Long Weekend Ch. 01

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Daisy Chapter 1

It was when she bent over to put her bags in the car that he noticed. It had been almost five years since he’d seen her and even more years since his lengthy relationship with her mother, but Daisy wasn’t a little girl anymore and she had the body to prove it. No longer was she just a sweet little 16-year-old with an adorable smile. He caught himself staring at her cleavage in the blue and white striped v-neck. She looked up at him and smiled, brushing black hair out of her face.

“Thanks for the ride, Dad.” He smirked back at her and watched her get into the passenger seat of the car. He wasn’t sure, but it almost seemed like she intentionally stuck her ass out as she bent to get in, stretching her Levis in all the right places.

Truth be told, this wasn’t the first time he had sexual thoughts about his step-daughter. He watched as she went from being a bright spirited little girl into a teenager who turned heads. He’d noticed, but of course he’d never act on it. She’d known him as Dad since she was four.

Even after the divorce and their move back east, Daisy kept in touch online. Her trip out here to Seattle was so she could meet up with old friends. He offered to let her crash at his place more so he could see her than escort bayan şişli anything else.

The moment they got to the house, Daisy said, “Where’s the shower? I’m covered in travel sweat.” He pointed down the hall and told her the first door on the left. She said, “Great.” and pulled off her shirt revealing a thin lace bra as she walked by. David smiled and couldn’t help but think of Daisy’s mother, Helen and the way her tits bounced when she walked. Daisy was 21 now. Just a couple years younger than Helen was when he first met her.

He watched her walk down the hall and caught just a quick glimpse of her breasts as she dropped her bra in the hall. He felt himself getting hard. He knew just what he needed to do. He went into his bedroom and unzipped his pants, taking them off. He then lost his shirt and underwear. By this time he was rock hard.

David closed his eyes and did his best to picture that flash of tit in his mind’s eye. He let images of Daisy and Helen merge as he stroked his hard cock. He hadn’t grabbed anything to clean up with but he didn’t care.

It took him just a few moments before he registered the sound of someone walking in. He heard his step-daughter say, “Dad, do you sarıyer escort have another towel for my hair, I can’t seem to-” He opened his eyes and saw his daughter wearing only a towel around her. She wasn’t looking at his face. She was staring at his hard cock.

For a moment time seemed to stand still. Then the unthinkable happened. Daisy dropped her towel. He looked at Daisy as a woman nude for the first time. Her tits were probably 32C, her black hair was soaking wet and should length. Her brown eyes remained on his cock. And her pussy had lightly trimmed dark brown hair.

David grabbed a blanket to cover himself, but Daisy said, “No, Dad. Don’t. I want to watch. Can I watch you?”

“Daisy, it’s not right.”

“C’mon, Daddy. It’s not like you’re touching me. You’ve already seen me naked. If I leave the room you’re just going to finish up anyway. You’ll probably even be thinking about me. So go ahead. Get yourself off while your stepdaughter watches.”

David couldn’t help himself. He let go of the blanket and start stroking himself again. Daisy watched him, her hand moving slowly to her crotch as she stood in front of her stepfather sitting on the bed with his cock out.

“I used to hear you and mom fucking.” Daisy çapa escort said, “I’d touch myself and pretend it was me.” David stroked harder and faster. “I’d try to cum when you came. I kept thinking I should just join you guys.”

David couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He watched as one of Daisy’s fingers disappeared into her pussy as she slowly fingered herself. He’d never felt his cock so hard. David wanted to throw her to the bed and fuck her little 21-year-old pussy, but he knew he shouldn’t. He was getting closer.

“Please, Daddy.” Daisy said, “Please cum for me, Daddy!”

David came hard. Some of his cum hit Daisy’s leg. She took the finger out of her pussy and wiped the cum off her leg. David watched as Daisy put her fingers with his cum in her mouth and smiled. Daisy moved closer to the bed and bent over until her face was just inches away from David’s swollen cock. And then all at once, Daisy enveloped her stepfather’s cock in her mouth. It felt amazing. Daisy looked up with her big brown eyes at her stepfather. She had wanted to taste her stepdad’s cock for so long.

Daisy bobbed her head on David’s cock, licking it clean of his cum, she licked his balls and all around his shaft. Then she licked his cum off of the blankets and the floor, the whole time looking at David for approval. He smiled watching his little girl. She got up from the floor and noticed a second towel hanging up. She picked up her towel from the floor and grabbed the other one. “Thanks, Daddy. I’m going out tonight. Don’t wait up.”

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