Kyle and Mona

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The rain is falling lightly, misting, making it almost impossible to see out of her thin wire framed glasses. Mona was a very pretty girl, she did not possess the striking beauty of a model, but she could hold her own. Dark auburn hair framed her round face, beautiful blue eyes that always gave her away, a delicate nose and soft pink lips. Her skin was very fair which made the contrast between her dark hair and light complexion very appealing to most.

Ducking into the bookstore, she can feel the warm air envelop her, almost like a hug from a friend. Usually she would start at the romance section, but with her current mood, she opts for something a little less stimulating. Walking back towards the lit section of the store, she spies a very handsome man sitting on the floor looking at a book. Her feet seem to have a mind of their own and before she knew it, she is standing beside him. Their eyes meet and he smiles softly.

“Hi, my name is Mona” she says in a voice that is barely audible.

“Nice to meet you, Mona, I’m Kyle”. Blue eyes, which is all she sees, his amazing blue eyes. Her eyes leave his for a moment, so she can look at him. He is beautiful. Thick, short brown hair, full lips, light complexion, a neatly trimmed beard and his amazing blue eyes. He is about three inches taller than she is, which is always a turn on for her. He appears to be a little younger than she is, but that is okay, age has never been an issue for Mona.

Kyle notices that Mona is checking him out, “Hey, would you like to get out of here and go for coffee”

Surprise, is the response he gets and before she can reply, Kyle gently takes her hand and tells her, “Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you.”

The rain has stopped, but the dampness is still in the air. Kyle and Mona start toward the coffee shop a few doors down from the bookstore. There is silence as they walk. The comfortable silence that usually does not happen when first meeting someone. Reaching their destination, he reaches for the door and opens it for her. Mona smiles sweetly and thanks Kyle. Mona ordered a large green tea and Kyle ordered hot Urfa Escort chocolate.

They make their way to the back of the shop, taking seats at a corner table. As they sit and drink, Mona’s foot slowly began to move to Kyle’s leg, up his leg and nestled softly against his crotch. Instantly, Kyle became hard. He had never been touched like that before, in a public setting anyway and it makes him tingle in ways he has never experienced before. Pure lust is what he sees when he looks into Mona’s blue eyes. Neither one says a word; they finish their drinks and stand up to leave. Kyle is visibly aroused which makes Mona’s bottom tingle. They walk out of the shop and head for a local no-tell motel.

Mona’s hands are on Kyle’s face, gently caressing his cheek while her soft lips brush against his. Pulling Mona closer, Kyle’s hands begin to roam further down her voluptuous body. Over her womanly curves, her heavy breasts, her full hips and ass. His hands gently kneading her ass cheeks, he pulls her harder into him. She can feel his hard on pressing into her just above her pussy. Her hands move quickly from his face to the bulge in his jeans. A moan escapes Kyle’s lips as Mona’s hand starts to rub his aching cock.

Undoing his belt and the button on his jeans, Mona can smell him. The smell of his pre-cum is already permeating through the room. Falling to her knees in front of him, she pulls his pants and boxers down to his feet. Kyle steps out of them and stands, naked from the waist down. Taking Kyle’s rock hard cock into her hands, she slowly licks the mushroom shaped head, the tip of her tongue running lightly over his pee hole. Her right hand gently caressing his balls, she slowly takes him into her warm tight mouth.

Mona’s head bobs and her left hand began to stroke on Kyle’s slippery shaft, following her mouth, up and down. Kyle’s hips begin to thrust; he starts to fuck her mouth, his hand goes to the back of Mona’s head and he holds her in place while he moves his cock hard into her mouth. Mona’s pussy is dripping, she is moaning loudly and Kyle decides it is time to show her a little Urfa Escort Bayan attention.

He grabs a handful of her auburn hair and pulls her to her feet, pressing his mouth hard against hers; he shoves his tongue into her mouth. His hands move to her tits, groping them through the fabric of her shirt, Mona moans softly. Kyle pulls her shirt off and drops it to the floor, he undoes her bra, and her tits release from the confines of the white lace bra she was wearing. Kyle’s mouth moves down to her massive tits, taking her pinkish/brown nipple into his mouth he gently bites down, rolling it between his teeth, pulling and licking as he bites.

Backing up toward the bed, Kyle lays Mona down and begins to pull her black pants down; she raises her ass as he pulls them down and off. Kyle’s eyes focus intently on the clean-shaven pussy in front of him. Mona’s legs spread as her hand runs between her tits, down her tummy to the soft folds of her glistening pussy. Her slender fingers part her cunt lips, exposing her swollen clit and inviting fuck hole. Kyle’s mouth begins to water as he watches the buffet on the bed run her fingers over her wet slit. Mona pushes her index finger into her hole, moving in, gently wiggling her finger around the inside of her hot cunt. She slowly pulls out her drenched finger and begins to suck the sweet cream.

Moaning softly, she feels Kyle move between her legs. His tongue begins the assault on her clit. Nibbling, sucking, biting, pushing two fingers deep into her cunt, running in deep. Mona’s moans become louder as her hips move to meet his mouth. Kyle rubs his face all over her went cunt, his face glazed with her juice he pushes another finger inside her.

“Oh my God, Kyle, more, give me more,” Mona whimpers.

Always willing to please, Kyle does what she asks, he slowly presses a forth finger into her tight cunt. Lapping at her clit while finger fucking her with four of his fingers. He decides he is going to go for five, slowly he plunges his hand into her, and he is still while her body adjusts to the hand that is filling her burning cunt. Slowly Escort Urfa licking her throbbing clit, gently easing his hand in, moving slowly in and out as low almost animal like moans emanate from deep within Mona, he feels her stretched pussy grip his hand. She starts to move, impaling herself on his hand while he pumps in and out, fast and harder than before. Biting her clit, her swollen little nub between his teeth, and the tip of his tongue flicking it, she begins to scream and explodes her hot cunt juice all over his hand.

Gently pulling his hand out of her ravaged pussy, he moves his body up onto hers and kisses her mouth deeply. She smiles at him and says, “Now it’s your turn, you need to get off and seeing that my pussy is the size of a small country now, I would suggest you fuck my ass”.

His cock jumped at the thought of being rammed deep in her tight ass. Kyle tells her to get on her hands and knees; he moves quickly behind her and smacks her ass hard leaving a red welt on her cheek. Pressing his rod against her tight hole, he grabs her hips and pushes himself into her. The pressure from her tight hole is almost unbearable as he moves his cock all the way in, his strong hands grip her hips and he pulls himself almost all the way out of her ass before slamming back in.

The headboard is banging against the wall harder and the moans are becoming louder as Kyle feels his balls begin to ache. He fucks Mona’s ass harder and faster, deeper in then out. Her tight ass gripping him like a vice, Mona’s screams are becoming more intense as she begs him to cum in her ass. His balls release their load and his cock fills her tight little pucker hole with his sticky cum.

shaking from the intensity of his orgasm; he slowly withdraws his cock from her ass. She crawls over to him and slowly begins to lick and suck his dirty cock clean. After she has cleaned her ass off his cock, she climbs back up his body and kisses his beautiful face and looking deep into his beautiful eyes.

“Are you doing anything this weekend?” he asks her.

“No. I’m completely free.”

“Maybe we should keep this room for a couple more days then?”

“I’d like that a lot,” she says. She curls up against him. His cock is still hard, pressing against her belly. She closes her eyes and sighs contentedly.

*Thank you, T.A.H, you have helped me more than you will ever know*

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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