Lisa Learns to Love Ch. 05

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It was Thursday evening and Judy was on the phone to Charlotte. “A pony day, that sounds great. … Yes, I saw the weather forecast. Hot and sunny, just what we need … We’ll come over about eleven then. Can we bring anything, a quiche? A salad? … Ok, see you on Saturday, bye.” She put the phone down and turned to Lisa. “That was Charlotte. Friday’s cancelled, we’re having a picnic on her lawn on Saturday instead.”

“That sounds like fun. Will we have the usual games?”

“Sort of. It’s always a bit different outside. Charlotte’s got a thing about pony girls, you’ve seen the photos.”

Lisa thought about the pictures. There was one of Sally looking cute wearing a complicated bridle and reins pulling a small cart with Charlotte, dressed to the nines, riding in it. The thought didn’t particularly appeal but she’d learnt to keep an open mind. In the last few months she’d found quite a few things which turned her on that she wouldn’t have dreamed of before, and with Britain going through a rare Indian summer it seemed an ideal time to play outdoors.

Saturday morning arrived and Judy was busy in the kitchen packing a cool box with food for the picnic when Lisa came downstairs looking glum.

“What’s up, my pet? Why the long face?” Judy asked.

“Bloody period. I’ve just started, I can’t go like this. The last thing I’ll feel today is sexy.” She slumped down on a chair.

Judy came up behind her and, wrapping her arms round her neck, kissed her on the top of the head.

“Come anyway. I know you can’t play but a day out in the sun will do you good, it might even cheer you up a bit.”

“But I’ll feel so out of it, I’ll be the ghost at the party,”

“Nonsense. We’re all women; we’ve all been there. Look, if you wear a red ribbon in your hair everyone knows what that means and will leave you alone. Come on, come and have some fun.”

Reluctantly Lisa agreed to go. She felt bloated and ugly and just wanted to go back to bed and curl up with a good book but Judy was insistent and, at the end of the day, if Judy had made her mind up, that’s what happened. They loaded the cool box in the boot of the car and drove out to Charlotte’s house deep in the Mendip hills. Judy chatted all the way, trying to lighten the mood but Lisa just sat there glumly staring out of the window. She knew she was behaving like a spoilt child, and normally this would lead to a sound spanking, but she couldn’t seem to lift her spirits.

Charlotte’s house had all the privacy money could buy, tucked away in a little valley surrounded by woods. She’d bought it after her fifth novel had topped the bestseller lists and her publishers had paid her a huge advance on the sixth. Although Lisa had been there a few times she had never seen much of the gardens but if they were as grand as the house then they would be spectacular.

They arrived at the gates and buzzed the intercom to be let in. The gates swung open and they swept up the drive to park in front of the house. Sally came out to meet them. To Lisa’s surprise she was wearing a light cotton dress. As they had only met on Friday evenings Lisa had never seen her in anything but bondage gear before.

“Hi. Come on round. We’re all set up on the lawn.” As Lisa got out of the car Sally spotted the decoration in her hair. She went over and gave her a hug. “Lovely to see you. Shame about the ribbon, but it’s good of you to come.”

Charlotte’s back lawn was part of a beautifully laid out formal garden facing south to catch the sun. In the centre of the grass was a selection of rugs and the hampers that they had all brought. Everyone was helping, laying out the blankets, sorting out the food, making sure the white wine was properly chilled. For the first part it was just a normal party, eight women enjoying the meal, the wine and the sun, relaxing together, taking pleasure in each other’s company. Eventually the bulk of the picnic was gone and the last remnants were being packed away in Tupperware containers. Susan and Jane took the used plates inside. Charlotte announced that she had planned some pony trials and Sally went off to fetch the equipment.

Even if she hadn’t been indisposed, Lisa was not sure that this was her cup of tea and, in her present state, she really wasn’t interested. Charlotte and Christine had got involved in some rather technical discussion whilst getting Sally in harness and this was getting on Lisa’s nerves. She took one of the rugs and went off to find some peace and quiet. She now knew that the others would leave her alone, respecting her inability to join in.

The sun was warm, she’d drunk just enough wine, and her book was less than enthralling so it was no surprise that Lisa fell asleep. It seemed like only ten minutes but it must have been casino oyna much longer than that when she was woken by a gentle shake of the arm.

“Lisa, Lisa, sweetie, you’d better put on some sun block, your arms are getting awfully red.” Jane, still dressed in some complex arrangement of leather straps, had come over and was, as ever, acting the mother hen. Lisa was grateful, she had begun to burn, and of all the company, the one she felt she could relax with at the moment was Jane. The cream was cool and pleasant against her skin, the sleep had done her good, and she was in a mellow mood. She was therefore quite pleased when Jane stayed to chat.

“So, how did you and Ruth get together?” Lisa asked after a while.

“Hasn’t Judy told you? It’s quite a story.”

“No, she’s never said a thing.”

“Well, I used to be into self bondage,” Jane started. “That was quite a few years ago now; I’d not been with anyone for a while and it was a nice way to get my kicks.”

“What did you do?” Lisa was intrigued.

“I’d tie myself up, handcuffs, ankle restraints, all the toys, but with the keys somewhere where I couldn’t get to them for a while. The ice cubes in a stocking trick was my favourite, lying there helpless, waiting for the ice to melt, it’s hard to understand but it’s quite a thrill, believe me. Part of the thrill is that you might get caught, not that you really want to, but, well, you know what I mean… Anyway, the house I lived in at the time had a small conservatory at the back, nothing too grand, but if I did it in there I was overlooked by the neighbour’s houses. It was perfectly safe during the day, everyone was out at work, and I could fantasise about being seen without there being any real risk, or that’s what I thought. It was also nice and warm, which was comfortable for me and helped the ice to melt.

“So, there I was, a lovely sunny afternoon, perfectly quiet, I’d taken the day off work and was looking forward to a nice long session. I stripped off, hung up the stocking and got into my gear. I was lying on the couch, trussed up like a turkey when…”

“Hello, I wondered where you’d got to.” Ruth appeared. “Had enough of the games?”

“I was just telling Lisa about how we met.”

“Hah! There’s a day I won’t forget in a hurry. How far have you got?” Ruth plonked herself down next to them.

“Just started,” Jane replied. “Well, there I was, trussed up like a turkey, enjoying the sun, enjoying everything really, when…”

“Hey, let me tell this bit,” Ruth interrupted. “You know I’m a builder, well, we’d got this roofing contract. Perfect day for it, and I’m up on the roof when it’s time for a cuppa. Rather than join the bunch of Neanderthals I’m working with I stay up there to get a bit of sun with my tea and a ciggie. I’m looking about, enjoying the view when I see Jane, trussed and bound, in the next-door conservatory. I nearly fell off the roof, reckoned I’d come across some mad sex crime or something and it’s time to phone the police, but I felt I ought go and take a butcher’s first. I nip down the ladder, hop over the fence, and bang on the door. If it is some sort of sex crime then I’m ready for it, just let me get my hands on him! But when I bang on the door…”

“Oh my God! How embarrassing! I would have died on the spot.” Lisa interjected. She hadn’t wanted to butt in, she didn’t want to break the flow, but this was incredible.

“Embarrassed! I wished the ground would swallow me up,” Jane replied. “I know that getting found out is part of the fantasy but when it actually happens… I was also quite scared, after all, I was hardly in a position to defend myself if anything happened. I wasn’t gagged so I shouted out ‘Go away! Please, I’m Ok'”

“Go away! Not bloody likely,” Ruth continued. “I’m no rapist but when there’s a little cutie all wrapped up like a birthday present, I’ll be blowed if I’m just going to walk away. I popped open the conservatory door, it was locked but it’s easy if you know the trick, and there she was. I looked around, saw the keys hanging from the ice cube in a stocking, and I know what that means all right, we’re not expecting anybody in quite a while. I’m on a break but it won’t last long and I don’t want the fellas getting an eyeful so I explain this to Janie and help her into the house where it’s a bit more private; believe me that took some doing, she’s a bit of a lump, aren’t you dear? Then I hop back over the fence and tell some load of bollocks to the foreman, sick mum, that sort of thing, and I need the rest of the day off. So, once more, over the fence and into the house I go. I give Janie a safe word, to make sure that she gets it that I know the score and let the games begin…”

“You should see it from my point of view,” Jane canlı casino cut in. “Part of the fantasy is to be interrupted by a tall dark stranger, but I get this whirlwind in dirty overalls who storms in and takes over. One moment I’m lying back, wallowing in it, the next I’m at her feet and she’s dangling the keys and taunting me. I’m not sure if it’s my dream come true, or my nightmare. Still, it looked like she knew the game, and she’d given me a safe word, so I thought, what the hell, let’s see where this one goes.”

“So, there I am, a cute little sweetie all bound up before me, and I hold the keys. I’m not going to rush this one, am I? I plonk myself down on the sofa and light up a ciggie while I think about things. There she is, all ‘please don’t smoke in the house’, but I reckon, no safe word, no dice. She’s got all her toys laid out, obviously not expecting anyone, so I start to go through them, teasing her about the number of vibrators she’s got, and how big and fat they are. I try out one or two, running them up and down her pussy lips, which makes her squeal a bit. By now I’m getting all hot and sweaty, overalls are great for work but they’re not exactly indoor gear, and I am getting dirt and dust all over her nice furniture, so off they come, them and my Doc Martins.”

“That’s when I fell for her. This scrawny little thing, all skin and bones, in her tee shirt and briefs, standing over me. Why you were only twenty at the time,” Ruth nodded in agreement, “all that raw energy, I just wanted to take her in my arms and give her a cuddle.”

“You couldn’t though, could you? That’s the point,” Ruth laughed. “By now I’ve found some nipple clamps so, on they go. I can tell they’re quite stiff so they must have hurt like billy-oh but all I get from her is a few squeaks. Hello, I think, quite the little pain slut, and if that’s what she likes then I’m in for some fun. So I kneel down in front of her and give the clamps a little tweak and at the same time give her a long sloppy kiss.”

“I’m in seventh heaven,” Jane took over the story. “Ruth’s being a bit hard on my nipples with the clamps but I love that, it’s such an intense feeling, and when she really starts to tug, I’m nearly coming on the spot. And the kiss, so much passion, I’d never been kissed like that before. I was gutted when she broke away.”

“Yeah, then she’s giving it all the Please, please don’t hurt me, please I’ll do anything!” Ruth’s voice was a parody of Jane’s. “But I’m not having any of it. Just to make sure I reach down and cop a feel of her pussy, is she wet or what! But then I’m thinking she’s getting all the thrills and I’m not, and that ain’t right, so I pulls away and sits back down on the sofa. Now I’m reckoning she’s got to be into bondage, look at the way I found her, but solo bondage you’ve always got to leave a bit of room for struggle otherwise you can’t get yourself out of it, key or no key. For real bondage it takes two, and that’s where I come in. I look at all the toys she’s got and there’s plenty I can use so I make a deal, I tie her the way I want to do it or it’s game over, I was pretty sure it was a dead cert.”

“Well, I wasn’t going to say no, was I?” Jane took over, smiling at the recollection. “This demon goddess descends out of nowhere, barges uninvited into my house, takes me to the brink of orgasm, and then threatens to leave if I don’t indulge in my favourite fantasy, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I’m busy trying to stay in role and play the fearful virgin whilst inside my hormones are raging.”

“Oh, I’m on to all that,” Ruth chuckled wickedly. “Well, we take off all the old clobber and it’s on with the new. I start off with a nice thick collar with a strap down the back to hold the wrists. That’s always good because with the hands behind the back it makes the tits stick out and Janie here has got a nice looking pair and I intend to spend some serious time there. Then I put her ankles in a leg spreader and get her to kneel down. A bit of rope between her wrists and the spreader and she’s held, kneeling upright, legs apart, pussy wide open, ready for action and can’t move an inch. I guess she’s a bit uncomfy but that’s the name of the game, ain’t it, Janie?”

Ruth snuggled up to Jane and nuzzled against her breast; she was obviously getting turned on by telling the story. By the expression of pain that crossed Jane’s face, and the grunt that followed, Lisa assumed that Ruth was using her teeth and quite hard by the look of it.

“To top it all off,” Jane continued, “She gagged and blindfolded me. Now I love that, there’s something about being gagged and blindfolded that makes the sense of helplessness more vivid and there I am with a total stranger, unable to protect myself from whatever she wishes. It doesn’t get much kaçak casino stronger than that. Then she starts on my breasts, at first I thought she was just going to kiss them but she starts biting me, ahhh, a bit like she is now. Oh, she’s good at that; she takes me just to the limit of what I can take, ahhh, and maybe a little more. A few minutes of that and it’s as if my nipples were on fire, they’re inflamed and they’re sensitive and the slightest touch is setting me off, let alone the bites she’s giving me, ahhh. And then I feel her hand reach down there.” Ruth’s hand headed south, as if to illustrate the point. “At first I thought she was just going to stroke me but she gripped my clit between her fingers and squeezed. God, did she squeeze. I was in agony, sheer delicious agony.”

“And loving every second of it!” Ruth detached herself from Jane’s breast. “I could tell what pressed your buttons. So now I reckon it’s my turn. I undo the rope from the back and tie it from her collar, down the front, to the leg spreader. This pushes her face to the floor, where I want it, but also that cute bum of hers goes up. I loved that bum from the moment I set my eyes on it and I wasn’t going to let an opportunity like that pass by. There’s some butt plugs in her toy collection and I assume she wouldn’t have them if they weren’t there to be used. So I pick a nice big fat one and pop it in.”

“Pop it in!” Jane exclaimed laughing. “She’s found the biggest plug I’ve got, put the slightest smear of lubricant on it, and forced it into me followed by several good slaps with a paddle for good measure. I’m there, face to the floor, my poor bruised nipples are rubbing on the carpet, my clitoris is throbbing like nothing on earth, my bottom is battered and bruised and it feels like I’m passing a bowling ball! The next thing I know she’s scooted round the front, removed the gag, sat down on the floor in front of me and my face is where it belongs, deep in her groin.”

“Oooh, ‘deep in her groin’, you don’t ‘alf talk posh.” Again Ruth mocked Jane’s accent. “She’s there, licking my pussy like a good un, and when it comes to licking pussy there’s no one like my Jane. She’s lapping away and I’m loving every minute of it. I give her a bit of encouragement, and in no time it’s chandelier swinging time for me, I’m coming like there’s no tomorrow, my fruit machine’s hit three lemons and no mistake!”

“By ‘a little encouragement’ she means the foulest torrent of abuse I’d ever heard,” Jane explained. “It’s odd, if someone called me a ‘slag’ or a ‘fat, ugly cow’ under normal circumstances it would really hurt, but when I’m deep in sub mode it’s all part of the turn-on.”

“So, that’s me sorted, but I’m never one to leave a lady wanting, and now it’s her turn. She’s still there with her bum in the air, I slip on a strap-on, come round behind her and in it goes.”

“So delicately put as ever, my love,” Jane cut in. “As Ruth says, there I was, backside in the air, my nipples hurt, my clitoris hurt, my buttocks hurt and my bottom felt like it was going to explode, I’d been tied up and humiliated, and now I was being thoroughly rogered in the most brutal way possible, all in all, my idea of heaven. I lost count of the number of times I came before she let me go.”

“So what happened next?” Lucy was agog.

“I’m no good at the lovey-dovey bits,” Ruth continued “I’d had my fun, she’d had her bit of rough, nobody had any complaints, so I put on my overalls, untied her enough so she could do the rest, and slipped out the door. Thank you very much I thought, bye! Next thing I know there’s a call to the office, some old girl wants building work doing and insists on that ‘nice young lady builder working on the roofing contract’. I nip round to see what’s what and it’s guess who with no building work anywhere to be seen.”

“I wasn’t going to let her slip off in the night.” Jane added. “I knew we were meant for each other. Ruth took a bit of persuading, but I’m hers now.”

“How long ago was this?” Lisa asked, amazed at their story.

“Oh seven years next October. October 14th wasn’t it?”

“You’re the one for dates. I told you I don’t do lovey-dovey stuff.” Ruth was gruff and sounded somehow embarrassed. “Now give us a kiss.”

As they cuddled together Lisa noticed that it was Ruth who cuddled into Jane, rough, tough Ruth who snuggled into Jane’s welcoming hug, to be held and comforted like a child. For a moment or two they lay there, content in each other’s arms, each providing their partner’s needs, the perfect couple, happy together. It was Ruth who pulled away first.

“Come on, Janie, let’s go and see how Miss Posh Bint is getting on with her pony cart. Lisa wants to be left to read her book.” Ruth and Jane got up and headed back to the others. For the first few steps they were hand in hand, until Ruth snatched hers away. Jane turned back for a second and gave Lisa a wink, a wink and a smile, something to do with a secret shared.

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