Last Day at the Beach

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Craig unloads everything he needs for a day at the beach, everything from a towel to a cooler full of Coronas. He carries the cooler, a large umbrella and sac with everything else in it down toward the shore line and sets up.

After kicking off his sandals and lying down on the towel beneath the umbrella, he pops open the cooler and grabs a Corona. The beer goes down smoothly, cooling him off in the hot, sticky weather. As soon as he finishes that one, he replaces it with another before closing the lid.

The weather isn’t too bad at the beach today unlike yesterday’s weather, but hot nonetheless. He gulps down half the bottle and lies back to relax. His vacation days are coming to a close and soon he’ll have to get back to work. Coming to the beach everyday has rejuvenated him after three years of working solidly and not taking a vacation.

He’s lying there for some time, which hasn’t been much of an issue this last week, and about to fall asleep when a shadow falls over him. His eyes open fully and to his surprise is a woman with very large breasts in a bikini top way too small and barely holding them in.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” she says in a sweet, almost country accent. “I’ve been watching you for some time. Gosh,” she holds a hand to her mouth. “I sound like a stalker.”

“No it’s alright,” Craig says smiling.

She giggles for a moment before continuing. “Like I said, I was watching you and you just, well, caught my eye. Mostly that rock hard body of yours.” She smiles as her eyes slowly drop and settle to his crotch. “Do you mind if I join you for a drink?”

Craig slides over a little and pops open the cooler, grabbing a nice, cool Corona and says, “Don’t mind at all.”

The woman smiles, grabbing the Corona and settling down next to him. “I’m Veronica,” she says holding out her hand.

Craig grabs it, kissing it lightly and says, “Craig.”

“So Craig what do you do for canlı bahis a living?”

“I’m an Architect,” he answers. “I’m finally taking a vacation after three years.”

“Wow,” she says. “You have any luck with the ladies so far?”

“Actually no,” he says. Not that he has actually been out to look for any. He is a good looking guy with a great body and really can get any woman he wants, but so far he’s wanted relaxation. After nearly a solid week of it, his cock has begun to ache for some action.

“Ah, that’s too bad,” Veronica says trailing a finger down his chest and stomach. “How about I change that for you?”

Before he can answer, her hand slips beneath his shorts and wrap around his flaccid cock. “Now let’s see what we have here,” she says pulling it out. “Mmm. I bet this will get real big,” she says licking her lips. She pushes down his shorts and takes the flaccid cock into her mouth.

His cock quickly gets hard and fills her mouth. She pulls off of it and says, “Wow, this is bigger than I imagined.” Then she sticks it back in taking it all the way to the back of her throat. She gags slightly and Craig grips the blanket in both hands. When she backs off, she swipes his cock head with her tongue, gathering up any precum he has then slides it all the way down his shaft to his balls.

Both balls pop in her mouth as she strokes his cock with her hand. She rolls them around for a few seconds before returning to his cock. She slides her tongue all the way back up the bottom side of his cock and retakes it into her mouth. After a few intense minutes, saliva starts to slip out her mouth and run down his hard shaft.

With his cock coated in saliva and precum, she takes her hand and starts jacking him off. Veronica’s hand pistons along his hard cock as Craig tries to hold back his cock from exploding. Just before he does, she stops and removes her hand. “Not so fast big boy,” she says.

Veronica bahis siteleri removes the tiny top and climbs on top of him, sliding his cock between her voluptuous breasts. “You’re going to cum all over these.”

With the slick cock, Veronica slides her breasts over it, pushing on either side and creating a nice, tight and slippery fuck space. As she rubs along his cock she grinds her pussy through the bikini bottoms on his chest. Craig takes the hint and pushes the bottoms to the side and stick his tongue, flicking at her pussy each time she grinds close to his mouth.

Within seconds his balls swell and he explodes. Veronica takes the full force of his blast on her breasts and face. She quickly laps up what she can and wraps her lips around his cock once more. Her body slides in until she feels her pussy envelope his tongue.

Craig starts licking furiously, sticking his tongue in her tiny hole then out over her clit. It’s not long before he helps her reach her climax and her pussy juice gush out at him. She trembles and moans from the orgasm and when it is finished she turns around to face him.

As she leans down to wrap her lips around his, Craig can feels the head of his cock butting against her asshole. She pulls away and smiles. “Your cock knows where it wants to go,” she says.

Craig can only smile and before he knows it, she drops down and onto his cock. There is a slight resistance, but with the speed Veronica took, his cock pops right into her extremely tight ass. She groans loudly and pinches his nipples. Craig winches slightly from the pain, but as Veronica sits up onto his cock and starts grinding him, he totally forgets.

“You like fucking my ass?” Veronica moans.

“Oh yes,” Craig says.

“You going to fill this dirty ass with your hot fucking cum then?”

Craig grunts and once again his bursts. This time, however, it is more powerful and far more. He blasts her insides, bahis şirketleri burst after continuous burst until finally his balls start to ache.

Veronica climbs off, slipping her bottoms off and dropping them to the ground. “Care to join me in the water?”

“Right behind you,” Craig says jumping to his feet. His cock, still hard and only slightly limp, bounces as he runs after her.

They swim out enough until their feet no longer touch the bottom. In unison, they slowly pull each other closer. When their faces finally meet, they kiss more passionately than before, exploring each other’s mouths. Veronica tightly wraps her legs and locks them behind Craig’s waist.

After a few minutes Craig’s cock is burning hard and rammed between Veronica’s legs, just beneath her waiting pussy. She breaks the kiss and uses her legs to push her hips out then brings the walls of her pussy and slides over his cock, pushing it deep inside herself.

She starts using her legs to push up and down slowly on Craig’s cock. Veronica bites her lower lip and Craig quickly realizes she is near another orgasm. So he leans in and begins kissing her neck. She reacts by letting out a breathily gasp.

After kissing up and down her neck, Craig starts to thrust his hips up and she comes down and out as she rises up, increasing pleasure on both their ends. Then as she moves down on him, he thrusts his hips up hard into her, forcing her to scream in absolute pleasure. Her pussy walls grip even tighter around his cock surrounding it in pure pleasure. He responds by kissing on her neck some more, rubbing his tongue against her skin, then dragging his lips close.

It all causes her orgasm to build even more and her pussy clamps down even more on his cock, sending him into an orgasm. Craig explodes inside her, rocketing even bit of hot cum he has left into her womb. She lets out a primal scream when she feels the hot cum being blasted deeper into her. Veronica digs her nails into his back as she orgasms around his.

As they decline, they bury their foreheads into each other’s necks. “Thank you for a good time,” she says. “I hope you enjoyed your vacation.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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