Kiara Likes Her Daddy Ch. 02

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I’d like to express my appreciation to my editor KenjiSato, for his support and expertise so willingly given. I felt pretty confident about this one, but once again you showed your quality.

I wish to thank you, the readers, that voted on my story, and the commenters. I’m new to this, so I certainly appreciate it. LordDean, I felt a little threatened by your comment, so here you go!


Kiara put on shorts and a top, giving her firm tits, a beautiful rounding, her cleavage showing an ample view to whomever was interested. She told herself that she didn’t do it for her Daddy. It was summer, and she happened to like wearing tops. Hers were not large and saggy, like her Mom’s, but well-shaped, perky breasts.

She threw her nightgown into the laundry basket, on top of her dad’s t-shirt and socks. A step closer, she saw his pants, and groped over the dried-up spots around its crotch. A tingle went through her, straight to her pussy. She smelled his pants carefully; sniffing her father’s masculine scent.

All night, she had been tossing and turning in bed, replaying the incident between them in her head. She had been afraid that her mother would ask questions about the blobs of dried semen smeared all over her skirt. She had washed it right away.

Tossing her dad’s pants aside, she felt an exciting urge to have breakfast with her dad. Quietly, she walked down the stairs, so as not to disturb her mother, who had been working a night shift. Walking into the kitchen, the smell of fried bacon greeted her.

“Good Morning,” she surprised her father, hunched over the counter. He wore a pair of khaki pants and a blue button-down t-shirt. She’d seen it before.

“Hey! I have fried bacon with eggs for you,” he said cheerfully, sweeping a hand through his wavy, brown hair; she couldn’t see anything offbeat about his matching brown eyes, nor the smile on his face.

She nodded contentedly and sat down on the wooden chair.

“There’s also salad, baby.”

The breaking of her bread, the sipping sounds of her father drinking his coffee, the clock on the wall–they all testified to the silence at the kitchen table. She hadn’t spoken to her father since he had shot his cum onto her yesterday.

“That boy giving you trouble?” Philip tried to get a conversation going, aware of the tension between them.

“No, I broke up with him,” she said. “Or, he with me. Not sure,” she added, seemingly uncaring.

Philip laughed softly. At least that was good news. He couldn’t stand having to look at him one more time, after what he’d tried with his daughter. She deserved better than that boy.

Kiara’s bare feet slid across the cold tiles forward, bumping into her father’s leg. “How was your night, Daddy?”

Kiara giggled, as she watched her father’s jaw grind, his mouth full. She waited for an answer, sweeping her foot up his leg. “You shouldn’t take too much hay on your pitchfork, Daddy.” Her toes pressed up against her father’s crotch, when she pronounced the word ‘pitchfork’.

Philip’s face turned red, almost choking on his food.

Kiara just smiled, a warm tingling went through her, as she rested the weight of her left foot on her dad’s dick.When her eyes met his, and felt his hands on her legs, she smiled affectionately. “I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you, too, pumpkin. Are your legs tired?”

She still smiled when she answered. “No, Daddy, they just like to be near you.”

“It’s not right,” he mumbled, pushing them off his lap.

“My feet are cold.” And with those words, she pushed her foot back in between her father’s legs.

“Ohhh,” he sighed, in amazement. He had been tossing and turning in bed that night, just like his daughter. His cock was still stiff that morning, when he got up. It didn’t surprise him that he felt his dick wildly jerking up, pumping full with blood. It was as if his penis was always on standby near his daughter.

Kiara carefully laid back the scraps of egg that had fallen from her bread, smilingly searching for his eyes.

Philip rested his hands indecisively on her leg. A soft growl sounded in the kitchen, as her toes rubbed along the length of his hard-on.

Opposite him, the wooden chair scraped over the hard tiles. Kiara got up and walked over to her father. A sensual look in her eyes. “Is there still room for me?” she asked, flushed. They both looked down, his knees wide apart, the tent in his pants clearly visible.

“You can sit on my leg,” he answered, with his hoarse voice, almost unintelligibly.

Kiara saw and heard a different side of her father, and that pleased her greatly. It was the kind of a voice a man would have when he was involved in some sexy fun with a woman. She straddled him, giving him a soft kiss on his mouth. “So, how was your night? Did you sleep well?”

Philip heard none of the words. Her firm, soft legs resting on his; her perky, soft breasts pressed against his hard stomach. Her soft belly pressed into his erection–he nearly came right then.

“Honey,” he began, porno izle but was cut off by Kiara’s finger pressing against his mouth.

“Let me guess,” she spoke softly, both her hands fumbling with the buckle of his belt. “You beat your big Daddy cock all night?”

“No, of course not,” he chuckled indignantly. “And stop inappropriately touching your father!” he added nervously.

“I have always liked the buckle on this belt.” She stared down at his golden belt buckle and the brown leather. “It would look great on blue pants.”

“Yes,” he hissed.

With trembling hands leaning against his plate, he saw his daughter deftly unfastening his buckle. The belt laid limply on his erection, which was quickly grabbed by her, bumping her hand against his bulge. He moaned, Kiara giggled, unfastening more of his belt, then letting it hang to the sides of the chair.

“Isn’t that better?”


“How about your pants, Daddy? It looks kinda cramped in there. Isn’t that uncomfortable?”

“No, that’s okay, honey. The belt was just a little tight on my belly–“

“I’m not talking about your belly,” she looked at his erection, and then looked back at him, flashing a smile. Her fingers stroked his bulge, which immediately jumped up. One of her fingers and thumb slowly lowered the zipper. The pressure she felt behind it, felt so urgent, a manly need, impatient to be freed.

She heard her father clear his throat when she V’d out his fly. The black cotton boxer briefs stretched so far off his body she was able to see the first few inches of her father’s penis inside.

“You have a fly in your boxers!” she gasped out. “So fancy! That’s nice for your cock, Daddy. You take good care of him,” she giggled. “It must be convenient when you go pee.”

Philip’s eyes shot back and forth between her spread legs, hating himself for wishing she was wearing a skirt that morning. The feeling of her darting slender fingers on his hard flesh drove him into madness.

“It can be convenient now as well…” she whispered with a mischievous smile. “Let’s give him some room, Dad,” Kiara whispered softly, opening his fly.”Big cocks needn’t be hidden all day.”

Philip knew showing his penis was a boundary they shouldn’t cross.”You can’t, I’m your fath–“

“I want to see my maker,” her voice whispered tenderly, blinking her eyes, eager to see the one part of his body she’d only seen but once, in a fleeting moment, in the bathroom.

He watched helplessly as his cock jumped out from the hole Kiara had opened in his fly.

Kiara stared at it for a few long seconds; contemplating that it was her dad’s cock that was sticking out of his pants, hard for her, made her wild. Her blood-filled cheeks red, her pussy fluid was leaking profusely into her panties. She was toying with her father, how mischievously hot.

“I’m sorry, pumpkin…it’s not…Please…”

His words were met by a happy smile and her hand touching his shaft. She already knew he had a jumpy dick, so she grabbed hold of it, not letting it escape her hand. She felt it jerk and harden at her touch, pulsing and beating as hard as her heart did. She wondered if she could hear his heart, if she’d lay her ear against it. She giggled at her thoughts.

Philip, meanwhile, arched his feet forcefully, his nails scratching his flip-flops. His legs trembled under the weight of hers, his belly moved up and down fast with his irregular breathing. Never had a touch of a woman aroused him this much.

“Kiara, what are you doing?” he tried to convince her to stop.

“Meeting my maker.”

“It’s only–Aah!” he panted, his nostrils flaring wide as she moved up and down her hand, jerking him off.

“It’s so hard, and yet the skin is so soft,” she whispered in awe. “It’s so big, too. You’re so beautiful, Daddy!” she exhaled, excitedly.

Philip could only groan, his vision becoming blurry. He felt so guilty towards his wife, he had to stop his daughter. Stop her before he’d cum again. His hand reached towards her, but stopped dead in its track when she slipped off his lap, kneeling down onto the hard, cold tiles in front of him.

She then kissed his thick cockhead. It oozed pre-cum onto her lips right away, stunning her a little. Without restraint, she smeared it over the red mushroom tip of his erection, looking up at him, almost in admiration.

“Sw–Sweetie…no, my girl…Kiara…let go of Daddy…” His moans and panting interrupted his husky, pleading voice greatly.

“I’m not doing anything, Daddy.” Her eyes focused on his,as she removed her top over her head, carelessly tossing it away. Her unhooked bra followed.

Philip averted his eyes, but who was he fooling. He sat here, his dick sticking out of his pants, hard and throbbing, in his daughter’s caressing hand. They hadn’t even managed to make it through breakfast.

His eyes betrayed him, lingering on her puffy nipples. They were as hard as his erection, and bright pink, opposite the dark ones of his wife. He had no idea how long he’d stared at her. He altyazılı porno visualized her long, hard nipples in his mouth, sucking on them furiously, letting go of all his objections.

He suddenly saw her tits blocked by her covering hands. She looked up at him, almost shyly.

“They’re beautiful, precious,” he said.

Kiara swooned at his pet name for her. “Do you really think so?”

“Yes, I do,” he croaked.

“They aren’t that big, though.”

Philip felt his heart engulfed with fatherly love for her. She hadn’t been with any man before. If he was going to…to do this…he needed to accept everything that came with it.

“The big tits from porn, do you think that’s what a man like me desires?” He saw her eyes lighting up at hearing his words.

“Uhm…No, not that–“

“C’mere girl, and give your father a kiss.”

He thought he tasted his pre-cum on her lips, but her lips were so sweet and soft he didn’t care. He was going to show her how much he really loved her.

She was a great kisser, but he wanted more. Her hands leaned onto his torso, but his grabbed hold of her ass, pulling her up and down his lap, moaning through his nose as his erect penis poked her belly. Reaching down with his hand, he gently stroked her belly.

“Your skin is so soft everywhere,” he moaned, his appreciative words falling into her ear. He stroked her shiny blonde hair, sticking his tongue unceremoniously into her mouth.

She yelped in surprise, but to his pleasure, she accepted him. The clumsiness in the way her tongue danced with his, made him harder than ever in his life.

“You want this? You want this, little girl?” He didn’t need an answer. The carnal lust in her eyes for her father, was clear as crystal.

“Do you want to go to Daddy’s bedroom?” he asked, his voice rasp with desire. He wanted to give into his lust, no matter the cost. She wanted him yesterday, she wanted him today, she’d want him tomorrow.

“Mom is there,” she remarked, studying his eyes to see if he was serious. She was lewdly making out with her father, right under her mother’s nose. A wicked, exciting thrill took possession of her.

He chuckled. He was so horny for his daughter he had forgotten all about his wife.

“Wouldn’t it be fun, though? Having sex with Daddy, next to Mommy?”

“Dad!” Kiara exclaimed in mock anger, their eyes locking.

“Let’s go to your bedroom then, babygirl.”

Her heart beat wildly when he effortlessly lifted her nearly-naked body in his arms, his dick still sticking out of his open fly. “I want to see your pussy,” his heavy voice murmured. “I’m going to pull down your shorts and panties in a minute, baby. Would you like Daddy to do so?”

Her approving nod made his hazelnut-brown eyes twinkle, a smile forming on his face. Kiara’s heart leaped for her father, an intense desire to make him happy. What way to make him happier than to give him her body in the bedroom?

He dragged her up the stairs, but stopped halfway. He roughly pulled down her shorts over her bubble butt. How she had put on those shorts was beyond him. She cried playfully. He was silent, let her jump onto him again, and continued walking up the stairs. His babygirl was light as a feather.

“Be quiet now,” he whispered. Philip quietly walked in a slow pace past his bedroom door and his sleeping wife. If she was awake and only looked aside, with the door left ajar, or wanted to go to the bathroom, she would have seen her daughter, Kiara, hanging onto her husband’s neck. With her husband’s cock standing out of his open fly, hard and throbbing, leaving no doubt as to what they were up to. That risk, so thoughtless and foolish of him, and his little girl clinging onto him, trusting him, made his cock throb with excitement.

He walked further until he pushed open his daughter’s bedroom door. He couldn’t even remember the last time he was there. She was very adamant on her privacy. He imagined she didn’t mind now.

Laying her onto the bed, only covered in her panties, he gazed at her adoringly. Her velvety legs, wonderfully firm and soft, her flat belly, her breasts, all made to allure men. Her panties soaked with her moisture. He could smell the seductive scent of her pussy. “So pretty…” he murmured, more to himself, than to her.

He undressed himself, aroused by Kiara openly staring at his swaying balls, finally freed from their confinement.

The twin bed creaked, when he lowered his heavy body on top of her. He regretted not having made a bigger bed for her, when he did a few years ago. But back then, he didn’t know it was going to be used for fucking.

Kiara opened her legs for her father, looking expectantly up at him. The thought she preferred him over her ex-boyfriend, made him grin broadly. That stupid boy, he laughed silently. She was her father’s little girl, and he’d do anything to make his little girl happy.

Their lips met, passionately making out, while Kiara reached between their bellies. “Daddy…” she gasped. His cock throbbed in her sex hikaye hand. Her father was so hard for her.

“Do you remember I made this bed for you?” he asked, grinned at her. She smiled coyly, her fingers pressing his erection onto her belly. “I’m so glad I did,” he smiled happily. “It gives me the right to give it a good workout, don’t you agree? See if I did a good job.”

His words were met by her blushing heavily. He knew it was her first time, although he wanted to be sure.

“Are you a virgin, sweetie?”

She nodded shyly.

“Good girl,” he mumbled, and lifted up his body, looking at her most precious possession. He hooked his thumbs inside her panties and pulled them down rapidly. He ignored her gasp, and nearly came when he saw how tiny her pussy was, and how already wet she was for him. She was about to find out what that did to a red-blooded male like him, he thought, moaning softly.

He nibbled on her neck, and licked his wet tongue down her neck hard. Deeper, deeper, onto her belly. “Your skin is soft like flannel,” he moaned, blatantly stroking his cock. He came back up and sucked her perky breast into his mouth with devotion. His other hand kneaded her handful breasts in his large hand. He suckled and sucked her left and right alternately, playing with her big, stiff nipples with his tongue. What a cute little girl, he thought. And what luck she gets wet for her father. Kiara’s panting turned into a little high-pitched squeak, as the tip of his erection pressed against her pussy.

He wanted nothing more than to suck off her big teats, until they turned fiery red, but the smell of her excited pussy beckoned him. He knew, all too well, how strong an attraction pussies had on him. But he was sure, this was the most delicious pussy of all. Playing with his daughter’s pussy. How good could life get?

He leaned over her pussy, with his open mouth panting hard, peering at what his male urges craved so much. Her pussy was swollen, her labia wide open. If he wanted to, he could put his dick in her right now, in a single hard thrust.

There wasn’t a trace of hair. He wondered if she had shaved her pussy bald for him. He blew his warm breath gently over her labia. He looked up into his daughter’s tender, light-blue eyes. Running red, she trembled all over her body. He smiled reassuringly. “Just lay still.”

He gave her kisses all around her pussy, and when Kiara grabbed his hair, he swept his long middle finger along her slit.

“You excite me so much, Daddy!” she screamed.

“Quiet!” He held up his finger and sniffed her scent. “Hmm…my babygirl…”

His index and middle fingers slid across her slit, up and down, pushing inside a little bit. “Daddy…” she moaned softly, her eyes closed, pushing her own body into the mattress. “I love you.”

”Do you love me like a woman?”


She nodded, her mind at full speed. If her father’s fingers felt already this good, than–

“Ahhh!” she shrieked when her father pushed in the whole of his coarse middle finger.

“Quiet, or I’ll stop right now!” He knew he didn’t mean it. The only thing that could stop his raging lust for his daughter, at this point, was his wife. How many men didn’t have that secret fantasy of making love to their babygirl? Committing to that one sweet girl that had been calling you Daddy all her life?

Reflecting on the previous years, he could not remember ever getting excited by her. But he knew, that from that day on, he would never be able not to get excited. Just by hearing her voice, he would forever be reminded back to her sultry, little voice, as she laid in bed with him that one morning.

He wondered if it would actually be only once. If so, he’d better make the best of it. A memory to jerk off his cock to, hard.

He added a second finger, slowly moving up and down into her hot and wet, little hole. Her pussy immediately clenched down onto them, sucking them in, leaving Philip amazed. After years of fucking his wife’s cunt, Kiara’s pussy felt impossibly tight to him. He was curious to find out what it would feel like to push his hard cock into that wet, tight, little hole of hers. He thumbed her clit, smiling softly as he watched her cover her own mouth tightly with a hand.

His fingers picked up the pace, fingering her at a brisk pace. He looked up to see her pretty face, as he ducked and pressed his slippery tongue hard against her clit without warning. Her legs clamped around his head in response. He wasn’t sure if he was going too fast, but with his nostrils so close to her wet pussy, he couldn’t restrain himself. He licked greedily, playing with her hard nub with the tip of his tongue.

His fingers almost-two-knuckles deep, he hooked them to the top of her vaginal wall. He was so proud when he felt the swell of her g-spot. His fingers stimulated her there, his tongue gently licking and sucking her clit.

He didn’t expect it, but his daughter came, the wet fluids pouring out of her pussy. Her nails dug so hard into his skull, it was almost uncomfortable, but the nectar squirting between her legs was worth it. “Yes, cum for Daddy,” he encouraged her, growlingly. “Do you like that, Princess?” He quickly put his tongue onto her clit again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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