Las Vegas: Part Three

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I slept soundly the night after Colin had used my face so masterfully, and had wondrous dreams populated by fat cocks spewing copious cum all over me. I spent the majority of the next day in excited preparation and anticipation of what the upcoming evening with Colin had in store for me. His note was somewhat cryptic, though given the example of our previous two encounters, I could certainly expect to have my mouth fucked deeply, and my stomach filled with cum before the night was through. The note stated:

Thanks for eating all my cum, slut.

Meet me tomorrow at my hotel room at 8:00pm.

Caesar’s Palace, room 671. Don’t be late.

Bring your appetite.


I was not quite sure how to interpret the last part of Colin’s note. Although I assumed he meant for me to bring my insatiable appetite for his cock and cum, I decided I could not discount the possibility that he intended to take me to dinner first. His order not to be late would also seem to confirm that he had something special planned out, and so I decided to dress appropriately sexy rather than provocatively in case he wanted to parade me around in public. I didn’t doubt that I would end up on my knees wherever we went, but Colin’s more sensitive demeanor in the morning following our recent tryst led me to believe he might be softening on me, and looking for more than just sexual release.

Around 6:00pm I settled on a nice flower print sun dress, platform sandals, and a subtle necklace and bracelet to compliment the outfit. The dress was not too low cut, offering only a hit of cleavage through a keyhole opening, and the skirt came down to a respectable two inches above my knees. I gave my bangs a flip back, and put my hair into a nice ponytail, and then applied just a hint of makeup and lip gloss. I looked like the kind of girl I man would take home to his mother, I thought to myself, just about right for a meal out on the town. I was quite certain now in my belief that a meal was what Colin had in mind for our last night together in Vegas, and looked forward to dinner, wine, conversation, and especially my nice creamy desert that was sure to follow.

I headed out at 7:30pm, and hailed a cab to go to Colin’s hotel, with plenty of time to spare. By ten minutes to the hour I was in the elevator on the way to the 6th floor, my smile spread unstoppably from ear to ear. It was like this, grinning like a besotted school girl, that I arrived at the door for Colin’s room at 7:55pm, my heart aflutter with excitement. I knocked softly on the door, and waited. I could hear the faint sound of laughter and conversation that stopped instantly when I knocked, and felt the vibration of someone walking towards the door. Though slightly puzzled by the sound of a second person in the room, I was still smiling widely when Colin opened the door and greeted me with a smile of his own.

“You made it. Great!” he said with undisguised enthusiasm as he ushered me inside. “You look fantastic.” he said as I slipped past him into the room.

Unable to conceal my pleasure with his compliment, I gushed in response, “Thank you hun, I’ve been so excited for this all day!”

“That’s good to hear,” he answered “because we’ve got an action packed evening planned “

“Oh yes?” I asked as we moved further into the room. “What did you have in mind?”

As we walked in, I saw that Colin’s room was a full sized suite, with a living room, at least 2 bedrooms, a balcony and a bathroom, as well as a Jacuzzi visible in one of the bedrooms. The living room had a beautiful mantle over a gas fireplace, and the whole thing had a very classy feel to it. I also immediately noticed the second man in the room, a tall, clean cut, and well dressed gentleman about Colin’s age. He smiled as Colin answered my question, and seemed to be appraising my figure from his seat near the fireplace.

“Well we can get into that a little later.” Colin replied as he began to uncork a bottle of wine. “First why don’t we all have a drink together. Lucia, this is my friend Marco.” Colin waved his hand in Marco’s direction vaguely, and then busied himself pouring three glasses of wine.

“Pleased to meet you Lucia.” Marco said with a slight accent. “Colin has told me so much about you.” His gaze was leering while he made that comment, but his genuine and warm smile put me at ease.

“Only good things I hope ” I responded with a smile of my own.

“Oh very good things, very good things indeed.” Marco winked as me as he replied. His gaze became dangerous for a moment, as his smile briefly faded, and I could tell that his eyes were locked on to my lips.

I thanked Colin as I took the offered glass of wine, and raised it to him as he offered a short toast.

“To this evening, and a good time had by all.” Colin stated simply.

“I’ll drink to that.” I said with a nervous grin, and took a drink of the delicious white wine.

While we drank our wine, the three of us made small talk about weather, Las Vegas, gambling successes and losses, and our careers. Colin informed me he was canlı bahis a bartender back home, which turned out, by a twist of fate, to be very near where I lived. Marco, on the other hand gave a vague description of his profession, but seemed to be an independent film maker from Quebec. After about a half hour of this, and as I talked to Colin, Marco moved around behind me, and I felt his hands slide up my dress, smoothly rubbing my outer thighs and squeezing my meaty behind.

“Whoa ” I said startled, taking a step forward. “What’s going on back there?”

My step forward had taken me closer to Colin, and he spun me around to face Marco. “He just wants to admire your goods, my little slut.” Colin stated as he began to untie my dress behind my neck.

I felt the front of my dress fall, and I leaned back into Colin and moaned involuntarily as I felt his hard cock press into my lower back, and his strong hands begin to knead my breasts through my frilly bra. Marco stepped forward and slid my dress past my ample hips so that it fell to the floor, and then continued to grope my lower half, grabbing and rubbing my thighs and butt as he reached around. I felt Colin’s hands wander back to unclasp my bra, and opened my eyes as it fell away, letting my breasts bounce into place.

“Great tits baby.” Marco said with genuine appreciation. “Colin certainly didn’t lie.”

Unable to speak, and overwhelmed with the situation and the four hands running wild over my body, I could only shudder in response as I ground my ass into Colin’s lap behind me. I felt my pussy begin to soak through my panties with wetness, and moaned loudly. As I reached my hand down towards my pussy, I felt it stopped, and I opened my eyes as Marco began to speak.

“Why don’t we stop right here,” he said “and get everything ready before we proceed.”

“What… what do you mean?” I asked in genuine and utter confusion.

Marco rummaged around for a moment and produced a garment bag which he held out to me. “Go put this on.” he said. “And use the kit provided in the bathroom to do your makeup suitably to match.”

I stood there, still confused, and looked imploringly to Colin for explanation.

“Just go do as he says,” Colin stated reassuringly, “We’re going to make a few movies tonight, so you need to go get in to character.”

“Movies?” I asked.

“That’s right. I figured it would be a nice going away gift for you if we made a few more tapes.” Colin said. “And this way, with Marco here, we have someone to actually hold the camera and get all the best shots up close “

“Sounds like fun.” I said with a wink. “Make sure you get a nice close up of the load I’m about to suck out of Colin.”

Marco and Colin laughed as I sauntered to the bathroom with my garment bag, clad only in my white thong panties. Closing the door behind me, my hands shook slightly with anticipation as I opened the garment bag to discover what “costume” the two horny men had picked out for me. Unzipping the bag, and seeing plaid, I immediately knew what they had in mind. My smile went ear to ear as I removed the items from the bag one at a time. First came the plaid skirt, then the tiny white dress shirt, knee high stockings and black dress shoes.

I chuckled t myself as I dressed, thinking that this was the classical example of a school girl outfit. In order to fit the part, I changed my hair from a ponytail to a pair of high pigtails, and used the basic makeup kit I found in the bathroom to put on a small amount of blush, mascara, and pink lipstick. Striking my most innocent pose in the mirror, it was all I could do not to laugh out loud at the stereo-typical image of the naughty school girl.

“The things I do to make men happy.” I muttered to myself in private amusement as I opened the bathroom door.

Both Colin and Marco were setting up some lighting and two cameras on tripods when I walked into the living room area. They seemed to be setting up a scene in front of the fireplace, but both stopped to watch me as I bounced into the room in my approximation of a school-girl’s walk. The white dress shirt was ludicrously tight around my chest, held closed just barely by only two buttons, and stretched to the limit. I went braless underneath, and my cleavage was on full display. The skirt was criminally short, certainly not acceptable for any Ontario catholic school I knew of, and the socks rode high up to my knees. The dress shoes had not fit, so I was just in sock feet, and wearing only my white thong under the skirt. Both men nodded appreciatively at me as I approached.

“How do I look boys?” I said, blowing a small bubble with the gum I had removed from my purse to finish the ensemble.

“Like a bucket of sex wrapped in lust baby.” Macro replied.

Colin was struck speechless, and merely stammered as I twirled and bent over so he could briefly see up my skirt from behind. I smiled between my legs at him and winked as I chewed exaggeratedly on my gum.

“I think we’re about ready to get started here.” Marco said, taking control of the situation. bahis siteleri He went on to explain that we weren’t going to bother with much plot, and get right down to some action.

“First things first.” Said Marco. “What we’ll do is an opening sequence where you introduce yourself, then we’ll have you put on a little show for Colin, and then finally suck him off. What I want you to do I just follow my instructions. We’ll edit the film later to take out my speaking and add some mood music to the background. You ready to go?”

“This isn’t your first time doing this is it?” I asked Marco to confirm my growing suspicions.

“Not at all. This is what I do for a living.” he assured me. “So just do as I say, and we’ll end up with a beautiful piece of film here. I’m aiming for about 20-30 minutes for this scene at the end, so we should get started and take about an hour’s worth of shots.”

“Sounds good” I replied. “Lets get going.”

Marco went two the two stationary cameras and pushed record, and then picked up third high quality camcorder. He motioned for me to take a seat on the comfortable couch beside Colin, and then started with his questions.

“We’re here today with:” he said, waiting for my response.

“Luica ” I said with conviction and excitement.

“Ah, the lusty Lucia.” he said. “Well Lucia, do you know why you’re here today?”

I nodded and felt my pigtails bounce as I allowed a big smile to slowly spread across my lips. “I’m here to suck a nice big dick “

“Good girl.” Marco responded. “Do you like sucking cock?”

“I LOVE it.” I replied with undisguised glee. “There is nothing in the world I like more than a nice well lubricated dick sliding in and out between my big fat juicy lips.”

“Oh very nice.” he replied. “And what about cum. What will you do when Colin here cums?” He asked, briefly gesturing the camera at Colin.

“Swallow it all like a good girl.” I said matter-of-factly.

“Excellent.” Marco answered. “Okay now that the intro is done, I’m going to have you put on a little strip tease. Don’t worry too much about dancing” he said “just be sexy, pose a lot, and strip down to just the skirt.”

Following Marco’s expert guidance, I began to put on a show for Colin. Using a lollipop provided by Marco, I simulated the act of fellatio, twirled my hair, and posed while he alternately took video and still photo shots. I rubbed myself all over, focusing heavily on my barely restrained breasts, kneading them through the this fabric of the white dress top. I bit my lower lip as I stared at both the camera and into Colin’s eyes. I could tell that I was having an effect on him, and that the blood was flowing freely into Colin’s crotch.

Smiling all the while, I moved closer to Colin and began to rub my body up and down just inches away from him, letting him smell me. Slowly, slowly, I unbuttoned my blouse, but held it closed with my hands to tease him. Turning my back to both Colin and Marco’s camera, I put my shoulders back, and allowed the shirt to slide down and off of my arms, falling to the floor. Placing my hands firmly over my breasts, I turned back around with a mischievous grin, and then, suddenly, moved my hands down to uncover my nipples and instead cup my large tits, jiggling them for added effect.

“Great, job, this is fantastic footage.” Marco said as Colin merely nodded in agreement.

I continued to writhe and play with my tits for the camera, fondling them, moaning softly, and even stretching my long tongue down to lick my own nipples. Colin groaned with anticipation and awkwardly readjusted his package as I swirling my tongue around my nipples, leaving them both glistening with saliva and hard enough to cut glass.

“Okay, what I want you to do now is to go over and stand on that little brick platform in front of the fireplace.” Marco said, waiting for me to get into position. “Good, now I want you to bend over and slowly pull your panties down so that we can see it.”

I bent over double as I stood on the bricks, looking back over my shoulder at Colin and the camera. I slid the skirt up just slightly, and then hooked my thumbs into the thong straps. Winking at Colin, I tugged them half was down, revealing some of my butt crack, where I paused to smirk at the camera. With a subtle moan, I slid the panties down to my ankles, and stepped gingerly out of them, and rested with my hands near my ankles and legs tightly together so that my butt, and just a hint of my pussy, was visible.

“Very nice.” Marco assured me. “You look so hot baby. Now I want you to stay bent over a while, and play with that sopping wet pussy. Make it glisten so that the camera can pick it up.”

No complaints here, I thought, as my right hand immediately trailed up my legs towards my pussy. I parted my legs and bent over a little further, so that my pussy was plainly visible from the camera’s low angle behind me. Without any delay, I began to furiously rub my clit, and almost instantly I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming with pleasure. Even though I bahis şirketleri stifled, a long, low moan emanated from deep in my chest, and my breathing grew ragged and hoarse.

“Tabernacle…” Marco muttered. ” I have never seen a woman cum so quickly from so little “

“Wait till you see her with a dick in her mouth.” Colin said with undisguised admiration.

I began to rock back and forth as I recovered from my first small orgasm, and already felt another, larger one building. I rubbed my clit from side to side, and slid my middle finger part way inside my pussy, no longer stifling my moans which grew louder and louder each passing second. I gasped for air as I rubbed myself, eyeing the camera briefly before my eyes fluttered shut with ecstacy. As I gyrated and jilled myself, I was unaware of Colin’s presence near me until I felt his warm breath on my inner thighs. I let out an intense moan of pleasure when I looked down between my legs to see him on his knees, his face pressed close, watching me rub my clit raw. Pushing my ass towards him, I briefly saw his tongue flicker out and lick a at the small stream of juices that had oozed from my pussy and down my leg.

“Delicious baby.” Colin said with a smirk. “Now cum for me.”

Marco seemed to have no issues with Colin’s new ad-libbing of the ‘script’ and merely came in closer to get a tight angle shot of my pussy over Colin’s shoulder. I began to nearly scream with pleasure as I pushed myself over the top, experiencing a massive, knee-weakening orgasm in waves. My ass, legs and then whole body shook with the force of the orgasm, my thigh muscles to contracting uncontrollably. As I began to come down, my knees buckled, and I was quick witted enough to step back from the bricks as I collapsed onto the floor in a heap of lust-fueled exhaustion.

“Great work, you were fantastic ” Marco exclaimed as he filmed me in my completely drained and tired state. “Take a moment to catch your breath and we’ll move on to the next part.”

I looked up at the camera and smiled weakly between deep, calming breaths. I rubbed my tits together absentmindedly, and made plenty of eye contact with the camera, occasionally stealing a glance at Colin as he began to strip off his clothes.

“I guess the fun part is next?” I asked with undisguised glee.

“I love that you get that twinkle in your eye at the thought of sucking cock baby.” Marco replied. “I think we’ll start with you on your knees, crawling to Colin while he sits naked in the chair. We’ll get some good POV footage there, and then do some wide angle shots later with him standing up.”

“Sounds good to me.” I replied eagerly, taking up position on all fours across from Colin still wearing nothing but my tiny plaid skirt.

My limbs trembled with the after-effects of my earth shattering orgasm, and I felt a small shiver run down my spine at the recent memory. I licked my lips in anticipation as I watched Colin arrange himself in his seat, a noticeable bulge protruding from his lap. Marco set up with his camera from an angle just over Colin’s shoulder that would give the appearance of a first person point of view of the action. I smiled widely at him, and Marco nodded his ascent for me to begin the show.

“I can’t wait to suck your dick.” I said breathily as I began to crawl towards Colin, naked and on all fours. “I’ve been waiting for this ALL day.”

I crawled forward slowly, making each movement with a deliberate feline flair. I tossed my pigtails from side to side and smiled, pausing to blow a kiss as I advanced. As I got closer and closer, swaying my hips from side to side, I could see Colin’s excitement increase visibly, as a bead of sweat formed on his brow and the bulge in his pants throbbed. I wet my lips and pouted as I drew myself between his legs, using my hands to gently push them wider to allow me to get in nice and close to his body. Kneeling up now, between his legs, I began to slowly caress my tits, licking my fingers and tracing them in circles around my nipple. Colin moaned as I hefted one heavy breast in my hand, and lifted it upwards, craning my neck down to flick the erect nipple with my long and agile tongue. I let a soft moan escape my own lips as I gave my tits one last squeeze, and winked up at the camera.

“I want to feel your big, hard, cock down my throat.” I said with a smile. “I want to taste your cum and feel it fill my mouth before I swallow it all down.”

“Excellent.” Marco murmured. “Now I want to you slowly remove his pants.”

Making eye contact with Colin all the while, I gently began to run my hands up and down his legs, using my fingernails to scrape gently through his pants one way, and then smoothly running my hands the other. I felt him shift impatiently as I caressed him, and sympathetically ran my hands up to his pulsing tent. I softly began to rub the flat of my palm up and down the shaft of his hidden cock, and heard him gasp appreciatively. I slid one hand under him slightly and began to softly squeeze his balls through his pants, eliciting more positive groans. Leaning in, I began to rub my face against his caged pole, acting as if my mouth was a drawn by a powerful magnet to his member. Deftly using my teeth, I gripped his zipper and began to slowly, slowly pull it downwards.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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