Life Starts Now

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Dear Readers,

My apologies for the long delay that I have caused. Numerous things have come up including going out of town for a military graduation, vacation, starting a new job, and classes started recently. I thank you for your feedback and comments. I hope you all have had a nice summer. Please, enjoy.

Yours truly,



She’d had enough.

Miley Lewis thought back to the early days of her four-year relationship. The man whom she thought she loved, she was engaged to, and her first lover. She regretted everything, from moving in with him and saying yes when he proposed last year. But, being twenty-two and still in school, she had nowhere to run. Being with Adam had become a chore and he practically isolated her from friends and family by moving to another state, five hours away from her hometown. Sure, she had made new friends at the local university but none that she could really rely on if need-be.

But there was Jace Thompson, who she had met working at the hospital. He was thirty, handsome, and a physical therapist. And he was a bad boy, oh was he bad. His coat and undershirts hid his heavily tattooed arms and chest, while he kept the piercings out of his ears whenever he worked. You would never be able to tell if he was the type to wear tattoo sleeves when he looked professional; Miley couldn’t even tell and when he showed her, she was very surprised.

Sure, he made some bad decisions but he still went to medical school and now he’s living the life. Every woman wants him, but, for whatever reason, he only seems to notice Miley. And he let her know that.

But then there’s Adam, her fiancé, the “love of her life”, her longest relationship, the man who doesn’t seem to care whether or not she got off during sex, and who could be a complete and total asshole.

Miley sighed as she lay awake in their tastefully decorated guest room. Adam’s persistent snoring kept her up most nights and he, of course, being the gentleman that he was, told her to “fuck off” and he didn’t move. That was another thing she hated about this man; his attitude towards her, like he could have any woman he wants. Adam was a tall, chubby man, almost like a teddy bear, with red hair and bright blue eyes. He was sweet the first couple of years, then, after they moved in together and became engaged, a different side came out of him. The side that never seemed to go away and constantly nagged at her.

Miley checked her phone and noticed it was three in the morning. She had class at ten but she was horny as all get out. She and Adam had had sex about four hours ago and he pumped, grunted, and came. His dick couldn’t even reach all the right spots so she had to use a small vibrator in order for some relief.

But that wasn’t enough. The usual orgasms, what little there were, left her feeling empty, aching, and constantly needy. And Adam was never in the mood let alone could he go more than one round. Plus his cock was too short, just below average. She only agreed to have sex with him in the first place to get him off her back about taking her virginity. Once they were done, she didn’t even see blood but he swears that there was.

Miley rolled on to her back, and then reached her hands up to knead her small but perky breasts. She grabbed one nipple through her night shirt and trailed her other hand down her stomach to where her engorged clit lay, and she thought about Jace. He was always the lead character in her fantasies, and has been for the past two years when she met him, when he’d come to the university to talk about his work. She wonders herself why she fantasizes about another man while having sex with her fiancé and touching herself and she can still be in a relationship.

Truth is, she doesn’t want to hurt Adam; sure, he’s an ass and he’s lied about a few things but she just can’t bring herself to end it when it all boils down to it. And everyone knows she isn’t happy, they ask all the time. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they?

“Oh, Jace,” she moaned as she circled her bud with her thumb and forefinger.

She dipped her fingers into her wet hole but could never reach that spot. Adam hit it a few times with his fingers but then gave up because his hand was hurting and turned over. Still rubbing herself, her breathing became ragged, her body flushed, and her skin developed a slight sheen of sweat. She was getting close.

Biting her lip, she pinched and rubbed harder and whimpered when the first waves of her orgasm shuddered through her body. If only she could have some way of breaking it off with Adam and run to Jace, then maybe, just maybe she might be satisfied. And actually feel love rather than going through the motions. She did love Adam, but it had grown into more of a brotherly, friendly type. Whereas, she noticed she started to develop feelings for Jace, and not just desire.

With a smile of self-satisfaction, she rolled over onto her side and drifted off to dream of Jace.


The ataşehir escort bayan next two months dragged on and her relationship with Adam had only gotten worse.

After she came home from her shift at work, Adam was in a bitchy mood, pissed off more than ever and snapped at Miley every time she asked a question or said something.

“What the fuck is your problem Adam?” She screamed as he started towards their bedroom. Most likely his mother has something to do with this, she thought. His mother wanted them apart because he’s such a mama’s boy it’s ridiculous.

Slamming the bedroom door closed in her face, he yelled, “You! I’m sick of living with someone like you. You’re filthy and dirty!”

That hurt. She rolled her eyes though. Yeah, she wasn’t the cleanest person around, not speaking of hygiene-that she was a freak at- but she kept the place pretty tidy, but occasionally her clothes lined the floor of their bedroom and her closet wasn’t in tip-top shape but she wasn’t a pig. That was her space. “What-the-fuck-ever. We’re done. I’m out and I will find someone who will treat me like I need to be!”

Miley knew just where she needed to be: the bar at the end of their street, across from the college. She knew the place pretty well and the bartender who owned it, Seth. He knew all her troubles and woes and even coaxed her into breaking up with that bastard of a fiancé. Of course, she never did, but tonight was the final straw. Tonight was an exception since it was Friday evening and didn’t expect to see Jace here.

Jace noticed her and sauntered over to her, already being able to tell something was wrong. He knew her so well. “Hey Miles, is everything okay?”

Tears rimmed her eyes, threatening to destroy her makeup, and she shook her head. “No! I think he and-,” she sniffed, collecting herself. “I think I just broke up with Adam.”

Jace looked to Seth and nodded his head at something strong. “Aw, baby, I’m sorry about that.” He kissed her hair, smelling her rose scented shampoo. That brought immediate attention in his dark jeans.

Miley shifted on her stool, feeling slightly nervous at Jace’s closeness. “The thing is I don’t have anywhere to go. He fucking isolated me from everyone I know!” The tears fell now.

Seth placed a shot of vodka in front of Miley and brushed her hand to reassure her. Miley immediately tipped it back and ordered one more. Knocking that one back, her eyes cleared a little bit and she looked at Jace who was watching her carefully.

He seemed to be lost in thought staring at her. As if he couldn’t stop himself, he blurted, “I have an extra bedroom. You could stay with me if you’d like.”

Raising her arms up, Miley replied, “No, no, no. I wouldn’t want to impose on you. We’ve only known each other a couple of years and-“

And what? Why was she declining after having all those fantasies about him while fucking Adam and fucking herself? Of course she would love to stay with him but, was she really ready to get involved with another man? Fuck it, she thought, here’s someone offering to help me out.

Jace moved closer and stroked her blonde hair gently. Christ he loved her hair and her large brown eyes. “Don’t worry about anything. Come with me tonight, stay and see how you like it. If you do want to stay, no strings attached or fees.” He smiled.

That was genuinely kind of him to do. She chewed her lip for a minute, mulling over her options. One, she could move back home and say goodbye to a wonderful job and her almost there degree, or two, stay here with Jace, problem free, and graduate then move on. She chose the latter. “I- I’ll stay with you Jace,” she smiled weakly.

His grey eyes lit up and a huge smile plastered his face. “Great! Maybe you should swing by your place and grab a few things, you know feminine stuff.” He cast his eyes down, somewhat in embarrassment and somewhat in excitement.

For such a tough guy with tats and piercings, he sure was easy to embarrass.

Miley nodded and went to pay Seth when he said, “Hey, it’s on the house.” Then his face darkened, became more serious, “I’m happy for you, really. I’ve seen you come in here pretty lately and often I might add, with tears in your eyes and your heart broken.” Leaning closer, he whispered only so she could hear, “Give Jace a chance. I think he really likes you and then some.”

Blushing at that statement, Miley nodded and left with Jace to collect a few things from her now old apartment.


Jace had to go for her, to lay down the law and only then did Adam follow suit and allow her to collect some things. Adam let Miley know that she has one week before he changes the locks and to get the rest of her shit out and he would not take her back. And she could keep the ring, do “whatever the fuck she wanted” to do with it.

After packing the essentials and other items just in case, she and Jace made their way to his house. escort kadıköy It was a single family home, two-story, a soft yellow color with large bay windows, and in a very nice neighborhood that only doctors and lawyers live in. Miley had to admit that Jace did look kind of silly living in a neighborhood like this and looking the way he did. But he had earned his right and he wouldn’t change any of that.

He showed her to his guest bedroom, one out of three in the house. The other was his bedroom and the smallest was his office/ gym. The guest bedroom was a little larger than her living room in what was her and Adam’s apartment. It was beautiful in blues and whites that hinted at a more masculine touch. Miley fell in love with it.

“Um, I’m pretty hungry. Want some pizza?” Jace asked after changing into something more comfortable. Miley admired his sleek physique that was thick and riddled with muscles. He was shirtless with workout shorts hanging loosely from his hips, resting just below that “v” of his body.

“S-sure,” she stuttered as she traced his tattoos with her eyes. They’re beautiful, she thought.

Smiling, Jace left the room and ordered a delivery for pizza while Miley changed out of her work clothes and into some yoga pants and a loose tank. She looked in the stand-up mirror of the guest bedroom. She wasn’t the smallest but she wasn’t the largest. Yeah, she could stand to lose a few pounds but she was pretty toned with a slight bulge that made her look pregnant at times. But she had curves and a perfect butt that most men would stare at. Miley pulled her long blonde hair back into a tight pony-tail and applied some chap-stick to her pouty lips. Adam would joke, sometimes, and call her ugly but Jace had said that she was very beautiful.

She guessed that she’ll never know which one she is.

Walking into the living room, she saw the pizza had arrived and Jace dishing out plates for the two of them. Her stomach rumbled and she didn’t realize how famished she truly was until the smell hit her nose. Grabbing a plate and three slices, yes three-she loved food, she sat down next to Jace on his dark leather couch that faced his forty-eight inch television. They ate in silence, watched a movie, and Miley was really surprised when she didn’t seem as sad as she thought she should be.


After they ate and cleared the dishes, Jace found a scary movie on the channel guide and put it on. He was hoping that Miley would get scared enough to cuddle against him. It didn’t happen for a while.

They were halfway through the movie when Miley started getting scared and scooted closer to Jace. The movie was about a vengeful spirit that appeared in a solid black form and practically killed everyone it came into contact with. Curling up on Jace, she tucked her head into his chest every time she wanted to shield her eyes.

Jace enjoyed this feeling, running his hands up and down her back, reassuring her. He noticed she was trembling and so he kissed her rose scented hair that caused his cock to stir with desire. He groaned quietly.

Jace noticed her breathing became deeper, slower. He smiled as he realized that she had fallen asleep on his bare chest. His cock swelled as he saw that her tank top had shifted and was barely covering her nipples. He shuddered, thinking of what he would love to do with them.

The slight movement of his body to cover her breasts up to stop himself from doing something he shouldn’t do had woken Miley. She moaned in her drowsiness as she slowly opened her eyes.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Jace. I didn’t mean-” she stopped to wipe the drool that lingered at the corner of her mouth. “I’m so embarrassed.” She looked down, her cheeks flaming.

Jace used his fingers to bring her chin up. “Hey it’s okay. It’s been a long day.”

Miley started to get off Jace and stand up when she yawned. “Yeah, you’re right. Hey um-“

How should she ask him without sounding too desperate? She just broke up with her fiancé, who she barely slept with, but she was too vulnerable, too scared to sleep alone just yet. She hadn’t slept truly alone since before she moved in with Adam. Thinking of Adam made her realize what had actually happened today and she needed someone to hold her tonight.

“What is it?” Jace stood next to her, his arms hovering at her waist.

She looked down, suddenly finding the beige carpet very interesting. “Well, it’s just that I haven’t been by myself in over two years.” Taking a deep breath she continued, “What I’m trying to say is will you sleep with me tonight? Just so I can have something to hold me.”

Jace’s heart beat out of control. She was practically inviting him to bed, but not to have sex. That was okay; it will come. “Uh sure, babe, I’d be happy to. But let’s sleep in my bed.”

Miley nodded as Jace led her the way to his room. A place he rarely took anyone, but for Miley, he’d do anything. She was drowsy from just waking bostancı escort up, so she immediately settled under the dark red duvet. Her fast and nervous breathing melted into soft breaths. She turned over onto her side, near the edge of his king-sized bed.

Jace slipped in behind her, after taking off his shorts leaving only his briefs on, keeping enough space between them.

“Hold me, please,” Miley whispered, scooting closer to Jace.

He obliged, gently placing his right arm over her side and pulling her further into him. He hoped to God that she couldn’t feel how much he wanted her.

She wiggled her ass, digging into his boner. He groaned and wished that there weren’t any barriers between.

Playing dumb, Miley whispered, “What is that?”

Holding his breath, he tried to think of something to tell her. In the end, he decided the truth was better. “I’m sorry, but you’re just so damn beautiful and I’ve wanted you for so fucking long. And it’s been awhile, so forgive me.”

He couldn’t see her smile and blush. He wants me too! “That’s okay. I’ve fantasized about you.” She quickly yawned and feigned sleep.

Jace shook his head; he couldn’t believe what he just heard. “What did you say?” He asked but she didn’t respond; only the sounds of her soft snoring were his reply.


It was Saturday and Jace woke up with a horrible case of morning wood. Miley was still tucked up beside him and his hand was resting on her breast. He groaned, wishing he didn’t wake up so he could continue copping a feel. She moaned, shifting slightly so his arm became stuck and her breast lodged in his palm.

Gently pushing her off and disturbing her sleep, Jace accidentally woke her up. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was nine in the morning. Then, the floodgates opened as what had happened the day before came rushing back. “Oh my God! What did I do?!”

Jace was startled, unsure of what to do. Pushing himself up on his elbow to look down at her, he saw her eyes already red and puffy and thick with tears. “Miley, you-“

“I know! But why?” She sniffed and the tears fell quicker this time.

Astounded and not quite sure what to do, Jace stood up, stretching before he headed to the kitchen, leaving Miley curled into a ball.


After about an hour of senseless crying, Miley wondered where Jace had gone. The smell of bacon and eggs filled her nose. He’s cooking me breakfast, she thought. That was the nicest thing anyone has everyone has done for her. Pushing the covers back, she proceeded to get up when the door to the bedroom opened and in stepped Jace, with a tray of food.

The two plates were piled with pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit, and toast. A pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice sat in between the plates with a gravy bowl full of maple syrup. Miley’s heart pounded. Her eyes welled with tears but quickly explained when Jace looked concerned, “That’s so sweet of you to do.”

Setting the tray on the bed and pulling out its legs, Jace smoothed out the top cover and sat beside Miley. “Well, you had a rough day yesterday, so I wanted to be nice.”

Miley smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Thank you.”

After devouring their delicious breakfast, they both sat in Jace’s bed watching TV. Miley’s tears had slowed a bit but they came back. She just ended a four year relationship. How do you get over that? She thought she had it all and it was gone in an act of selfishness. Was it really selfish to get out of an unhealthy relationship? She wasn’t happy but what was she to do now? Start over? But no one can really be trusted anymore and relationships are just hard work.

Fuck it all, she thought, I’m done with relationships I want to be single for a while.

And single she stayed.


Two months had passed and Jace noticed Miley was not hurting as much as she should be. She should still lie in bed all day, crying her out, but she doesn’t. She had called all her family and friends and they were upset with her. Why? She wasn’t sure; they knew how he was, everyone did. He even showed his true colors a time or two around her family.

Jace was the only one who cared and did everything he could to help her.

Luckily, summer had started and her classes ended. Her work schedule eased a bit as the other students could work more. But she felt bad because Jace kept on insisting she not help out and stay as long as she needed.

All he wanted for her was to be happy and not have to worry about douchey guys, because in all reality, they’re not all like that.

“Jace, are you sure?” She asked him again before going to bed.

“I’m positive, Miley. I’ve known you for almost two years now and I know how bad your relationship was. Think of it as a friend helping out another. Plus…” He paused. How could he tell her that he was developing stronger feelings for her without freaking her out? She’s recently single and she’s probably not ready.

“Plus what?” She hedged on.

He shook his head. “Never mind.”

Burrowing her brows, Miley took a step forward and wrapped her arms around his thick waist. Her heart pounded a million miles a minute. “Thank you,” she whispered.

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