Kim and Me Ch. 08

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Ch. 08: A Saturday-morning blowjob and breakfast

You’ll enjoy this more if you read chapters 1 through 7 of “Kim and Me” first.


I drifted slowly awake. No, I didn’t wonder if yesterday was all a dream, no, I didn’t think that this was just some kind of fantasy. I was instantly aware that everything was reality because I was brought to consciousness by the feeling of Kim crosswise on the bed with her head on my tummy, gently sucking my morning erection.

“Good morning, Kim. You’re one hell of an alarm clock,” I said.

Kim stopped sucking me (damn!) and looked up at me and smiled. “I wanted to get the day off to a good start,” she said. “And this is probably the best way I can think of to do that.”

“I’m not going to argue about this,” I said.

Kim went back to sucking me. It was soft and slow, unlike a lot of what we’d done the night before. I moved my hips gently back and forth. Kim had the head and an inch or so of shaft in my mouth and was massaging and lightly pinching my urethra at the base of my erection.

I was getting fairly hot and I started stroking Kim’s back and ass. She moved her leg and took my hand and put it on her pussy, which was already wet. I wet a couple of fingers and slipped them inside of her. She was so wet and slippery, I figured “What the hell?” and put all four fingers a couple inches into her. I moved them up and down, getting my hand all gooey, then I massaged her clit. It felt wonderful having my hand covered with Kim’s pussy juices and she responded with noises and little twitches. Kim didn’t stop sucking, though.

I felt my orgasm swelling. It blossomed suddenly and without fanfare. Kim pumped her head up and down, going fairly deep. Her mouth filled with my cum and she held it there while she pumped, making things smoother and slicker. My shaft was covered with a shiny gloss of semen. I stretched and made a small moaning sound and tightened the muscles in my thighs and butt to push the last drops of cum out of me, then dropped back to the bed with a loud groan.

Kim pulled her head off of my cock, licked her lips, and looked up at me. “Good morning, sailor!”

I pulled her up to me and gave her a huge, hot good morning kiss. There were a few bits of semen on her lips and chin and I licked them off, then kissed her again. Kim’s breath was hot and had a wonderful smell of my cum. We stayed there kissing, with her half on top of me, until the softening of my cock made hydraulic pressure a bigger and imminent problem.

I looked at Kim and said “I love you. That was the most amazing wake-up call I’ve ever had. And I’ve got to get to the bathroom in the next 15 seconds.” Kim smiled impishly me at me and said, without moving, “Are you suuuure?” “Yes!!” I said and slithered off my side of the bed and dashed for the toilet.

A couple minutes later, disaster having been averted, I reappeared in the bedroom. Kim was sitting in the middle of the bed. “I snuck out while you were still asleep and took care of that already. I wasn’t sure if you were going to be able to finish before you had to break for the bathroom, but I must say that the buildup sure gives you a mighty hard cock.”

I crawled back into bed and pulled her down with me. “You’re mighty inspirational and I doubt I could have pulled myself away from that, even if I’d wanted to.” We snuggled and kissed for a while. Our hands roved over each others’ bodies as we did so. I’d just cum and was feeling relaxed (although I could feel a slight swelling again from all the attention Kim was giving me), but Kim was still very hot and hadn’t climaxed as far as I could tell.

I cradled Kim’s shoulders in my left arm and started playing little arpeggios on her stomach and pussy with my right hand. Kim was clearly enjoying herself and I loved giving her attention. True to form, her pussy was getting sticky and wet. I licked my fingers to taste her (incredible!) and to moisten them with a little more saliva. Kim cocked her left leg and pulled her ankle out to the side with her left hand so I had unobstructed access to her. I ran my fingers down her slit and back up, and Kim leaned her head back and half-purred, half-trilled. I curled my middle finger inside her and then the fingers on either side and pushed them into her pussy. Kim made another noise, a little louder.

I leaned over and kissed between her breasts and down towards her stomach. My fingers were working squishily into her pussy. I started focusing on her G-spot, curling my middle finger so that it ran across her G-spot every time I moved my fingers in or out. After half a dozen strokes, I got it just right and Kim bucked once or twice and made a loud “Nnnnggggh!!” noise. She kept twitching and moaning every time I stroked her G-spot, but it became less extreme in comparison to her overall level of excitement. Kim was arching her back and making delicious incoherent grunting noises at this point. I was forcefully fingerfucking her pussy by now, really digging my fingers into her, and Urfa Escort Kim was loving all of it.

I moved my left arm down to the small of her back and lifted her stomach up to me. I was kissing around her navel and holding her up with my left arm… and my right hand, truth be told; I was pulling up firmly. Kim’s pubic mound was pushed hard into my hand with each in-stroke and bits of white, gooey cream were leaking out of the bottom of her cunt. She smelled heavenly, but I figured I’d eat her later. Stopping now to lick her would only destroy the momentum we’d built up. I kept kissing her stomach and the top of her pubic mound, but no farther.

Sticking my thumb out so it rubbed her clit when I stroked was the thing that sent Kim over the edge. She suddenly said “Oh, fuck, fuck, FUCK! Gnnnnngggghhh!!!” Her hips flew off the bed and she fucked my hand as I pumped into her hot pussy. I jammed my fingers in and out of her as fast as I could. Kim was so creamy, there was no resistance at all. Suddenly, I felt Kim start leaking a little and a few tablespoons of very hot, clear liquid hit my palm and dribbled down my wrist and her crotch onto the bed. Kim shrieked and was almost completely arched off the bed as I fucked her with my hand. She suddenly collapsed and jerked my hand out of her. Kim kept going “Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaah!” and twitched and jerked. Her eyes were shut and she had pushed herself over to the far side of the bed and halfway off it, but she didn’t notice.

Kim stopped twitching, but she still had her eyes tightly shut and her hands pushing herself away from me and everything else. Her thighs were clamped together. What little I could see of her pubic hair was as damp as if she’d stepped out of the shower.

Kim opened her eyes, took a deep breath, and said “What did you do to me?”

“Did you like it?” I said.

“It’s a level of cumming that I don’t even have words for.” She paused. “You made me squirt, didn’t you? That was it.”

“There was very little squirting involved,” I replied, “but yes, it was a G-spot orgasm. You squirted a little fluid, so yes, you squirted.” I held up my hand and showed her where she’d ejaculated. I licked a drop or two off my wrist and said “It tastes completely different from what you taste like normally. Not that that’s bad, you understand, but it does.”

Kim reached down to the top of her damp pubic curls and ran a finger through the hair to moisten it. She smelled it and licked it and said “You’re right. It’s very thin and almost like water. Or fresh sweat.”

“Yup, that’s about right.”

“I didn’t know I could do that,” Kim said.

“It’s my understanding that almost every woman can with the right stimulation. You seemed to be open to the idea, so I figured I’d just try and see what happens. The worst thing that might’ve happened is that you got really hot and came really big while I kissed and fingerfucked you, so what the hell?” I smiled and wiggled my sticky, fragrant fingers at her.

“I felt like I was losing consciousness at one point. That was beyond-words-amazing.” Kim ran her fingers through her hair, which was slightly damp with sweat. “Can we do that every time?”

“Probably. Certainly can try if you’d like,” I said.

“I think I’d like to try again this evening if you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t mind, honey. You’re very pretty when you cum and there’s nothing I can think of that I’d like more than to know that I’m giving you the biggest sexual thrill of your life.” I mimed buffing my nails and looked smug, but I burst out laughing when I caught Kim’s eye. “Of, fuck it, honey, I think it’s unbelievably, indescribably sexy and I’d love to watch you shoot all over the place.”

“What do you mean, ‘all over the place’? How far are we talking about?” Kim asked.

“It really depends from person to person. It can be quite impressive for some folks from the videos I’ve seen, but I’ll bet they’ve been doing it a long time and are really trying for something that’s rather gushy.”


“Yes, some of them,” I replied calmly. “But the more you squirt, the bigger you feel it. It’s like that with guys, too, although very few of them shoot liquid out in the same quantities. But any guy will tell you that the bigger and stronger and longer they ejaculate, the bigger the orgasm.”

“I think we’re going to explore this slowly and carefully,” Kim said. “The idea of being two or three or ten times as wet as I get now is not entirely appealing; I’ll feel like I’ll never be able to have sex without a pile of towels and a hose. On the other hand…. almost passing out purely from cumming is pretty damn cool.”

Kim rolled over and hugged me. “Enough of that for the moment. What do you propose to make me for breakfast?”

“The kitchen is open and requests will be given strong consideration, but if I might make a recommendation to madam, the chef is fond of making omelettes with sharp cheddar cheese and snips of fresh tarragon, sourdough Urfa Escort Bayan toast, and extra-thick bacon slices cooked on the crunchy side. Oh, and French-press coffee, of course,” I said.

“Mmmmmm, that sounds wonderful, sweetie.” Kim gave me an extra squeeze. “But would you think the less of me if I said that I like my bacon chewy rather than crispy?”

“I’d bear up somehow, I’m sure. How many slices would you like? Bearing in mind that I don’t like sleeping on a full stomach.”

“You have probably been waiting years to use that joke,” Kim said derisively. “And three slices will be plenty, thank you.”

“You’re welcome to hit the shower while I get breakfast started, princess.” With one last kiss and a little tongue play, I got up and walked into the kitchen. The breakfast menu I’d rattled off to Kim was actually not a big problem and was close to what I made for myself in the mornings, though I usually saved bacon for the weekends or after I’d gotten back from a trip and was taking it slow.

I put half a dozen slices of bacon on a small cookie tray and put them in the oven with a 15-minute timer. Cooking the bacon in the oven is much cleaner, I’ve found: I don’t have splatters of sizzling hot bacon grease all over everything, which can be painful if it lands on naked flesh. Next, I cut several slices of extra-sharp Vermont cheese and minced a tablespoon of tarragon leaves from the bunch of tarragon in the vegetable drawer. I whisked five eggs with a schlag of milk and poured them into a warm cast iron skillet, laid the cheese on the top, and sprinkled everything with the tarragon and a little salt and pepper. A cover on the skillet and turn the heat down to low and voila! a gourmet breakfast with no muss, no fuss. Slices of sourdough bread went into the toaster oven but I wasn’t going to toast them until I was ready to serve.

Finally, but most importantly, coffee went into the French press and I hit it with hot water from the insta-hot tap. While it steeped, I pulled mugs from the cupboard and doctored them appropriately. Bearing steaming mugs of fresh coffee, I knocked on the bathroom door and then entered.

Kim was showering and I could see her looking scrumptious: slick, wet, and covered with suds as she washed her hair. I said “The coffee’s here.” Kim poked her head out of the shower and took the proffered cup and took a large swallow. A look of deep happiness crossed her face and she said “Oh, I needed that!” She handed the cup back to me and said “Thank you, sweetie,” and resumed rinsing her hair.

I took a big swallow of coffee myself. My ex-wife used to say the definition of Heaven was where coffee tasted as good as it smelled. This was definitely getting to the outer regions of grace. I set both mugs down on the counter and knocked on the shower curtain. Kim said sharply in a thickly accented voice “Ve’re not home to strangers! Vot do you vant?”

“Breakfast is started. Is there room for two? I’m not trying to start anything, I’m just wanting to shower with you.”

Kim looked at me and “I’m not entirely sure if I should feel pleased or disappointed that you’re not going to start anything, but sure, come on in, the water’s fine.” I stepped carefully into the shower (not bothering to dress before starting breakfast had at least one advantage). We held each other and kissed. Kim said “You taste like coffee and you smell like me. That’s a mighty powerful combination,” and she kissed me again. “I’m about done so let me slither around so you can get the bulk of the water.”

We swapped positions and I wallowed under the hot water for a moment, then picked up the soap and scrubbed myself lustily all over. Kim used the excuse of rubbing in the thick soap lather to feel me all over and generally be a Bad Girl. I commented on this and Kim said, without stopping, “You going to stop me, mister?”

“Mmmmm, nnnnooooo, I was just reporting, not commenting,” I said.

“Hokay!” Kim kept slathering the soap suds around on me.

Kim had that scrumptious wet-otter look. I ran my hands over her front and copped a brief feel, which got an “Mmmmmmm” from her. I quickly lathered up my hair, rinsed, and said “I’m ready to hop out. You?”

“I’m done.”

I turned off the water and stepped out to reach the towels. I handed one in to Kim, who started drying off, and used the other on myself. I took another swallow of my coffee and said “I’m going to check on breakfast.”

I still had about three minutes to go on the bacon, but I turned the oven off. The omelette had been on a very low heat so it wouldn’t overcook or burn and it was puffed up beautifully. The cheese was melted and it smelled heavenly. I pulled plates out of the cupboard, got silverware and napkins, and walked back to the bedroom.

Kim was snapping her jeans as I walked in, but she was still topless. I paused and stared. Kim smiled and said “Never seen a naked girl before, eh?”

“Not one nearly as pretty as you,” I replied. “And your Escort Urfa boobs are absolutely gorgeous.”

Kim curtsied slightly and said “Thank you!”

“As much as I like admiring your many finer features, I came to get a robe for myself and to tell you that breakfast is ready.” I got the kimono I’d been wearing the night before from the clothes rack and put it on. It’s fine eating nibble stuff in bed nude, but it just seems a little tacky to me doing breakfast that way. Nearly nude, on the other hand, was merely “not dressed for the rest of the world yet.” Go figure.

“Go ahead and just put the kimono on; that’ll do for a top for the time being,” I said.

Kim looked at me mischievously and said “How about if I come to breakfast topless?”

“I’m sure I’d manage somehow,” I replied, “although it’s going to be distracting. I figured I’d get the kimono on so I wouldn’t be completely bare-ass naked.”

“No, I’d like you to stay naked,” Kim said. “You’re not the only person in this house who likes staring at naked people.” Well, so much for being tacky. And what the hell? I got to look at Kim’s incredible chest without clothes in the way. I was at a loss to come up with something that outweighed that.

“Okay, sweetie,” I said. I hung the kimono back up on the clothes stand by my side of the bed. “It seems to me that you’re getting into being more exhibitionistic in a really big way. Again, I’m not objecting, you understand, just reporting. And yes, it is fun.” I held out my hand, which Kim took. I pulled her to me in a delightfully chesty embrace. “Would you care to join me for breakfast, my dear?”

Kim kissed me and looked me deep in the eyes and said, “Yes, I would. It’s smelling wonderful.”

In the kitchen, I started the toast. I poured us both more coffee and pulled the bacon out of the oven. It was perfect. I doled out three slices each, then sliced the omelette down the middle and laid it on the plates as well. The toast was ready and I grabbed two slices for each of us and said “Butter and marmalade and strawberry jam are already on the table.”

We carried our plates in and silverware in and sat down facing each other. Kim and I buttered our toast. She went for strawberry jam and I had the marmalade. She took a big bite of omelette and a look of bliss crossed her face again. “Wonderful!” she said when she’d swallowed happily. She bit the toast and then took a bite of bacon and washed everything down with a mouthful of coffee.

“What was that phrase about ‘Oh, Marlene’ you mentioned last night?” She shoveled another large bite of omelette into her mouth and chewed and swallowed.

“It was ‘Oh, Marlene, sell my clothes, I’m a-going to Heaven!'” I said. “But this being a meal, it’s better described as ‘simply foogasmic.'”

Kim swallowed a bite of toast hastily and giggled. “That’d be it,” she said. “You’re a great cook. Someday you’re going to make some little woman very happy.”

“I’m doing so well with you; I might call it a win here and now,” I said, flirting back at her.

Kim’s eyes got a little brighter. “Could be a possibility, sailor; I certainly like the cut of your jib,” she said a little huskily.

“I’ve always wondered why the cut of a jib was important to anything. A jib sail’s a jib sail, after all.”

“You know, I’m not sure, but it gives me an idea for something we might look do this weekend. I’ve a friend with a 41′ boat who lets me borrow it whenever I like. It’s a powered sailboat, but I don’t know enough about sailing under sail power to take it out on my own, so I just keep the sails furled and use the engine. That much, I know how to do fairly well. When I get back, I just make sure the tank’s filled up and he’s happy.”

“That is an excellent idea! If the weather holds, let’s do it! I’ve never been out on the bay in a boat. Ferries, yes, plenty, but not a small boat,” I said.

“Where did you learn to put tarragon into omelettes? It’s really good.”

“A friend told me about it years ago as a way to avoid salt when making garlic bread. She and her husband had to restrict their salt, but they found that the tarragon made the flavor comparable without adding too much sodium. I tried it and discovered I really liked it, so I add tarragon to eggs frequently. That or fresh rosemary.”

Kim smiled and added a little more jam to a crust of toast before daintily nibbling one of the ends. “Like I said, you’re going to make some woman very happy. Possibly sooner than later.”

Despite taking time for conversation, we had done a pretty fair job of inhaling breakfast. Both of us were getting down to the last bits of toast and scraps of egg. Kim still had a slice of bacon some egg and I had most of a piece of toast, but we were close to done. We spent the next couple minutes in relative silence, chewing, swallowing, and washing things down with coffee.

I split the last of the coffee in the press between us and added a little cream to both our mugs. I felt delightfully full and said so. Kim picked up her coffee, sighed happily, and leaned back slightly in her chair. Her arms were up in such a way that her breasts were visible and I was enjoying the view without pretense. Kim smiled and said “Like what you see, mister?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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