between my legs with each taunt. Then, I told him with a penis like his he would be a virgin forever. Just as that phrase left my lips, Kevin let out a muffled groan from between my legs. His body shook as he had a strong orgasm.

I grabbed his hair and buried his face in my freshly fucked pussy. I locked my legs around his neck and smothered him. His body shook as if he was having a seizure. My little pervert Kevin was getting off being my bitch boy, pussy slave and I loved it. He obviously did too. I held my legs around his neck until it seemed there was no life left in his body. When I released him, his body fell to the floor. I sat up on the bed and looked over the edge. Kevin laid lifeless on my floor, mouth wide open, face covered in my juices. I looked down between his legs to find that he had orgasmed and had soaked through his little pink sock. Cum oozed through the pink cotton and onto his balls. His little penis had already begun to recede. As it did, the sock wrinkled up on itself, producing more nasty goo droplets.

I asked him if he was ok. Kevin’s eyes peeled open and said he was wonderful. Escort Bayan I asked him if he enjoyed his life with me. He smiled broadly and said he was in heaven. I responded with, Aaaaaugh, you are so sweet! I then told him to pull his pants back up and leave. Kevin stood and pulled his underwear up over his gooey, sock covered penis. Then pulled up his pants. I grabbed his crotch and pushed hard, just so the goo would soak through the sock and onto his underwear and pants. He needed to humiliation of walking through the dorm with a cummy wet crotch. As he left, I threw the card of remaining socks at him and told him that from now on he should be wearing one every day just in case I needed him to clean up. He responded with, “yes ma’am,” and left.

Two days passed before I saw Mike again. He had been studying non-stop for finals and was ready for a break. He stopped by and had a sly look on his face. I asked him what was up, and he threw me on the bed and said he wanted to try something. In a flash, my clothes were on the floor and Mike was pounding me. Mike was so tall and so big that I felt small in his arms. I felt helpless as he took my pussy and made it his. It did not take long before Mike exploded inside me. Mike’s cock produced an amazing amount of cum and this time was no different. I felt my tummy get warm as he filled me. This time however was different. Instead of rolling off me and then leaving, he looked down at me and told me to roll over on my stomach. I asked why and he said I needed to shut up and just do it. He pulled his slippery cum cover cock from my pussy. It was still rock hard. I asked him why he was so hard. He laughed and said his buddy had some Viagra and that he had taken one.

I giggled and asked why he would need to take Viagra. He said it was because he was going to fuck me as many times possible, but first he was going to try something he had never done. Seconds later, I felt the hard tip of his cock press against my tiny tight butthole. I protested, slightly. Little did he know, I loved anal. I often use my vibrator in my tight little butthole when I get horny. Although I love it, most college boys would never do it. He told me to shut up and pushed my face into the pillow. Mike pressed my asshole a few times. It was tight and needed coaxing. He reached down to my dripping pussy and took a few fingers of cum and pussy juice and wiped on my hole as lubricant. His strong hands grabbed my hips and he pushed hard. There was an audible popping sound as his manhood entered my tight ass. I let out an involuntary gasp as he sunk deeper inside me. My eyes rolled back into my head as I felt the pressure of his attacking tool. In no time, I could feel him completely inside of me, his balls against my dripping pussy. He began to slowly pump in an out of me. As my body relaxed, I began to enjoy the feeling of fullness.

Mike could tell by my moans that I was enjoying it. He started calling me his little butt whore and asking me if I liked taking it up the ass. I breathlessly begged him to continue. I wanted his manhood deep inside my ass, taking me like the little slut I knew I was. I wanted to be ass raped by him. Mike loved the trash talk that we were spewing at each other and it set him off on a second orgasm. Once again, I could feel my belly fill with warmth. As Mike orgasmed, he let out an animalist howl, as if he had conquered a nation. His hands grabbed my waist as if he were trying to squeeze me till I popped. All the while, my pussy was rapidly contracting and releasing in what was my first ruined orgasm. I could feel my body reacting but was not feeling the release of orgasm. My pussy wanted Mikes cock but could not have it. It was overwhelmingly amazing.

As Mike finished, he slapped my ass hard in victory, then pulled out and pushed me back onto the bed. His massive cock was still fully erect. I reached over and grabbed it with one hand and his balls with another and told him I did not think he had it in him to cum a third time. He looked down at me, like an animal in heat, and shoved it back into my gapping ass. This time he was on top of me as if he were fucking my pussy. He shoved his thick tongue deeply into my mouth and wrapped his strong hand around my neck and pounded me as hard as he could. Every chance I had to breathe, I taunted him saying that he could not cum a third time. This only made him fuck me harder, which is exactly what I wanted. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, Mike delivered his third and final load of creamy sperm deep inside me. Again, my pussy contracted violently and jealously as if to beg for the cock my ass was getting. As Mike finished, his body collapsed upon mine, totally covering my tiny body Bayan Escort below his. Although his cock was still rock hard, his body had reached its limits.

We laid together, covered in sex, and sweat, for quite a while, then Mike rolled off me and propped himself up on the bed. As soon as he did, he yelled, “what the fuck man!” I sat straight up and looked towards the door. Kevin was standing there looking at us, his pants bulging like a pup tent. I asked him how long he had been standing there. He said he had been there a long time. He had come over to deliver my clean laundry and some food, but we had not heard him come it. Kevin standing there, watching us fuck, freaked Mike out. He got up and picked up his clothes and walked into the bathroom. Mike’s cock was still rock hard, covered in engorged veins and massive. As he passed Kevin, on the way to the bathroom, Kevin just stared intently at Mike’s manhood. It was literally three or four times the size of his. You could see the jealousy in his eyes. Mike’s huge manhood got to fuck me and give me intense pleasure. Something he could never do.

A second later Mike left the bathroom fully dressed and left my dorm. Kevin just stood there. I asked him if he had his sock on and he said that he did. The pink one. I pointed to my pussy and told him that it was very sore and that I needed his tongue. Kevin walked to the bed and took his clothes completely off. All he was wearing was his little pink sock. For the first time ever, he crawled onto my bed, reached down, and placed my legs over his shoulders. He moved his hands to below my ass and place his head between my thighs. Soon, I began to feel his soft, warm lips kissing the inside of my thighs. His tongue licked the sexual juices from my inner thigh, then moved gently to my freshly fucked and swollen pussy. Fuck, I thought, his tongue is amazing. The sensations were overwhelming. I could feel the warmth of his lips and the gentle probing of my dripping hole. His long, soft tongue deftly mined the wetness from my vagina and occasionally darted across my throbbing clit. Each pass across my clit sent shivers through my body. Kevin could tell I was enjoying his work and made it a point to tease me with the occasional hum on my clit. That little pervert was like a human vibrator.

Kevin had amazing stamina when it came to cleaning my pussy. He made it a point to always clean it perfectly, never leaving any of Mike’s potent seed inside me. This time, as Kevin finished up, he pulled my hips closer to his face and began to tease my throbbing clit. He would alternate between humming directly on it and gently sucking. I knew if this kept up, it would not take long for me to cum, which is what I think he desperately wanted. The feeling was amazing, so I did not stop him. I let Kevin tease and play with my womanhood for as long as he wanted. His humming soon became stronger, his sucking stronger, then BANG! It was like a bolt of lightning had struck me. My pussy contracted down to the diameter of a pencil. My clit stood straight up. My body stiffened as if I was a rock. Then I began to convulse violently in orgasm. My hands instinctively grabbed his head and pushed it deep into my groin. My legs wrapped around his neck in a death grip. My body curled into a ball, dragging him with it. My whole insides felt as though I was being electrocuted.

I dug my freshly painted nails deep into his skull as if to make sure he would become a permanent part of my crotch. My heels slapped his back, as if I were telling a horse to go faster. I began to squirt. I had never done that before. My vagina was producing huge volumes of liquid right into his mouth and I did not care if he drowned, I just wanted the feeling to continue. All the while, I could feel his long, soft tongue probing deep inside me. This was not like any orgasm I had ever had before. The initial hit was like a bolt of lightning, but then it the rolled through my body in waves, like thunder rolling through a valley. My body shivered uncontrollably. Slowly, I began to come down from the most amazing orgasm of my life.

After what seemed like hours, I released my human sex toy from its grip. I looked down between my legs. Kevin was soaked, his hair totally messed up. Cum, squirt and other, never-before seen liquids covered his face. He looked like he had been beaten up and drowned all at the same time. He gasped for air and coughed. I fell back onto the bed in my afterglow. A few minutes passed before I felt something between my legs. It was Kevin’s amazing tongue gently probing my ass. I looked down at him and asked him what he was doing. He told me that he had only cleaned half of me and that he wanted to make sure he did a good Escort job. He wanted to be sure that he did everything to make me happy. I rolled over onto my stomach and propped a pillow under me so that he had a clear pathway to my ass. Kevin’s tongue darted around my hole collecting every drop of Mike’s cum. He then probed my asshole just as he had done to my pussy. The feeling was overwhelming. No one had ever eaten my ass; it was something I could now never do without. In fact, I found myself having little mini orgasms with each probe.

When Kevin finished, I rolled over and told him to straddle my body. Kevin put his legs on either side of my body and looked down at me in amazement. I do not think he had ever been in this position before. I looked down at his little pink, sock covered penis and told him that he had done a great job tonight and that I wanted him to jerk off. He grabbed his penis with his thumb and forefinger and began to jerk furiously. As he did, I made him look into my eyes. I asked him if he enjoyed watching Mike fuck me. He said yes. I asked him if he enjoyed Mike treating me like a whore and using both of my holes in front of him. He stroked harder and said he did. I then asked if he liked cleaning Mike’s potent seed from my holes, knowing that his would never be inside me. Kevin’s body trembled uncontrollably as he loudly said yes. I then told him that if he loved me, he would cum on demand. I told him I was going to count from ten to zero and when I hit zero, I wanted him to cum. Kevin squealed, “yes ma’am”.

Ten, nine, eight… Kevin threw his head back as he two-finger masturbated his pink, sock cover penis. He was stroking as fast as he could. Five, four, three… He began to squeal uncontrollably and shake. Two, one, zero… CUM, CUM you little pervert! Show me how much you love me, I demanded. Just as I said cum, Kevin did exactly as he was told. His body stiffened and his back arched backwards. For a second, he stopped breathing. Then his body shook violently until he bent totally forward, almost laying his head on mine. Kevin ‘s orgasm was the strongest I had seen him ever have. His body thrust forward and back a couple of times until he slowly sat back up straight. We both looked at his penis at the same time. White goo oozed from every pore of the pink cotton sock. Kevin’s volume of cum far surpassed the socks ability to contain it. Soon a thick drop appeared at the tip, then slowly stretched out, till it dropped onto my chest, between my tits. It was not long before a second, larger drop formed on the sock, then dropped next to the first.

Kevin looked at me sheepishly, as if he were in trouble. I looked down at the growing puddle between my breast, then pointed to it and told him that he knew what he had to do. Kevin bent down and slurped twice, then cleaned the remainder off me. I looked up at him. He looked content, happy, and comfortable. As I starred at him, the orgasm he had just given me, ran through my head. It was earth shattering, life changing. It was something I had never experienced before, but with all my heart, I wanted more just like it. If I were a judge, he would be sentenced to life, with his tongue deep inside me. He made my pussy explode in ways it had never experienced. My twice raped asshole felt waves of relief, as he expertly consoled it with his tongue. Whatever Kevin was, he was someone who knew how to use his tongue in ways that would send a woman into a bliss they had never experienced.

Without any warning, I found myself taking his hands in mind. I pulled him down towards my body. As his face got closer to mine, I took his head in my hands and pressed my lips upon his. Our mouths parted slightly. His amazing tongue slowly and softly began to dance with mine. His warm lips felt wonderful. As his tongue darted across mine as my mind imagined it back inside my wanting pussy. Fuck, I thought, Kevin kissed as well as he gave head. We kissed passionately for quite a while before he sat back up and just stared at me.

We both looked down at my stomach. It was covered with his cum. When I had pulled him down on me, his little cum filled pink sock had been pressed between our bodies. He looked embarrassed, but I told him that it was fine. He slid down my legs and bent down and cleaned my stomach the best he could. As he finished, I pulled his face back to mine and kissed him again. This time, his kiss came with a salty treat that I was happy to share. After our kiss, he stood and put his underwear back on. Within seconds, the cum from his now deflated, cum soaked sock, had already begun to soak through. He slipped his pants on then came over and stood next to the bed and looked down at his crotch. At first, I did not know what he wanted. Then it dawned on me, he wanted me to press his pants against his body. I reached over and pressed my hand into his groin as hard as I could until a huge wet spot appeared. He smiled broadly as he left my room on his walk of shame down the hallway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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