Laura’s Tights Fantasy with Maiko

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Hi readers,

A while ago, I received an email from someone requesting a custom story. The characters, their appearance, what they wear, the setting and all the events in this story are all their suggestion; I have simply worked them into a story. I hope the person concerned is happy with my work and that you all also enjoy it.




“Alright girls, that will do for today. I will see you all tomorrow,” Miss Laine chirped as the girls picked up their gear and made their way out of the studio towards the changing rooms. Seething with anger, Laura picked up her bag, slung it over her shoulder and stormed off towards the exit, slamming the door behind her.

“Laura…wait!” yelled a voice behind her.

Turning round, she found her friend, Maiko running to catch her up. Sighing, she placed her hands on her hips and waited for her.

“What’s the matter?” her friend asked worriedly.

“I’m sorry Mai, I just had to get out of there,” the brunette replied, wiping a tear from her left eye.

“Hey come on, don’t get upset, you don’t know you haven’t made the final line up.”

“Oh I know alright!” Laura huffed, stomping off down the corridor towards the exit.

“Where are you going?”


“At least let’s get changed first Laura, it’s freezing out there!” Maiko yelled after her, pulling on her short cardigan and throwing her bag over her shoulder.

“Sod it! It’s only a couple of blocks!”

“Oh…oh alright, wait for me!”

Since moving to New York from London a year ago and joining the Santini School of Dance, Laura had hit it off almost instantly with Maiko, a petite Japanese American girl with warm soft brown eyes and a friendly personality to match. The English girl had always felt a strange attraction to her friend; her soft voice and beautiful smile usually had a soothing, calming effect on her whenever she lost her temper, but not today. Laura stormed through the doors and out into street leaving Maiko trailing in her wake.

“Jesus Laura, slow down!”

“Come on, keep up if you’re coming with me, it’s bloody freezing,” Laura grumped, snaking her way along the crowded sidewalk.

“I told you we should have changed before we left. How do you think I feel? At least your leotard’s got sleeves,” groaned Maiko, trying to get her cardigan out of her bag and put it on as she struggled to keep up with her friend.

A few minutes later they arrived at Laura’s apartment. Opening the front door, the brunette found a note on the floor; picking it up, she quickly read it, screwed it up and threw it in the waste paper basket.

“What was that?” asked Maiko.

“A reminder from the old cow downstairs that my rent is late,” Laura sighed, pulling a bottle of wine from the fridge, “want a glass?”

“Erm…yeah okay,” her friend smiled as she sat down on the sofa.

Pouring two large glasses, Laura handed one to her guest and flopped down next to her.

“Have you calmed down now?”

“No, not really,” the brunette muttered, taking a large swig from her glass.

“Why, what’s the matter?”

“Oh come on Mai, you were there. That bitch Laine did nothing but pick on me for that whole session. Every two minutes it was hands Laura, shoulders Laura, feet together Laura, neckline Laura. I tell you Mai, I’ve got no chance of being picked if she’s got anything to do with it,” Laura huffed, taking another sip.

“You don’t know that yet, Miss Laine might be just pushing you a little harder because she knows you can do it,” Maiko smiled, putting an arm around her.

“Bullshit! She just doesn’t like me, simple as that.”

Despite thinking her friend was perhaps over reacting a little, Maiko could understand why she was upset. In the New Year the school was sending some of the girls to put on a performance at a dance event in Berlin and all of them had been training hard to make the final line up, none more so than Laura. Every bit of spare time away from her bar job, the 21 year old had spent at the studio.

“Can you imagine what it’s like over there at the moment Mai?” she sighed, getting up off the sofa and pacing over to the window, “the wall’s only just come down, I would have bloody loved to have gone.”

“I keep telling you, the line up’s not been decided yet,” Maiko said softly, getting up and putting her arm round the downhearted brunette. Turning to her friend, Laura smiled and hugged her.

“I like your cardigan Mai.”

“Thanks, it’s new,” the dark haired girl smiled, taking a sip from her glass as she sat back down. The cardigan was pink, matching the rest of her outfit, a sleeveless leotard, short skirt, tights, ballet slippers and a clip with an artificial rose which she wore in her black, bobbed cut hair. Laura cast her gaze over the petite pretty 20 year old, the same old familiar twinge in the pit of her stomach making her whole body wince.

“Are you okay Laura?”

“Erm…yeah I’m fine Mai…sorry,” the brunette smiled awkwardly, turning away. Escort Bayan

“Oh, okay.”

Smiling to herself, Maiko topped up her glass. It wasn’t the first time Laura had looked at her strangely, far from it in fact. When they first met, it had made her feel uneasy, thinking the English girl had some sort of problem with her; but as their friendship grew, she simply dismissed it as just a quirk or just nerves. Smiling and nodding in agreement as Laura stood there bitching and complaining in her black long sleeve leotard, black short skirt and white tights, Maiko wondered why her friend looked at her in that strange way sometimes…unless she…no…it couldn’t be that…could it?

“Who do you think will get the lead?” asked Maiko, dismissing the thought from her mind.

“Hah! Oh come on Mai! We all know who that’s gonna be don’t we? Fucking Gina de la Cruz!” Laura scoffed, flopping back down on the sofa and folding her arms.

“Maybe not.”

“Oh you must be joking! She’s been the lead in nearly every production we’ve been in. I can guarantee you she’ll be there out front, all teeth and tits, hogging the limelight as per bloody usual.”

“You have to admit Laura, Gina is a pretty good dancer,” Maiko conceded, shrugging as she finished her glass.

“A good dancer? Come off it! I’ve seen drunks where I work with better co-ordination than her. Everyone knows why she nearly always gets the lead, and that’s because her Dad is one the school’s main backers and he’s got old Ma’ Santini and Miss Laine wrapped round his little finger. Huh! Gina de la Cruz…de la crap more like!”

“Finished your little rant now?” Maiko smirked at her friend.

“Yeah well Mai, she gets right on my tits, with her airy laugh, her stupid bloody outfits and that self satisfied smug look on her face. I’d love to smack her one again,” the brunette continued as she topped up her glass.

“Well you definitely won’t get picked for Berlin if you do that.”

“I know, but it would be bloody worth it.”

Generally speaking, most of the girls got along with each other; but there was certainly no love lost between Laura and Gina. The pair had taken an almost instant dislike to each other from the moment they had met. Laura despised the pretty blonde because she thought she had an unfair advantage over all the other girls. Hardly a session went by they didn’t exchange a barbed comment or a catty remark at least once. On one occasion it boiled over after Gina called Laura a ‘talentless Limey bitch’ and the two came to blows, having to be separated by Miss Laine, an incident which resulted in Laura being suspended from the school for two weeks. After Maiko pleaded her case on her behalf and she begrudgingly apologised, Laura was allowed to return, provided there was no repeat of the incident. The brunette promised there wouldn’t be, but the pair still continued snipe at each other.

“Have you got it all out of your system now?” Maiko teased as her friend finished another tirade of abuse directed at virtually everyone at the school.

“Yes…I think so,” Laura sighed, smiling and sitting down next to her on the sofa.

“I wish you’d waited so we could have at least changed out of our ballet shoes. It won’t have done my feet much good walking about outside in them, they feel really sore.”

“Don’t be daft! It won’t do them any harm, it was only a five minute walk,” Laura tutted, shaking her head.

“Hmmm, I suppose,” the dark haired girl mumbled, looking down at her pink shoes.

“Oh for God’s sake Mai you mard arse, let me have a look,” the English girl smiled, rolling her eyes.

Kneeling down, she slowly untied the ribbon on Maiko’s left shoe and gently slid it off, revealing a petite, nylon encased foot, the dark red nail polish visible through the pale pink haze. Removing the right shoe, Laura smiled to herself.

“What’s the matter with you?” asked Maiko, noticing her friend’s expression.

“Erm…oh nothing,” said Laura, blushing a little, “I was just thinking, haven’t you got cute little feet.”

“Well I’m only five foot three, I’d look a bit silly with massive feet, wouldn’t I?”

“Hmmm, yes I suppose you would,” the brunette smiled, picking up the left foot and gently massaging it.

“Wh…what are you doing?”

“I thought you said they were sore.”

“They are.”

“Well, doesn’t that feel better?” Laura purred, squeezing a little harder as she felt the toes curling in her palm.

“Yes,” her friend replied quietly, swallowing hard and feeling her face redden as a strange sensation stirred within her.

“Just sit back and relax then.”

Reclining back on the sofa, Maiko closed her eyes and tried to relax as Laura continued to massage her feet, switching back and to between them; but it was no good, the amazing feeling building in the pit of her stomach was moving down between her legs. The feeling of guilt and embarrassment seemed to amplify the sensation, making her breathing become ever more fevered. Unable to stop herself, a lustful moan escaped her lips.

“Mmmm…oh Bayan Escort God.”

Suddenly aware Laura had stopped; she opened her eyes to find the brunette smiling at her.

“What?” she asked, smiling awkwardly.

“Maiko…you naughty girl,” Laura smirked, “you were getting turned on, weren’t you?”

“No I wasn’t!”

“Oh come on Mai, tell me the truth,” purred Laura, grabbing her friend by the right ankle and gently running her fingernails along the sole of her foot.

“Oh God, no please…stop!” she gasped, a tingle in her clit making her jolt.

“Only if you tell me the truth Mai,” her friend teased as she tickled her again.

“Aaahh no no Laura…please…pleeease!” Maiko begged, trying to pull her foot away.

“Tell me the truth, or I’ll do it more.”

“Laura…Oh God no…no!”

Unable to resist any longer, Maiko screamed as the throbbing in her clit became unbearable.

“Okay okay yes…YES!”

“Yes what?”

“It’s turning me on,” the dark haired girl groaned, moving her hand down under her skirt and between her legs.

“Why don’t you take it off?” Laura whispered, releasing her ankle and letting her stand up.


“Take it off, don’t be shy,” the brunette repeated, smiling at her slightly embarrassed friend.

Looking down anxiously at the floor, Maiko took a deep breath, slowly unbuttoned her cardigan, slipped it off and threw it on the sofa, her erect nipples clearly visible through her leotard. Looking over at Laura, she then unclipped her skirt, allowing it to slip down her legs to the floor.

“Oh my God,” purred Laura, her gaze firmly fixed on the obvious wet patch between her friend’s legs. Standing up, she unclipped her skirt, stepped out of it and stood opposite Maiko, the pair looking straight into each other’s eyes.

“I’m right aren’t I? You…like me,” said Maiko, her voice faltering.


Without breaking eye contact, the two girls edged closer until their lips met, wanton groans escaping as their tongues entwined. Reaching down, Maiko smoothed her hands over Laura’s bum cheeks, the feel of the material sending shockwaves through them both. Despite the English girl being a little taller than her, Maiko managed to shove her over and she fell back on to the sofa.

“What are you doing?” Laura gasped, her pretty blue eyes wide open.

The dark haired girl didn’t reply, she simply grabbed Laura’s left ankle and began untying the ribbon on her ballet shoe.

“Ohhh…I see,” the brunette whispered, lying back and closing her eyes Maiko removed her other shoe, a relaxed smile spreading across her face as the thumbs gently massaged her arches.

“Mmmm Mai…that’s nice.”

“Shhhh, it’s my turn now,” purred Maiko.


After few minutes Laura was so relaxed she had nearly drifted off to sleep…that was until she felt something warm on the soles of her feet, her eyes springing wide open.

“What’s that?” she panicked, looking down to find her friend kissing and licking her feet. The vision combined with the amazing sensation made her clit throb unbearably.

“Oh my God Mai…yes…lick them…lick them!”

Reaching down, she slipped her hand under her leotard, inside her tights and rubbed frantically at her soaked pussy, her thumb stroking her aching clit as Maiko continued to run her tongue over the soles.

“Mai…ohhhhh fffuuck!”

Unable to stop herself, Maiko kissed, licked and sucked her friend’s nylon clad feet, the taste and faint aroma of sweat and perfume stirring something deep within her, oblivious to Laura’s gasps and cries as she neared orgasm.


Suddenly Laura’s body tensed up as a brief but powerful climax surged through her, a trickle of warm cum soaking her fingers and leaving a wet patch on her outfit.

“Mai…stop…please,” she groaned, pulling her feet away with her remaining strength as she fell back exhausted.

“Oh dear; bit too much for you was it?” the Japanese girl smirked, sitting up with her arms folded.

“You kinky little sod, you never told me you liked this sort of thing,” Laura smiled, shaking her head.

“Me kinky? You’re the one that started it!” her friend giggled.

“Erm…yeah well,” Laura shrugged.

“So, how long have you erm…liked me?” Maiko purred, lying down next to her friend.

“Pretty much from the moment I laid eyes on you,” smiled Laura as she reached for her glass.

“I never even knew you were…you know,” Maiko faltered, blushing a little.

“What, a lesbian?”


“Well I’m quite a private person really. I keep myself to myself.”

“This is the first time I’ve ever…done anything like this…you know…with another girl,” the dark haired girl said quietly, swallowing hard.

“You’re enjoying it though, aren’t you?” Laura whispered as she gently ran her fingers over Maiko’s shoulders.


As their lips met once more, Laura hooked her thumbs in the shoulder straps of Maiko’s Escort leotard and gently slipped them off, easing it down her body and revealing her pert little breasts.

“Oh…oh God…Laura!” she gasped as she felt the fingers circling each of her erect nipples in turn and gently squeeze them.


Kissing down her neck to her chest, the brunette ran her tongue over Maiko’s left nipple before gripping it between her teeth and sucking hard.

“Ohhhh…oh fffu…Laura…wait!” she gasped, wriggling off the sofa and standing up. Pulling her leotard down, she stepped out of it, leaving her in just her pale pink tights. She was just about to roll them down when Laura reached out and stopped her.

“No, leave them on,” the brunette whispered, kneeling down in front of her.

“What are you doing?”

Laura didn’t answer, starting at her toes, she slowly kissed and licked her way up Maiko’s shapely legs, smoothing her hands over her bum cheeks and giving them a gentle squeeze.

“Mmm…ohh God!”

Feeling Laura’s warm breath on her inner thighs, Maiko grabbed the back of her head and pulled it upwards.

“Please Laura…pleeease!” she begged, groaning and thrusting her hips in desperation. Finally giving in to her friend’s pleas, she buried her face between her thighs, kissing and sucking wildly at the nylon covered labia, a thin strip of dark hair visible beneath.

“AAAAHHH OH GOD YES YES THAT’S SO GOOD!” she screamed as Laura’s tongue rolled over her throbbing clit, making her knees buckle as the waves coursed through her. Taking a firm grip of her thighs, Laura held her up as she licked harder; sending the dark haired girl over the edge, letting out a low, lust filled roar as the intense climax gripped her. Feeling Maiko starting to settle, Laura gently lowered her limp body to the floor.


“Oh God yes, it was beautiful,” Maiko groaned, closing her eyes and smiling contentedly.

Standing up, Laura slipped out of her leotard and lay back down next to her friend, cuddling into her and kissing her neck.

“Not too tired, are you?” the brunette asked, gently stroking her hair.

“No, of course not,” Maiko smiled, turning to face her.

Embracing as their lips met once more, they pushed their tongues deep into each other’s mouths, the two girls playfully rolling back and forth on the floor as their legs entwined. With Laura being the slightly taller and stronger of the two, she suddenly rolled Maiko on to her back and pinned her.

“Gotcha!” she giggled, holding the Japanese girl down by the wrists.

“Aaagh bitch! Let me go!” she squealed, laughing as she tried to wriggle free.

“Erm…now why would I want to do that?” Laura smirked.

“Come on Laura, please.”

“Oh alright then,” smiled Laura, releasing her friend, “but if I pin you a second time you’ll have to pay a forfeit.”

“What?” said Maiko, a little startled.

“You heard me; come on Mai, not chicken are you?” the brunette teased, smiling down at her.

Pulling herself up to her knees, Maiko looked into Laura’s eyes.

“Alright, try again,” she challenged confidently, even though her stomach was turning somersaults. Kneeling there in just her white tights with her hands on her hips, Laura looked stunning, with her brown shoulder length hair tied back in a ponytail, her pretty blue eyes, sparkling and mischievous, and her pert breasts with their stiff erect nipples.

“Ready?” Laura purred, smiling wickedly.

Maiko nodded.


The two girls made a grab for each other and fell to the floor, shrieking and giggling as they wrestled back and forth. Maiko put up a fight for about two minutes before Laura pinned her again.


“Oh no!” Maiko groaned, her legs kicking wildly in a vain attempt to free herself.

“Oh yes, forfeit time,” Laura chirped gleefully.

“Alright fine,” Maiko sighed, ceasing her struggle and conceding defeat, “What do you want me to do?”

“Hmm, just stay there for a moment.”

Standing up, Laura took a cushion from the sofa and handed it to Maiko.

“Put this behind your head, close your eyes, and relax.”

Placing the cushion behind her head, Maiko did as she was told. Suddenly she felt a weight on her chest. Opening her eyes, she found Laura straddling her.

“I think you know what’s going to happen next,” purred the English girl, smiling down at her trapped friend as she inched up her chest.

“Oh…oh God yes!” Maiko gasped, grabbing Laura’s thighs and licking at the crotch of her tights, her lustful groans muffled as the brunette ground her pussy into her face.

“Ohhhhh yes that’s it…YES!” Laura hissed, thrusting harder. Digging in her fingers, Maiko tore open the tights and flicked her tongue over the soft, waxed flesh, sending shockwaves through her friend.


Laura’s head began to swim as she felt Maiko’s eager tongue slip inside her soaked pussy and drive deeper, her entire body shuddering as she felt the muscles spasm. Seconds later, she screamed as a shattering climax tore through her, grabbing the back of Maiko’s head and held it as a surge of cum burst from her pussy, showering the petite girl’s face. Totally exhausted, she rolled off and lay back down beside her.

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