Letter to a Mature Wife

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My Dear Eileen

I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow after 10 days away . I am really looking forward to making love to you.

Since you first let the guys have you, our sex life has been fantastic and a big bonus for me was being able to take that big mature ass of yours that I had lusted after for so many years.

I have been faithful to you when I was away and while I I think our telephone conversations helped – what really helped was thinking what I would do with you when I got home! I love to hear the sound of your voice and it was a real turn on for me to hear that you had enjoyed a bit of fun with two younger guys you met in the shopping centre in the next town.

I know that you love me but since you first had more than one partner I know you actually almost crave cock and especially young cock. I understand that it is much more than a boost to your ego when young guys come on to you. Of course it must be wonderful to feel you are attractive to guys from 18 upwards but I know you enjoy even more the feeling of being dangerously attractive and excited when you dress to show off your fantastic assets – your big heavy mature breasts, that wonderful ripe jutting rear; your plump creamy thighs and those beautiful legs. I don’t know how any man could resist you when you dress in your very short stocking top skimming skirts and your see through tops gaziantep escort bayan numaraları with no bra, nevermind when you flash a bit of thigh above your stocking tops and even your ripe shaven pussy.

However apart from this I know that since we experimented you have moved from liking cock to loving seeing the obvious effect your body has on young guys’ erections – these don’t lie! And the physical sensation of taking these hard young cocks again and again in your various orifices.

It must have been a bit of a turn on to have the two young guys in their early twenties try to pick you up in the supermarket especially as you were not really wearing anything too ‘over the top’ . But as I have said you look magnificent in those tight jeans and tall heeled over the knee boots. And I suppose they don’t see too many mature women braless in a tight sweater and with such a prominent ass and pussy mound. In fact your jeans are so tight that you can see your pussy lips and the outline of those fantastic ripe buttocks.

As you said they must have been even keener when they picked you up that night in your short mini, stockings and suspenders and see through top with no bra. I am pleased that apart from ‘showing you off’ to their mates and trying to get you drunk they treated you well and apart from the odd fondle gaziantep escort pornoları left the action until they got you back to their flat.

I am sure you enjoyed the night with them – young guys have much more stamina than us ‘old guys’ and I am sure they enjoyed having such a fantastic mature body and willing partner to enjoy. I bet they enjoyed you giving them head, letting them tit fuck you , trying to fill that big box of yours and you letting them take that very special big rear anally. I understand that it was one of the young guy’s first time to have been in a woman’s ass and I am sure for the other one a ‘back door fuck’ that surpassed anything he had had before.

I am also pleased that apart from the cock that you enjoyed they were nice lads and were able to take you home on Sunday after obviously enjoying you again.

I can understand why you repeated the experience on Tuesday night and again last night but I am glad you kept your rear fresh for me. I can understand them wanting to grope and fuck you in public and I am glad you kept it fairly discreet. I am also glad you didn’t accede to them wanting you to party with them and their friends – possibly later!

I think we will spend tomorrow night making love – I hope you can use your special techniques with hands and mouth to keep me aroused in order gaziantep escort portalı that I can enjoy all you have to offer. I am especially looking forward to going between those large cold creamy buttocks and pounding that little rosebud of yours. I love the feeling of those big butt cheeks on my balls , the tightness of your anal sphincter and the feeling of depositing my ejaculate deep in your bowels.

On Saturday night I really want us to have our wildest sexual adventure yet – a literally no limits night. I am looking forward to taking you out of the village to some of those rougher bars in town. I am looking forward to seeing you in the low cut see through corset top you have bought and the new 14″ mini. I bet the latter shows your stocking tops off when you walk and your pussy when you sit! I look forward to the top as you say ‘not only pushing your unbraed tits up’ to give a good cleavage but also displaying your nipples. As you know I love seeing the reaction you get when you walk into bars dressed sexy and this sounds the sexiest outfit you have worn. I want you to let your skirt ride up and flash guys with stocking tops and even pussy.

I am sure we can pick up a couple of guys to give you a really good fucking. If you are up for it we can let a couple of them fuck you in the car park before moving on to other pubs and doing the same as before.

I want to see you really put your assets on show and be prepared to really put out and take a lot of cock in public. I want you to get your mouth, pussy and ass well filled by lots of young guys and I want to see you hard ridden and buggered in public by a lot of guys.

We can finish off by taking one or two guys home – probably the latter as you know how I like to see all your holes filled at once!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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