Lawn Work Rewards

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This is a true story that happened to me about thirty-eight years ago. I was 18 years old at the time. My family lived next door to a middle aged couple who had me doing all the “HEAVY” work around their home as the husband had had cataract surgery. (Back them they would not allow you to do any “HEAVY” work for one year after the surgery, times sure have changed) The ladies names have been changed to protect their families.

* * * * *

Jeanne played golf at one of the elite country clubs each Wednesday afternoon. I was late getting started on mowing their lawn that day, as I had to work over time to get a rush order out to the customer, and should have been finished well before Jeanne got home. I was just finishing trimming and putting the tools away when Jeanne pulled in the driveway. After the normal “small talk” she asked me if I would like a cold drink and a snack, as I was about 90 degrees in the shade. I said sure as my parents were away visiting my uncle in Nebraska and would not be home till Sunday night. I was in no hurry to make my own supper again. Her husband, Terry, was up north fishing for two weeks with his nephew so she seemed like she wanted to talk.

Jeanne said to go sit on the porch that was on the rear of the house out of sight from all.

I went in and sat on what I called the “summer” porch drinking a soft drink while Jeanne fixed the snacks. When she came out to the porch I noticed she had changed clothes and was smiling a bit at me. She had a loose hanging top on that “floated” about as she walked. Her shorts were tight and short for a lady her age.

While we sat and talked the neighbor from the other side of my parents house came over. (I think Jeanne had called Bertha on the sly) Bertha also had a loose top and a short skirt. When she sat down across the porch from me I could tell she had no panties on. It was at that moment I notice that neither one of them was wearing a bra. All of a sudden Jeanne got up and put the roll-up blinds down, saying it would be cooler without the sun coming in. Bertha reached over and turned the ceiling fan to a higher slower speed and winked at Jeanne.

I should stop here and tell you about these two ladies. Jeanne was about 43 years old and a preacher’s daughter and was a registered nurse until she married Terry. She was about 5′ 3′ tall and built like a “brick shithouse.” She had a set of 38C boobs (I had checked out the bra on the clothes line one day while mowing) the rest of her was slim so those boobs looked much larger than they should have.

Bertha was about 2 years older and a well endowed in all the correct places. I would guess she was a 40D-28-36 and loved to show “them’ off if you know what I mean.

Jeanne started talking about her golf game and how this foursome of guys behind her group of ladies keep “driving into” them. She said she though they were trying to “HIT” on the four ladies. She than started telling the story of how a couple of years pervious two couple had been caught in the “ROUGH” in a compromising positions. I looked over at Bertha and notice she was rubbing her right breast (which she thought was out of my line of sight) and licking her lips. She notice that I could see what see was doing and said that story was getting her hot just thinking what was happening when they got caught.

Jeanne got up and walked over to Bertha to what looked like to offer her another snack. Bertha reached up and slipped Beylikdüzü escort her hand under Jeanne’s top and played with her boobs. I almost came at the thought of these two ladies being more than “friends.” Jeanne set the plate down and kissed Bertha and than turned to me and said, ” What to keep two ladies happy for a while.” I just smiled and nodded my head YES!!! Speechless with the thought of what was to happen.

I started to get up but the bulge in my shorts was hindering that quick movement. Bertha said, “Just stay there “STUDLY” you are where “we” want you.” As she was getting up to come over to sit next to me she removed her top. She had the largest, darkest nipples I had ever seen. Her boob’s sagged a little but were firm and full. She came over and sat next to me on one side of the lounge sofa as Jeanne stood in front of me and removed her top for me to “inspect” her luscious boobs with my tongue. She leaned over and rubbed her boobs in my face while Bertha rubbed my cock through my shorts. Jeanne placed her hands on my knees and kissed me. That is when I noticed Bertha playing with Jeanne nipples as they hung in front of my face. I looked at them and without any questions asked was told they had been “friends” ever since Jeanne’s husband could not “perform his husbandly duties.” They said that they had wanted to go a step further for a while and thought this was the time to get me involved. (I was told later they had waited till I turned 18 as not to get in any trouble)

All of a sudden Jeanne reached down and slid her hand up the leg of my shorts and grabbed my cock. She slid her finger along the side of it and kissed me like there was no tomorrow. Bertha unbuttoned my shorts and opened the sipper. Jeanne said,” Be careful not to get his cock caught in the zipped.” all this time Bertha’s other hand was playing with one of Jeanne’s boobs. I reached up and grabbed Jeanne’s other boob while Bertha now was working on Jeanne’s shorts. She removed them and we all sat there naked and sweaty. Jeanne had a lush bush of hair in her crotch and it was trimmed ever so sexy. Bertha stood up and removed her skirt, revealing the cleanest shaved pussy I had ever saw. Jeanne reached out and playfully slid her fingers into Bertha’s cunt. Bertha let out a sexy moan and pushed her hips towards Jeanne fingers. I reached out and cupped Jeanne’s ass and pulled her towards me so I could smell her sweet pussy.

I just about came in an instant as Jeanne went down and put her lips around my hard swollen 8″ cock. She said to Bertha, “He has the thickest cock I have ever seen.” She licked and sucked on my cock till I almost shot my load. She stopped and with a smile said, “That fun has to wait of a while!” Bertha all this time was kissing me and had guided my hands to her huge boobs. I fingered her nipples and notice that my fingers were getting moist and sticky. All of a sudden I realized she was lactating. I stopped kissing her and asked, “How can you produce milk when you have never had a child?” She said just having someone suck and play with them can sometimes get the process started.

Jeanne let go of my cock long enough for me to lean over and taste that warm sweet milk. Bertha moaned and rubbed her pussy while I was sucking those large nipples. Jeanne stood up and placed my hand on her pussy. I started fingering her slit and felt the moistness the sweat between her legs. I slid my finger further into her slit and felt Beylikdüzü escort more warn juices flowing that was not sweat. She swiveled her hips and almost broke my fingers.

Bertha stood up and started rubbing my cock with a lotion that felt warn. She then turned around and guide her pussy over the top of my cock, her ass in my face, till my cock just touched her entrance to her “love hole.” She lowered myself on to my hard throbbing cock till she was sitting on my swollen balls gently. Jeanne had stood up in front of Bertha and Bertha was licking Jeanne’s nipples while all this was going on. Bertha started to slide my cock in and out of her tight juicy pussy. She was going so fast the she raised to far once and had to use her hand to get me back in the “love tunnel.” Jeanne chuckled and said, Slow down and save him for me.” I was just about to cum again when Jeanne reached between us and clamped her fingers ever so gently around my swollen balls and said, Not her honey, I get your love juice first.”

Bertha swung her leg over my head and told Jeanne to lay down, as she wanted to show me how to “eat pussy.” I just sat there and enjoyed the show till I could not take it any longer and pushed Bertha off Jeanne and started licking her myself. Jeanne raised her hips up so my tongue could reach further into her sweet tasting pussy. I was on all fours licking her pussy when Bertha slide her head under me and started licking my balls. With that I got up further on Jeanne and slide my cock into her pussy. She screamed and cried at the same time. (This was the first cock she had had since her husband operation 10 months ago I was told later) Bertha squeezed my balls to keep me from coming and whispered to me to keep pumping till Jeanne cums. It did not take long and when Bertha sensed Jeanne’s timing she release my balls and we both came together.

After a very short rest with me laying on next of Jeanne, Bertha lay down next to us and started rubbing my now limp cock. It was not very long till it was hard again and being licked clean by both of these oversexed ladies. Bertha and Jeanne repositioned them selves so the three of us were forming a “love” triangle with a head in another’s crotch. I was licking Bertha’s pussy and she was licking Jeanne’s pussy while Jeanne sucked my now hard again cock. My hands were playing with one tit of each of the ladies. Bertha’s nipples were dripping milk and I squeezed one and the milk shot against my stomach.

After a long time we switched so I was now licking Jeanne’s pussy while Jeanne licked Bertha’s pussy and I got a blowjob like I had never had before from Bertha. Bertha than said, ” come have a drink of “MILK” to recharge that cock of yours for the next go-a-round. Jeanne “milked” some into her hand and rubbed my cock with it saying that would make me cum twice as hard the next time. (I do not believe that, but who was to question her at that moment)

Bertha stood up and with a sly look on her face asked me to “fuck her doggie style.”

I stood up as she got positioned with her arms resting on the sofa and her big boobs hanging in the air ever so beautifully. I got behind her and Jeanne stroking my cock guided it into Bertha’s hot juicy pussy. I reached around Bertha to grab a boob and found Jeanne’s hands already playing with a warm, wet nipple. Jeanne’s other hand was rubbing Bertha clit and sliding up and down my cock as I pumped my swollen hard cock into Bertha Escort Beylikdüzü steaming pussy. I looked over to Jeanne and she licked her lips and said, “I am next STUDLY.” with that statement I explode inside Bertha and felt cum run down my leg as I was still pumping that “warn cunt” when I felt her pussy again squeeze around my cock and explode for a second time.

I withered out of that hot pussy and just lay on the floor spent. Seeing we were all alone with no one to come home to disturb us we napped for a while. Jeanne was the first to awaken and with a gentle rub on my cock got me awake. We both went over to Bertha, who was laying on her back boobs to either side of her great body. Jeanne on one side and me on the other, we each took a nipple in our mouths at the same time and sucked. Bertha moaned and just put one hand on my cock and the other in Jeanne’s crotch and fondled us both.

We then started fondling each other all over again till with me being forced to the floor by both ladies. One sat on my cock while the other squatted over my face so I could lick her pussy. I could see them kissing and foundling each other boobs all the time they “held” me captive. I just lay there and took it all in. They switch several time so I got to lick both pussies. Jeanne was the first to cum with my mouth sucking and tongue licking her clit. She exploded so hard that she pushed her pussy into my face trying to get my tongue in further and screamed. Bertha just pushed down harder on my cock till she exploded just a split second after I exploded in her hot love tunnel.

I then got up and sat on the sofa. Each of the ladies sat one either side of me and we cuddled a little and tried to relax.

It was now after dinnertime so Jeanne asked if we wanted to have something delivered. I said sure as Jeanne went to order. One of us had to get dressed to answer the door and pay for the food. I got elected as they were to exhausted to move and besides they said their hair was to messed up to see anyone.

After eating supper the ladies thought I should role-play for them as their private “man-servant. I had to do what ever they wished. The first thing was to lick their pussies and fondle their boos without getting a hard on. This was impossible and they punished me by not returning the “love play” to my swollen cock. I was going wild till Jeanne told Bertha that that is enough, “he has to be relieved and she would “handle” that chore.

After that go around we all went into the house and took a shower together as the sweat and cum was getting too much. (You know the old saying, “When it’s hot and sticky that is no time for dunking dickey.) We than laid down on Jeanne’s king-sized bed with me sandwiched between them and sleep till morning. I awoke first and rushed home to get ready for work. Even than I was over an hour late for work. I just told them with my parents gone I did not hear the alarm.

This was the first of many “times together” after me doing the lawn work. Bertha even talked her husband into having me do their lawn so we could “play” at her house when he was gone. (He traveled a lot of one and two day trips each week, as he was an insurance investigator for work related accidents)

When I got home from work Thursday afternoon, I notice Berthas husbands company car in their drive and figured- Nothing tonight—Well I was sure wrong as Jeanne called out the back door too me as I was walking from the garage to the house. She asked me if I wanted to have dinner and a “special” dessert with her tonight. I said sure thing, can I bring anything. She said, “Just your self and plan on a long night again.”– Well that will have to be the next story —-

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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