Long Island Cuckold Ch. 05

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I’m horrible at proof reading my own work. If you’re still reading…thank you and I’m impressed that you can make it through my mountain of typos.

I’m reaching out to see if I could have an editor help for future chapters.

I’ll also promise to try to catch my mistakes, but that hasn’t worked out too well so far.


The next couple of weeks Donna and I were like a couple of kids. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. I think we were also having some of the best sex of our marriage. We were doing it in the bedroom, the backyard, and the car.

During this time we shared our thoughts and fantasies. We remembered the honeymoon and we each shared what we were thinking about during the whole thing. One thing that made me happy was that even though Donna really liked the sex with Rob, she said she watched me the whole time and it was only really a turn on for her because of what it was doing to me. She enjoyed watching me squirm and suffer. She enjoyed watching me submit to her, but loved that I submitted to Rob.

Donna read all of my notes and we talked about them. We both openly discussed that we enjoyed the spitting fetish and she said that it was a way of being intimate, but with me being in a subservient role. We also spoke quite a bit about the golden showers. While we played with it before, it surprised both of us how much it turned on. These things were both examples of how we are connected. With both fetishes, it was partly about me wanted to have part of Donna in me. She said it was a turn on thinking of her pee being in my belly. There was an intimacy to it as well as a debasement.


Since I had really enjoyed speaking with Jinxypie, Donna had read everything on her website. She watched all of her “Cuckolding 101” videos. She then asked to speak with her. I was shocked that she wanted to, but like everything else about this, turned on. I had an account, so I logged onto it and get the call going so that she was connected to Jinxypie.

I was in the room when Donna introduced herself to Jinxypie. I was put on the phone to say a quick hi, then Donna went back to talking to Jinxy. After only a minute, Donna told me to leave her alone to speak with Jinxypie.

Donna went to speak with Jinxypie. I don’t even remember what I may have heard her say as I left the room.

I went to a different part of the house and watched TV as the two women spoke. After 45 minutes, Donna called for me and I came running.

Donna was on the phone, sitting in my office chair. She didn’t explain herself, she said to me, “Strip completely naked, right here. Quickly.”

I got completely naked.

Donna told me to “Jerk Off Now. Quickly.”

I immediately began stroking myself. I know Donna was giving Jinxy an update on what I was doing, but I didn’t really hear it. I was looking at my wife’s legs, face, arms, and getting turned on by just being with here. I was just about to cum when Donna said, “Stop!”

I stopped touching myself.

Donna said for me to get dressed. As I put my underpants on and my shorts, Donna put down the phone without hanging up and came over. She started to rub my crotch. She had me open my mouth and she spit in it and she pinch my nipple while rubbing me. I couldn’t stop it and I came in my pants.

As soon as Donna detected I was coming, she stopped touching me and walked back to the phone. She was laughing and said something to Jinxypie, but I don’t know what it was. I remember I was standing there, half dressed and still cumming into my pants. It was frustrating. It was not satisfying.

Donna motioned for me to stay as I was and she wrapped up the call with Jinxypie. She was laughing and agreeing with her.

After the call, she then stood up next to me. She pushed my shoulders so that I was kneeling. I was was only wearing my shorts that I just came in. She motioned for me to open my mouth and she teased me, not spitting into my mouth.

In a serious tone, without smiling, she said, “Do not clean up. Go to the stores and get this.” As she handed me a grocery list. She walked out of the room and left me kneeling that way.


There was one afternoon that we were shopping for some groundcover plants for the front of the house. We were in a big nursey in Jericho on Long Island, Hicks. While we were in the store and walking up and down the aisles we were touching and groping each other constantly. We were making out like kids and there were a couple of times some people were looking at us as if we should get a room.

As we left the nursery to put the plants we purchased into the SUV, we were still in full horny mode. In fact there were two no-tell motels that were right by Hicks Nursery, but we opted to pull the car into a remote part of the parking lot. We stripped the closed off of each other as we kissed.

We pushed Donna’s seat back as she was giving me head, then after a minute, we couldn’t İstanbul Escort wait too much longer and I climbed on top of her and entered her. I remember how much heat was coming from her red bush. It was as if it really was on fire.

We fucked for a while, completely shutting off the rest of the world. We were kissing and smiling at each other as I rode in and out of here. Then she came and it was as if she couldn’t breathe. I was happy when she did because I knew I wasn’t going to hold off much longer.

I shot my cum deep inside of her and I could feel that I shot quite a bit. With all of that build up, there was a volume of semen going into my wife. When we were both done, We kissed for a bit more and could feel the humidity and heat that we were generating.

She smiled at me and kissed me again, then pushed me gently signaling she wanted me off of her. I rose and began to grab my shorts when she pinched my ear between her thumb and index finger. I winced a little and looked at her not understanding. Donna just raised and eyebrow, looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes with a semi-serious look on her face and said, “Clean”.

I knew exactly what she meant. I forgot. Over the past days we have been enjoying each other. We have been talking about our thoughts, ideas, and fantasies around me submitting to her and being her cuckold, but whenever we made love, it was love, there was no kink or fetish involved and no talk of what we were planning to embark into. Each time I did lick her clean and I did lick up my sperm no matter where it landed or wherever it was. This time, it slipped my mind.

Donna brought it all back for me. I obediently knelt in the wheel well of the car where you put your feet so that I could lick all of my sperm from Donna. Her pussy was hot, wet, filled with her juices, and with my sperm. She smelled of the heat, the sex, and her perfume. She was pure heaven. She watched every movement I made as I licked her clean.

When I was done, Donna asked, “All done?”

I said, “Yes Ma’am.”, as I started to get up and to get dressed.

Donna started a dialog with me for the next 10 minutes or so on me eating sperm.

“All filled up?”

“Sometimes your sperm makes my tongue kind of tingle, does it do the same for you?”

“Was it watery or thick?”

Then she said, “I like that you used Ma’am to show your respect and submissiveness to me. I never want you to use ‘Mistress’, I don’t like that and it isn’t me. You should use ‘Ma’am’ if you’re submitting to me in public. You may want to use it even when you’re not.”

To which, I said, “Yes Ma’am”

As we were nearing our home we were stopped at a stoplight. Donna leaned over and kissed me. As she did, she put her fingers around my mouth that let me know to open my mouth. She drooled spit into my mouth. My head was spinning. We both knew that that was a big turn on for me.

As we began to move in traffic again, Donna said, “I want to really talk about what we are going to do tonight. Lets agree to a plan, agree to some rules. Lets plan to move ahead, with it, Fag. Agree?”

I replied, “Yes Ma’am”

That night when everyone was in bed, we were ready to talk. Donna typically wears a long t-shirt to bed and may or may not wear panties underneath. I remember she was wearing a long Minnie Mouse nightshirt and she had normal white panties underneath. I was, as is typical, wearing underwear, pajama bottoms, and a t-shirt.

As we sat down in bed next to each other, Donna said, “I think you should be naked for this. Strip, Mike.”

I said “Yes Ma’am” and quickly stripped out of my clothes. I put them in a somewhat neat pile on the floor next to the bed.

We both began recounting the kinks, the dominance, the submission that we wanted to explore. We had covered all of this already in detail with each other. Donna was gently gliding her finger all over my body as we spoke. Her fingers went everywhere. She glided over my legs, balls, cock, stomach, face, nose, eyebrows. She gently pinched my nipples. This is all as we spoke, with her in her night clothes and me naked.

Then she held my face in a way that told me to open my mouth. She slowly drooled into my mouth. As I swallowed, I said, “Thank you.”

Donna said, “I’m not sure if you remember the first time we kissed. It was just outside the Alan Movie. I forget the movie that we saw, but we were talking about it. We were walking to your car, but stopped by the wall of the theater. We were talking about the movie, but we were both thinking of if we were going to kiss. I was nervous and I knew you were too. It took you a while, but you worked up the courage to kiss me and as you did, I pulled away.”

I did remember that. I smiled and nodded.

Donna continued, “I remember smiling and we both laughed a little. I made you try and kiss me three more times, each time I pulled back. Then I finally let you kiss me. It was wonderful.”

Donna sat up a bit Kadıköy Escort more straight and composed herself. She said, “I don’t think you have any idea. I was just a girl then. I didn’t know, but I was wet then. If you wanted to, you could have had me in the car right then, but you were a gentleman. What turned me on so much was that it was you. You’re smart, your cute as hell, you have these eyes that are kind, but tell me you understand things. I felt then and I do now completely safe and trusting of you. When I pulled away to tease you, you had this look of confusion on your face.”

Donna continued, “That look was maybe 1/100th of the look you had on the honeymoon when I kissed Rob. It goes right to my heart and right to my pussy. God help me, Mike. I love you with all of my heart, with all my being, but I get so damn turned on seeing you confused, hurt, humiliated, degraded.”

She asked rhetorically, “Do you know how hot it makes me that this turns you on too? I know I must be sick or demented and I’m definitely a pervert, but how lucky am I that the most perverted thing that turns me on, torturing the one I love, is exactly what turns you on? I have zero interest in doing this with anyone else. I’ve thought about it and I’m not a dominant Mistress. I just want to degrade, my sweet, smart, kind, wonderful husband.”

I smiled and couldn’t’ think of what to say. I felt love. I felt lust. I felt fear. I said, “Yes Ma’am”

What followed was an open exchange. Donna said that while, she will want to keep some parts of our relationship as they are now, things like our family life, finances, and other things, she will want to have the ultimate say on those things. She will be able to overrule me on anything, set guidelines and rules.

We discussed limits and safe words. Actually, I discussed them, Donna just listened. When I was done, Donna said, ‘No. No limits. I will order, you will obey and you will endure. If this is going to work, it has to be real. It can’t be a game. It can’t be pretend. We are both too smart for that to work.”

Donna set the ground rules, “I will allow one and only one safe word. You can use it once. ‘Stop’. With that, we will stop everything and go back to our normal life before we started all of this craziness. It will end everything. We’ll go back to loving, equal, partnering Mike and Donna.”

I asked, “Think we can do that?”

She said, “I think so. I know so.”

Donna took a big breath than said, “Mike, I think we’ll probably have written rules and contracts as we ‘play’, but as the wife of a lawyer, I know those are just going to be between us. I’m asking for everything from you, so I have an unconditional term that you need to agree to and put in place or I will not continue.”

What Donna explained was she wanted me to create a legal agreement that would give me all. Donna would be left with title to her car, her 401K from work, and a relatively small amount of liquidity. Everything else, the house on Long Island, the house in Saratoga, the boat, and all of our investments and savings would be mine. This wasn’t an agreement contingent on divorce, it would be immediate.

I objected and she stood firm. She said that she was going to take over. She suspected that I would be humiliated and feeling at times like I’m living in hell. She needed to know that I knew our foundation would never change and that she is the one who would be out in the cold if our love faultered.

What could I do? I agreed. No need to bore with details, but we signed and had notarized and agreement and her name was taken off of some of our accounts. We had a joint account where I could control what she had access to. While I cannot think of anything that would make me leave Donna out in the cold, even if she left me., but I loved her more at the moment for putting this into place.

It also made me think, “uh oh, what am I going to be living through.”

Donna also said, we need to agree that no matter what happens that we periodically return back and focus on us. We agreed that even it if is only once a year, that we carve out time that is just between the two of us to return to “us” as a couple.


The next couple of weeks were relatively normal. I took care of all of the legal stuff we agreed to. Our love life returned to a normal pace as our day-to-day life returned to normal as well. There was always a thread of domination. Clips, strapon, golden shower, cleanup duties, and worship were all part of our lovemaking.

At this time, we had one child in college and the other was a senior in high school. We were having dinner and the main conversation were which schools were options. Her grades and SAT scores were excellent, so it was a very happy conversation. She was also a very good lacrosse player. We weren’t thinking scholarship for sports, but knew that there would be academic scholarships available and she was focused on schools where she could play lacrosse Ataşehir Escort as well.

During a quiet point in the conversation, Donna said, “Mike, call Rob tonight and make arrangement for him to visit. I was thinking he is such a good friend that a hotel would not be proper. What is the point in having this room in the house if we can’t have a good friend stay with us?”

I of course said, “Yes Ma’am, I’ll call him after dinner cleanup.”

My daughter asked about Rob, who she has never heard of. My wife explained that we met him on our honeymoon and since he is in Canada, we haven’t seen him, but have stayed in touch. She said that “some connections just endure over time”.

As we finished dinner and my daughter went to her room, Donna poured herself an iced tea and said to me, “When you’re done with cleaning up, call Rob from the den so I can listen in.”

I replied, “Yes Ma’am” as Donna padded off to the den to watch one of her programs.

I washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, then went to the den. As I walked into the den, Donna shut the TV off and said, “I put Rob’s number by the phone.”

I picked up the slip of paper with his number on it and I picked up the cordless phone from its cradle. As I did that Donna pointed to the ground at her feet. She was sitting on the couch and I went and kneeled down next to her bare legs. (I’m not sure if I mentioned Donna has great legs. Fair skin, sprinkled with freckles. Soft and smooth.) Donna just looked at me without comment.

I dialed the number. I wasn’t nervous. I was more turned on than anything. However, when Rob answered, I became nervous. It was like reality hitting me in the face. I introduced myself and Rob was friendly and personable as I remembered him many years ago. We spoke for a few minutes catching up on kids and what we were doing for work.

Then when there was a lull in the conversation, I asked him if he wanted to come visit us.

Rob replied, “Mike, I think you’re a nice guy, but I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t travel all the way to Long Island to see you. What I want is to see Donna. I want to spend some time with Donna again. Would you like that?’

I replied, “Yes Sir.”

Rob said, “I want to fuck your wife. I know she wants to make love to me. I certainly want to make love to her, but what I really want to do is to fuck her. Do you want me to fuck your wife?”

I replied, ‘Yes Sir”

Rob commanded, “Then take out your dick and stroke it. Tell me exactly what you want me to do. Ask me to do it”

Without much thinking (and I seem to becoming very good at not thinking) I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick that was already hard. I began stroking and said, “Rob, would you please come here and make love to my wife and fuck her.”

Rob then said, “Ok, but only if you jerk that dick thinking about me taking ownership of your wife and while you’re doing that, tell me exactly what you’re thinking of while you’re stroking and cumming.”

I stroked my dick kneeling in front of my wife. Donna looked on with a straight face. She wasn’t stern, or even amused, just watching. I stroked and said, “I’d love for you to take ownership of my wife. Make love to her, kiss her, fuck her, spend time with her, use our bed and bedroom.” I went on describing some sexual acts and I came as I said, “I’ll be your servant and be there to make you both enjoy your time together.”

As I came, Donna held out her leg. I came on her foot, her ankle, her calf, and the hardwood floor.

I came back down to earth. I was a little more than sheepish kneeling and panting in front of my wife with cum on her leg and on the floor.

Rob must have heard the change in my breathing and said, “I’ll wait for you to clean up, but keep that dick out.”

I then leaned down and began to lick my cum off of Donna’s foot, ankle, and leg. I didn’t want to lick the cum off the floor first, then potentially dirty her leg with my tongue that was just on the floor. When I was sure that I had licked and swallowed all of the cum off of Donna, I then licked the cum off the hardwood floor.

When I thought I was done, I began to get back to kneeling position. Donna snapped her fingers and pointed to some cum that shot onto a throw rug. I leaned down and licked the cum off the rug. As I did that, Donna pushed my face into the rug with her foot. When I rose up to kneeling position, Donna was continuing to look on with that same expression that I could not really read.

I got back on the phone and said, “Done sir. You’ll be staying here, so I’ll book a flight for you out of Toronto and we’ll pick you up at JFK airport.”

Donna whispered to me, “First Class”

I quickly said, “First class, of course, Sir.”

Rob agreed and we arranged for the date and he gave me the times he would like and the return trip. He was planning on spending a week.

When we were done with the arrangements, Rob said, “Also, when I’m there, I’ll need a car to drive. I like fast cars, you’re ok if I use your Corvette, right Mike?”

I had recently purchased a new Corvette. It was one of those purchses that may be a midlife crisis kind of a thing, but it was a childhood dream. Donna knew that I had said, “Nobody, but me drives this car.”

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