Large Labia Lips

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My sister Anna was pushing me to date her friend Janine. I asked Anna why Janine couldn’t find a man to go out with by herself. My sister would only say that Janine was shy around men. It sounded like a bogus answer to me. I told her to let me think about it. I guess I didn’t get back to Anna in time. She started up on me again. I finally caved in and I said I would call Janine.

When I called Janine she sounded shocked that I would call her for a date. I said that I had been thinking about asking her out for a long time. I finally got the courage to ask her out finally. I don’t think she believed me at all. We did set up a time on Friday evening to have dinner. I should say that Janine was rather attractive. She had this studious look about her. She wore glasses and she had a shapely body.

I arrived at 7 pm Friday evening and Janine was ready for me. I got an eyeful when she opened the front door. Janine had a top on that was showing cleavage. I tried not to stare too closely. We got into my car and we drove to the restaurant. The first order of business was to order some wine. Janine said that she didn’t drink spirits too often. A few glasses of wine and Janine was loosening up considerably. We ordered our food and it arrive in record time. We talked as we ate our dinner.

“Did Anna put you up to this?” Janine asked me.

I couldn’t lie. bahis siteleri I said that my sister wanted me to ask you out. She thanked me for being truthful. We didn’t discuss it further. We finished our meal and I drove Janine back to her place. I figured I would get a good night kiss and then leave. I got a surprise.

“Do you want to come in for awhile?” she asked.

We entered her apartment. Janine flicked on the lights and then kicked on her shoes. She turned around and then placed her arms around my back.

“Thank you for that wonderful dinner.”

Janine began kissing my mouth. Our tongues were soon touching. It got more heated after that. I placed my hands on her chest. Janine stiffened up. She had fairly large boobs. I squeezed them through her bra. Janine settled matters. She pulled off her top and then unsnapped her bra. Her big tits came tumbling out. We both did a strip down of our clothes. I looked down and got a surprise.

Janine had these large pussy lips. I had never seen any that big before. I brought my hand down and I fingered her pussy. Janine went crazy as I touched her down below. I slid a finger into her hole. She was dripping wet inside. I got her worked up and then we moved over to her couch. Janine told me to sit down. Once I was seated Janine straddled me. She lowered herself and took my cock completely.

Those pussy canlı bahis siteleri lips were wrapped around me. I had never felt that kind of sensation before. We began to work together. I would push my cock up and Janine would slide down onto my staff. He big tits were right in my face. I moved forward and wrapped my lips around her areolas. Janine started to moan loudly as I bit on her nipples. We didn’t go very long.

“You’re making me cum Tom!” She cried out.

I didn’t stop. Janine’s body was starting to shake. I stirred my fat cock around inside her tunnel. Janine threw her head back. I was almost there. A few more strokes and I filled her belly with my seed.

“Oh fuck!” She shouted.

I drove my cock into her passage. I squirted a lot of cum inside her. I held her body as she shook. I went slowly. Giving her my last cock strokes. Janine eventually calmed down. She pulled free and then went to the bathroom. When she came back she brought a warm cloth to clean me up. She knelt before me and wiped me off. When she finished she brought her mouth to my spent shaft. She slowly licked the underside of my cock. My dick was so sensitive after our lovemaking.

“Do you want me to go on?” she asked.

I didn’t think I could take much more of that. It didn’t matter. Janine made me hard once more. I ended up spitting the last remains of my canlı bahis seed down her throat. We were done for the night. I ended up staying over. In the morning I had Janine again. This time I took her in the missionary position. I took hold of her ankles and I pushed them back towards her chest. I rubbed my dick across those large folds. Janine was nearly crazy when I finally entered her the whole way.

I stretched my legs out straight and I pounded her pussy. My balls were slapping against her bottom. Janine had her hands on my hips.

“Is this what you want?” I asked her

“I need your cock Tom. Give it to me hard.”

That is exactly what I did. I was almost pulling out and then pushing in the whole way. Our pubic mounds were grinding together. I lowered my face and took a nipple into my mouth. That really got Janine revved up. I never would have thought that Janine was such a cock whore. I took her for a good forty five minutes. I surprised myself. I spitted out more of my cream. Janine used her muscles to milk out my baby seed. I kept filling her with my cock before I got soft.

I pulled free and my warm jizz came dripping out of her body. Janine didn’t move for longest time. She finally stirred.

“I nearly passed out from all that fucking,” she told me.

Janine and I are seeing each other regularly. She can’t seem to getting enough of my cock. She is also a cum freak. She tells me she loves it when I seed her with my sticky juice. We are now talking about moving in together. Until that happens I plan to feel those large pussy lips gripping my dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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