Ladies of the Bordello Ch. 4

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Double Penetration

Simone’s Tale Part 2: Her First Client

I sat nervously as the madam stared at me carefully. She was an older woman, yet strikingly beautiful. Her age was unknown by the ladies in the bordello and her face gave no hints. Her hair was pinned into a neat bun other than a few tendrils curling around her face. She was dressed in a very sophisticated red business suit that made it seem like she was on her way to an office instead of running a bordello. She sat quietly at her desk, observing me for a moment. I was completely intimidated by her…

Cher sat next to me, giving me moral support. I sat quietly, saying absolutely nothing.

“So why are you here, my dear?” Madam Nadia asked me with her beautiful accent.

I cleared my throat and began. “Well ma’am… Honestly, I am not doing too much with myself right now. I have sex with guys and for what? Absolutely nothing. After Cher told me about this place, I thought that maybe I could actually get something out of it other than a quick orgasm and I only get THAT if I am lucky.”

Madam Nadia sat quietly for a second before a soft chuckle escaped her. She smiled at me and said, “You’re cute. I think that I like you already.”

“Does that mean that I have the job?” I asked hopefully.

“Not yet,” she said, rising from her chair. “Let’s see what we are working with here.” She walked over to where I sat and gently pulled me from my seat. She nodded in approval at the short skirt that I wore. “You have very nice legs…. Not too big, but not chicken legs either. Nice and long. The men would love that.” She continued her investigation… “Beautiful skin…lovely eyes…like a cat’s…. Beautiful hair…. Full breasts… bra size?”

“34 D,” I stammered, looking at the madam.

“Not bad,” she said, nodding her head. “Trimmed or completely shaven?” she asked suddenly.

“Trimmed,” I answered quickly.

“Keep it trimmed nicely,” she advised me. “A big bush is tacky and it gets in the way of the men who like to…..dine in. Don’t deny yourself that pleasure, my dear. Been tested?”

“Yes and I am negative.”

“Great. I want papers,” she said before continuing.

I listened and nodded my head as she spoke to me, giving me little details about her home and the services given there by her girls. She explained that she gets twenty percent of what the ladies made, but that it would definitely be worth it because it pays the utilities and keep the fridge full. “Any hobbies or things that may prevent you from working as needed?” she asked me.

“No ma’am,” I answered.

“You should hear her sing,” Cher chimed in. “She has a beautiful voice.”

“Is that so?” the madam asked, looking at me. “Maybe one day, I will hear you sing.”

I grew warm under the madam’s close scrutiny. “Sure,” I said after a moment. “Does that mean that I have the job?” I asked her once more unable to hide the excitement in my voice.

“Why certainly dear,” she answered with a smile. “You’ll begin tomorrow evening. I’ll have your room prepared for you by then. And I hope that you have sexy clothing.”

“I sure do,” I told her, silently grateful for a credit card and Victoria’s Secret’s gift certificates.

I smiled and shook her hand, thanking her for the opportunity to work for her. Cher and I calmly left the madams office before having a joyous explosion once we closed the door. I immediately took the long drive back to my cousin’s and started getting my clothes together. I wanted to be fully prepared for the next night.

When I made it home, I told my cousin that I would be gone for a few days. I wanted to make sure that I could go through with this before I actually gave up my permanent home. He was cool with that and I was on my way back to the bordello the following morning.

Cher and I had lunch that day before I moved into my new room…..

“I thought that she was going to ask me to strip?” I said over my chef salad.

“I thought that she would,” Cher told me sheepishly.

“I think you just wanted to see me naked,” I told her after taking a sip of my iced tea. “But it’s cool though,” I told her after she sat in an embarrassed speechlessness with her face turning red. “I enjoyed you.”

She smiled then, relieved. “I enjoyed you too,” she admitted. “Maybe we can do it again sometimes,” she then said.

“I would like that very much,” I admitted to her with a smile. She smiled back at me and I felt warm all over.

“So are you nervous about tonight?” she asked.

“Actually, I am kinda excited,” I confessed. “It’s just sex. The only difference is I’m getting paid for it now.”

“The thing is,” Cher began, “you don’t want to be run of the mill, sweetie. They can get a fuck anywhere. You have to make them want to come back to you. Make it special for them, ya know.” She was quiet for a minute, before she burst, scaring me in the process. “I GOT IT!!!”

“You got what?” I asked, putting my hand over my rapidly beating heart.

“I know what you can do,” she said, smiling canlı bahis with satisfaction. “You can sing to them!”

“Oh, shut up!” I said with a laugh, shaking my head. “That is a hobby. Nothing more.”

“But, girl, you have such a ravishing voice,” Cher debated. “I think it would work.”

“I’ll think about it,” I uttered. “But I am not promising you anything.”

“Well, think about it at least,” Cher said, looking at me.

“OK, OK,” I said, rolling my eyes. “Can I finish my sandwich now?”

* * * * *

After a good lunch and a little Tae Bo workout in my new bedroom, I took a shower and slipped into my purple satin thigh-length kimono robe. I then pulled a stool out of the corner and placed it in front of my dresser. I was in the mood for a little music. In spite of what I had told Cher and the madam, I WAS a little fidgety and playing on my keyboard always soothed my nerves.

I sat in front of my keyboard, turned it on and turned it up. My fingers effortlessly and eagerly found and roamed over the ebony and ivory colored keys. My eyes drifted shut as the melody to Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky” filled the air. I was soon relaxed and lost in the music as my fingers confidently caressed the keys on my keyboard. I had become so wrapped up in the music that I didn’t even notice when the madam came into the room until she spoke my name…


I jumped and my fingers wavered at my keyboard. I turned it off and stood up. “I’m sorry if it was too loud, Madam.”

“Just a little,” she agreed, with a small laugh. “But nobody is complaining. You play beautifully, my dear. Lessons?”

“Self taught,” I informed her. “I have always loved music. I love playing the piano but I guess that I will have make due with my keyboard.”

“Patience, dear,” Madam Nadia said to me. As an afterthought, she added, “Maybe you play for us all one night.”

“I would like that very much,” I conceded with a smile.

“It would be a delight,” Madam Nadia said with a smile.

My heart did a little flutter when she gave me a playful wink as she left my room. It then dawned on me that I had a small crush on my ‘boss’! I shook my head knowing THAT would never happen.

I then cleared my dresser of my keyboard and put it in the top of my closet. I then carefully selected what I would wear for my first ever “client”. I decided to go with my lace camisole and matching thong set with a thigh-length peekaboo lace robe done in my signature color… purple. I got dressed in my nighties and tied the belt of the robe into a cute little bow. I then sat back down in front of my dresser and applied a little bit of make up…. a light blush and a little eye shadow. I then glided a nice coat of a deep colored and flavored gloss across my lips. As an afterthought, I lined my eyes with a dark colored eye pencil to accent my almond-shaped eyes. I then put my hair up in a bun and added two purple chopsticks to my hair to play up my Oriental ancestry.

I looked myself over in my mirror and was pleased with what I saw. But just to be positive I went to Cher’s room to get her opinion….

“Girl, you are ravishing!” Cher exclaimed, walking up to me with a big smile. She closed and locked her door before coming to me and wrapping her arms around me. “I could just-”

“Call down, girl,” I told her, backing away from her with a laugh. “I just did my make up, you freaky thang you. I don’t wanna mess it up”

She laughed a little as she walked over to her dresser. “Ready for tonight?” she asked as she applied her eyeshadow.

“Yep,” I told her optimistically as I flopped down onto her bed. “It’s really no big deal.”

“Did you think about what I suggested?” she then asked me.

“What?” I inquired. “ Singing to them?”


“I’m still thinking about it,” I told my friend. “Just not tonight. This is my first night and I just want to see what kind of guys we are dealing with.”

“I guess I can understand that,” Cher said as she untied her robe and took it off, displaying her pink stretched lace & chiffon baby doll night gown. There was a knock on her door. “It’s time.”

We journeyed downstairs together and sat at the saloon style bar as men slowly began to arrive. I watched as some girls sat and coyly flirted with them as others boldly walked up and claimed men who I guessed were their regulars.

My eyes soon locked with the most ravishing pair of green eyes that I had ever seen. He stood next to a plush love seat, towering over, making it seem small. He stood a couple of inches more than 6 feet…. broad shoulders…… dark blond hair… bronzed skin….. chiseled and handsome features. He looked at me with those emerald eyes and smiled at me, making me smile back at him.

I had to have him!

I glided from my seat and made my way over to him. “Good evening,” I said in the sexiest articulation that I could summon. “I’m Simone.”

“Well, hello there, bahis siteleri Simone,” he said in a sexy baritone timbre that seemed to actually caress my skin. “I’m Robert. Would you like to join me on this love seat?”

I thought to myself that I would like to do a whole lot more than join him on a stupid couch, but I simply said, “I would be delighted to join you.”

We sat and made small talk for a while. He told me that he was divorced. He also told me that he was a business man and a little about his business. I told him that I was an aspiring songwriter. I was still enjoying the light conversation when Madam Nadia spoke.

“Good evening, gentlemen. I am Madam Nadia and my girls and I welcome you to our home. My girls will take good care of you, BUT you also have to take good care of them. We aim to please but we don’t mind if you please us s well. You gentlemen may now retire with the lady of your choice…and you all have a wonderful evening.”

Robert then stood and held his hand out to me. I delicately slid mine into his and he gently lured me to my feet. I held his hand as I guided him up the stairs and into my room. “Kick your shoes off and make yourself at home,” I told as I closed my door.

As he sat down on the bed, I went to the stereo that was neatly hidden away and popped in a tape of music that I had made on my keyboard. As the music filled the air, Robert nodded his head in approval. “Nice,” he commented with a sexy half grin.

“Thank you,” I said, taking pride in my work. I then casually strolled over to him and stood directly in front of him. “So tell me, Robert…. What do you like?”

“Beautiful…..confident… women such as your self,” he answered, gently tugging on the belt that held my robe closed.

When he pulled the belt fell free of its bow, my robe fell open. Robert then ran his hands under the robe and placed his massive hands on my well-rounded hips. My skin grew warm where his strong hands caressed my back. His hands then went to my shoulders and gently pushed my robe from them.

The satiny fabric felt like a soft caress as it glided down my arms. I felt breathless as Robert pulled me even closer to him. Unable to resist anymore, I seized his face with both hands and pulled him toward me so that I could test out his beautiful lips. I couldn’t fight the moan of delectation as his tongue urgently wrestled with my own. I began to unbutton his shirt as my tongue toyed with his. I urgently pushed the shirt from his shoulders so that I could run my hands over his big, broad shoulders. I heard him groan as I gently grazed his shoulder blades with my fingernails.

He then pulled away from me slightly and said, “I want you to undress for me.”

Eager to please, I slowly backed away from him. I began to slowly gyrate my hips in as sensuous of a style that I could as I slowly undressed for Robert. His lazy, yet sexy smile seemed to spur on my performance as I mimicked some of the sensual moves that I had seen at the strip club where my cousin worked. I soon stood before Robert completely exposed for his viewing pleasure. He crooked his finger at me, beckoning me. I leisurely strolled to him, smiling saucily, as if he had been my lover for years instead of my first client. When I made it to my destination, I began to finish undressing him until he too was completely exposed to me.

I smiled in appreciation and exultation as his thick, hardening cock seemed to reach for me as it grew. I grazed the length of it with my fingernails before circling the head with my fingertips. I then brazenly wrapped my hand around his thickness. I could feel his heart beat through the massive pole.

I was going to enjoy this . . .

I stroked Robert with my hand for a short while as I gently kissed his neck . . . kissed his lips . . . licked his ear. I was rewarded with his groans of enjoyment as my hand ran up and down his shaft. I then kneeled before him and slowly closed my lips over the head of his massive manhood. He groaned as I slowly began to stroke him with my lips, taking more and more of him into my mouth with every stroke. I wrapped my hand around the base of his dick to accentuate the motion of my mouth.

When he grabbed my head and began to raise his hips to my mouth over and over. I knew that he was enjoying himself… I sucked him off until felt his rod twitch in my mouth and I felt his hot sex juice hit the back of my throat. It slid down my throat easily before I could even think to do anything else about it. I had never swallowed before, but it was too late to get mad or feel bad about it, so I finished the job. It wasn’t too bad of a taste either. I thought that maybe I would do it again sometime . . .

I then stood before him and pushed him onto his back before climbing over him. I ran my moistening femininity over his now soft penis and felt it instantly beginning to spring back to life. “Yesss,” I purred into his ear sexily as his hands roamed over my back and ass. He then pulled me higher over him so that he could bahis şirketleri take one of my breasts into his mouth. My back arched spontaneously as he sucked on one nipple and played with the other. Reflexively my hips began to roll against him, my wet pussy rubbing against his taut belly. Then, catching me completely of guard, he firmly whacked me on my ass. Though it stung, there was also an unexplainable pleasure that came along with the sting. A moan escaped my lips before I could stop it.

“You like that?” he asked against my breast.

“Oh yes,” I retorted breathlessly. In response, he smacked me again, sending a shiver up my spine. I had never enjoyed the feeling of a man hitting me, but I was loving this! “Mmmm….”

He then rolled me over onto my back and pinned both of my hands down with one of his. “You are so fucking sexy,” he whispered, using his free hand to gently fondle me. His hand found my wet kitty and slowly slipped one finger inside of it. He then brushed the moisture over my throbbing clit. I thrashed beneath him as he toyed with me, rubbing my clit with the pad of his thumb while he fucked me with two big fingers. I rolled my hips against his hand, rejoicing in what he was making me feel. He set my hands free as he once again covered a nipple with his mouth. My hands instinctively grasped his head, bringing him deeper into the swell of my breast.

He then began to trail downward, running his tongue between my breasts, then down my flat stomach then further down to replace his thumb at my clit, causing me to moan for him.

“Mmmm . . . oh shit….”

He devoured me, licking my clit then sucking at the wet juices that flowed from my sopping pussy. I tossed about and called out his name as he pleased me as though we were long time lovers. He licked me into orgasmic bliss. I almost cried in sadness when he tore his mouth away from my pulsating pussy. I quieted my objections, kissing me deeply as he slid his massive dick deep into my feline.

“Mmmmmm!!!!” I moaned into his mouth as he began to pummel my pussy, spreading it with the size of him. “Yes yes yes,” I chanted over and over as he held my legs open to gain even better access to the treasure that I was allowing him to have. As he pounded into me, I felt the pressure in me rise before my body was taken over in another powerful orgasm.

“That’s a good girl,” Robert complimented, still pounding away. “Cum for me.”

I tossed my head left to right in rapture as he played with my clit while fucking me. Another orgasm snuck up on me taking my breath away for a moment. My hands tore at the sheets as my orgasm refused to slacken. “Fuck yeah” I heard Robert say as I felt my pussy clench around his dick over and over again.

He then suddenly pulled out of me and climbed out of the bed. For a moment, I was confused, but then he said, “Come here.”

I rose from the bed. He then bent me over then bed and slid that wonderful pole back into my dripping snatch and proceeded to fuck me from behind. He hammered into my wetness, gripping my waist with one hand.


The sound of his hand quickly connecting to my ass filled the room.

Pain and pleasure filled my entire body. “Yes!” I cried out in delectation.

He smacked my ass again and I cried out again. “You love it, don’t you?” he asked, knowing the answer already as he smacked me again and again.

“Ooh!” I cried out as he pummeled my pussy and laid the smack down on my candy ass. “Don’t stop, daddy!” I said saucily, causing him to fuck me even harder.

“Who am I?!” he questioned, his excitement growing.

“Daddy!” I shouted out as he smacked my ass again.

“Say it again!” he demanded hotly, smacking me harder than before, sending me into my fourth orgasm of the evening.

“Daddyyyyyyyyyyy!” I screamed, sending him over the edge. He whipped out of me and let his hot sex spew across my back and now tender ass.

I laid my head on the bed, now weak and spent. “Oh…. my…. God,” I mumbled into the bedspread.

“You are incredible,” he said, catching his breath as he sat on the edge of the bed. He wiped a bit of sweat from his brow. “Simply incredible.”

“Thank you,” I said, mustering the strength to sit on the bed next to him. “Dammit!’ I suddenly exclaimed. “I didn’t wipe my ass off!”

Robert chuckled and said, “You are something else.”

“I try,” I replied, smiling sheepishly.

“I want to see you again,” he informed me, looking at me intensely.

“Well, you know where to find me,” I told him, looking back at him. I then said, “Thank you.”

“For what?” he inquired, curious.

“For making my first night here so much damn fun.”

“Your first night?” he said in surprise. “You sure had me fooled. You are wonderful!”

I smiled at him coyly. “Well, I do what I can,” I flirted, suddenly feeling a burst of energy. “Ready?”

“For what?” he asked.

“The next round….”

From that night on Robert became one of my regulars, coming to me twice a month, paying me at least $700 every visit. I eventually ended up sharing him with another girl, but I wasn’t complaining at all. I knew that no matter what, he would still be mine. My first regular and my first client . . . . . .

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