Let’s Play Another Game Again

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Part 3 of Let’s Play A Game.

Couple of days after my cousin, her boyfriend and my girlfriend and I had played spin the bottle, I was in bed dreaming about maybe playing pin the tail on my cousin’s hot ass. It was three thirty in the morning and I was woke up by real hard knocking on the trailer door.

Shit, I left the door unlocked; can’t tell you how many times my mom’s locked herself out the trailer. I sleep in just my undies; honestly, I’m too old for pajamas.

Two cops were standing there and looked real pissed off. Shit, I don’t know how long they been there; I was sleeping, remember?

They told me my mom had been in an accident; she was at St. Francis Hospital. The tall black cop told me to get dressed and they’d take me to the hospital.

We didn’t get there in time. My mom died about five minutes after they got to the hospital. The guy driving the car didn’t make it neither. Honestly, he probably wouldn’t have wanted make it anyway; somehow my mom bit his dick off when he crashed.

Not even whole day after my mom died, my Aunt Vickie was claiming my mom had left the trailer to her. See, my Aunt Vickie’s renting her trailer but my mom had actually paid our trailer off couple years ago. I had my mom’s cell phone though and I called the cops as my Aunt Vickie was going through my mom’s clothes, see what she could take. My Aunt Vickie said I was dead to her, as far as she were concerned, she didn’t have no nephew.

She didn’t even show up for my mom’s funeral. Honestly, I thought that was pretty tacky. Fine, you mad at me, be mad at me. But since they put my Uncle Marc in Angola for rape, my mom was my Aunt Vickie’s last relative.

I went to the funeral, but didn’t really cry. My mom ain’t never really had whole lot of time for me. Seemed her whole life was around drinking and fucking. I’m not a bottle and I wasn’t about to fuck her so, she just didn’t have time for me.

The bar settled with me; see, they shouldn’t let that guy drive. They knew he was way over the limit and they should have stopped him. And, of course, minute I got money in my hand, my Aunt Vickie’s all lovey-dovey and we’re family and family needs share with family.

Wasn’t even a couple days after my mom’s funeral, my Aunt Vickie left the bar with this real handsome stranger ain’t no one ever seen before. They found my Aunt Vickie’s body in a Taco Bell dumpster about a week later.

Since my mom ain’t never really had no time for housework, or cooking or none of that kind of stuff, I was pretty good at all of it. After their momma’s death, Kimberly, Aunt Vickie’s oldest kid got off her fat pimpled ass and got her a job. She got a job at Taco Bell, of all places.

My cousin Paige, her boyfriend Brian, and my girlfriend Debbie were all at my place. We had just ate the last of the vegetable beef soup I’d made; it was starting get kind of cold outside. I’d also made some good drop biscuits go with the soup.

Debbie took her empty bottle of Fanta orange soda water and laid it on the table. We’d played spin the bottle with a half-empty bottle of my mom’s booze about a month back. And honestly, a bottle of Fanta orange soda water works just as good.

Debbie looked all pleased with herself as Paige, Brian and me all laughed. Since the bottle kind of pointed at me, Debbie and I made out for a long minute.

Just when I grabbed the bottle give it a good spin, Paige said let’s play a different game. She dug around in the kitchen junk drawer and found this really old post-it note pad. She really had dig around find four ink pens that still worked. There was at least a hundred pens in there, but it took her forever to find four that could still write.

The rules of MAIL was pretty simple. We each had five pieces of post-it note paper and we wrote a letter, telling the reader what to do. The reader had to do it. Nothing nasty, like making someone drink pee or nothing like that.

I wrote down stuff like eating Paige’s pussy, eating Debbie’s pussy, sucking Trey’s cock, sucking Brian’s cock, and fucking Trey. I scratched out ‘fucking’ and wrote ‘make love’ to Trey.

We all folded our letters over and I got one of my mom’s deep pots; I honestly don’t know why she had it. God knows she ain’t never cooked nothing in it. I never used it; it was this cheap ass aluminum and anything that cooked in it got burnt.

We sat on the living room floor with the pot and lid in the middle. All our letter were in the pot, waiting to be delivered. Paige was to my left and Debbie was to my right and Brian was right across escort izmir from me. We then kind of argued who got to go first. Paige found some really old dice in the kitchen junk drawer and we rolled to see who would go first, second, so on. I felt pretty good when I rolled a six and four. Debbie wanted another roll when she got a two and a one. Paige stuck her tongue out at Debbie when she rolled a pair of twos. Then Brian rolled two fives. So he and I rolled again. I got a six and a two and he got a five and a one. So, I lifted the lid, looked away and dug out one of the letters.

“Suck Brian’s cock,” I read out loud.

It was written in Paige’s swirling handwriting. I suppose she wrote this for herself, hoping she’d get it. I looked over at Brian and he was staring at me, wide-eyed.

I don’t know why, but I honestly had a stiffy. I mean, my cock was rock hard, sticking straight out. Actually, I was so hard it was sticking up like almost straight up.

I walked around behind Debbie on my knees. I really need get better carpet. We had this carpet as long as I can remember, so it’s at least eighteen years old. I knee-walked to where Brian was sitting and tried to give him a smile. He didn’t say shit as he popped the buttons on his button-fly jeans. His cock was nice and hard as I reached in and fished it out of his briefs.

Brian’s cock is circumcised and has a nice fat knob. He’s about six and a half inches long, a little longer than mine. But he’s not as thick around as me.

I gave his cock a few strokes with my hand, then bent over and swallowed the head of his cock. I used my tongue all around his knob and I could taste some of his cock cream oozing out. I swallowed more of his whang and started bobbing my head up and down while I jerked him off.

After a short minute, Brian just let out this kind of scream and starts pumping this awful, slimy, nasty tasting dick sauce into my mouth. I swallowed all he shot, still jerking him off to get more of that really vile stuff. I even gave his pretty balls a squeeze to make sure I got all his cream.

Whole time I was sucking his cock, Debbie and Paige was watching and giggling and whispering to each other. When I was sure Brian had given me all his sweet man juice, I let his pole slip out of my mouth and knee walked back to my place. After a minute, Brian lifted the lid of the pot and fished out a letter.

“Make love to Trey,” he read.

“What? No way! Let me see that!” Paige demanded.

Sure enough, in Debbie’s tiny lettering, it said to make love to me. I’d used up the Vaseline, pounding my meat to thoughts of fucking my beautiful cousin Paige. Then I remembered, I had a big old tub of Crisco shortening. I went into the kitchen and when I bent over to get it, I saw that my dick was still hard. In fact, honestly, it was so hard it hurt.

I handed the can of shortening to Brian and got down on my knees and worked my jeans and briefs down to my knees. I put my shoulders to the floor and reached back to pull my butt cheeks open. I really need get some new carpet; this carpet had a nasty smell to it. I need take Debbie with me when I go look at carpet; I don’t know shit about colors and styles and shit.

Brian scooped out a big old glob of Crisco and greased up a finger. Damn, that finger felt real weird sliding in and out of my ass. Two fingers felt even better, I mean, they felt even weirder. I don’t know why I said they felt better; they felt weirder. And three fingers really felt weird as he greased my hole. He used some shortening to grease up his fuck stick and pushed it into my ass.

God damn, holy shit, fuck that hurt. His fat schlong just battered into my shitter and I screamed, you know, that kind of scream that gets stuck in your throat. Fuck, he was splitting me in half with that giant log and my hole is just throbbing it hurts so bad

I had just sucked him off; I knew it would be a long minute before he came again. Brian started pumping his cock in and out of my fuck hole, slow and steady, in and out. Whole time he was fucking me, he had his hands on my hips, holding me steady as h jammed his log up my chute.

I had to let go of my butt cheeks; I could feel something about to blow up in my balls. I cupped my hand in front of my schlong as my jizz erupted. Brian fucked me harder and harder.

I licked my hand clean of cock cream and just lay, trying catch my breath. Honestly, I don’t think I ever creamed that hard in my life.

“Aw mother fucker,” Brian suddenly screamed and pumped a gallon of jizz deep in my guts.

“Man, escort izmir I love you, hear?” Brian grunted in my ear.

“Love you too,” I said.

Minute his pole pulled out of my fuck hole, I suddenly felt like I had to do a massive solid. I held my pants up as I jogged to the bathroom. A minute later, Brian came in, naked. He gave me a sweet tongue kiss then got into my shower to wash Crisco and ass juice off his whang. I decided to get out of my clothes and stripped while sitting on my toilet.

Again, Brian gave me a deep dee kiss and walked out of the bathroom. A minute later, I went into the living room again.

“Okay, I’m next, right?” Paige asked and fished around in the pot for a letter.

Hers said to eat Debbie’s pussy. My girlfriend has this long blonde hair, it’s almost white it’s so blonde. And the little patch of pussy hair is just as blonde. When she took her jeans off, I could see her inner lips were real wet and puffy. I wondered if she got that wet watching me get fucked, or from watching me suck Brian’s whang.

Paige knelt between Debbie’s legs and began tonguing Debbie’s pussy…She worked a couple fingers into Debbie and began really licking and sucking on Debbie’s box. Fuck, there’s just nothing hot as watching a girl eating another girl’s pussy.

Paige reached down and unzipped her own jeans and shoved them down her thighs. I watched as Paige started playing with her own pussy while she ate Debbie’s pussy. A long minute later, Debbie let out this little wail and clamped her legs around Paige’s head.

Paige and Debbie made out for a minute, then Paige wiggled out of her jeans and sat down again. A moment later, Debbie pulled herself up and fished around in the pot for a letter.]

“Yes!” she whooped. “Make love to Trey!”

She kissed me real deep and pulled me on top of her. We kissed while I got between her legs.

“I, I was praying you’d be my first,” Debbie whispered into my ear as I put my fuck stick at the mouth of her pussy. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” I said as I pushed in.

Damn, she was tight. There wasn’t no cherry; she said she took care of that with a candle. Even so, she was tight. This was my first time and looking into her big blue eyes, I was glad my first time was with my girlfriend. I mean, honestly, I had kind of thought I’d want Paige to be my first, but right now, I had to admit, I was in love with Debbie.

I guess Paige had Debbie pretty worked up; I’d been doing Debbie for a minute when Debbie clamped her legs around me and let out this wail. I felt my crotch get real wet so I guess Debbie had an orgasm. I pumped a hot load into her pussy and she screamed out in another orgasm.

It took a long minute before I could even think. Then I pulled my second letter from the pot and was told to suck Brian’s cock. Seriously, I had to knee walk around and suck Brian’s cock again. But this time, I had no one to blame but me. It was my handwriting.

Again, I jacked Brian’s pecker a few strokes, then bent over and swallowed as much of his pole as I could. I rubbed them balls trying crank out as much of his sweet cream as I could.

It took a long minute, but Brian did spunk my tonsils and I swallowed his hot juice down. I laughed when his letter told him to suck my cock.

Fuck, Brian sucked my cock so good I honestly couldn’t think. He got his tongue between my foreskin and my cockhead and licked all around. Then he peeled my foreskin down and just held the head of my dick in his mouth while he played with my balls in one hand and jerked me off with the other hand. I don’t think I took but a long minute and I squirted my juice down his throat. Then we made out for a minute.

“Make love to Brian,” Paige read.

She got out of her flannel shirt and bra and made out with Brian for a minute before laying down on the floor. Even though I loved Brian, and I loved Debbie, I wanted punch Brian as I watched him make love to Paige. She wrapped those legs around him and he pounded into her bald box for a good long minute.

“Play with yourself until you come,” Debbie read and blushed hot red.

Then with a giggle, Debbie masturbated right in front of us. She shrugged out of her sweater and bra and pinched and pulled her nipples while she rubbed her slit.

“Fuck, make love to Paige,” I read, having a hard time making out Brian’s chicken scratch handwriting.

Paige’s big brown eyes looked deep into my puppy dog eyes as I lined up my pole with her sloppy twat. Brian’s joy juice was still kind of dripping out of her as I pounded her.

“Oh yes, that’s it,” Paige whispered into my ear. “You know I been wanting this, you know I been needing this, you know I…”

She screamed and I damn near passed out as I blew my wad deep in her pussy. We made out while we both tried catch our breath.

“Make love to Debbie,” Brian read.

Paige drew one that told her to suck my dick, then Debbie drew sucking Brian’s dick. I drew eating Debbie’s pussy and my juice and Brian’s juice was leaking out of her. I made sure to clean her up and then I finger fucked her and ate her to orgasm. Since I’d seen her pinching and pulling her nips, I did that while licking her joy buzzer.

“Fuck Trey,” Brian read and I couldn’t believe it. What really kind of surprised me was it was in Brian’s chicken scratch. So, honestly, I’m kind of trying figure out, did he hope he would draw this one?

Again, one finger felt good, in a weird way. Two fingers felt weirder and three had me shaking.

“Oh fuck,” I just blurted out when his big beautiful man meat pushed into my fuck hole. He hammered me, fucked me hard and I was sure I had never felt this happy in my life.

Paige drew sucking my cock and she did a beautiful job. She got her tongue up under my foreskin and really bathed my cock’s head with her hot tongue. And since Brian had just fucked me, I was already pretty close to boiling over.

Debbie drew eating Paige out and the two girls made out for a minute before Paige laid down and Debbie knelt between Paige’s legs. Me and Brian watched and honestly, my cousin and my girlfriend are so beautiful and so sexy.

My last letter told me to fuck Brian. I scooped up some Crisco and greased my whang. I also greased three of my fingers As Brian knelt on the floor. He pulled his butt open and I looked at his pretty fuck hole and his cute balls and big beautiful cock hung down. I wondered if I had looked that sweet when I’d been on my knees waiting to get fucked.

I honestly don’t know why but I gave his ass hole a good lick then jammed my middle finger into him. I rotated that finger around and Brian kind of moaned so I jammed my pointy finger in. After a long minute of fucking him with two fingers, I pushed my third finger in.

God damn; Debbie had been tight and Paige had been kind of tight. I mean, Brian had fucked Paige right before I did, so she was a little loosened up. But, God damn, Brian’s man hole was so fucking tight.

I didn’t even have the head of my fuck pole into his shitter and he was making these weird gagging sounds. I tried push in a little and Brian started crying that I was too big and I was killing him.

I grabbed his hips in my hands to hold him steady. He kept whining I was too big and it hurt and I looked at Paige. She shook her head, her pretty mouth was screwed up like she was mad or something. Then she waved to me to keep going.

I pushed harder and Brian screamed and started bucking, like a horse or something. Honestly, I don’t know how I didn’t fall out of him as he wiggled around. I jammed more of my dick into his ass, trying hold him still.

And then I was all the way in. Brian just lay under me, trying catch his breath. When I started pull out, he screamed again that I was too fucking big and I needed to stop.

I kept fucking him. In and out, in and out. He just kind of moaned and all of a sudden let out this squeal, I mean, even higher than Debbie’s squeals and shot his load of dick juice all over the carpet. His hole had been super tight before but when he blasted his spunk, his hole just kind of clamped down and I just pumped a gallon of my man juice up his ass.

I got in the shower to clean the Crisco and ass off my schlong. A minute later, Brian climbed into the shower with me and we made out for a minute. He soaped up his pretty little hole and rinsed off and we made out again.

When we came out the bathroom, Debbie and Paige were dressed and Debbie asked me to drive her home. With the money the bar’s insurance had paid me, I’d bought myself a nice pickup truck. It was a ’92, but the owner had taken really good care of it. Minute she got in my truck, Debbie changed my radio from Country over to some crappy station playing the latest and greatest sounds like everyone else music. She knew every song they played because every song was the same song.

We told each other we loved each other and made out and then Debbie got out and went in her momma’s trailer. I drove home and stopped off at the mailbox kiosk right outside the trailer park’s gate. I couldn’t help but laugh; honestly, unless there was a check for a hundred million bucks, there was no way any mail in my box would be better than the mail I already got that day.

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