Kristi’s Dream

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This is a short story that includes two of the characters from the book Black Angel Chronicles: The Illusion Of Glicies.

All characters are over 18. Enjoy.


Abel laid there out like a stone. His body was so amazing, I couldn’t help but stare. I watched his chest slowly rise and fall as he breathed and without realizing it, I matched my breathing to his. Here I was again, so stupid, standing in his room in my little sex outfit I had gotten from my sister, his girlfriend.

I was horrible, my sister in some other world in prison, being tortured and who knows what, and all I could think about was hot wet her boyfriend made me. I took a step closer, as silent as I could. The only problem? My heart was beating to furiously and so loud, I thought it would wake up everyone in Divinus!

I forcefully crept closer and closer to his bedside, moving as quiet as I could. He still didn’t stir at all, which was a good sign. Just like before, I pulled myself into his bed, watching his eyes. He was out cold. Abel was such a heavy sleeper, which made this little encounter that much easier for me.

I curled myself up against him and felt the warmth between my thighs grow hotter. Slowly, I trailed a hand up and down his chest, which was a lot more toned than it used to be. He slept shirtless, of course. My guess was just to taunt me. He also only wore boxers for bottoms, again just to taunt me. Okay, so maybe he didn’t even know that I wanted him so badly, but still, I could pretend.

My hand glided down his stomach a little bit. Probably about four inches from his waist and I noticed something. Something twitched inside those boxers of his. The thought of turning him on, even a little bit, was almost enough to send me over the edge and drop my face right down to his crotch, but I controlled myself for the time being.

He was still peacefully asleep. God, he was beautiful. Once again, I moved his hand onto my chest and made him squeeze. I couldn’t help but notice another twitch. God Abel, why are you so perfect? And why the fuck did you have to be with my sister? Can’t you see that I want you so much more than she does?

I could do so many more things for you than she would, Abel. Just give me a chance, please? Of course he wouldn’t though, if he ever woke up while I was in bed with him, he would toss me out and make fun of me for being so stupid. Why was life so unfair?

Seeing as how he still hadn’t stirred at all, I decided to make another daring move. I cautiously slid my hand down his stomach and down to his thigh, VERY briefly gliding over Bayan Escort Gaziantep his amazing manhood. Even though it was brief, I felt him react. His shaft jumped at my light touch. Damn it, my panties were soaked already.

I squeezed his thigh gently, which granted me another twitch down there. This was amazing, just my touch was making him dance for me. I couldn’t help myself, I slid my other hand off of his holding my chest and down my panties. Just a quick touch couldn’t hurt any.

I reached down and felt my swollen clit. I rubbed it gently at first, but quickly lost control. I tugged at his thigh more, which made him twitch again. This time he had started getting hard and I could see the head poking through the opening in his boxers.

There was no helping it, I had to touch it. I reached over with my right hand and gently grabbed the tip of it with my fingertips while my left hand was racing back and forth over my clit. His cock instantly grew in my hand and more wetness flowed out of my.

I had to, I just couldn’t control myself anymore. I slowly wrapped my fingers around his big dick and slightly stroked it. I had seen him once before, when I ‘accidently’ walked in on him in the shower back when he was over for the night once, but then he was soft and limp. Now that he was at full attention, I could see how big he was. And God was he. I could easily put two hands on it and still not cover his entire length completely.

My mouth watered a little at the thought of plopping that tool in my mouth, but I had to control myself, even if it was just a little. Ah, fuck it, he was still nowhere near waking up, and who else would know if I just had one taste?

I eased head down to his waist, careful to watch his eyes and make sure he didn’t wake up. He was still totally gone. Good. I reached down and stuck out my tongue. It made contact with his head and I jumped back, my heart racing. Sure, I’d given head before, but I always imagined it was with Abel. Now, here I was, actually going to suck him off.

I swallowed my fear and excitement and went down again. This time, I kissed the head, then moved down to the base and his balls, kissing as I went. He twitched again and precum dripped out of the tip. I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked back up to the tip. Once there, I partly my lips ever so slightly and worked his cock into my mouth as far as I could. Which it turned out was not that far.

I gagged as silently as I could. Once I got over my spasm, I continued my work on his amazing dick. All the while rubbing my clit like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t keep it in anymore. Fluid gushed out of my pussy as I came for the first time tonight. Just as I did, I forced my mouth down on his cock and swirled my tongue around the head at the same time.

Once I recovered from my orgasm, I slowly started to work his cock again. I bobbed up and down slowly, licking up his precum as it came out. His hand gently rested on the back of my head as he did, and eventually his moans matched mine. I lost myself in the moment and began rubbing my clit again, this time sliding the occasional finger inside my tight hole.

Jesus Christ! Abel’s hand was on my head and he was moaning?! I pulled his cock out of my mouth and twisted up to see him. He was staring right at me. What the fuck was I going to do now?!

“Abel! It’s not what you think, I was just uh,” I started. “I mean, that is, I was in bed, and uh,” What the hell could I possibly say to get myself out of this one?? “Well, you see, we uh, and then you, uh, well,” my rambling continued.

“Shut up,” his soft, handsome voice replied. He reached his hand back up behind my ear and pulled me down to his lips. He kissed me so deeply and passionately, I thought I was going to die right then and there.

He pulled back only slightly, leaving less than an inch between our lips. His tongue reached out and licked my lips for me, then, he drew me closer and traced my top teeth with his tongue, sending shivers down my spine. I tried to kiss him back, but he pulled away, leaving me empty and alone.

His hand slid up my neck and pushed my head up, so I was staring at the ceiling. I was slightly nervous as to what he was going to do, but that was more just my nerves, and not that I didn’t trust him. I felt his hot breath on my neck and his lips just trailing over my soft skin up to my ear.

He gently bit down on my earlobe and my body trembled. He drew it in his mouth with his lips and flicked it with his tongue, and then kissed just below my ear. He worked his way down the underside of my cheek and to my neck excruciatingly slow. Each time he moved, he left the last spot he kissed feeling empty and needy, but brought whole new sensations to the next part on his descent.

He reached my collar bone and my heart stopped. Time itself stopped in that moment. Was he going to move down and kiss my chest? Was he going to stop and laugh? All my fears came flooding back. I could already here it: ‘You stupid little girl. Did you really think I could ever like you? I’m with Isabelle, not you.’ His words said in my mind.

He backed up and opened his mouth to speak. I knew it. “Kristine?” He asked.

“Uh, yeah. . .?”

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you,” he admitted. Before I could even reply, he lifted himself up, and pulled my down on my back beneath him in one fluid motion. His kisses on me resumed with a whole new intensity. At first, I felt passion and warmth, now I could feel an animalistic need for me.

My body shuttered beneath his need for me. For me! Not Isabelle, but for me. He needed me at this very moment!

His hands found their way to my breasts and squeezed so hard it almost hurt. Almost, but the waves of pleasure he was sending through me as he kissed my lips and caressed my chest drowned out any pain that might arise. Suddenly, he pulled his lips from mine and kissed my cleavage. I couldn’t stop the moan of need that escaped my lips at his sudden departure.

I grabbed his head and pulled him back to my lips. Once he stopped resisting and resumed kissing me, I reached down and ripped down my top, revealing my perky c-cup tits. His hands quickly found them again and squeezed and massaged them. Then his fingertips found my nipples and started rubbing and gently squeezing them.

His hard cock pressed at my soaked panties as he pushed his body against mine. I pulled myself to his ear and whispered so quietly it was nearly inaudible: “Go ahead. Fuck me Abel. Fuck that virgin pussy that’s been waiting for you for so long!”

He didn’t hesitate, his cock was out and my panties pushed to the side before I could even finish. His big head rubbed between my pussy lips, against my clit. Another orgasm rushed over me, leaving me desperate for more attention. I pulled his face down onto my tits and he graciously kissed and sucked my nipples.

I couldn’t stop myself, he was teasing me too much. I shot my hand down to his cock and aimed his straight for my hole. He took the hint and thrust inside of me. My pussy painfully stretched around his width. “Oh God! Fuck!” I yelled as I moaned.

“Baby you’re so tight, I fucking love you!” He whispered hoarsely in my ear. The desperate need in his tone made me all the more wet. It only took about a second for the pain to dull and the pleasure to take over. Or maybe the pleasure was just so great that I forgot the pain. Either way, his huge cock in my pussy felt amazing.

“Kristi, are you almost ready to go?” Martinus’s harsh voice called as he walked into my room. I laid sprawled out in my bed with my hand down my pants.


“You still in bed girlie? It’s already morning, time to wake up!”

“Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute,” I breathed in disappointment. A dream. . . It was only a dream. Damn the cruel reality of it all.

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