Lisa’s Summer Vacation Ch. 07

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All the usual caveats apply about ages, number of orifices which can simultaneously be occupied, etc. [was it in Jones’ Ulysses that the heroine fantasized about being fucked by grasshoppers in her corneas during her gangbang?] I should also tell you that it’s probably time to close out this series; but who knows for sure. Oh, although I write it all the time it really means a lot in this story; I’ve made no attempt whatsoever to include background on the characters so if you haven’t read the previous chapters this one will be very confusing.

After clearing customs in Jakarta Peter and Ruth caught a cab to the dock where Fantasia was tied up. Two stewards were dispatched from the ship to carry their things aboard as Liz greeted them at the top of the gangway. “Ruth, I finally get to meet the two of you! I can’t begin to tell you how jealous of you I am for your two adorable kids. We’ve loved Jason for almost a year now and we can see that Monica’s cast from the same mold.

Well then, Andrew will show you to your stateroom and we’ll see you for cocktails at six thirty?”

Bruce looked out the large porthole. “Your parents must be on board. We just cleared the inner channel marker. Do you want to shower and go up to greet them?”

Monica looked up from the bed. “Truthfully I’d much prefer your tongue was back between my legs. If we make it to the Grand Salon by six-thirty and allowing time for a shower and to dress I figure I still have an hour and fifty minutes to play with my Bruce Doll.”

Bruce chuckled as he kneeled between her legs, grabbed her hands and pulled her into a sitting position. “Suck me first, student! This afternoon is strictly about my pleasure. “

Monica said “Yes sir.” Just before Bruce’s cock prevented any further conversation.

Drinks in hand at the cocktail party, Rick was speaking to Ruth and Peter, “In case she hasn’t told you, your daughter’s becoming quite the chef! She seems to have a pallet and an instinctive sense of how certain flavors can complement each other which goes way beyond anything I’m capable of. Last week Monica even requested we stay an extra day in Papua New Guinea to research local spices and dishes and within four hours was making suggestions to local chefs for spice substitutions. She’s become quite the celebrity chef from Indonesia to New Zealand.”

Peter said, “I’m amazed that she’s followed up on anything to that extent. Is she in the kitchen now?”

Rick looked around as he said, “I don’t think so, she was supposed to be here actually.” He gestured Andrew to come over.

“Andrew, would you happen to know where Monica is?”

Andrew lowered his eyes as he replied, “Yes sir, I believe she’s on ‘A’ Deck.”

Rick chuckled. “Stupid me! I should have guessed.” He turned back to the Carsons. “It seems that Monica’s developed a sweet tooth when it comes to Bruce Holt.

Bruce must be our version of catnip since almost all the young ladies seem to develop a crush on him at some point or other. Even Liz has a hard time keeping her hands off him and we’ve known him for eleven years.”

Ruth asked, “Eleven years! How old is this catnip person?”

“Oh let’s see, he’s three years older than I am so that’d make him fifty-five.”

Ruth turned to her husband, “Peter I know I said I’d keep my cool about everything and I will but it’s so difficult to not fly off the handle when I hear that my 18-year-old daughter is somewhere rutting with a man older than we are.”

“Ruth I really think you should tone down the use of the word ‘rutting’. We’ve talked about that.”

Rick interrupted, “Why? I think it’s a perfect word for what the girls start out feeling about our Bruce. His bedroom skills are legendary to the point that it used to make me jealous. After the girls get to know him the whole matter gets even worse because they discover that he’s actually a great guy in addition to being the most talented lover in most rooms.”

Ruth asked, “So how’d you get over your jealousy?”

Rick snorted. “The big sonofabitch became my best friend.” His eyes noticed something across the salon. “Speak of the devils, there they are.” Monica ran over and threw her arms around her Dad’s shoulders. She then hugged her Mom as she said. “God I’ve missed you guys. Trust me; this is going to be the best vacay you guys have ever had.” She let her mother breathe and threw her arms around her father. “Did Rick tell you we’re throwing a special pool party this evening after a fabulous dinner which I’ll be preparing?”

Rick shook his head as he said, “I was about to when your delayed appearance interrupted me. Now shouldn’t you be getting that cute little ass of yours back into the kitchen so my guests won’t have to wait ’til midnight for their supper?”

Monica giggled as she gave Rick a big wet kiss before saying, “Yes boss.”

Lisa had held back watching Ruth from across the room as Monica delivered the kiss to Rick. bostancı escort She said to Jason, “A lot of tongue in that kiss and your mom seems pretty much under control.”

“I think Mom can see that Monica was the total aggressor. Hell, Rick even pulled his hand back and didn’t grab her ass although he’s obviously grabbed it before.”

Lisa was still speaking with Jason when a pair of hands approached her from behind and grasped her breasts as a pair of lips grazed the right side of her neck. The tiniest of moans escaped her lips as she said, “At another time I can think of a better place for those lips my dear Mr. Holt.”

“Another time, another time?” Bruce came out from behind Lisa to embrace Jason. “What have you done to Lisa, Jase? I seem to remember that when it came to sex there was never as good a time as the present. Now she’s becoming politically correct?”

Jason returned the hug as he said, “She’s working on my mother. Lisa doesn’t want her to see the same man diddling both her daughter and her daughter-in-law.”

“Daughter-in-law? How could I be so far out of the loop that I didn’t hear of such an important engagement? Or did the two of you run off like a pair of cowards and deny your friends the wedding of this or any other season?”

Jason smiled. “I proposed and she accepted but wants to control the timing of the announcement. She’s taken on the responsibility of fixing both our slightly dysfunctional families and wants to complete that task before adding something else for my mother to rail about.”

Bruce still had his arm around Jason’s shoulder as he gazed at Lisa. “I remember her Cumming Out Party as if it was only yesterday. It was obvious even then that she was all about leaving people better than when she found them. Arrogant perhaps but she’s damned good at it.”

“If the two of you are quite finished analyzing me I think it’s time to introduce Bruce to your folks.” Lisa clutched the elbows of each of the two men and led them across the room. Jason made the introductions just as Andrew announced dinner.

Dinner was served to two tables, one headed by Rick, the other by Liz Denton. Lisa was on Liz’s left next to Jason, while Ruth and Bruce were on her right. Monica was going to take a seat but when she saw Ruth beside Bruce she changed her mind and went back to the kitchen. Ruth noticed and said to Liz; “I thought Monica was joining us for dinner.”

“I thought so too. Jason did she say anything to you?”

Jason and Lisa exchanged looks. Lisa said, “She had every intention to but I think she chickened out when she saw you were sitting beside Bruce.”

Ruth thought for a second before answering, “Oh.” She turned to Bruce. “My daughter and I have a lot of history when it comes loosing acerbic barbs at each other and I suppose she was afraid I’d take aim at you this evening.”

Bruce locked eyes with Ruth and tenderly replied, “That’s too bad because you wouldn’t have taken the chance of hurting her by doing that. It’s a shame she doesn’t realize that.”

He took Ruth’s hand and kissed her fingers. “Don’t worry, she will come around. Trust me.”

“Are you trying to seduce me Mr. Holt?”

“I don’t often seduce, more often a woman and I discover we both want the same thing at the same time. That notwithstanding… No Ruth, if I were to hook up with you I’d wind up alienating your daughter and I don’t hurt women if I can help it.” He ate something wrapped in a grape leaf. “Especially since I’m rather fond of her and she’ll probably be sharing my bed tonight.”

Liz decided to change the subject. She turned to Jason, “Oh Darling, remind me after dinner that I need to have Andrew update the itinerary. A pair of special guests had an unbreakable dinner appointment this evening so instead of sailing straight into the Canal we’ve got to divert to Nassau so we can pick them up in the morning.”

Ruth asked, “And after that?”

“Oh, I thought everyone had been sent an itinerary but since Monica took care of forwarding everything to you I suppose she forgot to include that. Anyway, let’s see; Nassau, then Kingston, Panama City, and on to Manta.

I’m not sure if Rick’s worked out the details yet but I think Fantasia will spend most of her time ferrying between Manta and the Galapagos and the Bertrams will be available if anyone wants to do either some deep sea fishing or any other side trips. I do know Rick wants to land a Marlin on a fly so that will suck up a lot of his time.”

At this point Lisa’s attention was diverted by a sultry brunette, a near double of Catherine Zeta Jones, who had made a b-line for their table. Lisa stood and wrapped her arms around the girl. “April! You look even lovelier than you did last year.”

April kissed Lisa quite thoroughly, her tongue dancing in her mouth and her hands inside the back of her dress squeezing Lisa’s ass. When she came up for air April said, “And your ümraniye escort bayan tongue, tits and ass are every bit as inviting as they were last year but as much as I might want to drag you away and attack you, my main reason for coming over was to ask this delicious man to dance.” She walked over to Peter and wrapped his right arm around her waist.

Peter’s smile was as broad as Ruth’s scowl was deeply carved in her face. Peter said to April. “But there’s no music to dance to and they’re just serving dinner.”

April nibbled at his ear. “Really? Well I’ve got an XM radio in my stateroom and I’m sure I can come up with something for you to nibble on.”

Lisa interceded, “April as much as any man might find your invitation nearly impossible to turn down, I’m pretty sure he and his wife Ruth are going stay monogamous… for at least a while.”

Peter smiled at April. “But I sincerely thank you for offering.” April curtsied to the table and went back to hers.

Ruth took a sip of her wine. “Lisa what did you get us into? Peter won’t be able to fit his swelled head in a hat for weeks.”

Jason answered, “Mom if you remember it was Monica who invited you so stop trying to blame Lisa for everything.”

Ruth wore a smirk as she said, “Well maybe not too swelled… That girl just disappeared under that table and is fellating that man in the sailor’s suit.”

Liz smiled and put her hand atop Ruth’s. “That’s the ship’s Captain, Captain Raymer and I’m sure he’s enjoyed April’s lips before. In fact if I’m not mistaken he’s enjoyed the company of every woman in this room except yourself and young Barbara over there and no one is allowed to touch her until tomorrow.”

“Why not until tomorrow?”

Liz said, “Because Barbara doesn’t turn 18 until tomorrow and that’s kind of a house rule. I know it has nothing to do with legality because we’re in international waters but it’s a rule which Rick and I established several years ago and we’re comfortable with it.” She chuckled as if at a private joke and continued, “Of course at 12:01 AM Rick and I have already reserved the first two entries on her dance card.”

Ruth was looking down at the endive her fork was pushing around on her plate as she said, “Sort of a repeat of last year with Lisa?”

“No… at least I don’t think so. Remember Lisa was a virgin and although the subject’s never come up I suspect Miss Kelly doesn’t qualify.”

Peter leaned over and whispered in his wife’s ear. Ruth’s head turned and after staring at him for a full five seconds she took his cheeks with both hands and kissed him passionately.

Jason wore an amazed look as he said, “Wow Mom; I don’t know what brought that on but I can’t remember ever seeing you kiss Dad like that before!”

Ruth’s eyes were still locked on Peter’s as she replied, “That’s a shame Jason. We used to kiss like that every chance we got. I often think your father knows me better than I do. He just told me that he’d expect no reciprocity if I decided to join the melee in our host’s cabin. He knows Barbara turned me on but what he didn’t take into account is that I won’t have time for such since I’ll be attacking him in our cabin.”

Liz leaned forward and said to Ruth, “That sounds so romantic and far be it for me to change your mind but if it pleases you you’re both invited to my stateroom tonight. We could make it a fivesome!”

Ruth was still rubbing Peter’s hand. “Thanks Liz and who knows, maybe we’ll take you up on your offer some other time but I want my husband’s undivided attention tonight.”

Everyone agreed that Monica had outdone herself with the dinner. Pleasantly full most repaired to poolside for cocktails. Liz. Rick, Ruth and Peter lingered over their after dinner brandy before joining the crowd. Lisa had gone back to the kitchen and returned with the chef. Monica kissed her way around the table before squeezing a chair in between her parents. Peter held her hand with both of hers as he said, “Mons, I can’t begin to tell you how proud I was this evening listening to everyone complement the meal knowing you were responsible for it.”

Monica leaned in and kissed her dad’s cheek as Liz jumped in and said, “Mons? My Sous chef is named after a decidedly feminine body part? How incredibly appropriate!”

Monica laughed. “Hey Moms, what’d you do with my brother? I wanted to say hi.”

“I thought he was with you. He left the table at about the same time as Lisa when she went to find you.”

Monica turned to Lisa, “Any guesses?”

Lisa laughed. “While I don’t know for sure, I think I can guess with some degree of certitude.

Let’s see; Jason was trying to drag me into a corner, I refused in favor of heading off to bring you to your folks so he’s still horny and unsatisfied. Add those elements to the fact that he seemed to take a liking to April earlier and I’d guess he’s in a lounge chair poolside getting his rocks kartal escort off. Shall we all head out that way to see if I’m right?”

Peter stood and reached for Ruth’s hand. “Thanks for the offer sweetheart but my son’s not the only one who’s horny. I think I’ll try to get lucky in my own cabin. Goodnight all.”

Liz was staring into her brandy as she said. “Goodnight you two, have fun.”

After they had left and Monica headed out for the pool Liz said to Lisa, “I’m having a hard time keeping my mouth shut. Have you told anyone else?”

Lisa reached out and took her hand, “Well, you, Rick and Andrew were the only ones who knew until I needed to make arrangements for someone to perform the ceremony. Since Dad and Sally are coming here on the same launch as him I figured it’d be silly to try to keep them in the dark and just a few minutes ago I told Bruce.”

Liz chuckled. “This might be a first. A bunch of people show up for a party only to discover it’s a wedding… your Dad didn’t know until today?”

Lisa rested her chin on her hands as she answered, “Not my Dad, not Sally, no one else. I did want to get your opinion about one thing though. I really want you to be my Matron of Honor and Jase agrees. Am I being politically incorrect not asking Monica?”

“I really want to say something snappy like ‘when have you ever cared about political correctness?’ but I also know Monica’s one of your favorite projects so I’ll answer this way; She’s really doing good.

I haven’t seen that huge chip on her shoulder at all lately and I really haven’t done all that much except set her boundaries in the beginning. She doesn’t even need them anymore. If anyone deserves credit it’d be Bruce. Monica’s sexual confidence has blossomed and it’s dragged her overall self-confidence along with it. She’s really a dynamite young lady.”

Liz chuckled, “Rick wants to horn in on some of the credit by raving about what a great fuck she’s turned into but he knows most of the credit goes to Bruce.

So if you want her to be Maid of Honor that’s okay with me but if you’re doing it to raise her self confidence… she doesn’t need it. Why not make her a bridesmaid?”

“I thought about but since Jason wants to ask my Dad to be a groomsman wouldn’t Monica be expected to fuck him?”

Liz almost choked on her brandy. “Oh my god! I’ve been hanging around you too much ’cause I know what you’re thinking! You’re worrying about what Sally might think! You should have been a shrink.

On that note I’m going for a swim. Maybe Jason has enough left for me to horn in on April’s action.”

“Why not jump Rick?”

“I’m saving him for desert. At about 12:15 he’ll have Barbara sitting on his cock while I’m sitting on his face.”

When they got to the pool they were greeted by the sight of Monica on a chaise with Bruce’s cock in her pussy and Daniel Rice’s down her throat. Jason was at the bar doing shots of Van Gough Espresso Vodka with Patrick, the ship’s bartender. He looked up and slurred, “The lords of our domain approach! Mr. Kelly is it alright to serve them even though they’re both clothed?”

Liz said, “Well I won’t be for long since I’m dying for a swim, but we’ll join you for a few.”

Lisa kissed him and took the adjacent bar stool while watching Monica’s enthusiastic lovemaking. Jason followed her gaze and said, “My baby sister’s growing up!”

Just then Bruce flipped Monica over and reentered her doggy style. Daniel quickly followed suit in her mouth. Monica took a second to wave at Lisa and her brother. Lisa answered, “When we get a chance, I want to tell her about tomorrow. Am I being weird worrying about the fallout if she winds up fucking my Dad?”

Jason started to undress her. “Yes, but you wouldn’t be Lisa if you didn’t worry about such things.” He put her dress over the back of a bar stool and slipped her panties to the deck. “They’re all grownups and are usually quite capable of managing their own lives.” He leaned in to kiss each of his betrothed’s eyes. “Patrick, a double GM in a soup bowl please.”

Lisa rose off her stool and wrapped her arms around Jason as he ran his gentle hands up and down her naked back. Both Liz and Rick approached pushing chairs on rollers as Patrick placed a bowl, a bottle of Grand Marnier and a Take-a-Check machine on the bar.

As Lisa assumed the position; head on hands, breasts hanging down, rear end facing the room, she couldn’t help marveling that it hadn’t even been one year since the last time she stood in this position with the Dentons licking GM off her breasts and the first of what she hoped would be many cocks seeking entry to her already soaked pussy.

She could hear the machine clicking as it dispensed tickets to gain entry to her. She smiled to herself knowing without looking that Bruce had one such ticket and Rick another. What made it ever so much sweeter this time was that the cock sliding into her now, the first cock, belonged to her beloved Jason. Lisa didn’t even need to open her eyes as she raised her head, poured some GM on the pussy sitting on the bar in front of her, and began to lick and nibble her way up and down April’s distended lips. —————————–

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