Legal Proceedings

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The waiting room was cool and bright, designed to be relaxing, but Felicity’s heart was pounding. This was her second meeting with the solicitor – the sexy, smart, suave solicitor – and her nerves were raw.

There was a buzz on the intercom and the dull-looking receptionist clicked at her keyboard for a few seconds before droning, “Miss Johnston, Mr Yates will see you now. Through the double doors, then third on your left.”

Felicity stood, and hands shaking, smoothed down her crisp white blouse and tugged her tight black skirt into place. With one last check of her reflection in the long mirror above the reception desk, she took a deep breath and made her way to the solicitor’s private office. Pausing outside the imposing wooden door, she knocked.

“Come,” called the familiar, authoritative baritone from inside, and she entered the room.

Yates was poised in a large leather chair, behind a great, glossy desk that was bare except for a neat pile of case files and a sleek grey laptop. He stood as she came into the room, and walked round the desk to greet her with a firm handshake and guide her to a carefully positioned chair.

His hand had been large and strong, dry and smooth. She briefly imagined that hand inside her blouse, but banished the thought immediately and tried to concentrate on his words.

“Well, Miss Johnston,” said the gorgeous, gorgeous man. (Oh stop it, she thought, stop thinking about how that suit fits just perfectly. Oh dear. Now what was he saying?)

“The case is progressing nicely,” Yates continued, picking up her file (HER file, mmm, he had a file with HER name on it) and sorting through the papers within. “I believe there are a number of precedents that closely match our argument, and I have little doubt we will have a successful claim against the builders.

“With a little luck and the right magistrate we should recoup the full amount. We must simply ensure all the paperwork is in order, so let us go through that now. I will try to keep this session brief.”

(Brief? No need, it can be as long as you like…)

“Are you alright, Miss Johnston? You seem somewhat distracted.”

“Oh, yes, of course,” rushed Felicity, with a blush. “Thank you Mr Yates. I’m fine. You were saying?”

“Do you have a copy of the final invoice?” he asked.

She shuffled through her bag and took out the invoice. She leant over the table to pass it to him and, as he reached to take it from her, his hand brushed against hers for just a fraction longer than was necessary. A tingle ran through Felicity’s body as she withdrew her hand and tried to compose herself.

Yates went through the papers with her methodically and she nodded in whatever seemed the most appropriate place, while checking to see there was no wedding ring on his left hand, or any mark where one might sometimes be. His voice was hypnotically rich and cultured, and Felicity had to pinch herself surreptitiously under the table on more than one occasion, to prevent her from closing her eyes to enjoy the moment better.

Too soon, the meeting came to a close. Once again, Yates stood and came round the desk. He towered over her as he opened the door and showed her out, with his impeccable manners.

As soon as she was a suitable distance from the office, Felicity hastened her step and practically ran back to her car. She had to get home, to relive every detail of the encounter.

Through the front door, up the stairs, into the bedroom… Felicity couldn’t wait even to take her clothes off properly. She unbuttoned her shirt and slipped off her shoes, then sat on the edge of the bed and wriggled out of her black lacy knickers, casting them on to the floor.

She laid back, her hair a dark cloud round her face. Felicity closed her eyes and reached down to slide her skirt up her thighs. Her fingers found her already engorged clitoris and she began to rub it frantically, Şanlıurfa Escort all the while imagining the sexy solicitor and replaying the touch of his hand on hers. Looking deep into his eyes in her fantasy, she felt her nerves thrumming with excitement. She kept stroking her clit until she could bear it no longer and plunged her fingers into her wet pussy. Then, her fingers slick with her desire, she pulsed against her g spot, until she started to come. She prolonged the blissful rush of orgasm with her left hand, rubbing her clit while her other fingers remained inside her. Finally she felt the waves of pleasure subside and relaxed, stretched out on her bed, with the evening sunlight bathing her in a warm glow.

As James Yates left his office that evening, the dull secretary unexpected raised her voice.

“Mr Yates!” she said. “Your client, earlier – she forgot this.” She held up an umbrella.

Frustrated, Yates wanted to ask what exactly he was supposed to do about it, but he bit his tongue. Patiently, he enquired: “And which client, exactly, was that?”

“Miss Johnston,” she replied, oblivious to his contempt.

“I’ll take it to her on my way home,” replied Yates, pleased at this unexpected good luck. The sullen secretary, somewhat surprised at this uncharacteristically generous move on her employer’s part, handed the umbrella over without another word.

Yates walked briskly to his car, turning over in his mind that afternoon’s interview. Miss Johnston had obviously dressed up for him… the sexy skirt with a glimpse of lacy stocking tops, the tight shirt with the hint of lace underneath. Usually he found these women tedious. But there was something different about Felicity. She was an intelligent young lady, and although her mode of dress had been suggestive, her attitude had been professional and her behaviour demure. He was intrigued. And frankly, she was an extremely attractive young woman. Tall and slim, and he could well imagine running his hands through that dark curly hair.

Driving to her house, which was quite honestly not too far out of his way, he briefly imagined her sat on the edge of his desk. He would pull her skirt up and fuck her right there on top of the files and papers. Then he pushed the thought from his mind. Quite, quite unprofessional. And she probably had a boyfriend anyhow.

A few minutes later, Yates parked his black saloon outside the neat suburban semi that was Felicity’s home, and walked up to the front door. It took long seconds for her to answer the doorbell, and when she did, he saw her clothes were slightly crumpled, her hair mussed. And quite obviously surprised to see him.

“Oh, Mr Yates,” she managed. (Oh my god, oh my god. What is HE doing here? Oh my god.)

He enjoyed her consternation but thought he should put her out of her misery. He held up her umbrella. “You left this – at the office.”

“Did I?” (I did, I did… but I never thought you really would bring it round. Maybe that I could come into the office again, but… Oh you gorgeous man.)

“Er, is this a bad time, Miss Johnston?”

“No, oh no, sorry. I’m just a bit…” (A bit slick from touching myself and thinking about you, oh my god and now you’re here.)

Yates drank in her dilated pupils and the sheen of perspiration on her. He really wanted to fuck her. Could he prolong this little visit?

“I wondered if, as I’m here, I could inspect the site?” Inspired, thought Yates. I’m really very good.

“The site?” said Felicity. Coming to her senses, she realised what he meant. “Oh, the extension, the building work. Yes of course.”

She led him into the house, her heart thumping. Yates followed her through into the hallway, watching her pert buttocks underneath the tight skirt as she walked in front of him.

Felicity showed him the ground floor view, and he tried to make the appropriate noises Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan at the shoddy workmanship.

“But you can’t really see the worst of it from down here,” she explained. “The roof… you can see that best from upstairs. Would you like to…?”

“Certainly,” said Yates, wondering whether she was thinking what he was.

Felicity took Yates upstairs, mind racing. She wanted to seduce him, wanted it so badly, but could it really happen? She led him into the bedroom and to the window, to point out the builders’ mistakes while she tried to work out how it might happen. Oh lord, her knickers were on the floor…

Entering her room, Yates immediately spotted the black lacy underwear next to the bed. He hoped that meant she didn’t have anything on underneath that little black number.

He rested his hand on the windowsill, testing the water.

Felicity noticed his movement and, ever so casually, gestured towards an area of crooked tiling, then placed her hand millimetres from hers. The tension was palpable and she felt the hairs standing up on the back of her neck, at being so close to him.

Her effort was not unnoticed by Yates, who enjoyed the sight of her long sensitive fingers, and he felt a strong desire to grasp her hand and pull her towards him for a passionate kiss.

Gazing out of the window he fought a small battle with his conscience, and, standing next to her with his cock hardening, decided to compromise.

“I’m afraid, Miss Johnston, I am not going to be able to help you,” he said, gauging her reaction.

“I’m sorry?” she said, startled. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that I’m not going to be able to represent you.” He was pleased by her reaction of dismay.

“But why?” Felicity didn’t know what to make of this. Had she been too blatant about her attraction to him?

“It’s quite simple,” Yates said, deciding that this was enough teasing. “I pride myself on my professionalism and… well, I have a rule never to sleep with clients.”

Sleep with clients? Felicity felt the heat rushing to her pussy as she realised it was really going to happen.

He put his hands on her shoulders and steered her to the bed, sitting her down on the edge of it.

“You’re a very attractive young lady, Miss Johnston,” said Yates, stripping off his dark suit.

“Felicity, please,” she replied, taking a deep breath.

“James,” he reciprocated, unbuttoning his trousers and unzipping the fly.

Felicity reached up and slid her hands into his trousers and found the waistband of his black boxer shorts underneath. Tugging it down she discovered his massive cock, which was rock hard with desire. Drawn irresistibly to it, she wrapped her hands round his upper legs to steady herself, then crooked her head and began to lick his shaft with long, languorous strokes.

She flicked her tongue around and under his head and, somewhat daunted at the size of his member, slid her lips around it and gently began to draw him into her mouth, all the while teasing him with her tongue.

Felicity managed to get him halfway into her mouth and then he grasped her head and began to gently thrust in time with her motion. She took hold of the bottom of his shaft and used his momentum to take his cock further into her mouth.

Yates watched his cock in Felicity’s mouth. Her soft pink lips felt hot against his skin and her eyes were closed in concentration as she tried to take in as much of him as she could. He let his eyes wander over the smudge of her dark eyelashes and the curls in the handful of silky dark brown hair that he held.

Wondering whether her pussy hair was the same, he gently withdrew himself from her mouth and allowed her to rest back on the bed. Her breasts heaved under the white cotton shirt as she savoured the taste of him.

He bent and slowly unfastened her blouse, brushing his hands Escort Şanlıurfa against her breasts as he worked down the row of buttons. Then he slipped it over the rounds of her shoulders and dropped the garment to the floor.

Felicity leaned back on her hands and watched him kneel before her, his dark eyes meeting hers with commanding desire. She saw him look at her breasts and smile with appreciation at the expensive lingerie. A man with taste…

Her pussy was already wet from her enjoyment of his cock, but she felt another thrill of excitement run through it as James slid his hand underneath her skirt and began to stroke her legs. Slowly, he drew her skirt up, over the lacy tops of her stockings, caressing her legs with light touches that tickled her sensually. Pulling her skirt higher to expose her bare thighs, he parted her legs.

He was pleased to see a wisp of dark curls between her legs. He paused to enjoy the sight of her moist pussy, before lowering his head to her lap and beginning to dart his tongue over and around her swollen clit and then between her pussy lips. James felt her body tremble under his hands as he licked her out, his tongue expertly finding her most tender areas.

Felicity was overwhelmed by the sensation of seeing him, her sexy solicitor; his head between her legs, his mouth in her pussy. She ran her fingers into his hair and caressed him as he worked his erotic magic on her cunt. She willed him to thrust his fingers into her.

But instead James straightened up. He stood and pulled her up to standing. Then he turned her round and pushed down on her shoulders so that she bent over the bed.

Felicity gasped as he bent her over, anticipating his massive cock. She wanted so badly to feel him inside her.

One hand on her back, the other guiding his enormous erection, James slowly pushed his cock against her hot pussy. He was gratified that she was already so wet that he slid in smoothly – not all girls took his huge member so easily – and he took a moment to enjoy that fresh sensation of her warm slick cunt tightening around him.

With strong, slow thrusts he fucked her, and at each movement she let out sounds of pleasure.

Felicity could scarcely believe how big he felt inside. She felt utterly filled up with his erection. As he thrust into her, he pressed hard against her g spot and she felt the momentum of her orgasm building.

James held her hips with one hand and with the other gently slapped her buttock. He enjoyed her sharp exhalation and slapped her again, all the while looking down to watch her smooth white back, now damp with perspiration again, and his cock running easily and rhythmically into her pussy.

He felt her pussy tightening around his cock and heard her cries of pleasure as she came. Her cunt was wetter than ever and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He thrust in once, twice more, then pulled his cock out and pumped his hot cum over her back and into her hair.

Felicity felt him spurt onto her and her arms finally gave way. She collapsed onto the bed and lay quite still, enjoying the moment.

She heard the inevitable rustle of his trousers as he dressed himself, but she kept her eyes closed, preserving the afterglow for as long as possible.

As he adjusted his clothes, James looked at the girl lying on her bed in the early evening sunlight, with his cum running into the small of her back and in droplets on her dark curls. Bending over to give her a final kiss, he pressed a business card into her hand.

“My associate,” he said. “I’m sure he’ll be only too happy to take your case. I’ll have a word with him in the morning.”

Then he left, quietly closing the door behind him.

Felicity lay on the bed for a few minutes longer. Then, rolling over, she looked at the card that James had left.

“Alexander Lewis, LLB,” she read. There was a photograph on the card, and she thought she rather liked the look of him. Blond though, a complete contrast to the lovely Mr Yates.

“I wonder,” she thought, “Whether he is as attentive as his colleague?” And wrapping a towel around her, Felicity wandered off to her shower, fantasising about her next conquest.

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