Life and Love in the Army Ch. 02

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Lenore McFarlin, high school softball standout. By the end of her senior year she had several full boat scholarship offers. It didn’t take her long to decide. Tired of the cold of Detroit she decided to go to UCLA. She could play ball and pursue her criminal justice degree. Living in the year round warmth of L.A. would be different, but very nice.

During her freshman year in ’84 the Lady Bruins won the D1 softball women’s college world series. They repeated their run the following year. Two championships and the world was Lenores oyster. Life was great. Until she injured her knee during a pick up game.

The doctors told her and the coaching staff she’d never be quite as fast as she had been before. And to cap it off if she reinjured it that would be that, no more sports at all. So Lenore took her two year degree and set out into the world. Although she had the skills on paper she found it difficult to find a good satisfying job. So after six months of looking and a couple of menial jobs she moved to Lawton with her sister and brother-in-law. At the time she felt like she had mad a big mistake. But after landing a loss prevention job at the PX through AAFES things began to look up. Not to mention the choice of guys she had to choose from on post. After all it was the 80’s, why shouldn’t she go after what she liked.

It was, according to her parents, her choice of guys where she came up short. Lenore had a preference for tall, handsome, and white. Something her parents never understood. The only one that didn’t seem to care was her sister Ruby. When Lenore was younger she had a David Cassidy and a Bay City Rollers poster ripped from her wall and thrown away by her mother. During her time in college her father used to to tell her regularly that she could find a black man with the same intelligence and ambition as any white guy. The more they spoke out against her ‘behavior’ the more Lenore was determined to do as she pleased.

It was just before six when the phone rang breaking her reverie. She was sitting there looking at the TV but not really watching. Ruby had answered the phone.

“Hello? Hey boy what’s up?”

Hey boy? Who was Ruby talking to?

“Yeah, uh huh, I’ll ask Leon but I don’t see why not. Ok, bye Joe.”

The guy they play cards with Joe? ‘Crap, home alone again.’ Thought Lenore. She almost felt like she was getting cabin fever.

“Hey Leon, that was Joe. Pizza, booze, and cards! We in?”

“Hell yeah! It’s that or rent a movie.”

“Want to go Lenore? Get you out of the house for a while.”

“What movies we getting?”

“None now.”

“Fine! In that case, sure. Give me ten minutes to shower and change.”

“Hurry up girl, Leon and I could leave now.”

“Just give me ten minutes, I’ll be ready.”


The ride over to the apartment didn’t take long. In fact Lenore had wondered why they just hadn’t walked. She hadn’t really wanted to play cards but she did want to get out. Her attitude quickly changed however when Joe answered the door. Joe had blonde hair and sky blue eyes and at just a hair over six feet, his well toned body had made a few heads turn. It was all she could do to stifle a gasp.

Lenore didn’t say much initially. It wasn’t until a deal was being struck that she spoke up. She knew she had to watch what she said and did but for her that would be difficult. She had always been used to saying whatever came to mind with few exceptions.

Once the pizza and small tall were Betturkey done they headed to the table where Lenore watched as Joe started to take his seat. Quickly and without hesitation she sat in the seat across from him. After making her sly remark she noticed Joe turned a little red but smiled at her nonetheless. Ruby on the other hand showed her displeasure by kicking her foot as she sat down. Once the second hand had been played Ruby nudged her foot and Lenore knew that was her cue to follow.

“Lenore, that is a married man out there!”

“I’m well aware of that.”

“Then what was all that ‘you can play with me tonight’ shit all about?”

“I don’t know. It just came out. Besides if he’s so married there’s nothing to worry about. Right?”

“You just behave yourself girl.”

“Oh, I’ll behave alright.”

The last remark got her a hard sideways look from her sister.

“Besides, if you weren’t married you telling me you wouldn’t be flirting with him too? Just because you caved in to mom and dad doesn’t mean that I will.”

“I’m very much in love with Leon girl!”

“I know. But if you hadn’t met him who would you be married to? Or have you forgotten?”

“I haven’t forgot a damn thing. I just choose not to talk about it.”

A tense thirty seconds passed before Lenore spoke again.

“Look, I didn’t mean to throw that in your face. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. Just, behave. Please. Let’s get these beers out there before they get hot. Just…”

“I know. I’ll be good.”

Ruby placed a beer in front of Leon while Lenore gave Joe his. As she started around the table she couldn’t help running her fingers across Joes shoulder. A move that quickly backfired as she thought to herself ‘I wonder if ALL his muscles are that hard?’ Once she sat back down though Ruby was right there to kick her again. She didn’t mind. There was something about that touch that was almost electric. And she liked it. Probably too much.

When Pam and Kenny returned Lenore went with Ruby and Pam into the living room. She couldn’t help but adore the girls. They loved Ruby and quickly warmed up to Lenore. As she sat there with Elizabeth and Sarah talking and playing she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being sized up by Pam. Was it first meeting? Maybe a little jealousy? Perhaps a bit of both? Who knew? But what she did know at that moment was that Joe was unattainable.

After a while Leon came into the living room and announced that they should probably head on home. The short ride back was in silence for the most part. Once at the house they settled in and watched TV. A couple of hours later they all said their good night’s and went to bed.

Lenore couldn’t sleep. She lay in bed tossing and turning unable to get the thought of Joes shoulders out of her head. The more she fought it the more it played in her head. The more it played in her head the wetter she got. She finally gave in to her desires and rolled onto her back. She slid her hand past the elastic waistband of her panties. Past the tuft of hair and down to her already moist lips. She easily slid a finger inside, then two. Slowly running them in and out as she thought of his blue eyes. Lenore rolled onto her side as she withdrew her wet, sticky fingers and began rubbing her clit. She could feel her pleasure rising as she smelled her sex in the air. She longed to feel him above her, to smell his scent, to have his essence as well as his body. She breathed in deeply as the first orgasm hit her hard. Quickly she plunged Betturkey Giriş her fingers back inside and the second hit her almost as hard. After what felt like forever she exhaled and a third, less powerful orgasm washed over her from head to toe. She hadn’t realized she was holding her breath until she exhaled. She lay in the silence, relaxed, and fell asleep with her hand still in her panties.


The following morning Lenore woke with a smile on her face. She threw on a robe and headed to the kitchen. The second she broke the threshold of the doorway the conversation between Ruby and Leon stopped. She made herself a cup of coffee, doctored it up and went to the kitchen table.

“Alright you two. What gives with the mime routine?”

It was Leon who answered.

“It would seem we’re persona non gratis at the Farkas residence.”

“What!? Why?”

“Apparently after we left Joe and Pam had an argument. Kenny got involved and Joe punched him. Pam called the cops and Joe was arrested.”

“That bitch! Called the cops on her husband? Who’s gonna make his bale? Pick him up? This is stupid!”

“Slow your row girl, and watch that mouth. Pam is still a friend. I suspect it was Kennys idea that we stay away. With him there I don’t have a problem with that. His First Sergeant called earlier. Joe is at the barracks. Pope picked him up last night. LPD doesn’t really want to get involved so they let Pope sign him out. Lucky for Joe the intake officer and his First Sergeant go way back. Plus no blotter report.”

“Ok but still, how do you call the cops on the man you’re supposed to love if he’s not hitting on you? I mean, c’mon.”

The phone rang cutting off the conversation. Ruby had been watching Lenore and she suspected that there was more than just a crush on Joe. And having heard the tone in her voice and watching her body language, Ruby was sure of it. She’d definitely have to watch Lenore now more than ever.

It was Leon who had answered.

“Hello? Yeah…Yeah I can do that. Give me about thirty minutes and I’ll be over. Ok, bye.”

“What is it now?” Asked Ruby

“That was Pam. She’s getting some things together for Joe. Wanted to know if I’d come get them and take it on post.”

“I’ll ride with you. We need a few things from the commissary anyway.”

“I’m coming too.” Said Lenore. “I have to check my work schedule.”

Leon just let out a long sigh.

“How did I know this was going to be an all or nothing trip? Well if you’re going don’t you think you should be getting ready? Chop, chop ladies!”


Waking up in the barracks was definitely not how Joe had planned to start his weekend. Yet, here he was. He just caught breakfast in the chow hall. The walk there and back he couldn’t help but feel like he had let his daughters down. Losing his temper, hitting Kenny, and getting arrested. The whole ordeal seemed surrealistic. The CQ came to the room around ten to get him. Time to see the First Shirt.

Joe went to Popes office door, inhaled and exhaled deeply, then knocked.


Joe entered the office and came to parade rest in front of the desk.

“Mornin Farkas. You think about last night?”

“Yes First Sergeant I have.”

“Good. Now, what am I gonna with you? What should your punishment be?”

That threw Joe completely off. No mention of anything yet.

“I, I’m…I don’t understand top.

“Punishment son. What happens when somebody gets into trouble.”

“I knew that Top, but…”

“Ok. Simply put, if you were on this side of the desk, what would you do to you?”

Joe stood there at a complete loss for words. His expression must have given him away. Pope continued.

“Farkas, I have a pretty good idea what you’re thinkin. Ok, so you had an argument with your wife. Happens all the time. Part of bein married. You coldcocked your brother-in-law. Think you’re the only person who has ever wanted to do that? Not by a long shot. Gettin arrested. Yeah that could be a problem. But only if you go tellin it. Have you said anything to anyone?”

“No top, I haven’t.”

“Good. Keep it that way and you should be alright. Is that clear son?”

“Crystal First Sergeant.”

“Which brings me back to my point, your punishment. You kept me out of bed and away from Mrs. Pope for a couple of hours. I can’t just let that go. What should your punishment be son?”

“I don’t know Top. Police call the range? Paint the rocks around the barracks? Barracks maintenance?”

“All interesting choices but too high profile. I’m trying to keep you out of hot water with the old man. Five hundred word essay on why you shouldn’t keep your First Sergeant out of bed, due to me by Monday morning. Understood?”

“Yes Top.”

“Good. Same rules as last night apply today. No off post. Shopette and PX only. Now disappear private.”

Joe was half way down the hall when he heard the familiar and booming voice.


“You’ve just got to be kidding me!”

As Leon, Ruby, and Lenore pulled up to the apartment he could see two paper grocery bags in front of the door.

“You two stay in the car. If you see Pam or Kenny, not a word. Got it?”

“Yeah baby, no problem there.”

Lenore just nodded her head in acknowledgement. As Leon got closer to the bags he could see block letters in green magic marker. On each bag was written ‘Joe’. Leon retrieved the bags and went back to the car.

Lenore was fit to be tied.

“She did not really do that!”

“Yeah, apparently she did.” Responded Leon.

“Y’all can scold me all you want. But personally I think she’s being a bitch.”

Neither Leon nor Ruby said a word this time. The rest of the ride to post was mostly talk about what was needed from the commissary and what to have for dinner. Once they got to the barracks Leon took the bags upstairs.

“I want you to look at all this Bravo Battery bullshit here! Hey Farkas! Why you hang around all these losers?”

Joe turned and smiled at Leon.

“Because I like it here sarge. Besides, being one of Popes boys has done me good.”

“You mean Popes pets.”

Just then a voice came from down the hallway.


“Shit. You didn’t tell me he was still here. NO OFFENSE INTENDED FIRST SERGEANT.”

Pope came out of his office, locked the door and stepped into the hallway.

“None taken Sergeant. But I won’t forget it either. You bring Private Farkas his stuff?”

“I did Top. But I didn’t think he was staying until Monday. She put a uniform and boots in one bag.”

Confused, Pope walked to where they stood and looked into the bags.

“Well Farkas you have to respect her decision. Monday it is. Sergeant Freeman, if he needs a ride to the PX would you be so kind? He has a few things he probably needs to get for his essay. If so I’ll forget your funny remark earlier.”

“Sure top, no problem at all.”

“Outstanding! Gentlemen, I have a beautiful wife to go see. Time for me to pop smoke.”

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