Learning Isn’t Boring

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Jones and I’m a stocky slightly bearish man that has worked in a lot of different jobs. I’m in my 30s, 5’6 and about 205 lbs with a bald head and a beard. I was tired of working in general labor jobs and had decided recently to start thinking about a career change. I decided to go back and finish what little college education I had in computer science and get back into my love of computers. I got a new decent job working in a hospital. It was still a basic monkey job that anyone could do but it was easier on my body and left me with more energy and time to focus on my real goals as well as having good pay and benefits.

I was making solid progress using tutorials and a little know-how and google-fu in my free time. I knew programming was a good skillset to have but I was struggling. I had been intermittently emailing back and forth at work in the downtimes we had with some of the I.T. guys. Mostly I chatted with a somewhat chubby guy named Jason. He had a nice head of hair that he kept styled in a professional fashion and boyish face which was not too surprising giving his age in the mid-twenties. He seemed a little shy but very helpful and always willing to go the extra mile in helping me understand concepts about programming and even networking.

After a while of this back and forth he suggested that I come over to his apartment on the weekends when I was free to do some more hands-on tutoring. So I accepted immediately and started visiting his place on the weekends. He was single and kept his place nice and tidy.

I admit that I’m a horny fucker most of the time and that I really enjoy women and men equally. I’m a bit of a perv in the sense that I really enjoy looking at both sexes like pieces of meat. While when it comes to men my general opinion was that a sexy piece of ass was a sexy piece of ass, I was especially turned on by bears and chubs of any age. So when I visited Jason’s place I eyeballed his ass as often as I could, dreaming of having my way with him. He became less shy the more I visited but never really showed confidence. I was already establishing a bit of a dominant status in our friendship, always being the one to make lewd jokes about women and testing his boundaries in our conversations.

I started to suspect he might be gay when I noticed his pattern of not having much to say about women or even admitting much attraction to them. So I took advantage of this by making jokes about him possibly being gay. I wanted to see how he’d react and if I could get him to reveal altyazılı porno a little more of the inner workings of his mind to me.

The second weekend I had gone to his place, we stepped out for a minute for a fast food break. After parking at his complex and walking back in a beautiful latina chick walked ahead of us wearing yoga pants and a skin tight shirt with some sort of loose blouse over it. Her figure was literally an hourglass with a generous pair of tits and a gigantic butt. I didn’t get a chance to see her face but I assumed she was equally gorgeous to behold from the front.

‘God damn I would love to bury my face in that valley and bring moisture to all her dark places’ I elbowed Jason while laughing.

He looked up to see what I was referring to but the lady had already disappeared into an apartment doorway.

‘Damn Jason, that girl had one of the fattest asses that any man would love to bury his face in but you didn’t even notice.’

‘I guess. She’s probably not my type.’

‘What is your type then? Dudes?’ I laughed.

He widened his eyes slightly and looked away a little embarrassed at my question putting him on the spot.

‘I wouldn’t judge you negatively if you were man, I’m just teasing you anyway. Lighten up pal.’ I clapped him on the shoulder as he led the way into his apartment.

It went on like that. I’d make these jokes and comments to probe him and get him acquainted with my sense of humor and honesty.

After about a month we were becoming good friends. After spending time working on various programming projects that he created to help me learn some hands on application of what I’d learned, we’d take breaks or just finish for the day and head to his living room for gaming or movies while chatting. One Saturday night when I was heading out to go home, he stopped me at the door and handed me a key.

‘Might as well give this to you. There’s a lot we have to do to get your skill where it needs to be so I hope you’ll keep coming over and working at it. And it’ll be easier on me if I don’t have to come open the door every time you come over. Just let yourself in from now on.’

Jason demurred a little bit after saying this and I felt that he might be wondering if what he did was a little too forward or in fact ‘gay’. So I tried to downplay it, just responding, ‘Oh sweet, thanks man. I’ll make sure to bring some pizza and whatever drinks you want next time. I know I haven’t said it but thanks for all your help, you’re really giving me an edge in improving myself here.’

I türkçe altyazılı porno was being too serious and thought I needed to make sure I kept my sense of humor in there somewhere so as I moved toward the door on my way out, I looked at him with a cheeky grin and remarked, ‘Also, giving me your key is a little gay but that’s cool, I’ll keep your secret bud.’ I followed up by smacking his ass as I chuckled and closed the door. I didn’t even see what his reaction was before I closed the door.

I was entertaining all kinds of thoughts now about this new development. Wondering if in fact he was gay and did he want a little more from me than just my friendship. I thought about his tight fat ass all the way home, and wacked myself to sleep thinking about taking him. The next weekend I decided to show up a little earlier by a few minutes and let myself in to see if he would be bothered by it. I got to his door and decided at the last minute to be as quiet as I could turning the key and opening his door. I eased his door closed and took my shoes off while looking around his living room. All quiet on this front.

I slowly walked down the hallway to his computer room and peeked in, his computer was on but he wasn’t there. I heard a noise from his bedroom. Was that a grunt? A moan? I started getting hard as I sneaked to his bedroom. The door was open so I peeked in. I almost roared with primal lust and charged in at what I saw. He was completely naked and face down looking away and his beautiful gigantic hairless pale ass was sticking up in the air as he slowly pumped an average sized toy in and out of his hole. He let out another moan. I wanted to completely surprise him and dominate him. So I decided on backing away a little so I could still hear him but be out of sight and started quietly stripping my clothes off.

I left my socks on and crept back to the door and peeked again, one hand already stroking my cock. He was still pumping away. I started creeping in and positioned myself behind him at the edge of the bed. I thanked whatever gods existed for setting this up for me and immediately hopped up on the bed landing on my knees between his splayed legs and grabbed his hips.

‘Boo.’ I lightly growled. My voice may have been a little husky.

He gasped the second I landed on the bed and froze as I spoke.

‘Jones?’ he quavered.

‘Oh yeah buddy, it’s me and I’m…so glad I caught you like this. You don’t need to be afraid and you definitely don’t need that toy so set it aside.’

He slowly removed hd altyazılı porno the toy and hesitated before tossing it on the bed and moved his arms to cover his head with his hands.

‘What are you going to do?’ he spoke quietly.

‘I’m going to fuck you, silly. But I’m about to burst so I want to make this last a tiny bit.’

I shuffled to his right where he was facing, keeping my left hand on one of his hefty cheeks, gripping it and sneaking my middle finger to his hole to finger him gently. I positioned myself right in front of his face.

‘Come on pal, I know you’re gay and I know you’ve fantasized about this. Take my cock in your mouth. I’ve been wanting this too.’

He moved his right hand and looked at me as he placed it on my cock and gently tugged me a few times. I moved closer and entered his hot wet mouth and groaned. He was already swirling his tongue and tasting me. He started moving his head and really working it. This was too much, I used my right hand to push his head away and moved back to my original position.

‘Buddy, I don’t have condoms and I don’t know how you feel about being barebacked but I’m going to fuck you and when I do I’m not pulling out, understand?’

He only moaned and quietly said ‘Use me’.

Holy shit. I gently eased my cock into his tight hole and settled in balls deep. He was unbelievably hot and tight and it took everything I had to not explode right there. After a few seconds of mental gymnastics I pulled myself together and started pumping in and out slowly. He moaned intermittently as I started fucking his wonderful ass. I decided I wanted to see if I could hear something other than moaning as hot as it was.

I picked up my pace, ramming my cock in and getting the most wonderful grunts in reply.

‘Ugh, fuck. Fuck me. Ugh.’

‘You like that buddy? You like getting your fat ass pounded huh?’

‘FUCK, ugh. Yes! Fucking give it to me!’

I was slamming home with unbelievable force and I wanted that sweet release of an orgasm. He provided just the right trigger.


The orgasm that exploded was so amazing I think I went blind for a second. I leaned over his big frame and my body jerked out the spasms of my orgasm inside him while I hugged him tight. After catching my breath I fell to his side and pulled his head onto my chest. I looked down at his cock for the first time and saw that he was about the same size as me. Average. But that was perfect in my opinion. He had jizz all over his cock and the bed sheet.

‘Did you cum from that too?’

‘Yes, right before you did.’ He smiled for the first time with confidence while looking at me.

‘You know your ass is mine now right?’ I chuckled at him.

He just nodded while still smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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