Knicker Fun with Marie and Julian Pt. 03

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I looked inquisitively around at Marie and Julian’s quite spacious bathroom. I could hear Marie giggling from their bedroom next door. She had told me to wait for her in here whilst Julian and herself got things ‘ready’ for more fun and games together.

Slowly stroking my semi-stiff prick as I sat on their toilet seat. I admired the walk-in shower before my eyes settled on a laundry basket nestled in the corner. My heart and penis leapt with excitement, realising Marie’s discarded underwear lay within.

I stood and walked over, my erect cock bobbing erratically, and lifted the basket lid. Right on top of the pile of dirty garments was a clear bag with a note attached.

‘To my dear, sweet Nephew. Aunty Marie xxx.’

I eagerly picked the bag up, went back to sit on the toilet and looked inside. The aroma hit me first. That incredible entanglement of exotic perfume twinned with her unmistakeable musky odour of the sea.

I pulled out the contents to reveal a pair of dishevelled pink French knickers, shiny tan tights, black Cuban-heeled seamed stockings and a cream suspender belt.

I immediately proceeded to unroll the stockings and started to pull them onto my legs. Straightening them out, I stood up to don the suspender belt and attach the welts to the clasps.

Sitting back down, I was now stroking my veiny, thick prick rather considerably. I lifted the knickers and tights up to my nostrils.

Marie’s cunt juices and stains permeated my senses and my hand started to fly quicker along the length of my throbbing cock shaft. The gusset of her worn tights had an acrid tang to their aroma. And, I knew she had left piss stains on them for me.

I settled back on the toilet, lifted my leg onto the radiator so I could best spread my legs and wrapped her knickers around my pulsating prick.

Oh, such joy! My bum hole was twitching for attention as my heavy balls bounced against my perineum merrily in time with my strokes. I closed my eyes and lost myself in Marie’s sensuous scented gusset. Staining her French knickers with leaking pre-cum.

“Ooh! Now, that is a sight I have longed to see!” Marie’s voice, delightfully, interrupted my lust driven reverie.

“Oh, Marie! You smell SO good. I just couldn’t help myself.” I moaned.

I opened my eyes to see Marie stood there dressed in heels, white pearls and a full, sheer black nylon body stocking. It complimented her curvy, size sixteen figure beautifully.

It had openings for the chest so her big, heavy tits spilled out of the nylon confinement. I looked down to see it was also crotchless and Marie was sliding her finger over her prominent labia and clitoris.

I unwrapped the knickers from my swollen prick and gripped the base to accentuate my rigidity. It throbbed eagerly at the sight of Marie.

“Mmm.. How do you like those tights, my darling Rich? It seems to me that you like them a great deal.” She enquired with a naughty smirk.

“I love them, Auntie Marie. The smell makes me want to spurt my creamy cum so much.” I breathlessly replied.

“I wore them last night whist your Uncle Julian finger-fucked me through them as we thought of our dear young Nephew using them. He made me gush and cum so much, Rich. Afterwards, as you can probably smell, I went to this very toilet and had a lovely pee in them.”

She grinned as malatya escort she gazed lustfully at my angry, red penis.

“I think I’m going to shoot my load, Auntie Marie.” I moaned with excitement.

Her explicit explanation in her lovely, lilting middle-class accent was driving me over the edge, into ecstasy.

“Now, now, my dear sweet Nephew. Stop your playing, I need to chat with you.”

She approached me and placed her hand on my arm to cease my administrations.

“I’m sorry, Marie.” I panted.

I let go of my cock, leaving it straining, aching and pointing upwards.

“Now, Rich. Remember it’s Auntie Marie now. Uncle Julian and I are so glad you are here for the weekend. We do adore dirty fun and with that we do like to be clean also. Both, inside and out.”

She smiled down at me.

“What do you mean, Aunt Marie?” I asked. I was genuinely perplexed.

“Well, my sweet boy. You know how we love our bum holes diddled and played with? Well, Uncle and I do enjoy a lovely enema to clean us out, as it were. Do you know what that is, Rich?” Marie softly asked.

“I do, Auntie. I have read about them in erotic stories and, I have to admit, that when I did I wanted to play with my bum hole as well as my cock.” I giggled naughtily.

Marie laughed.

“True, the thought is very arousing. But, Rich, you really should experience the real thing.”

Marie then reached behind her and presented me with a large, red rubber bulb with a long, white plastic nozzle attached to it.

“This is an anal douche, Rich. Have you ever seen one of these before?” She queried.

“I have, Aunty.”

I was stroking myself again as I peered at the douche.

“Would you like Auntie to use it on you, my naughty, sweet Nephew? I promise you will love it. If you are at all like Uncle Julian and myself. Which I do believe you are.”

Marie cradled my balls in her soft hand as she spoke.

“Yes please, Aunt Marie.” I happily accepted, relishing her touch.

“Good boy. Now, this isn’t an enema as such. We just thought that this would be a perfect introduction for you. Stand up, my lovely boy.”

She motioned for me to stand, which I dutifully did. Marie lifted the toilet seat and turned me around to face the cistern.

“Now, straddle the toilet, Rich and lean on the cistern with your elbows. Raise that gorgeous, pert bottom for Auntie. You do look lovely in my stockings and suspenders. Yes, indeed!”

She grabbed my buttocks as I followed her instructions. I gasped as Marie parted my bum cheeks to expose my sensitive, puckered anus. She started to massage her finger around my arsehole which caused me to raise my bottom even more.

I moaned as I started to throb once again, my balls dangling over the toilet. I loved this stimulating position, I felt so exposed and aroused.

“I won’t be a minute, my dear Nephew.” Marie whispered into my ear before going over to the wash basin.

I heard her draw some water and sloshing and sucking sounds. Eventually, she returned.

“Let us get this lovely rosebud of yours nice and slippy first, shall we?” She breathed next to my ear.

Before I could reply, her finger returned to my back passage. But, this time cold to the touch, smothered with lubricant. She massaged me again before, slowly, inserting maltepe escort her digit fully into my throbbing hole.

“Oh, Marie.. That feels lovely. Finger-fuck my bum hole nice and slow please, Auntie.” I gently pleaded.

My engorged cock throbbed against the cool porcelain of the toilet.

“Good boy, Rich. I am going to use the douche now. Are you ready, my naughty boy?”

She deftly withdrew her finger making me gasp in delight.

“Yes, Auntie. You do make my bum hole feel so good.”

I spread my legs wider and raised my posterior in anticipation.

I felt the nozzle tease at my anal rose before crying out loudly, as Marie slid it all the way into my tight hole. She pumped the bulb, squirting the water deep into my bowels.

“Ooh! Oh! Aunt Marie! Oh, that feels wonderful!” I sighed with pleasure at the odd sensation of the lukewarm liquid filling me up inside.

She squirted again.

“How does that feel, my dear?” Marie cooed as she reached under and fondled my testicles.

“Mmm.. It feels really nice, Aunt Marie. I am starting to feel quite full.” I panted.

My cock was dancing like mad above the toilet. I desperately wanted to stroke myself to a climax.

“For your first time you have done very well, my sweet. It is rather a large bulb and you have taken it all in.”

She slowly pulled the nozzle from my anus. I sighed as my puckered hole retracted.

“Turn and sit on the toilet, Rich. Be careful and make sure you hold the water in. Tell me if you get any stomach cramps. How’s your bladder? Do you think you need to pee?” Marie softly enquired.

“Not yet, Auntie. But, I might soon.”

I sat on the toilet seat and immediately started to stroke my erection. I can honestly say I do believe it was the biggest I had ever seen it.

“Please do hold it in, my nephew. Uncle Julian would like to take some photos of us both in a bit. My dear nephew and I both pissing our lovely DK’s! Would you like that, Rich?”

Marie gave a filthy chortle with her question.

Her hand moved between her legs as she watched me slowly run my hand up and down my pricks length. She started to frig and flick her engorged clitoris in time with my joyous strokes.

“Oh, Aunt Marie. I would! My cock feels so good, Aunt Marie. I’m so glad I am with my naughty Aunt and Uncle. I love your knickers so much, Auntie. They always made me spunk so hard when you posted them to me.” I gleefully explained to my Aunt.

I slowed my hand down to delay my orgasm.

“I know, my dear, sweet boy. Uncle and I had a lot of pleasure thinking of you with my knickers. It’s so nice to frig my fat clitty in front of you now too. Ooohh! Oh fuck.. Rich? My horny boy. Your Aunt Marie is going to cream her hot cunt! Oh, my baby! Auntie’s going to cum!” She cried out, frantically, with joyous abandon.

Her fingers fucked her pussy until she tensed. She shook and moaned as she gushed over her hand. Fingers glistening with wet, slippery cunt juice. I was desperate to shoot my load too but, I then noticed that my stomach was cramping with the pressure of my watery contents.

“Aunt Marie? I think I need to let go of my water! Oh, Auntie! I can’t hold onto it much longer.” I wailed and squirmed.

My bum hole started to twitch in anticipation of evacuation. mamak escort Marie came over and held my head against her belly. The lovely smell of her cunt wafted up into my nostrils.

“There, there, my sweet. Let it all go. Let your peachy bum hole savour the sensation.” Marie stroked my hair as she cooed hypnotically.

The first jet of liquid burst from my anus. My cock responded quickly to this new sensation. The force of the water on my sensitive hole was beautifully arousing.

“Aunt Marie? Oh, it feels rather good! My bum hole really likes it, Auntie.” I moaned as I squirted the rest of my internal water down the toilet.

My hand returned to manipulating my stiffening prick. I pushed a couple more times until I was sure I had emptied fully.

“All done, Rich?” Marie looked down at me lovingly.

“I think so, Auntie.” I gasped as I teased my red bell end between my thumb and forefinger.

“Sorry to interrupt the playing of that lovely cock of yours, nephew. But, can you just stand up for a minute?” She smiled.

I obeyed her request. Marie peered into the toilet.

“Mmm. That is quite clear. Well done, Rich. You must have a very good diet.” With that she flushed the loo.

“Come on. Sit back down and let Auntie clean you up.”

Marie patted the toilet seat.

I sat back down as Marie retrieved some wipes from a drawer. She returned also with the pair of her knickers that I had been pleasuring myself with before.

“Now, let’s have my sweet nephew sniffing Auntie’s cunt smell again, shall we?” Marie giggled.

She enveloped my head in her knickers, positioning the gusset right under my nose. She pushed me back on the toilet seat before lifting both my legs into the air, exposing my crotch and bum hole.

Using a wipe she started to clean my anus. I moaned at the cold sensation on my tight hole and resumed tugging on my frustrated cock.

“Oh, Auntie! Between that on my bum hole and the lovely smell of your cunt. I don’t think I can last much longer. I need to cum so badly!” I moaned out to this wonderful woman.

“Goood boy! I think this may help you, my lovely nephew. Call it a returned favour for what you did to me, on the couch, in the living room.” She cooed again.

I suddenly felt her tongue encircling the rim of my anus. Such joy! I was so close now. My balls felt so good as they jiggled in motion to my wanking. Then Marie started to dart the tip of her tongue, expertly, in and out of my bum hole with quick precision.

“Oh, Aunt Marie! That’s it.. I’m cumming! Oh, Auntie! I want to fuck your cunt and wear your knickers! Ooohh..”

I oohed and aahed and moaned and wailed as an almighty orgasm took me over. I began to violently pump and spurt my creamy cum from my tightly drawn balls.

Marie suddenly lifted her head before swallowing and gobbling my spunk fountain of a cock. I bucked in her mouth as the last vestiges of semen drained from me.

“That did look like fun!”

Uncle Julian’s voice made me look up. He was standing in the doorway dressed in a open bottomed cream girdle, tan nylons attached and black high heels. His big eight inch prick was stiff and sheathed in black nylon, which was held in place by a cock ring. He grinned at me with a wink.

Marie lifted her mouth from my cock to look back and smile at her husband. A molten flow of my cum dripped from her dark, red lips.

“Are my lovely models ready yet? I have the camera!” Uncle Julian excitedly pronounced.

His nylon-covered prick starting to swell and stretch the gossamer sheath. He closed the bathroom door.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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