Lights Out

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He awoke suddenly. His bleary eyes focused on the red numbers on the clock that said 3:17am. Her tongue licked at the webbing between his first and middle fingers. Then she kissed and licked his palm. He smiled lazily and reached for her pale breasts that were resting on the edge of the bed as she knelt beside it. As he did so his hand caught the black mesh and gold that made up the top of her swimsuit. She giggled as she held his black silk boxers aloft and whispered to him “dress… I have an idea.” Sleepily, he took the boxers from her. He slid them on and followed her out the door. As they walked quietly down the hall…he muttered,

“yeahihadanideatoo, sleep, andtothinkilovedherforhermind- damnthatamindhasideas”.

She pulled him close and did everything short of making love to him right there in the elevator on the way down to the hotel pool. He began to think this idea might be worth his while. The elevator slowed to a stop at the first floor. The door slid open and they walked out. She grabbed his hand and headed toward the pool. Quietly, they walked down the hallway. When they arrived, the door of the pool was, of course, locked. He shrugged sleepily and turned to go, but she pulled her unused platinum card from the pocket of her lacy cover-up and slipped it between the door and jam. After the third try she grinned. “Success! I knew not to leave home without this!”

He laughed. It was the first time she’d heard that delicious sound of his since she’d rudely awakened him but she knew he still wasn’t exactly game for this mid-night dip. She reached in, turned the timer switch for the lights and scurried to both exits, “chairing” the doors by placing a chair through the bars and across the doorframe, preventing unwelcome guests. They were completely alone. He watched curiously but did not respond to her gestures to get in the pool.

She took two quick steps to the edge kicked one leg up behind her and joined it with Sinop Escort the other and for a moment she was suspended in air before gravity took hold and pulled her into the pool. She broke the water coming back up almost immediately, taking light smooth strokes with her head out of the water, her long hair trailing across her back drifting in the water behind her.

He was still grumpy as he walked to the pool’s edge and finally sat down at the steps with his feet resting on the top one. Realizing that it was warmer in the pool than in the air, he slid into the water, submerging his make-do trunks. His chest was still exposed to the air. His nipples hardened as he sat, chilled in the cool, humid room. So he slid down one more step to where he was barely above water.

She moved to the middle of the pool, her body floating. She drew little seductive circles in the water with her hands. Then she looked at him (or so he thought, she was really checking the timer behind him) flashed him a huge smile and lifted one shapely leg high out of the water. She continued working her hands by her hips under the water to keep herself afloat as she brought the other leg up. It surprised him when she submerged her entire body- her corvette red toenails disappearing last.

The room went black as he heard the click of the timer at the door shut off. The last image in his mind was of her disappearing. He shook his head, smiling as he found himself in complete darkness. “Wise-ass,” he thought. He drew a deep breath, waiting, and soon heard her breathing beside him. Quietly, she dove under the water. Then silence surrounded him except for the sounds of the water lapping at the edges of the pool. He could see nothing at all. Standing, he waded deeper into the water- nothing… until moments later, he heard her hand slap the coping on the other end of the pool, a tiny splash and then again- silence. He backed up carefully and sat Sinop Escort Bayan on the steps again. He was beginning to chill in the water and was wondering what the hell she had planned.

He felt her hands grab at his ankles just before he heard her body break the surface of the water coming up for air. As she inhaled softly she ran her hands up his legs to the underside of his thighs. Gently, she worked her fingers under the floating silk of his boxers, moved her hands over the tops of his thighs and found his soft yet growing cock. Softly, she rubbed the head with one hand as she massaged his balls with the other. Neither could see each other.

Not even the slightest reflection on the water showed. Only the red Exit sign was visible at the end of the pool- its light dim. His visual sensory deprivation made the smell of the chlorine and her now fading fragrance greater. He thrilled at her touch, too and felt his cock grow as he sat. The nearness of her, her invisibility and the feeling of her hands on his cock and balls made him shiver, but not from the cold. Her touch was all he had as a means of finding her. Luckily, she wasn’t going anywhere.

She submerged quietly in front of him and gently drew his shorts down around his legs. Then, she took the head of his cock into her mouth, moving slowly over it. She tenderly sucked the head. The warmth of her mouth in contrast to the water was so erotic he grew completely hard for her in an instant. He felt her smile around him, breaking the seal of her lips on his cock, allowing a bit of cool water to quickly envelope him. In response to the shock of the cold he flexed, making her smile yet again. He reacted by moving upwards, into her mouth, creating a cycle of warmth, coolness, warmth, coolness that hardened him even more. After about a minute she came up for air and she slid up between his thighs. Hungrily, her lips were on his nipples, and nibbling Escort Sinop at them. He growled and then groaned at the ache he felt. She promptly submerged, her hands still fondling his balls, and she began to suck more deeply, heartily and quickly.

His other senses were heightened by the absence of light and he could only focus on her mouth around him. He pressed down gently on her head, moving her up and down more swiftly. Again, she lifted her head from the water, gulping another breath of air. She dropped over him, never stopping her stroking. She engulfed him again and this time, he felt the swelling and contracting start. As he began to feel the swelling, the absence of light made him focus completely on the sensation. He pressed down on her head with desire filling her mouth completely. She realized she had to trust his desire would not keep her from coming up for air. He came quickly, sending his love into her mouth. She swallowed him as he convulsed and pushed in heaving volumes. She swallowed him and ran her hands along his ass squeezing him tightly giving him anchor to press in. He shook as he thrust his last and pulled her from under the water leaning back onto the steps she floated over him her legs drifting behind her. She laid her head on his still-heaving chest.

After a few minutes, she began to tell him the story of one of her first climaxes, brought on by an inlet jet of a pool. The warm water flushed her clit as her body seized right in front of her swim coach. No one ever knew.

He laughed that special, rare, unrestrained laugh of his. She loved his laugh and wanted him all over again. At this rate, there would be no sleep for the rest of the night.

Finally, they rose, felt their way hand in hand to the door and flipped the timer light again. Brilliance filled the room and he kissed her gently. She spotted his shorts drifting toward the middle of the pool. His desire grew again as he watched her beautiful body dive into the water. She swam to the shorts, retrieved them and giggled. He wanted her again, growing harder by the second. Quickly, but quietly, they set the poolroom back in order and snuck out the door. This time, they might not make it all the way up the elevator.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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