Lighting In a BottleCh. 01

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Let me tell you about a story of something that had change my life for ever and made me the man that I am today. It all started back four years ago. I was in college and I wanted to be in on the football team. I’ve been working out everyday to the best of my ability because I didn’t have a job or any money to buy any supplements and every time I asked my parents to buy me some, they always asked me, “Why do you need to buy supplements for? You’re just a late bloomer. You’ll catch up with the other kids soon enough.” That was the problem!

I’m eighteen, I grew only five foot nine and I weigh only 130 pounds. I was lean but it wasn’t enough. I asked the coach to see it I could try out and he only laughed at me and told me to try again next year. I remember that I needed a physical in order to participate in any sports. So one day I decided to go to the school nurse. But not everyone wanted to go there because of the fact that the nurse was an old lady. There was no where around it and I needed the physical in order to get on the team.

As I went into the nurse’s office, I heard a voice, but it wasn’t the voice of an old woman. In fact, it was someone younger, much, much younger.

“Just a minute, I’ll be right out. Have a seat on the bed.”

I did what I was told as I sat down on the medical bed. I looked around to see some of the things that you would normally see around a medical facility. I was kicking my legs in the air when the door was opened from one side of the room and my attention was attracted into that direction. What I saw was breathtaking. A young woman walked into the room. She was wearing glasses, but it didn’t matter because she had the most amazing features. She had long, ebony hair, a fair skin complexion, the most beautiful azure eyes, and a great smile. Despite the fact that she had a open lab coat, it revealed her incredible body.

If I had to guess at her measurements, she had to be 38D in the bust, 23 in the waist, and 36 at the hips. She was about six foot three and had the sexiest legs I’ve ever seen. She was wearing a bright cardinal red shirt and a knee high black Beylikdüzü escort skirt. I swallowed hard and I can feel my heart beat racing as she walked in front of me.

“So what can I do for you, today?”

Stuttering, I managed to get the words out of my mouth.

“I…I…I’m here to…tooooo…get a ph…ph…physical… for the football team.”

“A physical you say? Alright, let me get the paperwork.”

She walked over to her desk and opened a drawer as she looked for the papers for the physical. I can only imagine if she was wearing any panties under that dress when I slowly felt myself getting a boner inside my pants. As she finally found the papers, the next words were something that I didn’t expect her to say at the time.

“Alright, take off your clothes and we’ll get started.”

I took off my shirt and t-shirt as she started to check my heartbeat and blood pressure. I felt the coldness of her stethoscope and she was amazed at my heart rate.

“Can you try to relax…”


“Alex, I need to you breathe deeply as you count to ten.”

“Alright, I’ll try.”

I did as what I was told and managed to bring my heart rate down to normal, but I saw down her shirt and saw that she was wearing a lacy black bra and my penis started to rub against the fabric of my boxers. She accidentally brushed her hand over my crotch as she reached for her clipboard. Or so I thought it was an accident. Her fingers slightly rubbed over the tip as I shuttered in disbelief.

All of the sudden, she stopped and looked at me with her deep blue eyes and asked me a question that I never been asked before.

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Um sure, what do you want to ask me?” I answered.

“How big are you?”

I was stunned as I try to process the question being asked. Confused, I replied with a question.

“Um, I don’t understand the question.”

“How big are you down there…?”

She pointed right at my crotch as I looked down at my pants. I couldn’t believe that she asked me such a question of all places. I was blushing Beylikdüzü escort and embarrassed. I didn’t want to answer it because I thought that she would laugh at me if I told her.

“You can tell me. It’s just between you and me.”

This time words have escaped me as I was at lost with words.

“Alright, drop your pants.”

“Excuse me?”

She walked over to the window at the door, draped the blind over it and locked the door.

“Drop your pants. I want to take a look at you.”

Once again I was confused. But the atmosphere changed when I felt warm hands enveloped my body as I was in utter shock. I can feel her breasts pressing against my bare back and she started to rub one hand on my chest as she slowly started to unzip my pants and pull down my boxers. My erection sprang forth, but it was nothing to brag about. She placed her thumb on my cock and placed her head on my left shoulder as I feel her warm breath blowing along my skin.

“Alright, let’s see. One inch, two inches, three inches, four, and five inches. Hmm… just an inch below average and your already dripping with pre cum.”

She took the same thumb and rubbed it against sensitive underside. I can see the clear liquid stretching out before dripping to the floor. She started to rub vigorously and it wasn’t long before I came and squirted my jizz on the floor.

I can feel my cock pulsing as I took in deep breaths before she stood in front of me again. I couldn’t believe that she did that, but it felt so good.

“Well, that didn’t last long and it wasn’t much either.”

Just by hearing those words brought me to udder shame. But to the nurse, she was actually smiling.

“This is perfect. Hold it right there. I’ll be right back.”

She went back into the back room and came back with a syringe and inside was a liquid that was something that you only see in a science fiction movie. The liquid was a deep red color as she squirted a little bit of the liquid as she thumped the needle to see if it was okay. Now I was scared. I never was that much of a fan of needles and it hasn’t changed Escort Beylikdüzü much since I was little.

“What’s with the red liquid?” I asked nervously.

“Oh, this? Let’s just say that this is a special medicine that will make you ask the question, “Where have you been in my life?!” All I needed you to do is to stick out your arm.”

She pulled out an alcohol pad and rubbed it on my shoulder. I closed my eyes and flinched as she stuck the needle in my arm as she injects the liquid in my arm. She took the needle out of my arm and pressed on it with a cotton swab.

“Now, just wait for a few moments.”

I didn’t understand just what she was doing or what she was talking about but I slowly started to feel all warm and tingly inside. My body felt like it was brimming with energy.

“So how do you feel now?” She asked.

“I feel strange, like I just got my second wind.”

“Really? Let’s see if you really got it.”

She took off her lab coat and then she took off her shirt revealing her huge rack that’s being restrained with the black lacy bra I saw earlier. She walked up to me and got down on her hands and knees. She grabbed my cock again and slowly started to stroke it with her thumb and messaged my balls.

“Just relax and let the medicine take effect.”

She rubbed my cock up and down. She even licked my head as it was already dripping with pre cum. My member started to get hard again which was a surprise to me. This never happened to me before.

“Now, answer honestly. How many times do you masturbate a week? Once? Twice? Maybe three times?”

I responded as I succumbed to her technique.


Next thing I know I felt the warm slippery tongue as she swallowed my cock with her slippery mouth as she bobbed up and down over and over.

I was having the time of my life until I started to feel that sensation that I felt earlier. I thought I was going to cum again, but instead something else happened. Something that has never happened to me before, my cock started to get harder and harder until it was as hard as a brick. I felt like that I couldn’t control myself and it could burst any minute! The nurse looked at me devilishly as she quickened her pace and started to squeeze my scrotum. It wasn’t long until I shot out my load again and swallowed very drop.

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