Kira’s New Adventures Ch. 07

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Leena was driving Peter’s Bentley car. Peter was on the back bench and Dina was on the floor at his feet sucking him shamelessly like a lollipop. Her mouth was sore. Since they had left the center of London, she hadn’t moved : just Leena and Peter exchanged places whenever one had cummed and Dina had cleaned him or her. Dina was anxious to have some respite. She was in urgent need to pee and they didn’t seem to be ready to let her relieve herself.

At that moment, Peter exploded in her mouth filling once more her oral cavity with his rich and fragrant seed. The last droplets that had finished at the corner of her mouth and on her nose were immediately massaged into her proud breasts. Her gorgeous melons and her pert bottom were the part of her body she loved the most. She had been a girl for just a few months now and each time she saw her reflection in a mirror, she was filled with enthusiasm! When her former wife had decided to give her a woman’s body and the surgeon had discovered she was genetically a girl, she was in heaven : Her breasts had developed at a breakneck speed. She had been told that they were perfectly functional. Leena had decided to have a doctor give her the hormone shots that would make her lactating. In two weeks, Kira would be inseminated with his sperm that had been frozen before the ablation of his balls. In about nine months, she would be a mother and would breast feed her own babies, babies who would share half his genes.

It was the Prince Kyrhan who had found the perfect place for her : she was to manage Peter’s house in London, a place he used about two weeks per month when he wasn’t on a business travel. Leena had her activities in B’ham and she couldn’t take care of two distant homes. Moreover she had an Indian lover there who monopolized as much oh her time as he could. When Peter would organize a party in London, he wouldn’t have to ask Gupta to make Leena available.

Moreover, some of Peter’s foreign friends could drop anytime in his house even when he was in Birmingham, now. Dina couldn’t wait for the visit of Kyrhan, Dan or Kira. It would be a pleasure to entertain them. Kyrhan has such a huge dong! God, Dina could receive it in her ass and her mouth but he would never fit in her reconstructed cunt. Neither was Dan (she had verified it : it was too painful) but Peter was perfect : her cunt was the perfect sheath to his cock. He touched exactly her cervix when he was embedded to the hilt.

When Kyrhan had presented her to Peter, she was wearing a marvelous empire green gown that was extremely body hugging. She had chosen it to prove Peter she was really a woman. He had been enthralled and had proposed her to come home for a drink. It was the first time in her life that a man invited her for a drink. When she had gathered her spirits, she had immediately agreed, said goodbye to Kyrhan, taken her coat and placed her arm around Peeter’s arm. She thought everyone watched them as they left the restaurant but it was probably their difference of age that puzzled spectators. Peter must have been fifteen or twenty years older than she was and she had still the appearance of youth. They were just jealous!

They arrived to Peter’s home in an ebullient mood. The drink was very good vintage champagne and she really enjoyed such a luxury. When she replaced her flute on the table, she turned toward Peter who was just near her. Their eyes met with an enquiring look. Peter had a fleeting hesitation and covered her mouth with his. Her heartbeat roared up. She had never been kissed that hard as a woman. Kyrhan had been quite cautious until he had concluded she was really and completely a woman.

As Kyrhan had given to Peter all the needed assurance, Peter had given up any caution. She was kissed as a woman! He caressed her neck and her earlobes as he would a girl and he started to fondle her opulent breasts and her ass cheeks through her gown. She had been a man and she knew exactly how he would expect her to react but her body reacted automatically as it would have if she had always been a girl. She immersed herself in the fantastic feelings. It was so much more enjoyable to be a girl than to be a simple man!

Peter peeled her gown from her body and she helped him as much as she could. When he discovered that, as he had expected, she was naked underneath, she reacted with an impish laugh and a mischievous glance. She was defying him to fuck her. Peter picked up immediately the gauntlet and took off his clothes in haste. He took her in his arms and carried her to the bed. For this occasion, she was glad to have that lithe figure. Peter lifted her knees and placed himself at the apex of her thighs. She arched her back to open herself completely to him. He plunged immediately into her, filling her.

The first time Peter had fucked her, it has been just as if fireworks had been lit up in her belly. It was the same pleasure she had felt when she was a man but it stayed longer, much longer. She had cummed a long time. There was canlı bahis just a peculiarity in her sex. When she had multiple orgasms, her love tunnel got somewhat tighter and she had milked Peter better than he had ever been. He had fallen asleep with his cock tightly sheathed into her. She had taken him in her arms and closed her eyes exhausted.

At dawn, she had been awakened by strange delicious feelings up her cunt. It had taken back its normal appearance and Peter had immediately resumed his back and forth movements. She had screamed in delight, begging him to fuck her again and again, harder and deeper. He had obeyed immediately to her ultimate pleasure. When he had sputtered what seemed like a gallon of cum against her makeshift cervix, she whispered to his ear endearment words :

– Peter, thank you, Oh thank you of having allowed me to prove myself as a woman!

– You are welcome, sweetie! You can prove it again that way any time! Frankly I hadn’t expected you would mould yourself in a woman’s role that easily.

– I didn’t have to play a role! I just let go and kept nothing. I knew how to satisfy you but my body was always a few seconds in advance. After you had kissed me, I didn’t try to think ahead anymore, just concentrated on my feelings and my instinct!

– Then I certify you’re one hell of a woman. If I wasn’t already married, I would propose you!

– Thanks, Peter but I won’t ever try to take Leena’s place. I want to be her friend, the girlfriend of both of you if you want!

They stood up and kissed fervently. They went to the dining room. Peter had put on a fluffy dressing gown but Dina had remained naked. Peter pointed out there were a couple of servants that could see her naked.

– I don’t care! Let them know you’ve picked up a new girl. Your standing should be significantly improved for them. When they’ll know I’m an important banker and that I’m ready to be seen naked with you, your prestige should be at its peak!

– You’re right, Dina! Is it your instinct, again?

– No, Peter, my manly experience!

– Good, I love all your reactions!

– Sorry to disturb you but we have a problem to tackle : I’ve really nothing to put on! I came with just my gown and my coat. I need you to take me home to change.

– Never, Dina! This is your new home! You don’t have to take anything from Consuela!

– It would be better, I think! She gave me rags. The gown and the coat were Kyrhan’s gifts. I must return him the emerald!

– I’ll take care of it! My credit card is ready to create you a suitable wardrobe for you, pet!

– First problem, my Lord and Master : I can’t put on my gown! It would be strange on a Monday morning!

– Pick something in Leena’s cupboards! You’re about her size!

– If we become friends someday, it would be OK but I don’t want for the moment. Let me have a look in your wardrobe. I’m pretty sure we’ll find something suitable!

Dina finally found a man’s shirt that fell down to her knees and a large belt that made twice the loop around her. She blocked the belt tongue as she could and put on her coat. She looked incredibly sexy and Peter’s interest grew immediately.

– You don’t have knickers!

– From your reaction yesterday evening, I promise you I’ll never wear any and no pants or panty hoses for me, either : just dresses, skirts, suspender belts and stockings or socks!

– Even in winter? It may be cold and windy hereby!

– I’ll manage! I should find wool stockings…

Peter laughed and led her in a shopping spree that cost him three thousand pounds but Dina had enough clothes for two weeks. She could wait for the next wash even if she changed completely every day. She told him That they should stop then!

– Your instinct is not that good! Girls may change clothes several times a day. You’ll most probably put on a skirt suit to go to work. If you come back home at noon, you may change to a more casual outfit. When you go back to work, you’ll probably wear at least another blouse or top. If you have friends back home or if you go to some sport club as most of the women I know go every afternoon, you’ll have to change once more and if we go to the opera or have a party in the evening, I want you in the sexiest possible outfit!

– Oh my god! I didn’t think to that!

– I want you to keep your lithe and thin figure, certainly not become a couch potato! So it’ll be one hour jogging every morning, aerobics, step and treadmill everyday after work. I’ll give you additional exercises soon : dance, hammam, massage, manicure, swimming pool and so on. You’ll soon be overbooked. I don’t want you to take a pound in the next twenty years… You are going to regret being a girl, I promise you!

Dina would take hours to put all these clothes in cupboards. She had bought sexy low cut dresses, long gowns and miniskirts, tank tops and sweaters, shoes. Peter had led her to a shop where they sold Indian clothes. She wasn’t very interested bahis siteleri but he put aside her protests.

– If Kyrhan comes to visit her, I want you absolutely always in sarees. If Dan or Kira come without him, the etiquette will be less stringent but when we spend a quiet evening at home with just the two of us, I would rather have you wearing a saree and chatting in Hindi, just for my pleasure. You should start learning it seriously and immediately!

Dina had immediately stopped arguing. She felt really attracted by this man! Was she in love with him? If that was the case, it was far different from the love of a man for a girl ; it was deeper and more complex : she wanted him to be perfectly happy, have all his desires fulfilled. If he wanted her in sarees, she would oblige. In fact, she would do anything for him.

They returned to the car to fetch a series of other bags. It was some sort of an initiation : she felt she really belonged to that house, to that man and she didn’t want a servant to mar that moment.

When she was a man, she had always been very fond of very high heels. The shopping spree had been an occasion to accomplish her dream. She had now a dozen shoes and as many sandals. She immediately exercised walking with them to made her hips wobble quite seductively as she walked. She had just to put her feet in the same line! Her first attempts in the street had been rewarded by whistles and applauses from a group of students. She had smiled and stopped near them.

Dina had felt like a college girl on a wild spring break party, teasing maybe fifteen students barely twenty! Dina had used her flirtiest smile and thanked them for their appreciation, leaving them mesmerized, deeply in love with her. Her cunt at that moment felt strange : it tickled and itched somewhat. Was she really aroused? She swept her tongue across her lips she had painted deep red in the morning, one of the few things she had taken in her purse. She made a mental note to go to a beauty parlor to learn how to apply perfectly her make up. Her thoughts went back to the students : Yes, definitively, she was aroused and ready to lead them to some quiet place where the fifteen guys would have total liberty with her. She felt really hot!

As she had told Peter, she had bought very few underwear items, a dozen camisoles , six suspenders and a heap of stockings. The sales assistant went crimson when she requested two cupless bras, just a thin band of lace outlining her magnificent tits. She had put one on immediately to the surprise of the assistant as well as of Peter.

– Why did you put it on? I doesn’t support anything! It’s meant for when we are at home or with close friends for a sex party and you are nearly naked, ready to be fucked!

– Don’t tell me you don’t have a hard on already just with the idea I wear a lacy bra without cups under this blouse. Your car is at two hundred yards and it has very dark tinted windows. There are plenty of pedestrians on the sidewalks. I dare you to fuck me in the car in the middle of the present crowd!

– OK girl but if I pick up the dare, I’ll lead you to this sex shop and you’ll end up with two remote controlled dildos up your cunt and up your ass and two tweeters on your breasts. I’ll have total control on you!

– OK, Peter! Just what is a tweeter?

– A vibrator to stimulate a girl’s nipples. I’ll make you cum in the middle of the street, or when you’re waiting to try something or to pay. It’s so heady that I think it will become a permanent part of your outfit. Imagine, I go to your bank to discuss with the director and I put you on a high for the duration of our discussion : twenty minutes or, maybe, more! You would be cumming continuously at your desk, in front of all your colleagues!

– Mmmmh! I cannot wait for it!

Dina’s wardrobe would be completed quite fast at that rate but she had been adamant : she wanted it to have a most feminine character : no pants or Bermuda shorts, no Jeans except a miniskirt. All the clothes she had chosen were in very bright colors : flashing red, orange and white. Most of her bags were in lacquered leather. Dina was extremely proud to be a woman and wanted it to be widely known.

Dina had been afraid to meet Leena. When they finally met in London, Peter’s wife alleviated the mood by hugging Dina and kissing her straight on the mouth.

– Kira has told me what your former wife has done to you! I wish we’ll be very good friends and share everything, Peter, of course but also everything else. I know your last experience with a girl has been disastrous. I just hope we can spend pleasurable moments together!

– If you’re thinking I would be adverse to jumping into a bed with you, here is my answer.

Dina took Leena’s lips by surprise. It had nothing to do with the little peck they had exchanged when they had met : it was a loving French kiss with exchange of tongues and saliva, reciprocal fondling of their breasts. They exchanged at this moment bahis şirketleri mutual promises of pushing one another to the limit of girl to girl love. Peter wouldn’t be excluded as both girls were deeply in love with him. Even Dina had to recognize it! But, now , whenever they would be alone together, there would be an attraction and itching that would push them together, looking for some hidden place to peel off the other girl of her garments before fucking her until they were both exhausted.

A few weeks later, they had gone together at the charity ball for Saint Barnabe hospital and both of them had their cunt and ass stuffed with a dildo. The remote control was in the other girl’s clutch bag. They laughed quite loud together as they switched on the vibrator and cut it down to low when they were about to cum. They paused for a photographer with their arms clutching the other girl’s waist. Neither of them could have dreamt of a more indefectible friendship.

Returning to the Bentley on the road to Birmingham, Peter was in a naughty mood. Dina was sucking again Leena and his wife was, as usual very vocal. Both girls felt totally protected by the tainted windows and the retractable roof. Leena had placed her feet on the back seat and had parted her thighs to offer herself to Dina’s clever tongue. Peter pushed a button and the roof folded into the hood, leaving both girls in plain view of the file of trucks the Bentley was overtaking. He reduced the speed of the car to let the driver discover Dina naked between Leena’s splayed legs with her skirt around her waist. Neither of the girls had tried to cover herself. The truck driver hooted in approval. Peter waved and bypassed the truck to present the same view to the next trucker.

As expected, the reaction was similar. Peter repeated the same scenario for the next two trucks. He then took the head of the line of hooting trucks. At the first empty service area, he indicated left and looked for a lonely zone. The four trucks followed him and parked nearby. Dina was still unshakably licking Leena. She just lifted her head when the car was surrounded by the four truckers. Peter winded down the windows to offer the truckers a better view.

– Are these sluts interesting you?

– Yes, for sure. How much do you want?

– Nothing! It’s for free but you must put on condoms and I have to be able to watch.

– Our cabins are too small for all of us!

– So use two adjoining trucks : one girl for two of you in each truck and you leave the window open so that I can watch the show!

– It can be done! Do you want to see your girls sandwiched or fucked by one guy only?

– I don’t care, as long as you fuck their cunts AND their asses! You may fuck them hard : they love it.

It was probably true for Leena who was experienced but not for Dina who had never been gangbanged. Peter just almost reluctantly emitted a limitation :

– For the dark haired girl, don’t use her cunt if you have a really big cock. She is still too tight! I don’t want her injured!

– A prissy tight cunt! I think I am going to really enjoy her!

Peter had decided the girls fate in a rather uphanded fashion. Leena’s reaction was quite foreseeable. She loved such surprises and the truck drivers were strong and far from ugly. Dina reacted quite differently : she watched intently the four men, wondering which ones would join her in a cabin. They all seemed very strong but she feared to have to accommodate someone too big for her little cunt. Peter’s limitation had calmed her fears. The two girls were lifted from their places, shoved into the cabins without ceremony. Leena’s clothes were ripped from her body while the truckers undid their garments. The truckers erupted in cheers and cat calls when she was as naked as Dina.

– Hey man! Both of your gals are real knock out. You could make a lot of money with them at truck rest stops!

– Maybe in the future, pals! For the time being, I just want them fucked by true men!

– You’ve chosen the right ones!

A black trucker just made Leena straddle him. He had an enormous cock, nearly as big as Kyrhan’s. He used it as a spit. In a minute, Leena was properly impaled. No one had taken any care of her ostensibly fake protests. As soon as the man had hit bottom, he told his colleague :

– Ron, it’s your turn, skewer this slut! We are going to spit roast her properly!

The man named Ron played his part with obvious pleasure. He was ready to share as he proposed to Peter :

– You can use her mouth if you want!

– No thanks! You can keep it to make you hard again afterward!

– Oh you offer us a double, thank you, sir!

Peter climbed down from the truck and went to the other one where Dina was to service the two other truck drivers. She had not resisted when they had pushed her into the cabin. She was also impaled on the two cocks. One of them was really big but his instructions had been respected : the biggest trucker had chosen her back passage.

– Sir! I’ve never met a slut that young with an ass as wide. She could receive a poney!

– But she has or at least something as big!

– My god! I would have paid to watch it!

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