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He was working late one evening, trying desperately to finish everything before the holiday when the power went out and the lights went off. “Damn”, he thought. He could still use his laptop, so he decided to stay and continue working. His office was dark except for the light coming from his computer screen.

After some time working in the dark, the frustration and headache starting to set in, he decided it was time to call it a night. It was at that moment his door opened. In walked a woman, and although it was dark he was certain he didn’t recognize her. She stood leaning in the doorway, her long dark hair cascading over her shoulders. She wore a white button down shirt, unbuttoned dangerously low and un-tucked, a pair of well-worn jeans, and oddly, he thought she was bare foot.

She said “Hi” in a wonderfully soft voice. She told him she was new with the company, working late and saw a glow from under his door and thought he might like some company for a while.

How could he refuse? He invited her in.

He offered her a seat but she stood next to him instead, asking him about his work. She was standing very close to him, too close. She smelled of lavender, he breathed in her intoxicating scent. She was distracting but he was able to discuss his current project for a few minutes then sighed and pushed his chair away from the computer.

She turned and faced him. He looked into her dark brown eyes, at her full lips; his eyes traveled down her body and he couldn’t help but think how much he wanted her out of those jeans.

She watched him looking at her; she smiled as if reading his thoughts. She stepped into his open legs, bent down, and softly kissed him on the lips. She touched his face, sliding her thumb across his lips. She kissed him again, harder this time, and then gently bit his lower lip.

She took a step back and slowly started to unbutton her shirt. When she finished her hands traveled back up, parting her shirt, exposing her belly and lacy black bra, her fingertips traced the edges of her bra then circled her nipples.

Her olive skin looked smooth and soft. He wanted to touch her, to taste her. The erection in his pants was growing harder; he wouldn’t be able to resist must longer. Her hands slowly traveled back down, she opened the button and zipper of her jeans exposing lacy black panties.

He couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed the waist of her jeans and pulled her to him.

Her hands were on his shoulders and his neck; her simple touches sent shivers through his body.

Still in his chair, his hands moved to her hips, down the soft denim covering her thighs, then up the back of her legs so he could caress her ass. His hands slid up and under her shirt, feeling the warm skin on her back. His thumbs felt the curve of her breast as his hands moved lower to wrap around her slender waist. He held her there and kissed her belly, his tongue tracing the waistband of her panties.

He grabbed the belt loops of her jeans and slid them down, off her body. His fingers slowly moved back up the sides of her bare legs until they found her ass again. He gently squeezed and caressed her while his lips kissed her belly, his tongue dipping below the edge of lacy black material.

She leaned into him, letting out a small sigh of pleasure. She wanted more; her pussy was already wet and throbbing.

His hands moved back to her waist, then up along her stomach. He needed to get this shirt off her. He stood from his chair and let his hands continue to wander up her belly and in between her breasts, teasingly touching the soft curves. His hands moved to her shoulders opening her shirt more and then pushing it down until it dropped to the floor. She stood in front of him, wearing only her bra and panties. God, she was beautiful in every way. Her eyes were so dark, almost black; her long dark hair flowed over her shoulders and back. Her breasts were full, but smaller, fitting her slender body perfectly. Her waist and hips were both slim, yet curvy.

For a moment, he thought she wasn’t real. Then her hands moved to his body, grabbing his shirt and pulling it over his head. Her hands slowly touched his chest. She kissed his chest, moving closer to his nipple. Her lips kissed around his nipple, her tongue slowly teasing before she gently grabbed it with her teeth, pulling slightly, then she sucked on it hard, all while her thumb and finger gently squeezed and pinched his other.

His hands moved up along her back, to the nape of her neck, he gently gripped her hair. Her long hair tickled his chest; her lips on his body were like heaven. He wanted to feel her lips on his hard cock. He felt as if he were about to explode. He needed more of this stranger, this new girl that came by for company in the dark, but was offering so much more. He needed to taste her now.

He gripped her hair more firmly and pulled her lips to his. They kissed hard, filled with lust and desire, their arms firmly wrapped around each other. Their Van Escort lips separated, both gasping for a breath. He grabbed her ass and lifted her and she instinctively wrapped her legs around him. He wanted to fuck her hard but he also wanted to savor every moment of this, every moment of her. He got lost in her eyes; she smiled, her eyes so expressive, playful and filled with passion.

He set her down on the desk and softly kissed her lips. Then she surprised him by biting back. This only furthered his arousal. He kissed along her neck until he reached the gentle curve where neck becomes shoulder. He nuzzled her for a moment, first kissing and nibbling, then sucking hard and then he gave her a passionate bite.

Her hands dug into his shoulder and she moaned softly, pressing her body to his. His lips moved to her shoulder, his hand pushing her bra strap away; he kissed along the edge of her bra and on the curve of her breast. He could see her hard nipple through the sheer fabric. He blew gently on her nipple, saw the goose bumps on her breast, and heard the arousal in her breathing. His hands slipped to her back and unhooked the clasp; sliding it silently to the floor, exposing her to him in the darkness of his office.

His hands moved down along her arms then moved to her thighs. He gazed down at her body, her small breasts looked soft and her nipples looked hard with arousal.

Her hands came up to his chest. She spent a moment touching his shoulders, neck, and chest. Her hands traveled down to his waist, she paused to unbutton his pants then her hands moved to his hips. She kissed his chest and flicked his nipple with her tongue. She let go of him and pushed herself further back on his desk, leaning back on her hands, inviting him to gaze upon the length of her body. She stretched out her leg to him, her foot on his chest pushing him slightly away, smiling. Her foot moved down his chest until she reached the waistband of his pants. She let her toes trail back and forth along the edge of his waist band, playing with the button. The gentle touch was oddly erotic.

Slowly she slid her foot down until she was touching the length of his erection. The touch to his hard cock made him catch his breath. Her foot was beautiful and watching her rub his cock with it was almost enough to make him climax. He let her continue, closing his eyes briefly to concentrate. The soft skin of her big toe pressed expertly at the base of his engorged head and rubbed softly.

Partly to delay his own climax, and partly to touch her, he grabbed her foot and brought it to his lips; she let out a playful laugh. He started kissing the top of her foot. Slowly his hands and lips moved to her ankle then her calf. She was ticklish and squirmed as he kissed her, soft giggles mixed with heavy breathing in the darkened office.

He set her leg on the desk and he placed his hands on her knees, opening her legs wider. He leaned down and started to kiss the inside of her thigh. Slowly he kissed, pausing to taste her with his tongue and nibble lightly.

His tongued moved upwards until it reached the edge of her panties, which barely covered her. His hands massaged the toned muscles of her leg while his tongue teased the ticklish skin of her thigh, and then moved, lightly licking her skin at the edge of her panties. She gasped, watching him, waiting for more.

His tongue licked the length of her pussy through the thin material. Her panties were soaked and he could taste her sweetness. His tongue flicked her hard bud through the silk. She moaned softly. She lay back on his desk, pushing papers and pencils noisily to the floor. It was not the most comfortable position but she didn’t care, she wanted to open herself to him.

He softly kissed her pussy, flicking his tongue over her clit while his hands moved up along her outer thighs until his fingers hooked the waist of her panties. He slid her panties down her thighs slowly, past her knees. He ducked his head to allow her feet to come together, momentarily hiding herself. He held the damp silk in his hands then dropped them to the floor. Turning back to her, he held her bare feet in his hands and moved them apart once again.

Her sudden exposure caused her to gasp with excitement. He gazed at her now naked body. Her pussy was as beautiful as the rest of her. She had a small patch of neatly trimmed black hair but her lips were smooth, free of hair and glistening with her juices. He leaned down and licked the full, wet, length. He caught himself growling with pleasure. Her back arched, her hands touching his hair, his head.

He pulled her to the edge of the desk and knelt in front of her. He spread her legs wider opening her beautiful pussy. His tongue gently flicked her clit. He began licking her, his tongue moving in slow, small circles around her clit, then larger circles, licking her entire pussy. His tongue dipped inside her, and then back to her clit. His hands moved to her center and he used his thumbs to open her Van Escort Bayan even more, pulling back the folds and fully exposing her bud.

His tongue focused on her sensitive bud, licking one side then moving to the other. She was wiggling with pleasure, her legs wrapped around him. Her hands moved to cup her breasts, rolling her nipples between her thumb and finger, adding to her pleasure. He could have cum from just licking her and watching her touch herself. His tongue moved over her entire pussy again, lapping up her sweet juices. Then he focused small circles on the topmost sensitive part. He moved one finger to join his tongue. The sensation of his finger and tongue on her clit brought her to the edge. He moved his tongue faster still focusing on her clit, while one finger, then two, slid inside her wet pussy.

He spread his fingers, moving slowly at first then increasing his speed. The more she wiggled, the more she moaned with pleasure, “That feels so good”, she said, her voice heavy with lust, “I’m going to cum.”

She didn’t want this feeling of being at the edge to end but she couldn’t hold on any longer. He felt her pussy clench around his fingers as the orgasm took over. Her entire body felt electrified, her pussy convulsed as the orgasm consumed her. Her legs tightened around him, her hands grabbing his hair pulling him in tighter. His tongue and fingers continued to fuck her, extending her orgasm for as long as he could, for as long as she could stand. Her body finally relaxed and settled back on to his desk, chest heaving, legs open, her heart pounding. He pulled his fingers out and licked them clean. She tasted delicious. He gently licked pussy again and she moaned softly. He continued kissing her, moving to her belly, climbing up on this desk until he was on top of her so he could focus his lips on her breasts. His tongue swirled around her nipple then gently bit her. Her legs wrapped around his body, their lips came together in a deep and passionate kiss.

Her pussy began to ache again with the arousal caused by his lips on her breasts. She pressed her body to his, her hands wandering over his back, moving to his ass. She squeezed him and kissed him harder, she wanted to taste him and fuck him, but right now, she needed get off the desk. She nibbled his ear with a giggle and then whispered, “Stand up, my back is killing me.”

He stood up then took her hand so she could stand up and stretch her body. He pulled her to him. Her naked body felt warm against his chest. His arms wrapped around her, massaging every part of her backside. He was about to pick her up again and move her to a more comfortable location but she wouldn’t let him. Instead, she smiled a naughty little smile. She kissed his lips and his cheek then moved to his neck. She kissed his neck and then let her tongue trail down his neck until she reached his shoulder. She bit him hard. She liked to bite. Damn, how something could hurt so much and feel so good. He moaned in pleasure and pain.

She felt him jump a little from the bite and this only seemed to excite her more. Her lips moved along his body, kissing his chest, sucking on his nipple. She moved lower on his chest, down to his stomach, and then she lowered herself to her knees. She looked up at him, her lips were parted and there was a hunger in her eyes. He put his hands in her tousled hair. He couldn’t believe this beautiful, sexy creature was on her knees in front of him.

Her hands moved up and down his legs, enjoying the feel of his fine wool trousers, she paused to grip his strong thighs and then continued, letting her hands brush up against his erection. Her eyes met his and she whispered “You’re wearing too many clothes”. She sat back on her legs, bringing her hands to his feet. She helped him step out of his shoes, tossing them to the side.

She brought her lips to the skin of his stomach. She kissed slowly, sliding her tongue back and forth. Her hands moved to grip his ass, and then back along the waistline of his pants. Her fingers moved to the zipper while her lips followed. Her hands pressed lightly along his cock as she unzipped his pants, she slid his pants off his legs revealing his deep blue silk boxers. She removed his pants and socks, tossing them to the side.

She let her hands wander over the soft silk of his boxers; she liked the feel on her hands and wanted to feel the sensuous fabric on her body. Her lips were so close to his skin he could feel her warm breath on his stomach. Her fingers hooked the waist of his boxers, then sliding them over his erection; she let out a soft moan at the sight of his hard cock. She helped him step out of his boxers, then let the soft silk drift over her legs, her pussy and her breasts before tossing them to the side, joining the pile of clothes already littering his office. Still sitting back on her legs, she enjoyed the view of his body then told him to sit in his chair. He complied immediately.

She watched him hungrily. He sat at the edge Escort Van of the chair, his body leaning back, his legs open, inviting her in.

She crawled to him, her eyes never left his. She brought her hands to his legs letting her finger tips travel up his legs. Looking at him, she whispered, “I want to taste you”. She brought her lips to the inside of his thigh, slowly kissing her way up his leg and bringing herself up on her knees. Her hands rested on his thighs and she paused to admire his hard cock. He looked delicious, his hair neatly trimmed, the tip glistening with pre-cum.

His hands found their way back to her soft hair and he whispered, “You’re beautiful”. She looked up at him and smiled. She ran her fingertips up and down his hard shaft then brought her lips to him and kissed his beautiful hard cock, sighing with pleasure. His body shuddered at the initial contact. Her lips and tongue kissed and licked down his length, her tongue flicked at the base of his cock as she brought her hand up to cup his balls, gently massaging them while her other hand continued to touch his thigh and the backside of his leg. She moved her mouth to his balls, taking one in her mouth and sucking gently then moving to the other.

Her hand moved to the inside of his thigh, her finger gently stroking the very sensitive spot behind his sac. Her mouth released his balls, her tongue moved back to his cock, and in one slow motion, her tongue traveled up his length, stopping just below the head allowing her tongue to play with the sensitive spot that formed a V. She let her tongue taste the juices that were dripping down his shaft. She was in heaven, slowly licking and tasting him, his cock was so wet from her tongue and his juices.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Watching her tongue and lips on his cock was mind shattering. He brushed her hair away from her face, partly so he could watch her lips on him but also just to be touching her.

He felt her tongue sweep across the head, her tongue swirled around, flicking over his slit and playing with the V spot. Her finger and thumb circled base, her fingers pumping while her tongue kissed and licked the head. Her lips wrapped around the head of his cock and started to suck. She moved her head slowly up and down at first then side to side creating an almost circular sucking motion. The circle her fingers formed around his cock slid up to just below the head.

Her hand moved down off his shaft and cupped his balls again, gently massaging and pulling down on then just slightly. She lowered her head, taking more of his cock into her mouth, slowly sliding up and down his length. As her mouth moved down his length, she let the tip slide across the roof of her mouth and then sucked harder as she pulled up.

She slid her hand back to the base of his cock and gave him a squeeze, then used her hand as a guide, sliding his head back and forth over her slippery lips.

She loved the way his cock felt on her lips and in her mouth. She was so excited, she needed to touch herself. Her hand moved from his thigh to her breast, she briefly pinched her nipple before moving down to her pussy. Her finger rubbed her clit and dipped into her wet cunt. She couldn’t contain her pleasure and moaned softly.

He felt her soft hum. He was at the edge and he wanted to be in her hot pussy but he was so close to exploding. He whispered “I’m going to cum soon, slide up here so I can feel your hot pussy.”

Her eyes met his, her tongue played with the tip of his cock and she gave him a wicked grin. Her hand pumped his length but her lips paused just long enough to say, “I want to taste you; I want you to cum in my mouth.” She brought her fingers from her pussy and reached up, offering her wetness to his mouth, he licked and sucked her fingers before she moved it back down, gripping his leg.

Her lips moved back to sucking on his head, her tongue swirled around as she bobbed up and down and side to side. Her lips would dip just below the ridge of his cock then back up again. Her fingers formed a ring around his cock just below her lips, her mouth and fingers gripping and pumping his cock in one synchronized motion.

She altered the depth on his cock, taking most of it in her mouth, her fingers pumping the base, then short quick thrusts riding just over the rim at the base of the head.

Oh, fuck he wasn’t going to last long. She knew he was close, his hands gripped her hair and he thrust his hips to her face.

She took his length into her mouth. Her lips formed a tight circle around his cock while her fingers applied slight pressure. She quickened her pace matching the rhythm of his humping.

Sucking him faster and harder while her hand squeezed and pumped his cock in time with her mouth, his moans told her everything she needed to know.

“I’m going to cum”, he whispered it a raspy voice, then she felt his hot cream in the back of her mouth, his body stiffened as the orgasm washed over his body, cum shooting deep into her throat. She swallowed every bit of his juice, keeping her lips tight around his cock, milking every ounce out of him. His hands gripped her hair roughly; he needed to hold on as the orgasm sent spasms throughout his body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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