Last Night at the Conference

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It was the third day of a four day industry conference and I was beat. Several thousand Vendors, consultants, and clients meet once a year at a large resort to learn about new trends and products, see old friends and make new ones, and in my case, attempt to get some new customers.

I know what you’re thinking; we’ve heard about these conferences. A couple meetings in the morning so you can write it off as a business expense, golfing all afternoon, and drinking in the bar all evening. Well maybe the conferences you go to, but this was definitely a working one for me. Up at 6:00am to go to a continental breakfast meeting at 7:00. Educational/information sessions all morning, then into the Expo center for lunch. My company had a booth there which needed to be staffed while potential clients wandered about asking questions, ‘kicking the tires’ on your products, and picking up logoed trinkets. And you better have some cool trinkets (and candy) if you wanted to get any attention. So lunch consisted of running to the buffet and hopefully grabbing a bite or two in between talking to anyone who even glanced your way.

More sessions in the afternoon, then a buffet style dinner back at the Expo in the evening and more sales time in the booth. Maybe a quick drink or two at the bar with a potential customer, then head back to the room, catch up on business emails, and in bed by midnight if you were lucky. That was my first 2 days.

The third day noon time was the wrap up of the Expo. Give away as much stuff as you could so you didn’t have to lug it home, then pack up the booth materials. More sessions in the afternoon, but the evening was free time. So that’s where my story begins as I dragged myself back to the room.

I skipped the last session, so it was about 5pm. Too early to go to dinner and I wanted some time to relax anyway. I had barely been outside since I arrived at the resort, but I did see they had a nice pool and spa. Yea, a hot tub was just what I needed. I always bring my trunks along on trips so I quickly changed and headed to the pool area. It was a warm day and the pool was crowded with kids, but I could see only a couple heads sticking up in the spa. I got a cold beer from the pool bar, set my towel on one of the chairs, and gingerly stepped in. Damn it was hot, but it felt so good. After a couple minutes, I sank all the way in with just my head and beer hand above water.

Then I noticed there were two women sitting directly across from me. One looked like she had a few miles on her, but hey, I’m no spring chicken myself. The attractive younger woman next to her bore a resemblance so I figured they were mother and daughter. They were all the way up to their necks also and opened their eyes a bit to see who had joined the group. I nodded my head and tipped the beer in their direction as an informal hello. That got me a small smile from both. With the rest of them being under water, and the bubbles from the water jets, I couldn’t see anything else.

I finished my beer and set the empty can on the ledge. That’s when I noticed a couple near empty plastic wine glasses behind them. One of the pool servers came by and I flagged her down. “Another beer for me please, and canlı bahis ladies, would you like another glass of wine? White? My treat.”

“Why, thank you, and yes, we are having white.” the younger one replied with a big smile.

“My name’s Tom. I’m here with the conference that you have probably seen all the signs about.”

“I’m Jennifer, although most people call me Jen, and this is my mother Sally.” We’re just here on a girls’ getaway.”

We made small talk for a bit until the server brought our drinks. Sally and Jen had to sit up a bit to reach their wine and so I got my first glimpse of what had been hiding under the water. Jen was wearing a white two piece suit and she filled out the top quite nicely, thank you. Sally wore a navy one piece which didn’t show quite as much and I could see gravity was beginning to take its toll, but it was also obvious where Jen got her looks.

I was beginning to get hungry now and asked if they would like to get something to eat with me. The bar could order food from any of the resort restaurants and bring it right to your poolside table. As we got out of the spa, I stole a few glances at the two of them, especially as they were drying off. Jen was filled out in all the right places, and if I didn’t know Sally was her mother, she could have passed for an older sister. Yea, she looked that good.

We picked a rectangular table, the ladies sat on one long side and I sat on the other. I didn’t really plan it that way, but it let me look at both of them without having to keep turning my head. Rather than separate dinners, we chose a number of appetizer platters so we could all share.

I told them a little about myself and my work. Yea, pretty much a typical geek type. Always busy and traveling, and somewhere along the way I forgot about finding someone special to share my life with. Oh I had a girlfriend or two, but I managed to screw that up by working so hard. No one in my life now.

Sally’s husband, and Jen’s father, had passed away about a year ago after a prolonged illness. Sally hadn’t done much since then aside from putter around the house they had shared. Jen had been married, no kids, but her husband apparently thought the grass was greener elsewhere and asked for a divorce. It was finalized several months ago. They didn’t have a house, so just split the assets and she had moved in with her mom. The two of them decided it was high time to go out and live a little.

Our conversations just flowed, the time flew by, and next thing we knew the pool area was emptying out. The bartender came over and said we were welcome to stay, but the outdoor bar closed at 9:00. If we wanted to go to one inside, we would need to change out of our swimsuits. Sally looked over at Jen, then asked if I would like to come up to their room for a nightcap. Well, I wasn’t going to turn down an offer like that. Found out their room was on the same floor as mine, only about a dozen doors away. Once inside, Jen poured 3 small glasses of Amaretto liqueur.

“I’m going to take a quick shower, you two kids don’t get into any trouble, OK?” she chuckled as she headed for the bathroom.

Sally handed me one of the glasses, took hers, and clinked bahis siteleri the edges together. “here’s to a wonderful evening so far…”

As I took a sip of the rich liqueur, I noticed Sally’s shoulders were quite red. “Do you have any lotion? Looks like you could use something on that sunburn.”

“Thank you, that would be nice. I wasn’t very careful out in that sun and I’m beginning to feel it now.”

She turned, stood in front of me, and pulled the straps of her suit off on to her arms. I squirted the lotion on my hands and carefully rubbed it on her back and shoulders.

“Oh, that feels great. Can you do my arms also?” She pulled her arms out of the straps and the top of the suit fell a little bit. Now it had been a while since I had this much contact with a woman, so I was starting to get aroused. A quick adjustment to my suit was needed. As I started putting the lotion on her arms, she backed up slightly into me. My erection was now firmly planted against her bottom.

She wiggled her butt a little and said “oh, that feels very nice too… I think maybe you should put some lotion on my front. We can’t be too careful now, can we?” With that she pulled the front of her suit down to her waist, exposing some very nice breasts. I put more lotion on my hands and starting with her neck, made my way down, being sure each one was completely covered. They had a little bit of sag and I have no idea about cup sizes, but they fit my hands perfectly. Her areoleas were about the size of a half dollar, and nipples firmly pointing outward. I figured I might as well cover everything, so I continued rubbing downward. When I reached her waist and the suit, she pushed it off and it settled around her ankles. Reaching behind, she searched for the drawstring on my suit, pulled it loose, and tried to push it off. Well, my erection was holding matters up so to speak, so I took a step back, pulled on the elastic and my suit joined hers on the floor.

Reaching around her again, I began rubbing her stomach, and lower to her silky bush. No lotion needed now. I lightly pressed a finger between her lips and could hear a slight gasp from her.

She moved over to the bed, leaned forward, spread her legs a little, and put her arms down, with the result that her lovely bottom and pussy was on display for me. Glancing over her shoulder at me, I got one of those ‘come hither..’ looks. I was pretty much rock hard at this point and slid my dick between her legs, rubbing right along her very wet slit. I moved back and forth a couple times, then easily slipped into her. Holding onto her waist, I slowly pumped in and out, going in all the way after just a few strokes.

I would like to say that I lasted for an hour, but the reality was it might have been 5 minutes or so. I’m pretty sure I was able to stimulate her to at least one orgasm though before I shot my load.

She fell forward on the bed and I just lay on top of her, both of us catching our breath and enjoying the moment.

Suddenly I felt something soft against the back of one of my legs and two hard ‘somethings’ against my back. Followed closely by a warm, slightly wet body.

“Did you save anything for me?”

I rolled bahis şirketleri beneath her, onto the bed on my back, looking up at a gorgeous naked Jen. Firm breasts high on her chest, nipples just like Sally’s and a small patch of hair around her pussy. Damn, so that’s what Sally looked like 20 years ago.

“Yes, but I’m not 19 anymore, it may be a little while.”

“Let me see if I can help things along.” Taking my flaccid dick in her hand, Jen slowly stroked up and down. It was still plenty slippery from Sally’s juices. Then a little lick around the tip, like it was an ice cream cone. Well, it’s amazing what even a middle-aged body can do with the right motivation. As I started getting it up again, she moved up and wrapped those luscious breasts around my dick for a little titty-fuck. I was rock-hard again faster than I had been in many years.

Sally had rolled over to her side and was watching us with a smile. Jen moved up the rest of the way, straddling me at the waist. Still a little damp from the shower, she positioned my cock against her pussy and slowly slid up and down. It quickly became a lot wetter. She was moaning softly and with a quick motion, raised herself up, positioned my dick at her entrance and took all of me at once. I could feel her pussy tightening around me, then she leaned forward so I could massage those lovely breasts while she rocked back and forth.

Having just cum with Sally, I lasted longer and Jen took full advantage. I think she had at least two, and when I came she was right with me, clamping down and shuddering a little.

Jen stretched out on top of me for a few minutes as the orgasmic high wore off, then rolled to my side. Sally moved closer and both of them put an arm across my chest and one leg over each of mine. With my arms around them, I fell asleep cuddling with two beautiful naked women.

Brakkk, Brakkk, Brakkk… I leaned over and out of sheer habit, slapped the snooze button on the alarm, then fell back on my pillow. About 15 seconds later, my brain jump-started. Wait, alarm?? I sat up quickly and looked around. I was in my room. I normally sleep in boxers, but this morning I was naked in the bed. My clothes were draped over a chair where I left them when I went to the hot tub yesterday. A quick check-my laptop, wallet; everything was still here. My swim trunks were hanging in the bathroom. How did I get to my room? Last I remembered, I was in another bed with 2 lovely women. Still in a bit of a daze, I showered and dressed to head to the final day of the conference.

Slowly walking down the hall, I remembered their room number. With a little trepidation, I approached the door. It was open, held in place by that little security bar that hotels use. I couldn’t hear any activity inside, so I gingerly pushed the door open, called “hello” and walked in. The room was empty and everything made up, ready for new guests. What? Housekeeping wouldn’t have come around this early and I was certain I had the right room. But there was nothing to suggest that I or anyone else had been in here last night. I looked around one more time and just as I was about to resign myself to it being a very vivid dream, I saw a note on the table. Picking it up, I read “Thanks for a wonderful night. S & J”

I carefully folded the note and put it in my pocket. Closing the door behind me, I headed to the last day of the best conference ever, with memories I will never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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