L and Me Ch. 04

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I hope this is worth the wait. I hit a roadblock in how to finish it up. It’s short, but most first times are. Enjoy!


I worked my tail off to get to this point. After days of planning, and hours of pleasing and being pleased, you finally told me the words I wanted to hear, that you wanted me to be your first. L, it was worth every second.

I didn’t take a break after eating your slick pussy out. I couldn’t. I was harder than calculus, and there was not going to be a better time. After a five second pause to make sure I’d heard you correctly, then to bask for just an instant in the thrill of being given the ultimate green light, I got down to business. First, I moved you back up the bed so that your head was on a pillow. Second, I positioned myself on top of you. I wasn’t going to waste any time. It wasn’t until my cockhead was poised at your opening that I realized I didn’t have a condom.

I mean I didn’t have one at all. I’d forgotten to pack protection! For one cold gut second, I thought that was it, I’d blown it, and I was never going to get a hard on again for any reason after this… until you read the look that was still forming on my face and whispered, “It’s all right baby… I’ve been on the pill for a few months, just in case this should happen. Get inside me, and don’t hold back.”

Well. That was all I needed to hear. Your pussy was still flooded from our earlier shower foreplay, and somehow, I hadn’t lost my erection in the panic attack. It was time.

My cock was at your entrance once more. I simply looked down at you, kissed you, and pushed, letting your brief grunt of pain, and the sigh afterwards, bursa escort flow past my lips. I was inside you… I was where no man had yet gone. Holy HELL were you ever tight.

As good as I felt, I think you enjoyed it even more. You were gasping, sighing, moaning… and I hadn’t even pumped yet. When I began my slow cycles of in and out, your heart rate bounced, and you flushed a deep red. Moving slowly at first, I felt as though I could feel every single surface of flesh inside your hot, wanting pussy. Before long, you were encouraging me to push harder, faster, stronger. I did not keep you in suspense. I began to piston into you, shaking the bed, slapping our loins together. The feeling was very intense. It was actually a good thing I’d already cum once, or I wouldn’t have lasted.

After your pussy had adjusted to having a cock in it, you stopped me. Wordlessly, you rolled me over, straddled me. I allowed you to do so, because frankly, I couldn’t wait to see your gorgeous D’s bounce in my face. Once you’d reinserted me (no challenge there, your slit was so wet), you began riding me, quickly, right off the bat. Groaning simultaneously, we were almost in a trance at this point, a self imposed confine of arousal, where all we felt was each other’s bodies moving, grinding, slapping together, feeling everything around us, and shutting out all else. Your breasts, in a sight I will never forget, were launching themselves nearly to your chin, then spinning circles on your chest as you bucked on my cock. Finally, after watching them spin, I grasped them firmly, saving you the trouble of fondling them yourself. They were bursa escort bayan beyond fucking heavenly. Your whole body was beyond fucking heavenly.

Then you came again. Your body shook and rolled, clamping your pussy on my cock and shaking it, milking it, though I hadn’t cum yet. A few moments more, and you fell over on me, your breasts and hair in my face, and your juice running down my balls. Speaking of balls, it took some to say what I said next.

“Now I’m going to fuck you doggy style. I’m gonna fuck you hard, and fast, and we’re going to cum together. Don’t you dare go limp on me yet.”

You looked up at me, your eyes focusing… then replied, “Keep fucking me, and I’m going to pass out on you.”

“It’ll be after the most monumental orgasm you ever had. Get on all fours.”

You finally used what strength you had left to roll off me, but you landed on your stomach. I decided to test your limits a bit, and gave you a quick slap on the ass, saying, “C’mon, get that thing in the air.”

You fucking moaned! I spanked you again, and your face got a look similar to when I’d eaten you out last, so I kept it up for a while. I alternated cheeks, how hard I hit you, and eventually switched the timing, so that you didn’t know what was coming next, and I had you panting for more. It was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen; I’d had no idea you loved being spanked.

Gradually, while I did this, your ass rose off the bed. Once it was fully in the air again, I slid right in behind you and stroked my cock into your tight little snatch. Your head came up in a big bursa merkez escort hurry then, and now I was just plain ready to cum. If there was something sexier than the sight of you getting spanked into readiness, then throwing your head up and your hair back when I penetrated you, it must be reserved for greater beings than we.

“You like getting abused a little, huh?” I asked, playfully.

“Ohhh, fuck I love it… pull my hair, please? Not hard, just a little…” you gasped back.

Grinning like a prize toolbag, I reached out and grabbed your long, black mane. Your gasp told me I’d done it right. Using your hair as reins, I began to slam my cock into you, hard as fuck, right off the bat. The sexiness of the sounds you were making blew my mind. I spanked you one more time, then let go of your hair, grabbed hold of your hips, and just began pounding away, my thickening cock driving into you, and your gasps getting higher and higher. The feeling of bouncing off of your round, perfect ass was sublime. Just as I was sacrificing a hand off your waist to reach and grab your tits, you began shaking.

And at long last, I let myself go.

With a pair of inarticulate roars, we came simultaneously, my cum flooding your drenched pussy, while your walls slammed down and juiced my cock for everything it had. I’m sure they heard us in Arizona. I swear to God I saw stars.

When I came to, you were just waking up yourself. You’d passed out same as I did. Groggily, we made our way to the pillows, and curled up together, no more in love than we were before… again, that just wasn’t the idea… but certainly closer, and happier for the experience.

“So, what do you think?” I mumbled, after a few minutes of exhausted silence.

You turned to me, looked me in the eye, and said something I’d never forget.

“That was the single greatest experience of my life. Are you ready to do it again, by any chance?”

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