Locker Room Rub Down

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Sixth period phys. ed. was not a particularly fun class, especially for the coed girls of Jim Bridger High. After calisthenics the boys retreated to the football field for a pick up game of touch while most of the girls walked around the track in their cliques talking about who was going to prom with whom, Jimmy Davidson’s new Mustang, and of course, Coach Hood.

Coach Hood had started teaching at the beginning of that school year, Bridger being his alma mater, after his four year stint at college. At 22 he was the object of desire for nearly every girl in the school, freshman through senior. He taught English I and II but was also one of several coaches for the varsity football team, and track and field for the spring semester.

He was the subject of a particular conversation going on among a group of girls slowly making their way around the curve of the track that surrounded the football field. The herd of eighteen year old seniors giggled as they walked.

“He is so fucking hot, I just want to fuck his brains out,” Kayla sighed heavily.

“Jesus, honey, you got to calm down before you blow a gasket,” Makenzi said, tying her black hair back in a pony tail and letting the sun warm her back. This was the first time they’d had a chance to come outside this spring and the weather felt great.

“I can’t help it, I swear I get so wet in my English class I’m going to have to start bringing an extra pair of underwear with me.”

“Well, you better get it while you can,” Jaime said behind them, tying her own red locks back, “come May we’re all out of this hell and off to college.”

“I know.” Kayla said, “But hey, if all college boys look like Coach Hood, I would jump in head first, no problem.”

“Head first my ass, you’d jump in buck naked with your ankles behind your ears,” Makenzi laughed, starting to jog.

“Kenzi, you bitch, I’m not a slut, goddamn it.” she said, taking off after her.

“I don’t know why every girl in this place drools over him,” Makenzi said, “It’s not like anyone of us could every bag the son of bitch anyway, and even if we tried he’s a teacher, he’s not going to risk his job over it.”

“Yeah, no kidding,” Jaime said, catching up with her friends. She didn’t say much after that. She had to admit that Makenzi was right, but like all the other girls, she had secretly fawned over Coach Hood as well and even though Makenzi was right, she couldn’t help but wonder what it was like to lay down next to him, to feel his strong, warm arms on her, touch his rippling, hairy chest, to feel his taut legs wrap around her own. She closed her eyes and sighed. God knew that just thinking about it was better than laying down next to Adam Lister, her last, and now ex, boyfriend. That boy couldn’t find a clitoris with a map and a flash flight, not like he ever took the time to look anyway. She had to laugh the first time they had tried sex, he’d begged for weeks and when she finally conceded he couldn’t get it up. He had cried.

Aw, juniors she thought, proof enough that she should probably never date a guy younger than her again.

She was aware of shouting coming from the football field, and had only registered it as a warning shout when she felt a sharp blow pierce her back right between her shoulder blades.

White hot pain shot down her spine as she was driven to her knees, the wind knocked out of her lungs.

She was coughing for breath when the group of guys from the field made it over to her, helping her up.

“Nice shot Tommy, you hit her right in the fucking back.” One of them said.

“I told you he sucked at quarterback.”

“What are you talking about, that was a perfect spiral, man.”

“Keep it on the field next time you fucking mook.”

“Guys, back off,” Makenzi fought her way through the crowd of guys, “Jaime, are you okay?”

“What the hell was that?” She gasped.

“Some asshole hit you with a football.”

They heard a shrill whistle blow and looked up to see Coach Howell, the ladies gym teacher. Five foot nothing, the little ball bursa escort of female fury strode up to the group of guys.

“Snider!” She shouted, “Detention, next time keep your balls on the field!”

The group of boys gave a wave of chuckles to Tommy who looked at his shoes. Howell came up to her student.

“Parsons?” she said to Jaime.

“Yes coach?”

“You okay?”

“I think so. That really hurt though.”

“I bet,” Howell reached around and rubbed Jaime’s back.

“There’s a lump forming. Go up to the gym and get the coach on desk duty to get you some liniment for that welt before it bruises.”

“Yes ma’am,” she said. Jaime flexed her shoulders and was startled by the jagged tear of pain that shot across he back. She started up the stairs to the gymnasium, turning to her friends.

“I’ll see you guys inside.”

“Alright, take care, Jaime,” Makenzi gave her a wave and galloped off down the track.

Jaime made her way to he gym, rotating her shoulders to work the pain away. By the time she got there it had mostly faded. She stepped inside and looked at the desk. She felt her breath taken away from her for the second time that day.

Coach Hood, in all his glory, was sitting at the duty desks grading papers for one of his classes. He was wearing a white tee shirt that clung to his chest and toned biceps and contrasted his golden skin, tanned from the days out on the field. He looked up with his bright blues eyes when he noticed her standing before him.

“Miss Parsons?” he asked in his deep voice. She felt her legs melt.

“Coach Hood.” she said and then a few seconds passed before she realized she did in fact have a reason to be there, “Um, I got hit with a football outside, Coach Howell told me I needed to get something for it before it bruises.”

He nodded, his short, spiky blonde hair bounced along with his head. He stacked his papers and stood.

“We got some stuff downstairs in the office, come with me,” he stood and started heading down the stairs to the boys locker room. Jaime started down after him, gazing at his firm, muscular legs and tight ass in the dark blue gym shorts.

They entered the locker room and she was immediately disgusted, it smelled like sweat and dirty socks, and the showers looked as though a science experiment was growing on the tiles. She stuck close to the coach of her dreams as the entered the office, a glassed in room with several desks, chairs, an equipment locker, closet and bathroom. He leaned past her to close the door, and she caught a whiff of his aftershave and felt his forearm brush against her hip. She closed her eyes as she breathed it in, feeling a familiar wet begin to spread between her legs. A heat started to form deep inside her loins.

“I think it’s back her in the closet,” he said as he opened to the door and snapped on the dim light.

Jaime suddenly felt a rush of calm strike her and she took a deep breath. Her heart was racing and for some reason she felt the tips of her fingers go ice cold, but she suddenly felt euphoric and had but one thought go through her head. It was her senior year, and she might not ever get a chance like this for the rest of her life.

She felt her mouth open and speak, but it seemed like she was not in control of what was being said.

“It’s in a spot I can’t reach, you’re going to have to help me,” she said, her voice had taken on a deeper quality, she thought.

“Okay,” he said, finding a tube of something, “Is it on your back or something?”



When he turned he nearly dropped the lineament. She had her back to him, the back of her white gym shirt was pulled up and over her head, revealing her entire, naked back. Her pale flesh was flawless and taut across her young body. A small red lump had formed between her shoulder blades.

“Miss Parsons?” he asked.

“Call me Jaime. I can’t reach the spot, you’ll have to rub it on for me,” she said.

“I don’t know if I…” he started.

“Coach Hood, it really hurts,” she whined. bursa escort bayan She thought it sounded realistic.

“Um, okay, I guess,” he said, having the forethought to close the blinds on the windows. He squirted some of the ointment onto his hand and started rubbing her back. She tensed and moaned slightly.

“Does that feel better?” he said, trying to sound chipper as if this wasn’t happening.

“Mmm, that feels real good,” she said. She slowly stuck her ass out until it bumped in his crotch, “Oops, sorry,” she said.

He took a small step back, but felt a twinge in his pants as his penis awoke.

“Do you think you could rub it harder, coach?” she said.

“Yeah, sure Jaime,” he started working his palm into the swollen flesh. She moaned again, and got down on her elbows, her ass once again hitting him not just in the crotch but she felt his swollen member bump her crack. She jumped in surprise, and he did as well.

“Coach Hood?” she asked, turning.

“Jaime?” he said, “What are you doing?”

“I don’t know, but I have to,” she whispered, and grabbed him by the waist, stood on her tip toes and locked lips with him. He fought at first, but kissed back after a second.

“No!” he said, pulling back, breaking away from her lips, “we can’t do this.”

“Please coach,” she said, reaching down and grabbing his stiff cock through his gym shorts.

“Goddamn it, no!” he said, pulling away once more. She clung to him and dropped to her knees, pulling his shorts down. He stopped resisting as she came face to face with the bulge in the athletic supporter he was wearing. She hooked her fingers around the elastic band and pulled it down and had to dodge his thick, pulsing cock as it sprang out from its confines. Her eyes went wide at the size of it, twice the size of Adam’s on a good day. She licked her lips and started strafing the shaft of his hard prick with her tongue. She had only done this with one other boy before, but what she lacked in experience she more than made up for with enthusiasm.

She took him in her mouth and slurped loudly. He gently grabbed her by the ponytail, taking her curly red hair in his fist and sighed.

“Oh Jesus,” he gasped as she worked more of him into her mouth until she gagged. He pulled her face off his cock to let her catch her breath and looked at the clock.

“We can’t do this,” he said and started to put his dick away.

“What?” She screamed, “No, I need this coach.”

“Do you want me to get fucking fired? Are you insane?”

“NO!” She whined.

“Little bitch!” He grabbed her by the hair and looked down into her eyes, she looked shocked, but also like she was turned on, one of her hands was buried in her shorts.

“Stand up!” He pulled her up by the hair and spun her around, pushing her down on the desk until her ass was pointed at him. He held her down with one hand and pulled her shorts down with the other. He ass was gorgeous, tight and firm.

“Is this what you want?” he asked.

“Yes.” She howled.

“Tell me what you want?” he said.

“I want your cock!” she nearly shouted.

He pulled his dick back out from his pants, still slicked from her mouth. It sprang out and slapped the side of her ass cheek. He kicked both her feet wide and gazed down at her sopping pink slit, a bush of red hair was mashed against the desk. He took his cock in his hand and aimed it for her sex, parting the lips. He gently worked the head inside her, Jesus she was tight. He thought it would never get in, then suddenly the resistance stopped and the crown of his cock was inside her.

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” he growled.


“Good,” was all he said before he slammed the remainder of his cock into her. She gripped the table hard, digging her nails into it as she felt herself being torn in half.

“Oh my God!” she screamed, his balls clapped against her clit as he slammed into her hard and fast. He pulled her up so her back was arched and reached around, pulling the front of her shirt up and ripping escort bursa the sports bra up to her neck. Her small, pert tits fell out and slapped against his hand as she bounced on his cock. He took a breast in each hand, twisting her hardened dark pink nipples in his fingertips, sending a shock to her core. She bucked hard several times as she felt her pussy clench on his cock.

“Oh God, OH God, OH GOD!” She screamed as she came, harder than ever. She could feel every vein, every ridge on his cock as it slid in and out of her as her cunt seemed to gulp at him, as it spasmed and pulsed. She felt her muscles give out, but he jerked her back upright by her tits, and slammed back deep inside her.

“Oh no, you are not getting away that easy.” He said, grabbing her by the hips and pulled her forcibly into his thrusts, driving deeper and deeper into her. She moaned loudly as she felt another orgasm mount, felt her pussy become freshly wet again, and a pain that felt so good with every thrust he hammered into her. His strong hands grasped her by the ass, hard. He dug his nails into the firm flesh, her skin sticking out from between his fingers, his balls clapped loudly as his pounding slapped them against her lips with every stroke.

She suddenly felt his cock swell inside her and heard him draw in a sharp breath. He grabbed her by the hair once more and after a hearty slam into her pussy, he pulled her off the desk and sent her to her knees. She was looking straight at his cock as he wrapped a fist around it and pumped two strokes and blew a thick stream of come into her face. She opened her mouth and caught the first rope of jizz as it hit her and swallowed, but the second, third and fourth ones grazed her face or hit her in the cheeks and lips. He groaned loudly with each pulse from his cock. A small spurt hit her across her throat and a final rope of come splashed across her left nipple sending a chill up her spine. She rubbed her clit furiously while he came and she had another orgasm as his hot splooge splashed her cheeks.

They were both breathing hard, she still on her knees in front of him. He pulled her to her feet. She wobbled at first, but he set her firmly and after a second she could stand without support. He readjusted her sports bra, giving each tit a final squeeze before re-holstering it, pulled her shirt down and grabbed a wad of it to clean his cock off. She was staring off into space.

“Jaime,” he said sharply. She looked at him, streams of sweat cut down his face like a braided stream.

“Yes Coach Hood?”

“Hit the showers,” he said, collapsing in a chair.

“Yes coach.” She said, lifting the front of her shirt and wiping her lightly freckled face with it, swabbing the come off her face as best she could. She started for the door.

“And Parsons.”

She turned

“You get hit by anymore footballs, you come see me and I’ll make sure you get this,” he said holding up the tube of ointment.

She grinned broadly and pulled the door open and left for the girls locker room. He sat for a second longer, then picked up the key chain after checking his watch. He was going to search the students lockers until he found a pack of cigarettes.

Jaime was in the showers when her friends made their way into the locker room. Makenzi and Kayla stripped down and entered the steamy showers and found her smiling and humming as she washed her long red hair.

“What are you smiling about?” Kenzi asked her, soaping up her firm, teenage body.

“Nothing. Just that the coach on duty was Mr. Hood.” she said.

“Really?” Kayla asked. She shrugged it off, “He gave you some ointment, big deal.”

“I couldn’t reach the spot so he rubbed it on for me.”

Kayla and Kenzi stopped lathering.

“What?” Kayla said.

“You’re telling us that Coach Hood gave you a rub down?” Makenzi asked her.

“Oh yeah, he gives a hell of a rub down,” Jaime said, twisting the knobs to turn the shower off and grabbed a towel to exit the showers.

“Lucky bitch.” Makenzi said.

“No fair.” Kayla said, turning to face the wall and slyly snaking a hand down between her legs.

Kenzi watched her friend leave the showers, then looked over at Kayla.

“Does it look like she’s walking funny to you?”

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