Life Begins Again Ch. 03

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Strangely, both Andy and Andrea, and Nicole and Nick feigned fatigue when they arrived home, and all retired early.

The next day when Andrea and Nick saw each other in class, they smiled at each other as though sharing some secret no one else knew, and were drawn to sit next to one another. Class started before they could exchange words, but they did steal glances at each other throughout the professor’s lecture.

Afterward, both were slow to exit the classroom as though working up the nerve to speak. Finally, they simultaneously blurted out, “Want to—” and then they laughed over stuttering the same words.

Being the gentleman, Nick said, “You were saying?”

Clearing her throat, Andrea said, “I was just wondering if you wanted to get some coffee.”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

She was taken aback by that statement.

“Sorry bad joke. Believe it or not, I was going to ask the same thing.”

“Really?” He had actually taken her by surprise. But she quickly recovered. “Then what are we waiting for?”

Java’s in hand and seated at a table in the coffee shop in the student union, the two regarded one another for a minute to see who would speak first.

“So, normally, in a situation like this, one person speaks and then the other responds,” Andrea said, somewhat smartly.

Nick shrugged. “So, you get the prize for going first.”

“And you second.”

Now, they laughed.

Finally, Andrea asked, “So, was it awkward last night discovering that not only do our parents know each other, but because they’re both in therapy?”

“Not really. It’s good to know my mother is not alone.”

Becoming serious, Andrea agreed. “So, it’s interesting that your mom and my dad were the only two to complete their assignment, and we have class together and we both got pizza on the same night and all decided to go to the same restaurant on the same night.”

“Too many coincidences?”

“No. Maybe it’s an omen.”

“What are you suggesting?”

She shrugged. “My dad said we should date.”

“My mom said the same thing. I always listen to my mom.”

“You do? Well, aren’t you a good boy.”

“I try to be. You seeing anyone?”

“No. You?”

“No. You doing anything the rest of the day?”

“Have to study for the test tomorrow.”

“Want to hang around for a while.”

“Okay. But not here.”

“Let’s go.”

His car was closest, so they got in and drove around the campus. He passed a little used parking lot on the far side of the campus that was somewhat secluded.

“Pull in there,” Andrea suggested.

Nick parked in the farthest corner. They spent the time talking about their lives and the parents that abandoned them.

Despite what she had told her father on their drive home the night before about not wanting to get involved with anyone, spending this time with Nick emphasized the point her dad had been trying to make to her. She found herself quite enamored of her fellow student. She even found him sexually attractive, and the more they talked with that thought in the back of her mind, she found herself becoming aroused. Without really thinking about what she was doing, she casually reached over and rubbed her palm against his crotch. He swung his head sharply to her at first, but made no attempt to stop her. A lump grew quickly. She liked the size of him, at least, what she could feel through his jeans. When she felt his dick pulse, she decided she wanted more.

Casually, Andrea unzipped his pants and reached in. She got a better grasp, but there was no way she could wrestle it out as hard as he was. It was difficult to use two hands to undo his belt and pants, so she said, “A little help, please.”

Nick scanned the outside of the car. Seeing no one around, he quickly undid his pants and belt.

Andrea snaked her hand under the waistband of his jockeys and was finally able to grasp his bare cock. It was indeed a nice size. She lifted it up forcing it above the waistband so she could see it. “Nice,” she commented. Then she started jerking it. There was already a dollop of pre-cum beginning to ooze. “Push your pants down.”

Raising his rear up, he complied.

With her fingers still wrapped around Nick’s shaft, Andrea used her thumb to smear the clear liquid around the crown. Continuing to stroke him, she rotated her body, knelt on the seat, bent over the center console and swooped her head down until her lips made contact with the head.

That elicited a groan from him.

But instead of just sliding her lips up and down his shaft like a bobbing head, she slowly licked the underside of his shaft from bottom to top. Occasionally at the top, she would run the tip of her tongue in circles around the circumcision area. He shivered the first time she did that. She also ran her tongue all around the head, lapping up the drops of pre-cum that kept bubbling out. She repeated all of these things, but picked up the tempo slightly. His breathing began to quicken and Sinop Escort she knew he was getting close, but to heighten his anticipation, she maintained a moderate pace of licking his rod and twirling her tongue. His cock started pulsing and without warning it started oozing globs of pearly white cream that rolled down his shaft like wax on a candle. Some of it dripped on her face, yet she continued to lick, cleaning him off. Some of it was clinging to her cheeks, and when she finally pulled back, Nick used his forefinger to scoop it off. She then licked it off.

“Where’d you learn to do that?” Nick asked excitedly, still with labored breathing.

“A lady doesn’t reveal those things,” Andrea said mimicking her best southern accent.

With a grin and a nod, Nick pulled up his pants and put himself back together.

“What are you doing?”

“Your turn.”

“And just how do you plan to accomplish that?”

“I’m not without skills or resources.” Once again, Nick scanned the parking lot. As before there was no activity so he exited his car, walked around, and opened Andrea’s door. She got out, assuming that’s what he expected. He then lifted the latch that caused the back of her seat to fall forward to access the rear seat. With a sweep of his hand, he gestured her to get back in. She complied. He then walked back around, performing the same maneuvers and joining her in back.

Curiously, Nick did not retract the back of the seats. He pulled Andrea up and turned around, leaning her against the reclining back of the front seat. He sat where she was sitting, undid her pants and pulled them down and off one leg, then lifted her legs to straddle his and rested her butt in his lap. Her pussy was wide open for his dining pleasure.

Andrea let her head fall back on the seat back when his talented tongue went to work on her. He hit all of the right spots with his tongue and assistance from his fingers. What was just as amazing was this makeshift cradle. Had Nick done this before? Now was not the time to ask; particularly because what he was doing felt so good she couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

Her head felt like it would explode when he sucked her clit. At the same time he inserted two fingers into her pussy, then three. It wasn’t quite as good as a penis, but it was the next best thing. Then he took a cue from her notebook and just started licking, rolling his tongue around her button. He even dipped down to her perineum. She didn’t know how much longer she could last, and to her surprise, she didn’t. She came with a slow build-up, but it lasted a long time; much longer than the explosive orgasms she had been having with her dad.

“Wow! Where did you learn to do that?”

Nick merely grinned. He quoted her dad. “It isn’t the kind of thing a gentleman discusses.”

They both laughed.

“I guess we shouldn’t tell our parents about this,” Nick surmised.

“Well, we were just obeying them,” Andrea quipped.

* * *

Ask anyone in law-enforcement, security or intelligence what they think about coincidences and they’ll tell you they don’t believe in them. But they do happen. And while Andrea and Nick were frolicking in the afternoon, another purely coincidental meeting occurred: their parents ran into each other at a downtown coffee shop. And just like dinner the night before, Nicole offered for Andy to join her.

“Dinner last night and now coffee; who’s stalking whom?” she asked with a big smile.

“You invited me to sit both times. But since I was here first this time, we’ll call it a draw.”

“Ah, the spirit of compromise. You come here often?”

“No. Just having trouble focusing today. Needed to get out of the office for a bit.”

“I’m a good listener if you want to talk,” Nicole offered leaning closer.

He studied her for a moment, debating whether to take her up on that. Finally he said, “I met a woman last night whom I took an interest in, but I didn’t get any sense that she was interested in me.”

Nicole thought about that, but did not allow her surprise to show. “I wouldn’t give up hope too quick,” she advised, tongue-in-cheek.

With raised eyebrows, Andy nodded. “So, what should I do about her?”

“Talk to her. Tell her what you think she’d like to know.”

“What do you think that might be?”

“Maybe tell her why you’re interested in her,” Nicole suggested.

“I didn’t think I wanted to get involved with anyone again so soon, but there was just something about her—can’t quite put my finger on what—that I couldn’t stop thinking about her.” Andy was being brutally honest.

Nicole remained silent trying to judge his sincerity. Even though they were playing this little verbal game, she believed he was genuine, particularly since this was a chance meeting. “You know, last night your lovely daughter pointed out all of the things we have in common. Well, here’s one more. Until dinner last night, I didn’t think I wanted to get involved with anyone either, but I really enjoyed us being Sinop Escort Bayan together and with our children. And seeing how well you and Andrea get along . . .”

“So, you might be open to going out?”

“I would.”

“I sense a ‘but.'”

“Not really . . . but . . .” she grinned. “What about the other woman?”

“What other woman?” Andy asked with a frown.

“You completed the assignment. There’s got to be another woman,” Nicole deduced.

“Why do we have to keep calling it an assignment?” Andy surmised.

“I guess to be polite.”

“I’ll be glad when we can move past that.”

“I’m a lawyer,” Nicole reminded him. “I can be as direct as you would like.”

“Direct would be refreshing.”

“Then what about the woman you fucked?” She cast him a very serious look, but she couldn’t hold it for long and started laughing.

Andy joined in the laughter. “Now, you’re talking! That one is . . . not . . . romantic.”

Nicole nodded.

“And your partner?”

“The same.”

“May I ask why she would be a concern?” Andy wanted to know.

“You can tell a lot about a man by the type of woman he—”

“Fucks?” he filled in with a grin.

“Not exactly what I was going to say, but . . .”

“I guess the same could be said about a woman.”

“It could.” Nicole shrugged. “I’m sorry. I guess it’s the lawyer in me that has to question everything. I guess I’m just hesitant to invest in someone and then have it all evaporate.”

“I understand. But it’s just one date. Maybe afterward you’ll be the one to lose interest.”

Nicole merely smiled.

“Our kids seem to be interested in each other,” Andy observed. “I’ve encouraged Andrea to befriend Nick. Maybe even date him. Perhaps we need to see if anything develops there.”

“I’ve actually suggested the same thing to Nick.”

She thought about it for a minute. “Will that be weird? We date and they date.”

“I guess that’s something else we’ll just have to wait and see about.”

“So, when would you like to go out?” Andy asked.

With a sheepish grin and a shrug, Nicole said, “Well, I should probably be finished work at six.”

“Oh, anxious are we?” He smirked, “Works for me.”

* * *

Coincidentally, Andy and Andrea arrived home at the same time, surprising each other.

“Where have you been?” father asked daughter.

“Big test tomorrow,” Andrea explained truthfully. “Hung around to study. Had coffee after class with Nick and we decided to study together. Why are you home so early?”

“Slow afternoon,” Andy fibbed. “I went out for coffee this afternoon and guess who I ran into?”

“I’ll take a wild guess and say Nicole.”

“Yes,” Andy confirmed in amazement. “How did you know?”

“You made me guess. It seemed obvious. How was it?”

“We had a nice chat,” Andy said, downplaying his time with Nicole, trying to figure how to tell her they were going out tonight.

“A nice chat? That’s all?”

“What about you and Nick?” Andy asked to buy himself more time.

“We talked about going out, but it was mostly studying.” Likewise, Andrea couldn’t figure out how to tell her father she wanted to continue “studying” with Nick tonight. “Give me a few minutes and I’ll start dinner.”

“You don’t need to do that if you need to study some more.”

“What will you eat?” When he didn’t respond, she looked at him and saw the guilty expression. Instead of being angry, she grinned. “You’re taking Nicole to dinner.”

“Do you mind?” Andy asked with considerable concern.

“No, I don’t. You said we needed to see people our own age also.”

And as his daughter had read him, Andy realized she had responded too quickly, eagerly. “You’ve got your own plans,” he deduced.

“Guilty. More studying with Nick.”

“Ah-ha. Where are you going to do that?”

“Well, now that you and Nicole are going out, either at his house or here.”

“Make him dinner here,” Andy suggested.

“Not a bad idea.” Andrea kissed her dad on the cheek. “Thanks.”

* * *

Andy froze at the door to Nicole’s home. It wasn’t because he was hesitant to knock; he already had and it was answered almost immediately. The reason for his sudden immobility was what greeted him at the entrance. A stunning vision. She was stunning. Nicole looked more beautiful than he had ever seen her in the previous four occasions they had been together. Her red hair was full and flowing, her face more made up, but the real eye catcher—if the other items weren’t enough—was the brilliant blue dress she was wearing. It was a very soft, flowing material, tastefully low-cut to show off an alluring amount of cleavage, but not so much as to appear cheap; and it was short, revealing her shapely legs, but again, not enough to make her tawdry.

Nicole’s face formed a huge smile due to his reaction. She couldn’t recall the last time—if ever—a man had eyed her so admirably. “Can I get you something for drool.” Escort Sinop

Finally, Andy snapped out of it. “I’m sorry. It’s just that you look incredible!”

“Thank you,” Nicole responded humbly. “No one’s told me that in a long time.”

He stuck out his arm for her to take. “Shall we?”

Once in the car, he prayed silently that he didn’t have an accident while driving because it was difficult to keep his eyes on the road. Nicole’s dress had risen high on her thighs in the bucket seat of his car and it was difficult not to steal glances at her—them. In addition, she was leaning toward him with an arm resting on the center console thus giving him a glimpse down her top. He had to focus. He didn’t want to become a blithering idiot.

“So, is it weird?” Andy asked her.

“Excuse me?” she asked with a frown, marring her beautiful features.

Andy instantly regretted the question since it caused the rift on her face. But it was too late. He should have been more specific. “This afternoon. You wondered if it would be weird if we dated and Andrea and Nick dated.”

She nodded and smiled, bringing back the beauty. “Well, maybe I’m being naive, but it’s just a study session.”

“I wouldn’t dare to disagree.”

They both laughed.

Andy was taking Nicole to a real French restaurant, which was not far away. She knew he was watching her, and while she enjoyed the attention, she didn’t want her attire to be a distraction. She considered mentioning it, but decided that once inside the restaurant, she might not be so obvious—or he wouldn’t.

Once seated and drinks ordered, Andy asked, “Are you going to the next group therapy session?”

Nicole was taken aback by the question. “I don’t know. I really hadn’t thought about it. Why do you ask?”

“I’m not sure I feel the need to. Meeting you, I feel vindicated.”

“Glad I could help.” She smiled and his heart leapt. He was staring again and she had to ask, “Are you okay?”

“I’m sorry. Your smile is dazzling. I was just enjoying it.”

“Are you being serious or is that just a line?” Nicole hoped that didn’t sound too distrustful.

“I am absolutely serious. I’ve never known a woman like you, Nicole. Certainly not my ex.”

“Tell me about her.”

So, he did. It carried them through cocktails, appetizers and salad.

* * *

“Name the five senses of the human body,” Andrea asked.

“Haven’t we gone over that already?” Nick shot back in frustration. Somehow, he didn’t think this would really be a study session, particularly after this afternoon, but that’s what she had made it. And they had been at it all through dinner.

“It should be easy then.”

With a heavy sigh, Nick rattled off, “Taste, touch, hearing, smell and . . . shit.”

“That last one is not correct,” Andrea dead-panned without skipping a beat. “Try again.”

He eyed her with irritation, but he noticed that the top couple of buttons on her white shirt were undone affording him a nice peek at her bare breasts. That also jogged his memory. “Sight.”

Andrea detected the frustration in his voice. Clearly, he hadn’t thought they were really going to study. As a matter of fact, there was a test tomorrow and they both needed to pass it. But she felt that they both knew the subject matter well enough that they could relax. “One last thing just to help you remember these.” She undid a couple of more shirt buttons and pulled the flaps of her shirt to the side, exposing her breasts. He was already looking at her, but she directed his eyes toward her tits. “Sight.” She then raised her perfumed wrist to his nostrils. “Smell.” Next she kissed his ear with a smack. “Hearing.” Taking his hands, she placed them on her breasts. “Touch.” And finally, she pressed her lips to his, licking his lips, teeth and his tongue as he stuck it out to meet hers. “Taste.” She pulled away. “Anything you’d like to add?”

Andrea had been leaning against the arm of the sofa, so Nick got up and walked around the back. He tilted her face up and bent over to kiss her, softly. Her shirt flaps had slipped back over her breasts and his hand went to the nearest one, gently caressing it through the material. He placed his other arm around her neck, resting it on the armrest. Now, he undid the remaining buttons and once again spread the shirt to expose her small breasts. Though they were not sizable, he loved her tits because they were perfect mounds on her chest. He sucked one nipple, then the other briefly before returning his lips to hers while tweaking her nipples with his fingers.

Nick allowed his hand to travel down her chest and abdomen to the waist of her jeans. When she sucked in her stomach his fingers slid into her pants. He rubbed his palm around her luxuriously soft skin a bit, then pulled it out to remove her shirt entirely. He took a moment to study the erotic appearance she presented topless and only in short jeans.

Kissing again, lips mashed together, tongues dancing, Nick couldn’t help but let his hand return beneath the waistband of her shorts, this time, further down. He could feel the tender hood of her clitoris. He rubbed it gently with the tip of his middle finger, eliciting moans from her. She arched her back in response.

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