Lapdance Pt. 02

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He looks at the paper that she gave him, sitting there on his kitchen counter with his keys. It’s been a week he thinks, is that long enough? What is protocol here about things of this nature? He’s met ex-girlfriends before, but he used to have a rule about getting back together with them. This is just a date, right? He thinks calmly, as he picks up the paper and scans it for her number. He picks up his phone slowly. He starts to touch the numbers and he is sweating. Why am I sweating so much? I have never sweated this much in my life, he thinks to himself. He’s nervous about this and he knows it. He calls her.


“Hi, Brenda?”

“Hi, Corbin?”

“Yeah, it’s me. I was wondering if you wanted to go out, say Saturday night?”

“Sure, you know I’ve been waiting for you to call, I figured you were nervous, and I don’t blame you, cause I am a little, too.”

“Why? You seem so confident.”

“Well, it’s been awhile since we saw each other, and we didn’t break up on any good terms.”

“We didn’t break on bad terms, either. I am just surprised to find out that you are doing what you are doing now.”

‘Well, that’s a long story.”

“Hey, I got time.”

“Well, let me make it short. My last boyfriend was a fucking loser; you know, at first he was a great guy. Then he changed; he started using me for money and a place to stay. He had another girlfriend besides me. He treated my son like shit. He put me in debt. So, I had to come up with something to pay off those debts.”

“I’m sorry. I know I say that a lot, but how long were you with that guy?”

“Almost a year to the day I broke it off with him. He would call and come over, but I wouldn’t answer the phone or the door. He started getting pissed off, leaving horrible voice mails and texts, until I had no choice but to bring the police in.”

“Wow, I don’t know what to say, but I am sorry.”

“Now don’t start that. When was your last relationship?”

“About 5 months ago, give or take, it just didn’t work out.”

“Why? If I may ask.”

“No, its fine. She wasn’t cheating or anything. I didn’t push her away. She is a good person, but there was just, something. She was, in short, a prude. I mean, I don’t want sex everyday, but she never seemed to be interested in it. So I left her. We had a good break and I run into her once in awhile. She told me in an email that we never seemed to fit right, on any level.”

“Did we?”

“You tell me?”

“Well, you do know how to give me 6 orgasms in one night. I remember how great our sex was. You do know how to please a lady.”

“I knew how to please you. Anyway, but I should let you go…”


“I have to work in the morning and, if I remember right, you do, too.”

“Yea, you’re right.”

“Night Brenda.”

“Good night, baby”

Corbin stops cold and thinks; did she just call me ‘baby’? It’s been awhile since he had heard her voice say those words. Corbin had realized, mid conversation with her, that he had to fight the urge to call her by his favorite pet name for her. I guess some habits die hard, he thought.

He wanted tomorrow to be Saturday. He wanted to see her. Why does the thought of her make me sweat? He wondered.

Its 6 o’clock Friday night, he went straight home after work, even though his friends had been bugging him to go out all week. As he walks into his place, his phone rings. God, Calvin, he thinks, just leave me alone. He answers it with out looking at the caller I.D.

“Hello? Calvin, I am not going with you, ok?”

“Well, baby, if that’s the way you want it, but this isn’t him.”

“Brenda? Oh, I’m sorry, my friends were begging me to go out with them tonight, sorry. Anyway, what’s up?”

“Well, I’m working tonight and it’s a special night, since it’s going to be my last.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, my debts are all paid off and tonight I make money for myself. I just wanted to know if you wanted to help me get kicked out?” She laughed softly.

“That’s funny. I’ll be there. So, does this mean you are canceling our date tomorrow?”

“Not at all. In fact, I am moving the time to 7:30 at the bar tonight. Does that work Samsun Escort for you, being short notice and all?”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll be there.”

“Ok, baby, see you then.”

“See you in a few, Tigress.”

He arrives at the Lick and Scratch at 7. He checks to see if he stills smells good and walks in. He gets his I.D. checked and pays the woman the cover charge. He scans the room and picks a spot away from the stage. He thinks, God, they must think I’m a pervert, coming here by myself like this. He takes his seat.

The announcer guy comes over the sound system,

“Gentleman, welcome to the stage, Lena.”

He looks towards the stage at a deathly skinny, shorthaired blond as she starts to dance. When she dances, she’s the definition of someone without rhythm. She tries to look sexy, but it doesn’t seem to work. Corbin is convinced that it must be her first night. The girl looks around and decides to get off the stage. The announcer comes over the speakers again, “Lena, gentleman. In her last performance. Now welcome to the stage, Amber.”

Corbin and the rest of the room see the big breasted, slightly taller and heavier woman take the stage. She is good looking and a contrast to the previous performer. Amber moves with the grace and style of a classically trained professional dancer. Sensuously, slowly, she scans the room. Not like she is looking for something, but seeing if it’s looking for her. Corbin thinks, maybe I should have invited my friends.

Just then, a pair of lips flank him on his left cheek. Brenda whispers, just into his ear, “Baby, are you enjoying the show? Amber’s hot. If you want, we can have her join us.”

Corbin looks stunned, but intrigued by the offer.

His face becomes more relaxed as he tells her, “I’m afraid that I am a one woman man, but if you want to, I can’t stop you.”

She looks at him, it’s the answer she wanted to hear, and not, at the same time. I’m game to this, she thinks and asks him, “Well, all I have to do is go up there and ask her. Dare me too?”

“Then go. I mean, we haven’t even had a real first date yet, and now you want to have a threesome? We move fast, don’t we?”

She’s shocked, he’s using her sense of humor.

Now, she is wondering where this confidence is coming from. She knows he was confident before; this is just new to her. He has changed, she thinks, as she grabs his hand.

She laughs as she tells him, “Baby, you know I’m impatient. I want what I want now. And before you speak, what I want is you.”

He blushes. He has wanted to hear her say that from the moment he saw her that first night. He squeezes her hand hard and goes in for a kiss. She returns it with as much passion and fire as there was before, when they were dating. This is it, right here, she thinks, I lost him once and I am not going to lose him again.

She wonders how a man can have such an affect on her.

The announcer guy comes over the sound system once again,

“Gentleman, let’s hear for Amber, and then welcome to the stage, Angel.”

She runs up onto the stage and almost trips as she goes up the few steps in her 6-inch heels. She stands and begins to move with the music. She keeps her eyes on him. He smiles at her and she feels herself becoming wet with desire. She is still wondering about him and his affect on her. She remembers back when they were dating and having sex all the time. She moves toward the end of the stage as he stands to approach. She knows what he wants. But he really just wants to be nice and give her a tip.

She sees he has taken out a dollar bill and she smiles. He folds it and places it in his mouth. She moves toward him and removes her bra quickly. She kisses him on the forehead and removes the dollar from his teeth with her breasts. She looks back down at him and gives him a quick kiss on the lips. She returns to dancing and moving her hips, as she stands upright. She smiles at him again as she watches him sit back down. I’m not sweating anymore, he notes as he watches her spinning around on one of the poles. He sees more men coming to give her one-dollar tributes of appreciation. She doesn’t give them the same treatment, and Samsun Escort Bayan he notices.

When she comes off the stage the announcer comes over the sound system,

“Give it up for Angel, gentlemen. Next on the stage is Victoria.”

She runs up to Corbin and sits in his lap. She looks into his eyes and kisses him hard. Their tongues make love in their mouths. She wants him. She finishes the kiss and doesn’t say a word as she ambles to the dressing room. He waits patiently and orders another eight-dollar beer.

Brenda started packing her stuff up and rummaging for her keys. A friend asked Brenda where she was going; she told her that she had to go take care of something. Yeah, she thought, this wetness in my pants and I know just the guy that can do that for me.

Brenda came up the steps from the dressing room and walked over to the announcer guy, and told him she was leaving. He didn’t look happy and he was yelling loud enough so the whole bar could hear, especially since the P.A. was still switched on. Corbin was seriously considering intervening when she flipped the announcer off, spun around, and walked over to Corbin. She grabs his hand and drags him away from his beer. He looks at her, she seems determined to leave. He doesn’t say a word as they go out the door. It literally takes all the strength her body can muster as she throws Corbin against her car and her lips quickly follow. He kisses back, even though he almost had the wind knocked out him. She takes her keys in her hand and puts them in Corbin’s. She was impressed that she did that with her eyes closed, and so is he.

She breaks the kiss and whispers in Corbin’s ear a simple command,


They get into her car and he starts it. He pulls out into traffic and she takes out his cock. He glances at her, surprised. This wasn’t like her at all, at least not that he remembered. She doesn’t hesitate and begins to work his cock with her mouth. She is attacking it like she is trying to swallow it all. She swirls her tongue and brings her hand over to work his balls, gently.

It is taking all his concentration to drive, being careful not to break the speed limit, or to swerve into oncoming traffic. She pulls her head up and looks around. She tells him in a whisper,

“Find a room somewhere, please. I have enough money. Just get me somewhere I can lay my naked body against yours.”

She goes back to sucking his hard dick with all she has. Sucking hard on the tip, she laughs in her head at the fact he is still driving and hasn’t pulled in somewhere yet.

Within minutes he finds a place. She picks her head up when she feels the car go into park. She looks at the motel and tells him,

“I wonder if they charge by the hour?”

“I don’t think so. Why? You aren’t planning to stay the night?”

“Baby, we are staying the night, we just aren’t going to sleep.”

He tells her, “I’ll get a key. Be right back.”

“Here, baby.” She tells him as she hands him a wad of bills. After struggling to get his pants zipped, he goes in to fill out all the paperwork for a room. The desk guy hands him a key and says, “Room 8.” Then points out that it’s a room right down the hall. He runs as fast as he can back to her car and tells her to come in. She grabs her stuff and follows him. He holds the door open for her and she remembers he is, and always was a gentleman. But she doesn’t want to him to be once they get in the room. They walk quickly to room number 8, and she notes that the clerk is watching them.

Once they enter the room, she starts to pull off his clothes. She wanted to start with kissing, but she wants him naked. NOW. He is surprised by the attack and lets her remove his clothes. Once he is without apparel, she begins to pick up where she left off on his cock. She likes having more room to please him. While she is doing this, Corbin starts to remove her clothes, as fast as he can. She tries to work with him while bobbing her head up and down on his cock. He feels his balls tighten up.

She keeps going and starts her hand in a corkscrew motion on his dick, letting her saliva lube him. He groans to let her know he is close and Escort Samsun moans her name. He can’t believe he hasn’t even gotten to the bed, and here is this woman on her knees going to town on his dick. He looks down and notices that she is playing with her pussy. She doesn’t let up when she meets his eyes. He throws his head back and takes her hair in his hands. He tries to pull her mouth off his dick. She reluctantly lets him. He stands her up and moves her around.

He pushes her on the bed and she takes him with her. He starts kissing her, and she loves the feel of his kisses, the like of which she has sought for so long. Realizing he is right on top of her; she spreads her legs beneath him. They continue to kiss with the burning passion that they started with, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. He feels her legs spread for him and his hard cock is lining up with her wetness. He tries to move it away, but she feels this and wraps her legs around him, urging, wanting him inside of her. He gives in, as much as he wanted to tease her and enjoy this moment as much as he can.

As he enters her slowly, she moves her head side to side as if she is fighting the pleasure that he is bringing her. She moves her hands to his chest as if to push him way, only to move them to his shoulders pulling him in deeper. She is amazed that he still has this effect on her after so long. He begins to move in the familiar rhythm that so pleases her. She begins to moan his name as he grinds her sweet spot. She smiles as she opens her eyes, knowing that spot hasn’t been hit in the way he can since the last time they had sex.

God, she yells in her mind, I have to keep him!

He continues to move and she starts to come, moaning and grinding, not stopping as she ascends. She doesn’t even get a break to calm down as he keeps going, and she feels another onset of orgasm.

It’s not possible, she thinks, sex this good only happens once in a lifetime. Then she opens her eyes and looks into his. Why did I let this guy go? She wonders.

He is thinking about why they couldn’t be together and the events that led to them not seeing each other anymore, coming to the same conclusion in more than one way. She moans again. She writhes underneath him hard, and he continues to keep going, now sweating. She is, again, moving up another hill to another orgasm. She yells his name, now telling him never to stop, always keep going. He does.

She grabs him and begins to kiss him again. She knows he didn’t cum, and she wants him to. She lies there as he rolls off of her, trying to catch his breath. He looks at his cock, it’s still hard. She moves on top of him. She kisses him again, assaulting his mouth with her’s. She guides his cock back into her pussy and starts to ride him. He moans into her mouth. He can feel what he has been trying to hold off. She smiles knowingly. She finds a style and rhythm that seems to make him moan louder.

“God, Brenda!” He calls out. She keeps going and going. She wants to do for him what he did for her. He is almost yelling at her to make him cum. She rides his cock until she makes him cum hard. She feels what she thinks is the last of her orgasms subsiding. She stays on top of him grinding into him. She wants to see if she can do it again. He finally looks at her and tells her he needs a break.

They lay there in each other’s arms, talking about the sex they just had.

“What does this mean for us?” He asks.

“I know I want you back.”

“Are you going to keep stripping? If so, I wouldn’t mind, maybe hook something up?” He jokes, he hopes she gets it.

“I could, there were a couple of girls that thought you were just too cute and I’ve done that with some of the girls, just not with a third person.”

“You are serious? You and another girl, god, let me know next time so I can watch.”

“Ok, it’s going to be easy for you. I want to know that, at some point, I want you to move in with me.”

“At some point, I would like to now, but my lease isn’t up for another 4 months.”

“Well, as soon as possible would be nice.”

“Why the rush, Brenda? I mean if we start up again, we have time.”

“Well, I felt like pushed you away before and my life wasn’t the same after you left. Even in the short time we dated. I mean, no one I dated made me laugh or made me feel like you do. Corbin, I think, I love you. And this time I am going to keep you!”

“I love you too. We have all the time in the world.”

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