Lesbian Slave Island Ch. 15

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Double Penetration

When alone with Helen, I felt calm and protected, even though I was nude, bound tightly, body-harnessed and face-harnessed with a large nose ring to humiliate me even further.

Helen told me she needed to check in with me about how I felt about the newcomers, how I felt about being a sex slave 24/7 for real, and answer any of my questions.

She added that with five owners and mistresses, I’d have a lot of serving to do! I I would probably be enjoyed all hours of day and night, as the five took turns.

My eyes lit up at that, and I had to say I was ok with that… more than ok.

Helen told me to let her know if it gets to be overwhelming.

I nodded, “Yes, my owner, I will. I’m determined to see it through though, and though I’m nervous, the idea of being so continuously played with makes me sooo hot, I think I’ll love it.”

Helen shook her head in amazement. “I couldn’t do that. Not for so long at once anyway. But I’m glad I can provide this for you.”

We kissed lovingly.

Helen smiled, “It seems you need at least five owners and mistresses to keep you busy and erotically humiliated enough!” Sassa and I couldn’t keep you whipped, bound and humiliated enough in our own.”

We both laughed.

“You’re probably right, Helen. I mean, my owner.”

Helen arched her eyebrow. “I should punish you for that.”

I looked into her eyes. “As you deem fit, my owner.”

Helen looked at me, studying my face.

“You know, I don’t want you to assume that just because I am looking out for your wellbeing and am your girlfriend that I’m going to be always soft on you.”

I was surprised at this statement and wasn’t sure what to say.

Helen stepped over to the biggest box of gear.

“Uh oh,” I said out loud.

As she rummaged through the box, she said “And I don’t want you to think I only inflict pain and bondage out of kindness or as a show to Sassa and others.”

“Yes, my owner.”

Helen glanced over her shoulder at me.

“You’re not the only one being trained. As you wrote in that manual, the owners also learn. I have changed.”

Helen turned to me holding a nasty- looking whip.

“I now enjoy whipping you. Yes, it’s erotic to me. I love bringing out your strong emotions and seeing you muscles strain. I love the expressions on your face. I love knowing that even though you are in pain and humiliation, another part of you needs and loves it.”

“Yes, Bayan Eskort my owner, your slave property understands. Your slave is happy to please you. Your property craves your attention.”

Helen stepped to me and caressed my hair softly.

“Are you also afraid, slave?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“That’s normal.”

Helen held the coiled whip to my lips to kiss. “And you should be nervous.”

She whipped me from behind – my arms received the first lashes because they were tightly bound behind me.

Helen asked me “You will do your utmost to arouse, entertain, obey and please my sister to keep her from boys, right?”

I earnestly answered “Yes, my absolute best for Sassa! I will, my owner!”

Helen whipped my bare derrière very hard many times as she intensely repeated “yes you will, slave!”

I intended to stay quiet but Helen surprised me with the intensity and speed of the whips. I found myself yelping, then shouting “Ow ow ow!” and eventually reflectively writing to avoid full-on landings of the sharp whip.

Helen stopped, but not out of mercy, but to tell me that I should not have moved.

She untied my arms – quite a relief for they had been extremely tightly tied. But then she had me raise my arms forward and up, turn and lean onto the wall, my bare back to her. She then ordered me to stick my derrière out.

I whimpered a little because my glutei already burned. But of course I obeyed, making sure I bent and stuck my rear end out so she couldn’t impugn my “slavish” and eager obedience.

To my surprise, Helen only whipped me five more times, but these were hard. I squirmed, trembled and whimpered. But only for the last lash did I yelp.

Helen then ordered me to turn around.

I expected frontal whipping and bravely arched my body and pushed my arms back against the wall to present my chest.

She smiled and said, “Hold that position. Mmmm. Beautiful.”

Helen procured her camera and took a few photos. I even smiled for one of them, enjoying being admired even though this was rather mortifying, as I was boldly presenting my nudity for possibly never-to-be-deleted pictures.

Helen ordered to maintain the position as she left to get something. She returned with a small packet and approached me.

“Slave, when we first met and even when I knew you were into this stuff, I never would have believed anyone, even you, if you told me I would come to love owning and ordering you around and doing harsh things to you.”

She then beamed as she continued, “But I do. I really really do now. You’ve turned me into a weirdo.”

Helen laughed to make light of the word “weirdo,” because it us it was now unspoken that it wasn’t weird, only sensual.

“Yes, I do love making you… uncomfortable.” She looked at me meaningfully.

She appeared only slightly remorseful, but I returned her loving gaze anyway.

I couldn’t help but smile.

“Mistress, this is wonderful and hot. As I hoped, absolute power is corrupting you ansolutely.”

We kissed for a long time. I held position as she caressed my head and hugged me.

Helen stopped kissing.

“I have created a tag that reads ‘Owned by Helen.”

She held up something hidden in her closed hand.

“I will attach it to different things, but for now this nipple clip.”

When Helen opened her had horizontally , i saw a beautiful nipple clip – a gold and heart-shaped piece of jewelry with a claw-

clasp that would bite and hang onto my nipple. The attached white tag was small, with tiny hand-writing.

I melted as if I had been offered an engagement ring.

We went to the master bedroom and sat on chairs in front of the mirror.

I saw my fit, tanned and naked self. I smiled slightly, admiring myself.

Helen noticed and said “It’s fine to like the way you look. I do too.”

She kissed me tenderly.

Helen then placed the nipple clip.

“Oh ..my… I’m such a slave animal…”

You look so hot,” smiled Helen.

Helen added that Sassa will make her own tag because she is an owner too.

I nodded, loins tingling.

Helen explained more.

“The other three will have to earn their ownership and compete for ownership rank. I’m of course number one, Sassa two, but who will be three, and who will have to wait her turn and be last in control of you?”

“I’ll only let any of them earn ownership if and when they’ve proven responsible and dedicated.”

I complimented her plan and we kissed again, Helen caressing my bare breasts and toying with the nipple clip.

We moved to the living room, where she sat on the sofa and I on the floor at her feet.

Helen told me she had read about orgasm denial. Some bdsm enthusiasts focused on chastity devices – not allowing the sub to orgasm for a very long time. She asked how I felt about that.

I agreed it’s important to keep me extremely aroused … and there’s something about being controlled also through orgasm denial that is incredibly exciting. But I hoped she wouldn’t cover anything with a chastity device. I would obey not to orgasm, and bondage helped prevent masturbation…

Helen agreed, smiling, sharing in my excitement.

Helen was deeply curious.

“Won’t it be very difficult? You are REALLY ok with not being allowed to orgasm for days, maybe a week, or even two weeks, even though you’ll be constantly stimulated either by your situation, and being purposely repeatedly brought to the edge but not over?”

I paused. “Yes, it’ll be hard, but I meant what I said. The arousal is scrumptious and keeps me from anxiety. Hmmm… yes, it’ll be very hard, but the even the idea is making me wet! And it makes me want to be always naked. Always.”

I thought about it more.

“At this moment, I cannot image wearing clothes, or even not being your slave, your actual property. I need to be your property. I might change my mind someday, but right now it’s all I want. It’s bliss.”

“OK, cutie.” Helen smiled and paused to touch and stroke my breasts.

Helen explained she’s known the three women for years, and they had told Gabriela first.

“Because Gabriela works for us, Sassa and I realized we had to let her know if we were to really live our the fantasy.”

I nodded as Helen continuing playing with my breasts as she spoke.

“Gabriela is very exicted. And her daughter Gloria is already into BDSM but has never experienced any sex other than solo masterbation.”

“I wondered whether Gloria was reluctant.”

Helen laughed, “Oh no, she’s one to watch out for! Those silent types can be the most enthusiastic.”

“Wow, I’m surpised!” I looked up at Helen.

“And Stefania, what an uninhibited natural cutie!”

I nodded. “Thank you for making my wildest dreams come true.”

Helen caressed my hair and looked me over.

“I love love love the lean look on you. You’re already fit and lean, but I’d like you even more so.”

I smiled, loving that she was so hot for me and wanted to shape my body.

I smiled as I told my owner “Yes, I love that too. And this is now your body to play with, and I am yours. You’ll make sure I’m extremely fit and lean for your arousal?” I beamed. “My owner?” I hastened to add.

Helen looked into my eyes. “We talked about this before, but yes, you’ll never have a better fitness trainer.”

“Ohh yesss mistress.”

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