Langley Park Ch. 02

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I was sitting in a Shura in Urozgan Province, surrounded by squatting Afghans. I was dressed in my Koninklijke Landmacht uniform. Truth be told I might as well have been naked, as I didn’t have any weapons… no rifle, pistol, or even a boot knife! I would have done anything to have my favourite sabre by my side.

As my eyes roamed the room, the smell from the men was strong. One picked his nose, another cleared his throat before spitting on the floor of the old Soviet building we were in.

I just finished telling them why the Taliban was so evil, and why we needed to work together for a brighter tomorrow. Some stared at me unamused, or outright confused; others glanced about as if they didn’t give two shits.

The oldest spoke up, and instead of addressing my concerns he went on a rant about why they needed a new mosque. I felt like spitting on the ground myself as he spoke.

Until that point I hadn’t noticed that all of his words were spoken in English! It wasn’t even the kings English, it was that unique blend only seen in the southern United States. I also didn’t see the young man approaching me with the axe. His steps were slow, and deliberate; I missed all the indicators that his intentions were not pure.

“God is great!” He cried out in a drawl that would make a die hard confederate blush.

I raised my hands, but it was too late! His axe connected with my skull! The sound wasn’t the meaty slap one would expect, it was rather the noise a bear would make deep in its cave when it was angry, or when wood is sawn.

The axe rose and fell repeatedly, darkness slowly crept in on me; then a voice spoke to me.

“Dear, you’re in America right now, in Ohio.” It was a female voice.

“Waar is mijn laser zwaard?” I said feeling about with my free hand.

“It’s alright dear.” Said the voice again.

I took a deep breath, then opened my eyes. I was in a darkened room, under the covers of a bed. Beside me lay Claire, my new intimate friend from the day before.

“You speak a funny type of Spanish!” Claire said when she saw my open eyes.

“I guess I was dreaming?” I asked sheepishly.

“Yeah, then you starting snoring!” She said teasingly.

It all fell together, I guess my snores startled me. Claire put her head back on my chest, I remembered that we skipped the sunset to watch TV, but somehow we ended up in her bed and fell asleep…

“Did we…” I asked more confused than before.

“No!” She cried out giving me a pinch. “You swore you wouldn’t take advantage of me!”

“Oh…” I replied, I still was in the fog of waking. “Do you ever dream?”

Claire opened her mouth, then paused.

“I guess you have powerful dreams?” I asked.

“They are all nightmares.” She replied.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” I said. “You are welcome to add me to your dreams, I always have a lightsabre, a purple one.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Claire said setting her head back down.

Claire rubbed my stomach in an affectionate way. “I guess you didn’t have one in your dream?”

I thought back to my odd dream before replying. “No I couldn’t find it.”

We spoke more on dreams, and all the while my penis refused to relax or go to sleep. Maybe it was the closeness of our bodies, or the press of her soft breasts against my chest, or her warm hand on my stomach. Either way it screamed for attention!

“You’re not sleepy any more are you?” Claire asked.

“I might take a nap again shortly, but I have something else in mind.” I said sitting up.

“If it involves taking my clothes off the answer is no.” Claire clarified for me.

I rolled her on to her stomach, then straddled her hips. The log in my shorts pressed against her, and either she ignored it or didn’t care.

I rubbed her back with both hands, starting at her shoulders, then working down her back. When I reached her hips, I climbed off to massage her hips, legs and finally feet. She breathed softly with the relief I was bringing her.

Placing my hands under her shirt at her mid-back I spoke. “I need to take this off.”

“My shirt?” Claire asked. “No way!”

“Heavens no.” I replied, “Your bra is in the way.”

Claire huffed, then gave in. “You can undo it, but I’m not taking it off!”

With a flick of the wrist, I had all three clasps undone, Claire giggled at my frat boy skill. I used my entire forearm to massage her back from top to bottom, she purred like a kitten with her eyes shut.

I pulled up her shirt to her arm pits, Claire took a deep breath to protest before exhaling in pure surrender. At this point I was using my elbow along her gaziantep escort bayan sitesi bra line, I dug in deep to undo the knots of stress.

All whilst I rubbed her, I ground my hips into her ass; if we didn’t have clothes on, we would have been fucking. She lifted her hips and pushed back when I pushed forward. This dry humping had left me delirious with desire.

My hands were like Paton’s armies moving across France in 1944, only limited by passion and ambition. I massaged her ample side-boob, then ran my fingers up her legs to feel her intense heat.

Perhaps Claire sensed where this was headed, and wanted to shut it down, as she started to rise, and re-affixed her brassiere.

“I need a cigarette.” She said pulling her shirt down.

I went to use her washroom, and wished I could stand on my head, as my manhood pointed to the ceiling. In the hallway I paused to look at the memorial she had dedicated to deceased husband.

There was a large photo of him fishing, another of him graduating ranger school, and a third of him in Iraq. Next to him was a large and muscular African American, I was absolutely certain it was Staff Sergeant Deddi; someone I had worked with in Afghanistan. Looking at the folded triangle of American flag I saluted before joining Claire on the balcony.

She there sitting in a lawn chair smoking, with her head turned towards the setting sun. Across the street on a balcony similar to Claire’s I saw s skinny platinum blonde haired woman with milk white skin. She was dressed in blue and holding a camera with a giant lens, she wasn’t looking at us, so I paid her no mind. On the street below people walked dogs, or strolled hand in hand.

“Have you ever had sex on a balcony before?” I teased.

Claire didn’t look my way as she spoke. “Not on this balcony, but yes I have. I also don’t plan on it tonight.”

I chuckled then asked. “When we were intimate last night was that an interracial first for you?”

Claire shouted my name loudly, then started laughing heavily. “This is America, how could a woman not sleep with a black man, or two?”

I laughed as well, then it dawned on me that I may have seen that platinum blonde before… however when I looked back at her balcony she was gone.

“You’d be surprised how many firsts I’ve been!” I said with a smile.

Claire told me about the last black man she was with, he was an old war buddy of her husbands. He came to pay his respects, and things progressed from there.

I felt like a naughty school boy as she described how he was her Dom and Master. The sleeping giant roused in my drawers as she described a blindfolded gangbang.

She stopped speaking and in the silence we both stared at one another, it was as if we had both decided to forgo our celibacy oath.

I cleared my throat and asked. “Can I have a glass of water?”

Claire stubbed out her half smoked cigarette and going inside said. “That’s the best thing I’ve heard you say today!”

Claire kept talking about her sexual adventures with her big black Dom, each story more tantalizing then the last when she finally said.

“…he called them his teenaged tits.” She said finishing her sentence.

I had grabbed her breasts before, but in the heat of moment I couldn’t tell whether they belonged to a forty-five year old, or eighteen. We were already back on her bed, when I was finally able to speak.

“Teenaged tits?” I asked.

“Yeah, cus they are so firm.” She stated matter of factly.

“Can I see?” I tried to ask innocently. “I mean I touched them before, but that was in the dark…”

With a sigh she pulled off her blue shirt with the large prominent yells S on her chest. I marvelled at the curve of her ivory white breast. It looked like it had been chiselled out of marble by an artist who knew exactly what the perfect boob would look like.

Despite the chill of her room Claire’s pink nipples were not erect. I wanted desperately to reach out and touch them, but first I pulled off my own shirt. Claire grinned a devilish smile at my caramel coloured chest.

“Are we comparing tits?” She asked running a hand across my chest.

“I’d really like a titty hug from those teenaged tits!” I ruefully suggested.

Claire straddled me then laid her partial nude body down upon my own.

“These shorts stay on.” She said softly as she kissed me.

Her lips were soft and although she just finished a cigarette, it wasn’t overpowering. Her breasts pressed against me, they felt warm, and I was suddenly lost in a boobietrap! If she asked me my name I wouldn’t have gaziantep escort bayan forum remembered.

I put my hands on her hips and pushed down, through my shorts I could feel the heat of her crotch on my own. Claire’s tongue battled with mine, while her hands rested on my shoulders for leverage.

Suddenly without warning she nipped at my lip, I gave a shriek of surprise as I put my hand to my face. She looked down at me like a vampire admiring a fresh throat. Before I could pull my hand away, she set upon me.

I expected fangs bared, and my life blood to be drained, however she brushed my hand aside, then kissed me deeply again. The next few moments were a blur, Claire tried to pull her blue short shorts aside while trying to get my penis into her.

Finally she shucked them off swiftly; I pulled my shorts down to free my brown coloured flagpole, but Claire was too possessed with lust to let me pull them off all the way. She held my rod up, then sat herself back down on it.

I didn’t expect it to go in dry, but all of our teasing and dry humping had gotten her wet inside and out. I reached up to finally worship her teenaged tits, but with the speed and power of her on top I had to settle with holding her hips.

Claire worked her hips back and forth to a rhythm of her own. I laid back and admired her energy. In moments I felt her true excitement as water poured forth from her gland, soaking me.

“I think we should either get a towel, or avoid this puddle during our next snuggle.” I joked.

Claire climbed off me, and I took the opportunity to pull my shorts off. She laid down a thick fluffy towel. When she stood back up, I embraced her in my arms and kissed her, an idea popped into my mind, and I wanted to try it out.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Keep your arms around my neck.” I ordered.

I lifted her up, and holding her by hips with one hand, I was able to guide my meat into her. She was as light as a feather, I had no problems keeping her up in my arms! Claire quickly discovered how to fuck in this position, as she thrusted with her pelvis.

“I’ve never done this before!” Claire said between laughs.

We kept this up for sometime, but I could tell that she wanted to start squirting again. I set her down, then laid on the bed. Like a wrestling tag team in the ring, we didn’t need to speak to communicate our desires.

Claire wordlessly climb atop of me and within moments she was shuddering as her waters poured forth. I felt like a real pro as she came repeatly, there was no way for her to fake these orgasms!

Collapsing upon me in a heap, Claire was shaking in orgasmic delight.

“I think it’s time for a different position.” She said hoarsely.

It seemed to me as if she had exhausted her bodies supply of orgasmic waters. I didn’t bother to ask her, I rolled her over, whilst keeping my eager mahogany coloured appendage deep insider her. Once I had Claire on her back, I commenced thrusting! I wanted to show her what I could do in the driver’s seat!

She held my arms right on the biceps, I secretly flexed to show off, but as a runner I was certain that my lean limbs were not as impressive to her as they were too me.

I noticed right away our height difference, she told me she was five foot three, but somehow I suspected that she had lied! Her legs wrapped around mine, but they were so much higher than any woman I had been intimate with previously! Most women I can feel their legs on my calves, but hers were about at my knees.

“Where can I cum?” I asked.

“Anywhere but in my mouth!” She stated matter of factly.

“What about your face?” I said panting.

“Sure, but it can’t get in my mouth!” She clarified.

I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place, if I painted her face, surly she’d have my tadpoles swimming between her teeth. I decided to play it smart, I pulled out, and watched Claire squint her eyes shut, and press her lips together tightly.

I rolled her onto her stomach, I figured it was time to teach her a new position or two. She willing moved where I put her. When she was set up, I mounted her petite frame, I then brought my hands up and under her, each on finding a supple breast.

“What’s this position called?” Claire asked as she lifted her ass to meet my hips.

“This one and the next… they don’t have names that I know of.” I replied.

“Huh?” She said.

“A friend from the Caribbean told me.” I whispered into her ear.

Claire purred under me as she spoke. “Some friend!”

“He’s a diplomat.” I said as if escort bayan gaziantep it explained it all.

“What did you teach him in return?” She asked.

“Shooting, self-defence, that sort of stuff.” I replied as I pinched her nipples.

Claire grunted then spoke haltingly. “Sounds like you won in that exchange!”

I grunted in agreement as I pulled my hands off her breasts, Claire made a confused noise, but I didn’t stop. I snaked my hands under her body, then brought them up above her shoulders to lock my fingers together behind her neck. It was a full-nelson wrestling hold, the only difference was that her uterus was filled with my penis.

“Oh…” Claire moaned. “I like this.”

“So do I…” I grunted.

Claire tried to wriggle free, but I had her tiny body locked in place. I hammered my hips into her ass cheeks, she didn’t squirt, but she was very well lubricated!

“Aaaaaahhhhh fuck!” I roared into her ear, as I fired a billion sperm into her waiting womb.

I loosened my fingers on her neck, and tried to get up.

“No stay.” Claire begged.

As I considered myself a true gentlemen, I wasn’t going to refuse her request. I put my hands back on her tits, and when I felt the strings of sleep pull at me, I rolled onto my side with us in a classical spooning position.

“Do you have a sleep mask?” I asked.

I was tired, but I knew that the light coming from the edges of her curtain would ruin my rest.

“Look in the top drawer.” Claire said.

Pulling the drawer open, I saw dozens of condoms, and the sleep mask, it was pink and read ‘PRINCESS’ I didn’t care. Lifting it out, I saw that underneath it was a gigantic pistol, an Israeli Desert Eagle, it was gold with tiger stripes all over.

“Don’t mind the condoms.” Claire said with a wink.

Sometime later I found myself on my back breathing heavily.

“Did you find your purple lightsabre this time?” Claire asked with a wink.

“I think so…” I replied weakly, unsure about my dream as it faded away.

We spoke softly on her bed as Claire drank a glass of water, then finished mine. She claimed that she didn’t sleep all those times I did, I wasn’t sure, as I was completely unconscious. Soon our discussion turned to sex.

“I was so surprised last night when you wet my whistle.” I said.

Claire pushed me as she laughed, “You didn’t think I could suck dick?”

“If I’m being frank, then yes!” I said with a chuckle, “You’re so petite, I just assumed your jaw couldn’t open that wide.”

Claire gave me a shove as she spoke. “Well Frank… I can do that and much more!”

Before I could think of something witty Claire had six of my eight inches bathed in her mouth fluids. I held my breath whilst she did this, not because I feared for a new penis scar, but because I was afraid I’d cum in her mouth before we could fuck again.

“You’re going to cum aren’t you?” Claire asked between smacks of her tonsils with my man-log.

Instead of replying I grabbed Claire and moved her into the spooning position. I was pretty pooped from working, running, and yes having sex, so I chose the lazy man’s position.

I had her locked firmly in place, each of my hands held a soft breast as I thrusted my hips into her. Claire moaned in joy as we approached our mutual orgasms! I felt her nipples turn erect with my manipulation, and that’s all it took to trigger my own mini explosion!

“Ooooohhhhh Ffffffuuuuuuccccckkkkk!!!!!” I bellowed with the volume of a dozen Niagara’s into Claire’s ear for a second time that night.

It didn’t feel like a load as large as the previous, but I had the feeling that she’d be leaking my fluids well into the morning. I felt like going back to sleep, but I knew that Claire didn’t want me there all night.

After a short snuggle I jumped into her shower, then laughed as noticed that there were only women’s shampoo’s and body washes. Later when I was dried and dressed, Claire walked me to the door and gave me a kiss good-night.

“Are you headed to the balcony for a smoke?” I asked.

“Probably not.” Claire replied.

“If you do give me a wave.” I asked.

“Uh, sure.” Claire said non-commitally. “Why…”

“I want to know where I need to stand tomorrow morning with my ghetto blaster above my head!” I said with a wink.

“Ha ha!” She said deadpan.

“I am done my contract here in a couple days,” I started to say. “On my way to the airport can I take you to dinner?”

“Is this an attempt to get me to bed again?” Claire asked like a detective

“I won’t lie, you’re great in the sack, or even the basketball court!” I replied smiling.

“I’ll think it over.” Claire said closing the door on me.

I pulled my phone of my pocket, and I turned on my favourite game. I had to walk through Langley Park, so I figured I’d try to ‘catch them all!’. I heard my name called out, looking around I saw Claire holding a lit cigarette, my face went instantly red, I wasn’t sure if she could see what I was doing on my phone!

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